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Sitting with the members of the new Russian mob trying to set its footing in Thailand, Kinn felt a constant uneasiness running across his spine. They were too sweet, too complacent to the demands of Theerapanyakuns so far. From the calculating looks Vegas was throwing at them sitting beside him, the younger was equally skeptical. They did not bring their guards inside as per their guest's request, and his men and Vegas' men were stationed outside the Hum Bar with the Russian guards as well. 


Not that Kinn and Vegas had any reason to fear, their most trusted people were around here amidst the sea of people keeping a hawk-eye on both of them. Yok had agreed to let Porsche and Pete infiltrate her staff at one word from Kinn, and Kinn was more than willing to pay for any damage they might cause today. 


The meeting stretched on for a few minutes before some servers brought in their drinks, Vegas was busy chit-chatting about their business and history when two dainty-looking boys walked up with the food trays. Their body language screamed their purpose as Yok followed behind them introducing her special boys to the Russian mobsters. She explained something about her special boys for her special guests who should be taken special care of. The Russian leader smiled wickedly as one of the pretty boys leaned onto his side pouring his drink into the glass, the leader's hand finding the boy's thigh and gently guiding him onto his lap. The other boy was busy passing drinks between the two right-hand men of the leader, giggling sweetly and flirting with them. Kinn silently thanked Yok with his eyes. This is what he meant by distraction. He and Vegas had planned that getting the men loose and tearing at their defenses would give them all the information they need to judge whether this partnership was worth it or not. The alcohol and the boys were working their magic but it would take some time, he was getting bored out of his wits and Vegas was also getting tired of translating everything. 


Yok suddenly speaks up, "Khun Kinn, Khun Vegas kha, should I send someone over with some more ice?" 


That was a signal, Yok wanted to know if Porsche and Pete should be sent in now, and Kinn and Vegas exchanged a look before nodding in yes. They had to dilly dally this conversation anyway, maybe they could keep their boyfriends around for some company for a while.


The first boy, Ruby, from what Kinn had gathered was now sitting across the Russian leader's lap while he kissed up and down the mobster's neck with sweet open-mouthed kisses, the leader's huge hand on Ruby's pretty waist right above the thick waist chain. Kinn must admit, Yok had dressed her pretty boys exquisitely. Kinn was committed not blind, both the boys decked in their scanty clothes and sparkly chains of some sort were well trained and aware of their job. 


The curtain of the VIP floor entrance opened and what walked through those curtains made Kinn's jaw drop to the floor. 


There he was, in full glory, walking like sin towards their table with a bucket of ice balanced on a tray in one hand, his boyfriend. Pete walking just a fraction of a step behind with more drinks was no less under the mellow lights of the bar. Kinn could feel Vegas freezing beside him. 


What the actual fu —? Kinn couldn't find his voice. 


Porsche was wearing white tight high waisted leather pants. They were snitched just perfectly at the curve of his waist and the contrast of the fabric against the exposed bronze skin was blinding. The exposed skin was basically the entirety of Porsche's torso, why isn't he wearing an undershirt, and a cropped full-sleeve grey jacket with no buttons, also leather. But what made Kinn's mouth dry was that shining piece of ornament. Draped in front of Porsche's chest was a crisscross body chain, in white fucking stones, are those white topaz? why is he wearing so much white? The ornament looked like it was crafted for Porsche. A loose collar of white metal was wrapped around Porsche's neck, and from the front of that necklace dropped multiple thin chains of white topaz, like a waterfall, down on his chest, crisscrossing at his midsection and eventually wrapping around his waist to the back where they were somehow secured. The chains reached his thigh over the pants and Kinn couldn't help but imagine how they would rather look against his darker skin instead. 


Porsche's eyes never once left his as he placed the ice bucket on the table. He picked up one of the drink glasses from Pete's tray and leaned in to offer the glass to Kinn. 


"Je said these were on the house for our special guests," he said loud enough for the whole table to listen. Up close like this, Kinn could see the shimmer of Porsche's highlighter on his cheekbones, and Porsche never wore makeup, and neither did he need to, but all this sparkle was definitely adding to the younger's divinity.


"She also ordered us to take very good care of our esteemed guests as well. Is there anything we can do for you, Khun Kinn ?" Porsche purred into their shared space. 


Kinn felt every little tingle through his body. He accepted the glass from Porsche's hand - if wrapping his fingers around the glass and by extension Porsche's finger can be called that - and with a deep timber replied, "how about you keep me company till I find something for you to do darling?" 


Porsche's eyes twinkled playfully and he allowed Kinn to pull him by the hand holding the glass and then wrap an arm around Porsche's shoulder pulling him in, closer and closer. 


As he drank from the glass Kinn subtly moved his eyes around their table, the Russians were giddy, getting soiled by alcohol and the rush of libido by every passing minute. Next to him, Vegas had pulled Pete closer, the latter almost on his lap with one leg draped over Vegas' thigh and the other tucked under him as his body was plastered to Vegas front to side. Vegas had a possessive hand on Pete's leg, squeezing the meat of his thigh through the slit of his pants. He couldn't blame his cousin, their boys looked ravishing. Kinn was having a tough time not to bend Porsche over and fuck into him, but he has to control himself. 



Vegas was a calm man. He thrived in control, ruled with an iron fist, feeling the power in taming the mad, the fire, the crazy. Pete was his lightning bolt. He flourished in the control he had over Pete, the love they had, the bond, and the trust they had developed over time. Pete could be his undoing. Pete is his undoing. 


When Pete walked through the curtains just now, Vegas wanted to kneel , he wanted to submit and kiss the ground the man walked because his boyfriend looked no less than a God. He couldn't look anywhere but at Pete. 


Long velvet fitted bellbottom pants flowing as he took each step, a black crop top with a long sleeve on one side and a beautiful black shoulder piece adorned with black pearls on his exposed right shoulder against pale creamy skin. His mullet was adding to this whole look and his eyelids had a soft shimmer of highlight on them. He wanted to devour him. 


Now as he sat next to him, Vegas could feel the straps of Pete's crop top alternating between fabric and skin as his hand moved across his back, and the leg sprawled across Vegas' thigh was now bare due to the high slit of the bellbottoms was shining with a beautiful thigh chain of the same material as his shoulder piece. Vegas wondered how the same chain would look over Pete's thigh littered with bite marks. 


Vegas brought Pete closer to him by the back of his neck, their noses centimeters apart. 


"You dressed up very pretty baby boy," he complimented, looking straight into Pete's eyes. 


Pete smiles smugly, "glad that you like the packaging, Khun Vegas ." he breathes hotly between their shared space. 



For a few minutes, they chatted like that. The Russians shared some of their recent accolades and also about the business expansion they had in mind. Kinn knows he and Vegas were not paying much attention to it anyway because they weren't the kind to be intimidated by outsiders when, here, they owned almost every turf. 


Kinn's hand was under Porsche's jacket and it was rubbing circles on Porsche's skin and the clasp of the body chain where it was held together on the younger's waist. Porsche was sweetly nuzzling into his neck, sometimes nipping with his lips and sometimes giving kittenish licks. He knew Porsche was still focused though. He was aware and vigilant but also excited and horny. 


Kinn wanted to kiss him but just kissing him once wouldn't be enough. So in between the Russians goading about the last bounty they won, Kinn took a sip from his glass, slowly, but did not swallow the drink. Instead, he leaned in closer to Porsche and pulled him in by the chin before slotting their lips together. Porsche moaned into the kiss and Kinn took the opportunity to push the drink down Porsche's throat with his tongue fucking Porsche's mouth, soft and slow. Porsche’s hands came up to fist on Kinn's blazer as the older drank each of his moans. When they parted, Porsche's eyes were blown wide and there was a light red blush forming on his cheeks. Kinn just smiled in victory before pecking both of those flushed cheeks and turning his attention back to the mobster, his hand guiding Porsche to lean back into his neck. 


Vegas described their end of the deal to the Russians via their translator all the while Pete had a hand running across his chest under his shirt, feather-light touch, teasing as Vegas played with the meat of his thigh squeezing hard over the chain leaving imprints behind. 


The Russians were a bit more than tipsy by now, getting more handsy with the boys on their side, mouth slipping to spew information that was a bit more than necessary. 


Stupid fools, can't even hold their liquor. 


After both the parties were done stating their terms, a person from the Theerapanyakun's side started drafting the agreement paper. It would take at least an hour for that to be done. 


Ruby and his colleague had managed to convince the mobsters to join them on the slightly crowded dance floor, and they looked like clowns trying not to trip over their own feet. 


Kinn felt Vegas move beside him and willingly ignored his cousin who was definitely getting cozy with his ex-bodyguard. Instead, Kinn turned to Porsche. His eyes were more focused and steady now. Kinn gently pulled Porsche to sit on his lap, and his boy obediently did, arms draped around his neck, legs on both sides over Kinn's lap. Kinn took in the sight of his lover, his hands gripping that tiny waist tightly over those white chains. Porsche sucks in a soft breath, trying not to hiss at the sting of the metal, and gyrates his hips just a little. Tease


Porsche lowered his head and licked a stripe from Kinn's neck up to his ear, biting the lobe before he whispers, "something's definitely going on between those henchmen of that jerk. The number of people on the VIP floor has increased slightly and they keep talking amongst themselves while sharing that boy. Even on the dance floor."


Kinn turns his head to mouth at Porsche's pulse point on his neck, teeth scraping the skin red, then suckling on the skin to calm it down. Nosing at his ear he whispers back, "that guy is agreeing to us way too easily. Once he returns I need you to go check the floors. Identify those men, I think we might have to wreck this place after all."


"Je won't be very happy."


"I will handle the damage. She is my business partner after all."


Porsche lets himself bask in Kinn's touch a bit longer before he has to leave. 


When the three men return, Ruby and his colleague are nowhere with them. Porsche and Pete take that as a queue to extricate themselves from their lovers and walk out of the room and then out through the curtains to the remaining floors. 


Two hours later, the VIP floor looks like a bloodied mess. It turns out, that the Russian mob leader was a sacrificial goat, targeted by his own people who wanted to use his status to get into a conflict with the Theerapanyakun family. After the henchmen shot their own leader a gunfight erupted. Yok managed to evacuate her guests and staff on time, Kinn and Vegas shooting people on the VIP floor as their guards swept the lower floors of the remaining gang members. Porsche and Pete made quick work of the gruffest gang members before joining Kinn and Vegas and now the four of them stood in the middle of the dead bodies on the VIP floor. 



The clean-up had started on the first floor, Arm was on his way from the mansion to gather footage and evidence from here. Yok and the others were sent home safely. And Kinn already made a huge transaction to Yok's account as recuperation. 


"You both can leave," Vegas starts, "uncle would want to know what exactly happened. I can take care of the clean-up."


"You sure?" Kinn doesn't want to be here anymore than necessary but he also doesn't want Vegas to feel like he was supposed to do all the dirty work for their family. The two families were mending bridges and things although not perfect have been more or less good. 


Vegas gave him a small smile, a genuine one that Kinn had come to realize, "much better if you explain to him than I do. Don't worry, I got this."


Kinn returns his smile and nods silently before taking Porsche's hand in his own and walking out. 


Pete joins Vegas after finishing his phone call, "Nope had found the hideout of the remaining Russians. They refused to run away and caused a ruckus so he took them down."


"Good, one less thing to worry about," Vegas turns towards Pete who is busy scanning the room making sure all the bodies were actually dead. He roams his eyes up and down his lover's body. Hmm, tempting. 


Vegas slowly starts walking closer to Pete, who takes a while to realize what's happening before he starts matching his steps backward. 


"Ve… Vegas?" he mumbles, walking back until his back touches the wall. He later realizes he's standing next to the counter which holds bottles of various alcohols and spirits, some of which miraculously survived the shoot-out without shattering. 


Vegas is pressed to his front entirely, his white suit crumpled and dusty with some gunpowder but still immaculate no less. Pete breathes heavily, his eyes struggling to focus between Vegas' eyes and that smirk on his lips. 


"Pete, oh Pete," Vegas chuckles darkly, "do you have any idea what you do to me?" 


Vegas has been handsy, handsy™ . While they waited for the Russians to come back from the dance floor he had nipped and bitten Pete's exposed shoulder over the chains raw. Pete could still feel the memory of a branding grip on his thigh, he sure had imprints of the chain on his skin even now. 


Vegas pushes him flat on the wall, and reaches for his left thigh, pulling it up and wrapping Pete's leg around his waist. The slit of the pants exposes his skin again. Pete can feel the constricting pressure on his dick as it starts filling. Vegas' free hand reaches for his right shoulder and grips it tightly, pressing on the cold metal of the chains. Pete whines low in his throat at the slight pain. 


"Vegas, please. Someone will come up," he mumbles in protest although his arms have found a home around Vegas' neck. 


"Let them. Whoever sees, will know, how pretty you are for me, what you do to me. What I can do to you. " Vegas noses along Pete's neck scenting him and finally joining their lips making Pete sigh in relief. 


They make out languidly, and Vegas creeps his hand through the slit of his pants, under his thigh, all the way till he reaches Pete's ass and squeezes hard. Pete moans into his mouth in response, hands gripping Vegas' shoulders, clutching his satin shirt. 


They break apart for a breath, and Vegas starts working on undoing Pete's pants with both hands and his mouth starts biting the chain-draped shoulder, teeth nibbling on the pale skin and tongue sliding to soothe the red skin. Pete's breath hitched every time Vegas moved the chain using his tongue to roughly rub over his hickeys. The constant agitation on only one shoulder was annoying, he wanted to rip his top off so Vegas could also bite his other shoulder. 


Vegas has Pete's pants unbuttoned and hanging loosely around his waist before he drops Pete's left leg to pull the pants down completely. Pete felt awkward with an exposed lower half and a black thigh chain on his skin while his torso was covered in a crop top. 


Vegas leaned into him as he whispered lowly, "should I make you cum once here? Or should I rile you up and keep you waiting till we reach home baby?" he smirked evilly. 


Pete whined uncaring how pathetic it sounded. "Vegas please , don't make me wait. I can't… I need… need…" 


"Need what baby boy?" 


"Need you. I need you please."


Pete begged so sweetly. Vegas had an elaborate plan of what he wanted to do to him once they got home. He wanted to keep edging Pete on and on for hours until he was satisfied and ready to give him his sweet release. Letting Pete climax now would make the boy more compliant and responsive and Vegas couldn't see a single flaw at that. 


"You beg so nicely, pet ."


Pete keened at the name. He would never say it out loud, not even in death, but he loved the humiliation, the pain, the sense of feeling small and cornered. Vegas knew exactly what he needed. 


Vegas wraps a hand around his cock, gently stroking, teasing. Pete breathes ruggedly trying to move his hips in sync but Vegas stops him with a hand on his waist, right over his tattoo. 


"Vegas, plllleeeaaasseee ," he whines, "before someone comes please…" 


Vegas quietly bent down on his knees, both hands on Pete's waist again. He nipped at the chain-covered thigh, harder and sharper. Pete was moaning in pleasure mixed with pain, his fingers threading in Vegas' hair, urging him to do something more. 


Vegas pulled away to observe his masterpiece, Pete's thigh now marked in big and small red splotches. He ran his fingers over them playing with the chains, sometimes feather-light sometimes grazing the metal harshly. Pete was getting restless on top of him. Vegas directed Pete to put his leg over his shoulder as he started blowing him. His mouth moved languidly up and down his length and Pete kept getting louder. 


Scream, little birdie. Vegas thought, unapologetically proud of his effect on Pete. 


Vegas reached his pant pocket for a sachet of lube he carried with himself (for emergency reasons of course) and tore it open and got to working into Pete's tight hole. 


Pete felt delirious with the pleasure on his cock and the teasing touch on his rim. Vegas started fingering him and didn't seem to move on at all. 


"For fuck's sake, Vegas Kornwit Theerapanyakun if you do not put your dick inside me, so help me God you will be on Venice's diaper duty for the whole month you fucking asshole."


He could feel the smile on his dick, the audacity of this man. 


"Vegas hurry up please, the cleaning staff might show up any minute, Arm could walk in on us, forget all that, WE ARE SURROUNDED BY DEAD BODIES ."


Vegas finally detached from his cock, his fingers still inside a gentle presence. He stands up pressing himself closer, Pete's cock now smushed between their fronts. As he pulls his fingers out, leaving Pete empty and hollow, he brushes their lips together before whispering, "I want them all to see how good i make you feel baby," a maniacal smile adorning his face, as he takes out his own hard member and starts stroking it gently. 


He's crazy. A narcissistic, control obsessed, kinky lunatic. And Pete couldn't find in himself anything to protest. 


"Fuck me please" 


Vegas let out a low growl as he raised Pete's left leg yet again with one hand and guided his cock inside him with the other. He kept moving in until he bottomed out, Pete pressed flush against the wall. 


Pete groaned in pleasure once he started moving in and out rhythmically. His legs were now both wrapped around Vegas' waist letting his lover pound into his rear relentlessly. Vegas kept biting and suckling on Pete's neck and shoulder again and again. 


"Faster, Vegas, faster."


Vegas does not change his pace, instead grabbing the strings of the thigh chain Pete had worn all night and ripping it off of the boy. He takes the broken chain dangling in his hand and lowers it down to Pete's cock, the thin metal threads tickling his member. 


"What… What are you… doing?" Pete panted between the thrusts that rocked his body, and without a word, Vegas loops the chain loosely around the bottom of Pete's cock and keeps it there. 


"Looks prettier here doesn't it?" Vegas teases him before plunging his tongue into Pete's mouth, swallowing every little sound he makes. 


Vegas' arms reach out for something next to him. Pete breaks the kiss to see that he has taken off a half-broken bottle of port wine, that still carries some of the liquid. Vegas has stopped thrusting, now just still, inside Pete, keeping him full. Pete is breathing heavily and he knows his eyes are blown wide open. Vegas sniffs the alcohol once before smiling gently at Pete and he knows this has to be some kinky shit and Pete just wants to cum, NOW. 


"Vegas…" he tries to be threatening but comes across as needy. 


Vegas chuckles and dumps the alcohol over Pete's exposed shoulder, the dark liquid of the port wine now cascading down his skin between the chain and some drops easily trickling under the top. Oh God, it's gonna be so sticky.


Vegas throws the broken bottle away and it lands with a smash somewhere. He stares at the art of a boyfriend he has, impaled on his cock, face flushed and red, red liquid dripping down one shoulder and that chain wrapped around his pretty cock. Perfect


Vegas suddenly starts thrusting again, faster than before taking Pete by surprise. He wraps his arms around Vegas' neck and moans at every push-in. Vegas shifts his angle just enough and as Pete gasps loudly Vegas clings to the exposed shoulder he had been devouring all through the night. The blend of the sweet wine with Pete's sweat was intoxicating. Pete was a shivering mess over him, getting louder and whinier by the second. Without any warning, Vegas reaches for the chain looped around Pete's cock and pulls so that it tightens around the aroused member. 


"Aah, aah, Vegas… too much, too much…" 


Pete was clenching around him magnificently, but he refused to rise up from the junction of his neck, teeth scraping and nibbling still. After a few more thrusts, overwhelmed by the immense and multiple stimulations, Pete comes apart and sees white spots in his vision as Vegas continues to thrust into him in a similar manner until he finishes inside Pete. 


Sated. That's what he felt at that moment. The whole evening of adrenaline and anxiety just fucked out of his system, Pete leaned onto Vegas' shoulder as the latter gently put him down after pulling out. Vegas used his handkerchief to help clean Pete up as much as possible before disposing of the filthy fabric permanently and helped pull Pete's pants up. He also unclasped the shoulder chain relieving Pete from the metal constantly rubbing up and down the abused shoulder, and tucked that along with the ripped thigh chain in his pant pocket. He covered Pete in his blazer to hide the shoulder marks knowing well enough that Pete would murder him if he let anyone see them. 


Pete was still slightly out of it, so Vegas let him lean on for a bit longer, petting his hair and placing small kisses on his head. 


"Take it easy now baby, I have a lot more planned for you when we return."


Pete just whined and nuzzled further into his neck and caused Vegas to chuckle lightly.



Kinn walks inside his room after finishing his meeting with his father only to find Porsche removing his makeup with a wet wipe. Porsche turned to him, still in that insane outfit, chains and all. 


"Meeting done?" he asks, crumbling the used wipe into a ball and throwing it inside a bin. 


"Yes. Pa will look into the matter once again but he's more or less satisfied," Kinn goes and sits on the edge of his king-sized bed, arms behind him, leaning back his body, legs wide open. Porsche is facing him but standing in front of the dressing table. Their eyes meet and Kinn could feel the heat in his gaze so he beckoned his lover towards him with a dominating crook of his finger. Porsche pulled his body away from the dresser and walked straight into the space between Kinn's legs. Right where he belongs


Kinn looks up at him to meet his eyes before wrapping his arms around Porsche's waist, pulling the younger closer so he could mouth at his packs over the chains. Nipping at the taut muscle as Porsche wrung his finger through the hair at the nape of his neck. The metal of the chains with the saltiness of his skin was a new experience. Kinn kept kissing, licking, and biting until he decided to slide down the zip of Porsche's pants revealing his navel where he kissed it open-mouthed and dipped his tongue in making Porsche squirm immediately. So sensitive. 


Porsche was moaning and his fingers were restless on Kinn's nape, squeezing hard and pulling at the strands. Kinn pulled his leather pants down waiting for Porsche to kick them away when they loop around his ankles. 


Kinn was right about the chains falling over his thighs, bronze skin a perfect canvas for those white little strings of sparkling stones. Kinn rubbed his hands up and down the sides of his naked thigh. He looked up and commanded with a deep voice, "on your knees baby". 


Porsche immediately collapsed on his knees, hands now placed on each of Kinn's taut thighs as he looked up, eyes never once leaving Kinn's trusting ones. 


Kinn cupped one of his cheeks, relishing in how Porsche just leaned into it. "You look, gorgeous baby," Kinn cooed, "so beautiful and shiny, my little diamond."


Porsche preened under the compliments and kissed the palm of Kinn's hand in thanks. Kinn took his sweet time scanning every inch of Porsche, on his knees like the good boy he is, so good for Kinn , naked waist down, his cock throbbing in attention, still dressed in those pretty chains and that cropped jacket. 


Kinn inserts his hands under the jacket over the shoulder, and as he brings his hand lower caressing Porsche's arm he slides the jacket off and frees it from Porsche's body. Now Porsche is just wrapped in those chains and Kinn did not want to take them off at all. Porsche was being awfully quiet though. Kinn looked at his face when he realized Porsche was not being his usual playful mouthy self. He looked demure, a bit too much if you ask Kinn. Porsche could go quiet at times when they were together but only on days where his emotions were too high-strung, or after a bad shootout, or if Kinn or Chay or anyone from the family got hurt, or if he was deep, deep under subspace floaty, pliant and sated. But today was neither of those. 


Kinn saw Porsche had his head hung low so he lifted him up by his chin with a gentle but steady grip. "Baby," Kinn urged, "what are you thinking?" 


Porsche didn't avoid Kinn's eyes, which meant it was not something too grave but there was something in his eyes that felt like hurt and Kinn never wanted Porsche to look hurt. Not once.


"Talk to me love," Kinn rubbed their noses together waiting for Porsche to gather his thoughts. 


"Do you ever miss them?" he murmurs. 


"Miss who?" 


"Those smaller, softer, prettier boys?" Porsche was holding a stoic face as he said that but his eyes were screaming at Kinn for something - something only he could probably give. 


"Why would I, darling? When I have you right here, all mine, why would I even think of anyone else?" Kinn caressed his cheek sweetly keeping their eyes locked. 


"I just, I know I am not exactly pretty -" 


"Baby you have no idea how pretty you are."


"- I am not delicate and soft and… and…" Porsche almost started hiccuping on his words and Kinn had to put their foreheads together and order him to breathe


"Easy there baby," Kinn rubbed his cheeks with his thumbs, "where's this coming from?"


Porsche replied in a small voice, "it's just you seemed to like how I dressed tonight, but I don't usually dress up like that, I barely ever dress up or try to look pretty, I just thought, maybe…" 


Kinn pressed one thumb right over his moving lips causing Porsche to just snap shut. He gently ran his thumb over Porsche's lips as he stared at the vulnerable eyes of his boy. So insecure, and unaware of his own worth. 


"I am definitely in love with how you look today Porsche," Kinn kept his voice low and sweet, just how he knew Porsche liked it. "but that's because it's you! Darling, you could walk into a crowd and I would only look at you, even if you are in your staple tee shirt and jeans. I don't miss those boys because they could never give me what you do baby," he gently put his thumb inside Porsche's mouth and smiled in satisfaction when the younger immediately started licking the tip, "you give me your whole being Porsche, your submission, your trust, your love, your body, your heart, your soul… I can never have you and want anyone else dearest." Kinn places a kiss on his forehead. "I love how you're built Porsche, I like how strong you are, how you fight, how you move. I love how you are not defenseless and a damsel in distress. Your strength makes you so attractive baby, I become weak when I see you take control. You move like a lightning bolt, my little phoenix. And yet, you are pretty, so pretty, and so soft and I love how you are so vulnerable to only me. Your softness and vulnerabilities are mine to cherish and protect darling. You are mine to protect. Do you understand?" 


Porsche nodded softly, tongue still on Kinn's thumb. Kinn knew his words were hitting exactly where they should. Porsche’s insecurities get demolished and his praise kink flares with each compliment. 


"How about I show you exactly how pretty you are baby," Kinn pulled his thumb out of the warm cavern and smiled smugly at Porsche trying to follow the appendage. 


Kinn presses a bare foot on top of Porsche's cock, a gentle pressure on the sensitive organ. Porsche sweetly ruts into the weight for friction, taking whatever he gets. Kinn thinks of all the things he wants to do to Porsche tonight and forms a mental map as his boyfriend keeps grinding up to his foot. 


Kinn pulls Porsche's face closer by the nape of his neck and kisses him, slow and deep. His tongue dances around with Porsche's swallowing moans after moans from the younger. Porsche keeps his hands braced on Kinn's thighs and makes tiny thrusts with his waist. Kinn suddenly grabs the white-collar of Porsche's body chain and tugs it backward causing the collar to pull tight against the front of Porsche's neck, choking him. 


Porsche breaks from the kiss with a gasp. His head pulled back, neck exposed, he struggles against the chain for air. Kinn lowered his head and started mapping the caramel neck in red hickeys, all the while keeping the collar pulled tautly. After painting an array of red patches on Porsche's neck Kinn pulls Porsche up by his waist making him settle on his lap. Porsche is flushed, eyes glassy, mouth parted and so pretty. He rubs his hands up and down the sides of Porsche's waist to his chest. Porsche shivers every time the chain grazes his skin, on his belly, on his firm packs, and especially on his nipples. 


"Tell me, darling, do you like wearing this? Did you enjoy dressing up like this?" Kinn whispers into the skin of his clavicle. 


Porsche whines at the barely-there touches, eager for more, "like… liked how you looked at me… liked how it affected you… uh…" he continued moving his hips for friction on Kinn's lap, but Kinn had an immovable hold on his waist. 


Kinn licks a long stripe down his neck to the middle of his chest. Porsche was lively and shimmering on his lap and Kinn was mesmerized. He allowed Porsche to take off his suit jacket, trembling hands pawing at his clothes in annoyance. He unbuttoned Kinn's shirt and ran his hand over the exposed white skin before even sliding the shirt off. Kinn let his boy fondle and feel his skin for a while before pulling Porsche in closer by his waist, and pressing their bodies chest to chest. The body chain was now squished between them and they kept rutting against each other in a frenzy. 


Porsche dropped his head on Kinn's shoulder, dumbly mouthing at the skin there asking for something, anything. Kinn took his time before moving them on the bed so that he hovered over Porsche who now lay spread on his white sheets, hair mussed, eyes hooded, chest heaving, and his member rock hard in need of attention. Kinn threw his shirt off and leaned closer to Porsche's body. Porsche whined in anticipation when he saw Kinn place butterfly kisses on his torso over the chain. Kinn dilly-dallied for a bit before he reached his first target, Porsche's nipples. 


He placed a feather-light kiss on the tip of the right one and as Porsche flinched he took the small bud into his mouth and sucked hard. 


"Aaaahhh! Kinn!" Porsche squirmed in pleasure and Kinn continued suckling and flicking the nub until it was swollen and red. "Kinn, Kinn, please…" Porsche kept babbling, hands scrunching the sheet underneath him. 


Kinn let go of the first nipple after blowing cool air on it, causing Porsche to writhe further. He gave equal attention to the other hard nub until Porsche kept screaming and whining, louder. 


"I beg you, Kinn, please, do something, I am losing my mind!" Porsche looked into Kinn's eyes, who was now hovering right on top of Porsche, eyes full of hunger. 


"Calm down baby, I got you," Kinn nuzzled their noses together letting Porsche even his breathing before he moved on. 


Kinn manhandled Porsche onto his stomach and then on all fours, and draped himself over Porsche's back covering him in warmth, skin on skin. He bites Porsche's ears and on his nape, "you are so pretty darling, so beautiful, all for me isn't it?" 


Porsche just whined and nodded in response, unable to find words. 


Kinn caressed his body a bit longer, playing with the chain now dangling in front of Porsche's chest. Porsche was practically sobbing. He wanted Kinn to touch his cock but Kinn hadn't even gone anywhere close to his lower half. 


Kinn was tweaking both his sensitive nipples with his fingers when he heard the first trembling cry which halted his actions. 


"Porsche?" Kinn tried to get a look of the younger's face, but the boy had his head hung low and kept sniffling. 


"Baby, do you want to stop?" Kinn kissed him gently behind his ear, arms now wrapped around his front just holding him. 


Porsche immediately shook his head in no. 


"Try to use your words, baby," Kinn nudged him with his nose. 


Porsche managed to control his sobbing enough to manage to answer, "don't stop." 


Kinn kissed his shoulder in appreciation, "is it too much?" 


Another head shake, "just… feels s'good". Porsche was so gone. Kinn loved it when Porsche was overwhelmed by pleasure, incapable of doing or saying much and just feeling and taking.


"My perfect baby, that's all you need to do. Just feel good. I will make you feel so good." Kinn's own brain was foggy with lust. His senses were overloaded with their proximity and the mix of their scents. He placed one last kiss on the back of his neck and pulled away from his back to sit straight behind Porsche. His hands roamed around the tan back before gripping his waist. The feel of the chain between his palm and Porsche's skin was a new sensation throughout the night. He pulls Porsche's rear closer to his clothed crotch and rubs his obvious bulge on the cleft of Porsche's ass. 


Porsche pushes back, grinding his ass harder and faster, when a hand comes smack on his right ass cheek, leaving the skin burning red. 




"Slow down angel, we are not rushing anything," Porsche just cries in return, unwilling to wait but desperate to be obedient. 


Kinn kisses the spot where he spanked him and then pulls both his cheeks apart to blow on the furled sphincter. Porsche crumbles, head falling on the bed while he shoves his ass closer to Kinn's face. 


Kinn licks multiple times over his hole, and then pushes his tongue, breaching the first inch. He pokes his tongue in and out at a quick pace, sometimes smushing his face onto Porsche's rear suffocating himself with the heady scent of Porsche. The younger was wailing, body shivering and jerking with each touch. Kinn rimmed him for long torturous minutes before he moved ahead to retrieve the lube from the bedside table and finger him open. Porsche was delirious, his body was hot and sweaty, his heart was erratic and his neglected cock was weeping. 


Kinn didn't even touch his prostate while opening him. 


Once Kinn deemed Porsche ready enough to be penetrated, he undid his suit pants and tossed them aside. His hands roamed Porsche's open back, then over the chain grazing his front, as he tweaked his nipples he grazed his cock on the cleft of Porsche's ass. 


"Are you ready baby?" he teased, whispering almost into Porsche's ears. 


Porsche keened high, nodding vehemently, "yes, yes, yes, please Kinn, god, please, i- OH!


Kinn pushed all the way in at one go, filling Porsche up to the brink. Porsche saw stars. Finally, fucking finally. 


Kinn rammed him, hitting his prostate with every thrust and Porsche was a babbling mess, a slurry of Kinn, please, oh, and more


Kinn grabbed Porsche by the collar of his chain and pulled his head up, choking the latter while doing so. He moved his other hand and gripped his waist from one side, hard . The chain there was digging into Porsche's skin just as the collar was to his neck. 


Porsche was only able to get out grunts, body barely resisting to fall boneless on the sheets. His hands and knees were giving out, "Ki… ki… ngh… can-t… uh…" 


Kinn slows down, pulls out gently, and lets Porsche fall on his face before he moves him around to lie on his back. 


Kinn's heart stutters at the sight of his lover. The collar has left a remarkable indent on his neck, and his waist, his nipples look swollen and dark, his cock is wet on the tip with precum, and his face, oh God his face - Porsche was drooling, mouth open to pants, tears streaming down his face, his eyes were blown wide, a soft glow of relaxation in them. 


"Oh my God, Porsche you are heavenly. So perfect for me, so good," Kinn would cry right now. When Porsche gave him a stupid smile, with nothing but unadulterated pleasure masking his face, Kinn entered him again, this time seeing Porsche's eyes scrunch in ecstasy as he got filled. If Kinn was harsh before his pace turned merciless now. He folds Porsche's legs and places them above his shoulder and thrusts wildly in and out of the beautiful boy. Porsche's limbs had no life left so Kinn guided his arms around his neck and the younger only held on as he moaned and screamed in pleasure. 


Porsche's tears didn't cease but neither did that beautiful smile on his lips and kissed every inch of his pretty face until his lover couldn't take it anymore. 


He bit and nibbled on Porsche's earlobe, gnawing the skin red - Porsche couldn't even squirm away from the touch he was so useless right now - and finally whispered into his ears "cum for me angel"


And Porsche did. His vision whiting, eyes rolled back, nothing but a stretched-out scream of Kinnnnnnn leaving his mouth. Kinn fucked him through his release, soon reaching his own climax and painting Porsche's insides with his cum. 


Porsche was gone, unconscious, limp, and sated. Kinn took a moment for himself to recollect his sanity and eventually pulled out and went about cleaning his boyfriend. He managed to wipe Porsche up and clean him as much as he could but they needed to shower. It would have to wait until Porsche woke up so Kinn just unhooked his body chain and kept it aside, wiped his beautiful sunkissed boy with a wet towel, cleaned his own traces from his insides, and then slid under fresh covers after disposing of the messy sheets. 


He pulled Porsche towards his body, and the boy made a little noise before turning towards Kinn gently with sleep-heavy eyes. Kinn could tell he was still deep into subspace, so he waited patiently to see what the younger does. Porsche blinked at Kinn for a while before breaking into a small smile, and Kinn couldn't help but smile back. He let his hand gently graze across Porsche's torso. His upper body was marked in so many ways — Kinn's bite marks, a hand print on his waist, indents left by the metal of the chain on his front, especially around his neck. Porsche looked ethereal. 


Kinn cupped his face and raised his chin to slot their lips together into a slow, languid kiss. When they pulled apart, Porsche was still devotedly looking at him, and Kinn rubbed his thumb on Porsche's swollen lips as he spoke, "you should never feel like you are not pretty Porsche. You are everything. Strong, confident, capable, funny, beautiful, loving, cute… you are my everything baby, I don't need any other memory as long as I have you."


Porsche's eyes got teary, he couldn't talk still, his mouth feeling numb due to all that he experienced in the last hour, but he could understand every word Kinn said to him. He held Kinn's hand on his wrist in a frail grip, and kissed the pad of his thumb, much like before. Kinn didn't stop him, so he went and kissed the pad of each of his fingers before nosing into his palm earnestly. Kinn understood the gesture and held his index and middle finger over his lips and ordered him to open . Porsche obediently took in both the fingers inside his mouth and licked and sucked on them without any heat, just feeling full. Kinn stared at his sated lover and patiently waited for him to come out of his daze. For now, Kinn just enjoyed the proximity and the touch, later he needs to think about updating Porsche's closet a little bit.