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all lost to the depths of a hungry sea

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Abdi's voice startled Matteo and he was abruptly yanked from his thoughts. He realized he was staring at the horizon without even seeing it.


"Yes, Abdi," Matteo rubbed his temples and blinked twice to focus.

"We're out of food, captain," Abdi said, "Kiki just made four sandwiches for Carlos and then threw them over the board."

"TO TEACH HIM A LESSON!" Kiki's voice came from the lower deck. Matteo sighed.

"And what a lesson was this?" He asked loudly.


"WHY THROW THEM, KIKI? We could eat it!" Hanna yelled.

"What are we gonna do, captain?... Captain?"

"Not now, Abdi"


Matteo's head started to hurt. He went downstairs to his captain cabin, took a package of marihuana, put a small amount of it in the pipe, lit a match and took one long drag on it. The world stopped for a minute and food shortage problems, screams from the deck and the fact that his crew is out of his control, disappeared. 

Now, a little background. You see, it's 1718 and Matteo Florenzi is a captain of a pirate ship called "Berlin". And his crew: Jonas, Hanna, Mia, Amira, Abdi, Carlos, and of course Kiki, all of them are real pirates. Matteo is not. He is just a spoiled rich boy in his thirties, whose life became so boring it was unbearable, so he left everyone and everything he knew and decided to go in the deep sea. 

If Matteo is honest with himself, it was not entirely boredom that made him leave everything, his mother's endless tries to marry him off have also played a part. He rejected at least dozen girls before he decided to end this torture by disappearing entirely. He bought a ship with a fancy captain's cabin equipped with a nice bed, sofa, a secret closet and even a tiny bathroom. Yes, he is aware of the secret closet irony. He send a letter to his mother where he explained where is he going and hired a couple of drunk sailors to navigate his ship to the Republic of Pirates in the Nassau, where he hired his crew.

The whole piracy thing was exciting enough in the beginning, but a few months later it became just as boring. A couple of times they had to flee from Spanish, once from English, and once "Berlin" crew robbed some fishman boat. 

What a pathetic life.

Matteo's head started to hurt again. Screams from the above has returned and decisions his crew was capable of making by themselves were waiting for him.




Matteo, Mia, Jonas and Amira were back in the Nassau, since they had to refill the food along with ship ammunition and gunpowder. The previous one was used when Abdi and Carlos decided to shoot some birds from the ship weapons. 

"Can we stop by Spanish Sam tavern?" Amira asked on their way back.


Matteo wishes they wouldn't. His last chat with Spanish Sam ended with her killing one of his crew - Markus. Matteo is pretty sure it's not a good time to show up there. He can see Amira is up to something what feels like a very bad idea.


"What for?" he finally asks.

"She owes me something," Amira says.

"Mohammed is not 'something'," Mia says, "he is a person."

"He is a hostage!" Amira objects.


Mohammed is Amira's fiancé, who was kidnapped under weird circumstances two years ago, which made Amira become a pirate and search him everywhere until she found information that one of Spanish Sam's husbands did this. That's how they ended up in this tavern for the first time and lost Markus. 


Matteo sighs for the third time this hour. "Okay, we go in, you ask about Mohammed and we're out."


They go in, Amira and Mia dissolve in a crowdy space, Carlos goes to talk to some other piratey-looking people, and Matteo gets a glass of quite disgusting rum. He's standing by a bar, playing with glass in his hands, until he hears a laughter.

This one laughter from the other end of the bar counter, loud but soft at the same time, makes Matteo shiver. He looks at the owner of this laughter and his heart skips a beat. There is a man with black beard, beautiful brown eyes and a lot of tattoos decorating his olive skin. He has a company of three people, a tall man and two women, and currently he's smiling with all teeth while short blond woman is telling him something. Matteo's head begins to spin a little and he realizes he is holding his breath. 

Nothing, not even two English ships trying to shoot in the direction of "Berlin" a month ago, nothing made Matteo feel like this for years. He can't stop looking at Brown Eyes and he feels he's blushing. He empties his glass in one gulp, makes a deep breath, and when his eyes find Black Beard again, he is looking back right at Matteo. 

Matteo feels like hyperventilating. His cheeks are burning and then Olive Skin smiles and winks. No fucking w...

Matteo hears gunshots. Amira and Mia run out of a room behind the bar (how did they get there?) and Spanish Sam herself with a gun rushes out after them. In a moment Carlos appears next to Matteo and hurries him away. They leave the tavern under accompaniment of gunshots and screams, all of them alive by a miracle. 

Next few days Matteo spends wondering, if this all was a dream. Did the Tattooed Guy wink for real or if it was all Matteo's flustered imagination?

He listens to Amira and Mia telling the crew that Spanish Sam asked for a million doubloons for the location of Mohammed and all he can think is these dark eyes looking inside his soul.


"And what did you do?" Abdi asks.

Amira's eyes light up, "I slit her husband's throat!"


The crew cheers in approval.


"But which one?" Hanna asks, "I heard she had twenty husbands."

"Only nineteen now." 




David can't forget this man that looked like he ended up in a pirate tavern by mistake. His hair was light, clean and well-combed, his clothes were rich and good-quality, he didn't have any weapon on him, as he didn't have any visible tattoos. David has been observing him for a while, from the moment the guy came in, actually. He was with a man and two women, as David himself and he smiled at the coincidence. Like looking in the mirror, David thought. Guy's escort left him alone by the bar quite soon, and the whole time the his face was a depiction of boredom. He got a glass of local rum, took a sip and winced. David smirked. Totally doesn't belong here, he thought. 

David kept glancing distractedly at the guy from time to time, while talking to Leonie, Sara and Alex. You see, it's 1718 and David is a famous and frightening Blackbeard, the captain of a pirate ship called... nevermind, he used to be a captain of a dozen ships and he lost them all in battles with Spanish, English, and other pirates. Now he and the rest of his crew are staying in the Republic of Pirates to rest and buy (or steal) a new one.

That's why David found out this rich looking man and his companions, clearly pirates, very appealing. They must have an amazing ship.

David looks up at the object of his interest for the twentieth time and watches as the guy downs his glass, without a wince this time, and suddenly he is looking back. It lasts for a few seconds, maybe, but it seems like eternity for David. He is struck with lightning of this blue eyes. It's like everything else disappears and they're only two people in the world. The guy's face is red and shows a lot of emotions, so unlike his previous expression of boredom.

Caught up in a moment, David smiles and... winks? Oh god. Is he really flirting with someone he wants to rob? You're impossible, David, he thinks.

The gunshots from Spanish Sam's cabin save the situation. Another few seconds and the rich guy is gone along with his companions.


"Follow them," David says quietly to Alex.

He is not happy, "Why?"

"Perhaps I have a plan," David smiles.