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“But, Kachannnn… We can’t just leave him here.”

“I said ‘no’, Deku,” Katsuki grumbled, rolling his eyes as he glared down at the love of his life. “He looks like someone threw him in the dryer and left him in there for too long.”

They’d been at this for a half hour now; arguing back and forth non-stop since the minute Deku had spotted the thing. Katsuki loathed to admit it, but he was seconds away from losing his shit completely.

Today was their one day off a week; the only time the two of them actually got to spend together before going out on the next week filled with separate missions and a few occasional makeout sessions in the locker room whenever they found the time – and this was how Deku wanted to spend it?

That morning, Katsuki had been content to spend the day lounging around the apartment, prepping meals for the next week and sitting down to enjoy the sunset with Deku as he usually did. However, when he’d woken up and seen Izuku’s drawn and tired face, the young hero’s head obviously caught in a spiral of depressing thoughts, Katsuki had decided that they were going out on a date.

Whatever Deku wanted.

Knowing Izuku as well as he did, Katsuki had thought that they would just go to see the new superhero movie, share a nice dinner together and take advantage of a night alone in their new apartment. Maybe even walk around a museum or some shit. All of the normal things that Izuku liked to do when he was trying to get his mind off something.

What Katsuki hadn’t expected was to be dragged to the nearest cat café, left to watch Izuku gush over every creature that walked in his path other than Katsuki.

They’d purchased their beverages long ago, the ice melting and leaving Katsuki’s hands wet and clammy as he carried them around for the last two hours – but Izuku was a ball of unbridled joy, picking up every stray cat he saw. He kept tucking them into his freckled arms, safely and contentedly, until he had too many to carry and resorted to plopping himself on the café floor.

Izuku had been surrounded in seconds and Katsuki was content to watch him let go of all his pent up frustrations in a pile of furry beasts (even snapping a few pictures here and there when Izuku wasn’t looking) – until one such beast refused to leave Izuku’s side.

Already getting a bad feeling when he’d spotted the sign on the door that read ‘All Cats Available for Adoption’, Katsuki refused to acknowledge the cat – and even more so refused to acknowledge the pouty, puppy-dog eyes Deku kept throwing his way.

They weren’t leaving here with a cat. Especially not that one.

“He’s just got curly hair, Kacchan. Like me,” Izuku commented innocently, twirling his fingers through the ringlet curls that littered the beast’s back. “You like my curly hair, don’t you?”

As if to spite Katsuki even further, the cat rubbed itself against Izuku’s leg and made a slow, steady crawl up into his lap. It lifted its chin happily when those scarred, gentle fingers travelled to the base of its neck and began to scratch. The smile that leaped to Izuku’s face was blinding at the small display of affection, and Katsuki sighed, doing his best to refrain from dragging his fiancé off the floor and out into the busy Tokyo streets before he did something stupid – like scream bloody murder or buy a damn cat.

“That’s not gonna work, Deku. We’re not taking that damn thing home.”

“But….he loves me,” Izuku whispered sadly, and the downtrodden look that Katsuki had intended to wipe away that morning settled once again onto his fiancé’s freckled face. He frowned at the sight, an ever-present cornel of self-hatred in his mind lashing harshly at the thought of taking something away from Deku – but dammit. This is not what Katsuki had planned for today.

The nerd knew damn well how hard it was for the blonde to say ‘no’ when he whipped out those sad, pitiful eyes. The little pout of his bottom lip as he stared longingly down at the creature did nothing to help the situation, making Katsuki want to bite it and kiss it at the same time.

Izuku cradled what had to be the ugliest cat in human existence, but the thing did obviously like him... It’s mangy, orange fur stuck out at a number of odd angles – very reminiscent of the nerd’s bedhead every morning (which was in no way cute whatsoever, nope) – and its soul-sucking eyes were dilated with pleasure, blinking slowly up at the green-haired young hero like he held the world on string.

Midoriya Izuku did hold the world on a string, at least in Katsuki’s eyes. He couldn’t really blame the cat for being drawn to the bright, shining light that Deku carried within him wherever he went.

It was blinding yet comforting; safe and warm.

I love you, nerd,” Katsuki whispered gruffly, leaning down so he could place a kiss on the top of the young hero’s head. A soft, sad little smile ghosted across Deku’s lips at the gesture, but his eyes were still trained steadily on the ball of fluff that had curled into his lap.

Then, a pained look of resignation reflected in those green eyes as he turned them up to meet Katsuki’s.

“I love you too, Kacchan,” Izuku conceded, doing his best to let go of the creature that looked so damn comfortable in his lap. The nerd had obviously already formed an attachment to the thing and was having trouble accepting the loss. Katsuki didn’t like that. Not one bit.

This trip was supposed to be making Deku happy, not sad.

“We don’t have to take him home if you don’t want to,” The gentle man mumbled as he worked to shoo the cat off his lap. “I was just feeling a little lonely when you’re gone, that’s all. This was a bad idea. I should have known better.”

That confession – that sad little acceptance of giving up on something that he truly wanted, accepting defeat without so much as a fight – was the last straw for Katsuki.

Dammit,” The explosive hero groaned, and then he was off – setting their drinks down on the nearest table and marching his way toward the pet supply section at the back of the store.

He heard Izuku call after him, clearly confused, but Katsuki was on a fucking mission.

His hands grabbed the first things he laid his eyes on, going through a mental checklist of all the things one needed to take care of a fucking cat: a bed, a carrier, food, bowls, a litter box, toys (he would die before he admitted to choosing the one shaped like a sunflower because it reminded him of Deku). By the time Izuku caught up with him in the aisles, still cradling the cat with wide, confused eyes, Katsuki was in the process of hunting down a cart to pile the rest of the supplies inside.

“Kacchan? What are you doing?” Izuku questioned; oblivious as the cat shifted curiously in his scarred arms.

“What does it look like, nerd?” Katsuki grumbled, stopping to browse at the grooming section as he filtered through the brushes looking for anything that might be able to tame the rat’s nest of curls on the mangy beast.

“It looks like you’ve gone insane,” Izuku muttered harshly and Katsuki rolled his eyes before turning on his soon-to-be husband and the ball of fluff he held in his arms.

He leaned down to eye level with the cat, gave it the most withering glare he had in his arsenal, and said, “If you so much as think you’re sleeping on the bed, then you’ve got it wrong, cat. He’s mine there. You got me? Mine.

Izuku startled and flushed brightly at the implication – his head darting around to make sure no one else could hear them – but the smile that began to blossom as the gears started to turn in that thick head of his was all worth it to Katsuki.

“Wait…really?” He gasped, his arms clutching tighter around the beast that only mewed once in response. “I… Does that mean we can…”

“Yeah, nerd. Hurry up and pick out what you want before I change my mind.”

“Yes, Kacchan! Right away!”

Katsuki tried, and failed, to hide his smirk as Izuku went sprinting up the aisle, practically tripping over his own feet in unbridled excitement.

Oh, how he wished he’d known all the trouble that cat was soon to cause.


Izuku’s smile was radiant as they strolled out of the café, the cat tucked safely into the carrier he held with both hands. He was bouncing on the balls of his feet and chatting away non-stop about all the things they needed to do when they got home. Katsuki had lost track of what the nerd was mumbling about minutes ago, but he was fascinated by the gleam in the Deku’s eyes. The way he couldn’t seem to stand still, no matter how hard he tried.

Izuku was happy – and that was a victory in Katsuki’s book. Any day, any time.

The nerd continued to prattle on, the blonde catching words like ‘comfortable’ and ‘make it feel like home’, until they made it a couple blocks down the road. The Toyko streets were busy in the early afternoon and crowds were starting to form with the rush hour soon to begin.

Katsuki was certain they would make it to the train station before it was packed to full capacity, but when they made it another block down, with the nerd paying little to no attention to their surroundings, the blonde had to lock an arm around his waist to stop him from walking into oncoming traffic.

“Watch where you’re goin’, Deku!” Katsuki whispered harshly into Izuku’s ear, and at the sudden jerk of movement a loud “mrreow” sounded from the bag in Deku’s arms. Goddammit, the creature sounded like a fucking chain-smoker. “You’re the goddamn Number 5 Hero, but a car can still kill you if you walk out in front of it, moron!”

Katsuki wished that Izuku was listening, but he clearly wasn’t as he ushered them both to a bench on the side of the street at the animal’s cry, set the carrier down gently, and leaned in to console the feline like a mother to her child.

Of course, the nerd was more worried about the cat than his own fucking life.

He reached scarred fingers through the net at the front at the front of the cage, smiling sweetly when the cat brushed up against his fingers, seeking comfort – and Katsuki relented. Trying to argue with the green-haired man now was completely useless. In one ear, and right out the other.

“It’s okay, baby,” Deku crooned, voice soft and tender. “No one’s gonna hurt you while I’m around. I promise.”

Katsuki felt something strange tug in his chest then – a longing that he couldn’t quite put a name to, as he watched Deku comfort the animal. It was an unfamiliar need; new. He shook his head to try and rid himself of the thought, but couldn’t shake it completely when Izuku leaned in to place a reassuring kiss on the cat’s head.

“Hey, Deku… What’re you gonna name the thing anyway?” He found himself asking, uncertain as to why he cared – but he did. “If you leave it up to me, it’s gonna get named something like ‘Murder’… or ‘Moron’.”

“Nooo!” Izuku scolded with a half-hearted glare as he continued to stroke the cat, a sound like a rumbling engine reverberating from the carrier at his side. “You’re never allowed to name any of our children, Kacchan. No child of mine is running around with the name ‘Murder’. They’ll get bullied for life!”

Children?” Katsuki choked, narrowly avoiding bumping into someone as he jolted at the thought. “What the hell are you talking about kids for? No way I would name my own kid ‘Murder’! I’m talking about the damn cat!

“But he’s our son,” Izuku chirped happily, completely ignorant of Katsuki’s slack-jawed face.

That sensation in his chest was tugging again – hard; insistent and demanding. Katsuki did his best to push it down. “He’s not a kid, dumbass. He’s a cat.”

“Then he’s my son,” Izuku concluded, completely unphased, though Katsuki found it difficult to keep his breathing in check. The thought of a child – looking too much like Deku, maybe with a pinch of Katsuki thrown in here and there – was a little too much for the blonde to bear. Not that they could ever have a kid without a fertility quirk and a surrogate or whatever, but… someday… maybe?

“What you naming the damn cat, Deku?” He asked instead, trying to rid himself of the revelation he was set on not having.

But life had other plans, it seemed.

Ichirō,” Izuku whispered, and Katsuki found himself speechless at the soft, loving gaze that greeted him. A gaze that promised him a beautiful future; one filled with smiles, and laughs and happy endings.

“But he’s not our son…” Katsuki breathed. It didn’t have any bite to it like it did before. Only a little bit of hope, and a little bit of hesitance.

“He is,” Izuku affirmed, lifting his hand to cradle Katsuki’s cheek. “Whether you like it or not, he’ll always be our ‘first son’. Yours and mine. Ours.”

For all either of them knew, they could have been the only two people in the street – but that didn’t matter. They only had eyes for each other as they leaned in for a gentle kiss, sharing together a moment that was only the start of their adventure as a new, little family.




Week One:


“Deku! What the fuck does this cat want?!” Katsuki screamed into the phone after a long day of work.

It was one of the few days that he’d been sent home earlier than Izuku and he’d been looking forward to a nice, relaxing shower and surprising Deku with a home-cooked meal. But instead he’d been accosted by Ichirō the second he walked through the door, who was yowling the like world was collapsing around him, and Katsuki couldn’t get him to stop.

He’d tried everything – filling the food bowls, giving him treats, fluffing up his bedding – and now Katsuki was sat cross-legged on the floor with a defective cat in front of him, calling Izuku for help because he didn’t know what to do.

Fucking fantasic.

“He’s been screaming at me for an hour now and I don’t know what he wants!” He yelled as Izuku’s laughter rung loudly in his ear. Under any other, normal set of circumstances, it would have been cute – but Katsuki was about two seconds from losing his actual shit and needed answers…now.

“I’m serious, Deku! I’ve tried everything and it won’t stop. Tell me what I can do to make it stop!”

“Okay, okay,” Izuku wheezed, trying to collect himself before continuing to speak. “Have you fed him those treats he likes?”

“Yes! I’ve given him like twelve of them.”

“Oh…well, have you checked his litter box? Maybe it needs to be cleaned,” Izuku suggested and Katsuki could hear a clambering in the background. Fuck, was the nerd on a mission right now? Double dammit. Why did he have to call Deku to console a fucking cat?

“The box is fucking spotless. Give me something else, nerd. Come on, I’ve got shit I have to do.”

“Um… There might be something else…” Izuku hummed thoughtfully, but seemed to backtrack right away. “It’s probably not that though. Hmm…what about—”

“What were you gonna say, Deku?” Katsuki growls, wincing once again as Ichirō yowls at him some more. “Spit it out so I can go take a fucking shower. I’m gross and you’re not getting katsudon if I can’t get Ichi to SHUT UP!”

Kacchannnnnn,’ Izuku whines, but then seems to think better of it and says, hestitantly, “Have you tried…holding him?”

Katsuki narrowed the cat with a calculating gaze. No. That couldn’t be what this was about.

It wasn’t a fucking baby. It was a cat.

“No. I never hold him. That’s your thing.”

“I know…” Izuku mumbles. “But when I come home from work, I usually hold him and cuddle with him until you get back. Maybe he just wants you to hold him, Kacchan.”

“I’m not holding the fucking cat, Deku.”

“Do you want him to stop crying?” Izuku snapped cheekily in retort – and Katsuki could just imagine the hand that he had on his hip right now; the disappointed scowl that probably scrunched little wrinkles on his forehead.

“FINE! I’LL HOLD THE DAMN CAT!” Katsuki shouted and – while still on the phone – he scooped the feline up into his arms.

Almost immediately, the yowling drew to a screeching halt. Ichirō evaluated the blonde with an assessing stare (almost like the cat was judging his worthiness or something) and then seemed to come to some conclusion. He settled in Katsuki’s arms, blinked once, and began to vibrate; a smooth, rumbling noise emanating from his little body.

“…Well?” Izuku asked on the other end, waiting for confirmation that it had, in fact, worked – but Katsuki was too busy trying to stay as still as fucking possible. He’d literally give anything to avoid ending up back at square one.

“He’s vibrating,” he whispered after a short minute – and this time when Izuku giggled through the speaker at his ear Katsuki did indeed find it cute.

“He’s purring, Kacchan. That means he’s happy.”

“Finally. Jeez. If I knew all he wanted was to be picked up I would have done this an hour ago,” Katsuki grumbled, slowly shuffling his feet across the floor until he made it to the couch where he gently sunk down. “I’m afraid to move now, dammit. How the hell am I supposed to get anything done?”

“I don’t know, Kacchan,” Deku chuckled honestly. “But I’ll be home soon. Promise. Be a good daddy until I get back, okay?”

W-what?” Katsuki stuttered, and he totally was not blushing like a high-school girl at the implication of Izuku’s words. Nope, definitely not.

“You heard me,” Izuku teased, and the little fucker knew exactly what he was doing. “See you soon, Daddy.

The line clicked dead and Katsuki was left on the couch, stiff as a board to not disturb the cat that curled into a ball in his lap; completely trapped.

“Just you wait til you get home, nerd,” he grumbled at no one. “Won’t be talking so cheeky once I’m through with ya.”

……………………And if Izuku came home to find Katsuki fast asleep with the cat snuggled close to his chest, no one else would ever know. Except maybe the 18 others who would receive a captioness photo in the Class A group chat the next morning.




Week 2:


The following Tuesday, Katsuki came home to what he could only explain as ‘controlled chaos’.

Upon first glance, he would have thought their apartment had been robbed – if not for the security system that would have alerted him if anything had happened. Blankets and pillows were strewn across the living room floor with toys littered here and there. The couch and two end tables had been arranged in a way that resulted in a blanket fort of sorts – and in the hallway was what Katsuki would later identify as a bowling alley comprised of empty water bottles.

The second thing he’d noticed was the sight of Deku, lying face down in the middle of the floor like he’d been shot dead – which stuttered Katsuki’s heart in his chest and had him throwing down his bag until an energetic ball of orange fur bolted from under the couch and pounced on Izuku’s back, making him squeal in glee and kick his feet as he laughed.

Katsuki clutched his chest as the panic subsided only to give way to confusion and slight irritation.

“What the hell is going on here, Deku?” He growled as Izuku bolted upright at the sound of his voice, sending the cat flying and landing gracefully on two feet. The cat looked completely unphased as he made his way over to Katsuki’s feet and rubbed against them to say ‘hello’.

“Kacchan!” Izuku exclaimed breathlessly, scrambling onto his feet to face his fiancé. “I was teaching Ichirō how to play some games!”

“Games?...” Katsuki asked, lifting an eyebrow and gesturing to the disaster that was their living room.

Izuku smiled sheepishly, rubbing a nervous hand on the back of his neck.

“I mean, well… first we played ‘hide and seek’. It took him a while to find me when I hid on top of the refrigerator – but he’s surprisingly resourceful when he needs to be – and then we played tag! Or I tried to, but he’s really, really fast and I can’t exactly use my quirk to run in the apartment – so he caught me every time. Then there was the incident with the bowling alley I built,” Deku rambled, pointing to the hallway filled with water bottles. “Ichirō was more interested in attacking the bottles than playing the game… So then we moved on to tackling! He’s pretty good at that one, but for obvious reasons I can’t exactly do the tackling, ya know?”

When Izuku finished, his face was flushed red and the tips of his ears glowed a bright pink. Katsuki desperately wanted to be angry at the mess – he really did – but it was hard when he noticed that Deku was only in boxers and one of Katsuki’s own t-shirts.

He looked comfortable, safe, happy and… Katsuki’s.

The nerd’s embarrassment, though warranted, was so fucking adorable Katsuki wanted to punch something – but instead, he slid off the bracers of his costume with a huff, marched forward to wrap Izuku in his arms and sent them both plummeting into the nest of blankets on the floor, the latter ‘eek-ing’ in surprise as they hit soft fleece and cotton in a tangle of limbs.

Elbows bumped, teeth rattled and the next thing Katsuki knew they were in a full on tackle session – half-heartedly trying to overpower one another as they fought for dominance within the fabric; just like when they were kids. Izuku squealed in Katsuki’s hold – causing Ichirō to chirp incessantly in confusion until the younger conceded his defeat – but allowed his hands to be pinned to the ground and the blonde to loom over him without much of a fight.

Kacchan,” Izuku whined as Ichirō fussed about them with mews of displeasure. “What was that for?”

“You, being a pain in my ass,” Katsuki growled as he leaned forward, his lips only an inch from Deku’s own. “What’s the damn use of a blanket fort in the living room if I can’t even kiss you in it?”

 Katsuki teased his lips along Izuku’s cheek and relished in the rush of breath that escaped his fiancé’s lips as he nosed his way down into the crook of a freckled shoulder and planted light, little pecks along the expanse of skin. Katsuki couldn’t help but smirk mirthfully when laughter bubbled from the man beneath him.

“If you’re gonna make a mess in my apartment and then try to be all cute about it, then you’re gonna have to pay the price, nerd.”

“And what price would that be, handsome?” Izuku asked, nuzzling his nose into spikes of blonde hair, and Katsuki felt all the stress from the day seep out of him when scarred hands came up to grip at his hips, bringing him down further until they pressed tightly against one another.

“Hmmm… getting you naked in this blanket fort would be a start,” Katsuki whispered against the shell of Izuku’s ear, delighting in the shivers that ricocheted from his fiancé’s body to his own.

“We c-can’t, Kacchan,” Izuku gasped breathlessly.

“The hell’re you talkin’ about?” Katsuki breathed mischievously against his skin.

Once the two of them started like this, neither of them had quite discovered the urge to stop in all their time together.

Physical chemistry was something that their relationship had always had in spades, even before they’d uncovered the extent of their true feelings for one another. The blonde knew that from years of making out in tight, enclosed spaces during their time at UA; groping one another through clothing in empty bathrooms and discovering their pleasures in the locker room showers.

Izuku moaned deliciously against Katsuki’s mouth when their lips finally crashed together; as naturally as waves against the sand. That mouth opened easily for him, tongues meeting in a well-rehearsed dance, and everything else about the world was forgotten as Izuku squirmed beneath him, struggling to break free of the blonde’s hold so that he could touch.

Katsuki loosened his grip on the younger’s hands and let them roam as they pleased, sliding along his shoulders and chest until they finally settled around his neck.

“You try’na tell me that you wanna commit the crime, but not pay the consequences? That doesn’t sound like my ‘Zuku.”

“H-hah…” Izuku stuttered when Katsuki latched onto the base of his neck, sucking, and causing his back to arc off the floor, his hips to grind against Katsuki’s own. “But…Ichirō…” He insisted, though the blonde could feel the extent of his arousal sliding tauntingly against his leg.

Deku wasn’t fooling anybody. He wanted Katsuki just as badly as Katsuki wanted him.

“Forget about the dumb cat for a second, ‘Zuku. He’ll still be here when we’re done,” The explosive hero teased, and – if he knew Deku as well as he thought he did – he was only seconds away from giving in. Hands slid beneath his shirt and, with a startled gasp of breath, Katsuki felt nails scrape their way down his sides, sending goosebumps along his skin and dragging a groan from his lips.

“H-he…” Izuku mumbled. “He’s watching us, Kacchan.”

“So?” Katsuki huffed breathlessly, sliding his leg between Izuku’s own and grinding it dangerously against the hardness he could feel growing beneath the thin fabric of the younger’s boxers. “He’s a cat. He’ll get over it.”

Nooooo,” Deku groaned helplessly – and then he was flipping them over, straddling across Katsuki’s lap, his face a pretty, flushed shade of pink – and he was frowning.

The blonde didn’t like that.

“What’s the big deal, Deku?” Katsuki asked, pulling himself upright so that he was holding Izuku in his arms, the younger hero sitting securely in his lap as he tucked a stray curl behind his ear. His fiancé had a conflicted expression on his face, his eyes darting hesitantly between Katsuki and the cat – who stared directly at them from the couch.

“We can’t…make love…in front of Ichi-chan,” Deku whined in a strained whisper, as if to keep the cat from hearing him – even though he was right there.

Katsuki held still – a little dumbstruck – as realization dawned on him and he leveled Izuku with a knowing glare, trying to force himself to hold in the laugh that threatened to spill from his lips. It was harder than he thought though, and he couldn’t help the playful smirk that unconsciously took over his face instead.

“… You can’t say the word ‘sex’ in front of the cat, can you?”

Immediately, Izuku sputtered indignantly and his cheeks flared bright in embarrassment as he tried desperately to cover his own face. “I can too!”

Katsuki gripped his fiancé’s hands tightly and pulled them away from blocking that adorable blush. Such a pretty thing shouldn’t be hidden. Not from him, at least.

“Then say it, nerd.”


Say it,” Katsuki teased – and though he was more than a bit put out at the idea of not being able to ravish Izuku in his goddamn blanket fort, he was relishing in getting to tease the idiot for such a hilarious predicament.

Just as he thought he would, Izuku leveled Katsuki with a determined glare (it didn’t help latter’s arousal one bit, coupled with that pouty bottom lip of his), and sucked in a deep breath.

“S…ex.” Izuku grated out, with about as much confidence as a kicked puppy, and Kastuki’s laughter wheezed out of him in one harsh breath.

Kacchannnnnn!” The younger whined in dismay and Katsuki couldn’t respond even if he’d wanted to. He was keeling over with the intensity of his laughter, sending them sprawling out in the blankets once again – and every time he tried to collect himself, pull some semblance of seriousness back together, the judging expression on Deku’s face had him chuckling all over again.

“I c-can’t believe it,” he wheezed, desperately trying to suck air into his lungs. “It’s just like your damn All Might posters!”

What?!” Izuku squealed and Katsuki was laughing once again, uncontrolled tears leaking from his eyes.

“Your All Might p-posters!” The blonde wheezed between breaths. “Can’t have sex with your damn A-All Might posters cause it feels like I’m b-being watched by my dad.

“That’s not the same!” Izuku argued, indignantly. “Those are posters, Kacchan. Ichirō is sitting right there and…” Katsuki waited with baited breath. “HIS EYES ARE INNOCENT!”

He was certain they would get a noise complaint from the neighbors next door with how loud he guffawed, but Katsuki was having so much fun he didn’t care. It had been a while since he laughed this hard.

“You’re a piece of work, y-you that right?” He asked, finally settling down and looping a lazy arm around Izuku’s waist. “Fine, we won’t corrupt the cat. But you’re totally gonna pay when I get you in the bedroom later. Prepare yourself, nerd.”

“I know,” Izuku conceded, and with that they settled into a comfortable silence, just cuddling one another as Ichirō stared down at them, judgy holding way too much power over their sex life.

“Alright, nerd. Pick out a movie and I’m gonna go get changed,” Katsuki finally sighed, reluctantly letting go of Izuku in exchange for getting out of his sweaty uniform. “Oh, and order food from that sushi place I like. You know what I like.”

“But, they’re so spicy!” Izuku complained and the blonde kicked a leg at him in retaliation.

“That’s what you get for making a mess. Spicy food, or find a way to cook in all this mess.”

Izuku’s shoulders sunk as he observed the utter disaster of their living room and he collapsed back into the blankets in defeat, finally conceding when he whipped out the phone and Katsuki could hear him placing the order as he made his way down the hall.

When he came back, fresh and ready for a night of relaxing with his family, Katsuki scooped Ichirō up into his arms, slid next to Izuku beneath the blankets, and resigned himself to cuddling with a cat curled up between them.

This was his life now – and when Izuku fell asleep halfway into the movie, his eyes dropping closed heavily with Ichirō curled up against him, Katsuki took the chance to obtain a new wallpaper for his phone, and maybe just a couple pictures to share with his mom.




Week 3:


Katsuki was just getting ready to finish up his morning patrol – covered in sweat from spending hours in the sweltering heat and starving – when his phone began to ping excessively.

“Damn group chat,” Katsuki growled, yanking his gauntlets off of his hands and digging his phone from his pockets messages – but once he started filtering through his notifications, to his surprise, it was Deku that blowing up his phone. Not the idiot parade.

Katsuki punched himself out at the timeclock, scooting himself off to the side as he paid little attention to the other heroes that loitered about around him. Deku never bothered him at work unless it was something urgent, an emergency, so seeing a notification from him in the middle of the day was strange. Especially since the nerd was supposed to be out on patrol today also.

Katsuki had a bad feeling in his gut when he clicked open the message, holding his breath in anticipation as he prepared for the worst.

Katsuki’s heart went into overdrive when he saw the word ‘help’, sending him spiraling as he rushed to respond, heartbeat pounding a drum in his ears.

After a minute of waiting – and little to no patience when it came to Izuku getting his ass into trouble – Katsuki was already running for the locker room, throwing off his gear and shoving it in his suitcase haphazardly. He cursed to himself quietly when his gauntlets wouldn’t collapse quickly enough, wrestling with the pins in the sides to pry them loose.

“Come on, come on, come onnnnn.”

“What’s up, Bakugou?” Sero asked as he rounded the corner, taking in the blonde’s intense gaze and the deep frown etched sharply in his face as he assaulted his gauntlets like a feral animal. “Everything okay?...”

Katsuki opened his mouth to snap something stupid –probably rude – at Sero when he noticed the message icon appear at the top of his screen, signaling Deku’s response. He allowed himself to drop the gauntlet and take a deep breath, willing his heart rate to slow as he reached for the device.

“Thank fuck,” he huffed and unlocked it so fast the screen practically groaned beneath his fingers.

However, when he finally read the response, Katsuki’s head slammed into the door of his locker with a resounding ‘BANG’.

“Woah, dude,” Sero placated hesitantly, holding up his hands to show that he wasn’t a threat and making his way toward Katsuki. “Are you ok? What’s going on?”

Katsuki banged his head into the locker once more for good measure. More than anything, he just wanted to punch Izuku in the face…. or sweep him up into his arms and kiss him stupid.

“Stupid fucking Deku,” Katsuki grumbled as he pounded at his phone keyboard in frustration. “I’m gonna kill him. I’m gonna kill him and the damn cat.”

What?” Sero asked, and he looked so confused Katsuki kind of felt bad for him – for a second.

“Deku just scared the shit out of me,” He huffed, opening back up his suitcase to grab his gear once again. “He’s just being an adorable idiot though, so everything’s fine I guess.”

Sero visibly relaxed and leaned against the locker next to the blonde’s, letting out a sigh of relief.

“You two are always a mess when it comes to each other,” The tape hero laughed as he patted Katsuki on the back, earning a growl of protest at the gesture. “I’m really glad to see you too are finally tying the knot soon. It’s been long enough, don’t you think?”

Katsuki snorted and agreed to follow Sero out to the cafeteria, clutching his phone close to his chest as he read through Deku’s responses.

Katsuki rolled his eyes as he was lead to the nearest table, sitting down grumpily to join Sero, Kirishima and Mina who were all already chatting up a story. Something about one mission or another. Something Katsuki didn’t care about at the moment.

Katsuki sighed and scrolled back up to the photo, actually taking the time to look at it, and yeah… he guessed it was pretty cute. The sun hit Ichirō’s fur just right – and if Katsuki wasn’t so grumpy from having just been scared to death, he might have said something about how regal the cat looked.

Majestic and shit.

But he was still mad at Izuku…just a little.

If anyone asked, Katsuki would deny the smile on his face until his last breath. It was just… he could imagine so clearly the little squeals coming out of Deku’s mouth right now; his bright shining smile as he fussed over their ‘son’. The thought alone eased some of the tension that remained in his chest.

As Katsuki shoveled food in his mouth quickly before his break came to an end, his chest felt warm with the care and love that Izuku showed for their little family. It was domestic – cute as fuck – and Katsuki found himself thinking about his future with Deku. What they could have.

Their future as a family.

He saw chubby little faces with freckled cheeks, photos his husband would send to him on a bad day at work and Izuku’s smile shining brighter than the sun. He saw many more nights of cuddling in blanket forts, a little one tucked between them – furry or otherwise – that they called theirs.

Katsuki coughed a little bit with how intensely the desire came over him; settled on him like stone.

Shaking his head, he looked back down at his phone and smiled at the messages that greeted him.

Katsuki locked his phone with a fluttering feeling in his stomach as he clocked back in from his lunch.

If he fought harder or snapped less for the rest of the day, no one really bothered to question why.




Week 4:


On an early Saturday morning, Katsuki woke up to a sight that would haunt him for fucking weeks to come.

He’d dragged himself out of bed only to find that he was alone. That wasn’t unusual, but it was Deku’s first vacation day off all year, and he’d expected the nerd to sleep in. It didn’t look like that was the case however as Katsuki could hear music coming from down the hall, signaling that Deku was already up and wide awake.

Groaning as he slipped into his slippers, Katsuki shuffled his way down the hall toward the restroom, more than ready to hop in the shower and get his day started. Unfortunately, he still had a full day of work ahead at the agency, so he didn’t get to look forward to a day filled with Izuku, Izuku and…oh, yeah…Izuku, but he did get to come home to the nerd at the end of the day, so that was enough to motivate him to put one foot in front of the other until he reached the end of the hall.

Just as he was about to peek his head out to tell Deku ‘good morning’, Katsuki froze still at the sight that lay before him in the kitchen.

There, swaying back and forth to whatever song played from his phone, Izuku sang quietly with a bounce in his step. He rocked himself from side to side, a cheerful smile on his adorable fucking face as Ichirō sat securely against his chest; dancing and singing to no one but the cat in his arms. Katsuki only stayed in the shadows and watched as Izuku did a little twirl, giggling happily when Ichirō offered up a little chirp in response.

They were a perfect little picture together; joyous, content, the epitome of domestic bliss.

Without alerting either of them to his presence, Katsuki slid his phone quickly from his pocket and began to record.

The song was in English, as many of the songs on Deku’s playlist were.

He’d started listening to them as a way to get more accustomed to the language but he’d quickly grown to love them for enjoyment as well. Katsuki hadn’t ever admitted that he liked some of them too – and even included ones that Izuku recommended on his own workout playlist, most of them being rock – but whatever song Deku sang was one Katsuki hadn’t heard before.

Katsuki listened as Izuku rocked the cat back and forth in his arms. The lyrics weren’t loud enough to hear from the phone on the counter, but from Izuku’s mouth Katsuki could hear them clearly – and his heart melted into a puddle at his feet.

So sleep tight, little Atlas

Cause when your daddy goes off, just you know

That you’re the weight of his anchor

The love that is guiding him home

It took about sixty seconds for Izuku to notice that he was there and Katsuki lamented the ending of such a beautiful moment when he spun around and paused the music, stopping his little dance in its tracks.

“Kacchan! Look! I made breakfast and I didn’t burn down the kitchen!” Izuku yelled – and Katsuki was so glad he caught it on camera when Izuku raised Ichirō’s paw up in a silent cheer, praising himself for a job well done.


“Whatchya lookin’ at, dude?” Kirishima asked as Katsuki quickly locked his phone, cutting off the short clip of Izuku dancing in the kitchen that morning.

He’d watched in fifteen times now, and each time he found himself rewinding and watching it again, trying to zoom in closer to watch Izuku’s little smile and listen to the words. Kirishima had caught him twice now – and that was embarrassing as fuck, since Katsuki had essentially spent the first hour and ahalf of their patrol shift mooning over his fiancé like a lovestruck loser.

“None of your business,” Katsuki snapped, shoving his phone back into his pocket and launching himself toward the next closest roof, putting some distance between the nosy, red-haired hero and himself.

“Aw, come on!” Kirishima whined, able to keep in step more easily than Katsuki anticipated (ya know…cause he had explosions and Kirishima didn’t). “You’ve been staring at your phone since we clocked in this morning.”

Katsuki winced at being so thoroughly caught. Dammit, why did his ‘friends’ have to pay so much attention?

“Whatever it is has had you smiling for the last hour – and that either means that it’s something really really good or you’re feeling extra feral today and I need to be worried about property damage.”

“I’m not feral, you moron! Stop calling me that,” Katsuki lamented grumpily. “Just cause Mina said it like five months ago doesn’t mean that you can go callin’ me that whenever you damn well please!”

“But it’s so fitting,” Kirishima whined, pouting dramatically as he leapt forward with Katsuki to the next building. “I’m serious, man. If it’s something good, I just want you to be happy! Can’t blame a guy for being curious…”

Katsuki was silent for a moment but felt like his head was exploding with thoughts that he just needed to air out to someone. His heart had snagged on one tiny little thought he’d had the day they’d adopted Ichirō from the café and it hadn’t gone away since.

This morning only seemed to seal the deal that this feeling wasn’t going away any time soon – and he was boiling with need to just get it out, get it outtttt.

Without a moment to question whether telling Kirishima (of all people) was the smartest plan or not, Katsuki latched onto the red-clad hero’s wrist and dragged him down to a balcony that was situated along the adjacent building. From here they had a birds-eye view of the entire city block where they could keep watch – and Katsuki could attempt to communicate what was going on in his head without disrupting the job.

“What’s up?” Kirishima asked as he followed Katsuki to the edge and they resumed their watch. It was clear that Katsuki was trying to cough up words that were stuck in his throat (Kirishima knew him well enough to know that) but the blonde didn’t turn to look at him and only stared intently down at the pedestrians on the street.

He was clearly bottling something up; ruminating.

Thanks to months and months of therapy and a few long, heartfelt chats with Deku over the years, Katsuki now knew that he wasn’t the type of person who should keep things bottled up for long. He had a habit of spiraling into thoughts he had no business thinking, and exploding violently when he became too overwhelmed – so getting it out was the best course of action.

Normally, he would save his feelings for therapy, or end up spilling them out to Izuku once he got home – with more than a little bit of pushing on the latter’s end.

Except this time, he didn’t feel comfortable sharing them with Izuku just yet.

Kirishima was the next best bet.

At least…he hoped it was.

After a minute of thoughtful silence, Katsuki finally shoved his pride deep deep down, took a long breath and began to speak.

“It’s Deku.”

Kirishima tilted his head to the side in confusion, like a puppy dog that was trying to understand its owner. “What about him, man? It’s something good, right? It has to be. You wouldn’t be smiling if it was something bad…”

“It’s good, moron. Really good. I’m just…confused about how I feel about it. That’s all.”

The red-clad twenty-two-year-old leaned forward and also began watching the street below, figuring it would be best to follow Katsuki’s lead and not force him to face the conversation head on. Conversations like this were easier for Katsuki. He didn’t have to watch anyone’s expressions or cater his words to their reactions. He could just speak.

That was something he’d learned from his therapist – but he’d never told anyone that, not even Deku.

Kirishima was a quick learner, if nothing else.

“Please tell me it’s not a change with the wedding again,” The sturdy hero pleaded, hands on his chin. “I mean, I know you guys want it to be perfect and everything, but if I have to talk to Iida one more time about flower arrangements I’m gonna cry.”

“It’s nothing to do with the wedding, idiot.”

“Ok…” Kirishima hummed. “Well, what is it?”

“We adopted a cat,” Katsuki grumbled, and his friend let out a relieved chuckle.

“You did? That’s awesome, dude! I wanna—”

“Shut up,” The blonde growled, annoyed as he elbowed the sturdy hero in the side. “I’m trying to tell you something. Just be quiet and listen, okay?”

Kirishima quickly zipped his mouth shut and let Katsuki continue. Yeah, this was okay.

“We adopted a cat. I didn’t want to, but we went to a cat café a couple weeks ago and once Izuku had that cat in his arms his face just…lit up. I don’t know…” Katsuki huffed, running a hand through his hair in frustration. “I tried to talk him out of it for a while, but he told me he was lonely when I’m gone – lonely – and next thing I know, we’re walking out the door with a goddamn cat.”

Katsuki heard a quiet snicker from his right, but refused to acknowledge it as he plowed on.

“Then, while we were on the way home, he started talking about kids – and how the cat is our first son, because we adopted him together. He even named him ‘Ichirō’, for Christ’s sake, and now every time I see them together I can’t stop fucking thinking about having a kid with him. Being a family or whatever…”

The friend at his side was practically vibrating out of his skin with the urge to speak, but Kirishima kept his mouth wisely shut when Katsuki took a deep breath and finally pulled out his phone – bringing up the video that would live rent-free in his brain for weeks. (Damn, Mina and her memes were getting to him again.)

“This morning, I caught him doing this while I was trying to get ready,” Katsuki explained, and hit play as the image of dancing Izuku filled up the screen.

Kirishima watched, his eyes dancing with delight as Izuku twirled around and stumbled in the lyrics. When the short video finally came to an end, Katsuki finally met Kirishima’s eye and tucked the phone back into his pocket.

“After that talk about kids, and seeing that, my brain can’t stop swapping the damn cat in his arms for a little baby with freckles and I don’t know how I should feel about that.”

Completed with his piece, and content on getting out everything that he had to say, Katsuki nodded at Kirishima, allowing him permission to speak for the first time. Katsuki expected to be swarmed with a tirade of thoughts regarding the matter, but he didn’t expect what came out of his friend’s mouth first.

“I…I think you have ‘baby fever’, Bakugou.”

“……Baby what?” Katsuki sneered, taken aback by the phrase he wasn’t quite familiar with.

“Ya know! Like… the longing to have to kid of your own! You saw Midoriya with the cat, and it gave you a glimpse of what he could be like as a Dad – what the both of you could be like as dads.”

Katsuki thought about it for a moment – and Kirishima wasn’t exactly wrong.

No matter what Katsuki did, all he could think about was the way Izuku held Ichirō gently in his arms, whispered assurances to him when he was scared or cuddled him when he got home from work. His mind kept on repeat how Izuku had told him to be a good ‘Daddy’ and how natural and good the word had sounded on Izuku’s lips.

Did he really want kids? When had that desire started? Was it when they’d adopted Ichirō, or before?

Maybe since he’d proposed?

Katsuki didn’t know.

What he did know was that he wanted Deku’s kid. He wanted a little, chubby face littered with freckles and emerald green eyes that Katsuki could read like an open book. He wanted to watch a hundred more dances in the kitchen and come home to Deku and his child waiting for him.

He wanted to hold his own kid – their kid – and fall asleep with them on the couch like he had a few weeks ago with Ichirō.

That desire burned in him burned almost as brightly as the desire to walk down the aisle with Izuku and say ‘I do’.

“So what if I want a kid?” he finally asked, turning to lean his back against the railing, head raised to the sky. “Izuku and I aren’t even married yet. And to top it all off, we’re heroes. Most guys in our line of work don’t even want to have kids, let alone think of calling themselves ‘dad’ for more than a passing second. I don’t even know if Izuku would want to be a dad.”

“Oh, believe me. He does,” Kirishima snorted, earning himself a glare.

“And how the fuck would you know that, Shitty Hair?”

“Did you and I just watch the same video? Cause the Midoriya I saw there would be over the moon if you told him you wanted to be a ‘dad’.”

Katsuki frowned and pulled back up the video to watch it again, just to see for himself.

Who was Katsuki kidding? He was gonna watch the damn thing a hundred more times anyway. One more wasn’t a big fucking deal – but Kirishima seemed to think it was. The man was smiling so damn big it looked like it hurt his face.

“You’ve got it bad, dude.”

“No. I fucking don’t,” The blonde grumbled as he watched Izuku’s dance play out once again, the video ending with the nerd’s bright, victorious smile and Ichirō’s paw raised in the air. His heart felt full to bursting.

“Look. Let me explain it this way,” Kirishima demanded seriously. “Tell me. Why do you think Midoriya wanted a cat so badly in the first place?”

“Huh?” Katsuki asked, a little bit thrown off by the question and trying to figure out where the idiot was going with this.

Izuku had taken to the cat café first thing the day they’d adopted Ichirō. He hadn’t even thought about going anywhere else before they’d left the house and, the minute their feet had hit the street, Izuku had led them there like a man on a mission.

A man with a plan.

Then, when Katsuki had told him ‘no’, he’d said that he felt lonely without Katsuki. He’d been down that morning; caught up in his own head. The damn mangy ball of orange fur had made the nerd smile brighter than anything had in a while. Ever since then, Katsuki had rarely seen a moment that Izuku wasn’t smiling at home.

He was always chasing the cat around the house, filling up his phone with hundreds of pictures of the thing just sitting there or sleeping peacefully and it seemed that wherever Izuku went, Ichirō followed him. Deku always double checked that Ichirō had everything he need; was cared for and loved. He’d even warmed Katsuki up to the thing, and the blonde somehow always found himself curled up on the couch with the cat on his chest after a long day at the agency.

“He said he was lonely…”

Kirishima measured him with an exasperated look.

“Think about it, man. If Midoriya was just lonely, he could have called Uraraka, or Iida, or me, or anyone from Class A if he’d wanted to. Any one of us would have killed for a chance to meet up and hang out with him whenever he wanted.”

Katsuki urged for him to continue, wanting to see where this thought process was leading as he grew antsier by the second; nerves vibrating under his skin.

“Midoriya’s always been a naturally nurturing guy. Hell, you saw the way he treated all of us during school! He was the one everyone came to with their problems. He always knew the right words to say, the right to do to make you feel better. Right?”

Katsuki nodded and started to pace the roof, unable to stand still as the gears were spinning erratically in his mind.

“Then you two fell in love, and he became more nurturing than ever. He packed you bento boxes your entire first year at the agency, Bakugou. He even wrote you cute little notes and hid them in your pockets, for God’s sake.”

“GET TO THE POINT, SHITTY HAIR!” Katsuki yelled, and the redhead met him with a smile that saw all the things Katsuki didn’t – and Katsuki felt like a fucking idiot.

“Midoriya’s always been the kind of guy who wants to be a dad,” Kirishima laughed, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning back against the railing. “When Todoroki and Momo had their baby last year, Izuku was more emotional than anyone in the room that day – and it wasn’t even his kid.”

The kind, sturdy hero placed an assuring hand on Katsuki’s shoulder.

“If you asked him to have a baby with you, I guarantee he’d say ‘yes’. You and I both know that he’d bend over backwards to the best dad anyone has ever seen.”


For the rest of the day, Katsuki was quiet, thoughtful and just downright scatterbrained.

When he finally got home and slid into his place on the couch next to Izuku and Ichirō, he began to come up with a plan on how to tell Izuku what was in his heart.




Week 10:


“We’re having a what?” Izuku asked, following Katsuki around the apartment and into their bedroom as the explosive hero pulled out his cleaning supplies from the cupboard, doing a mental checklist of all the things he needed to pick up from the store before the weekend.

“A house-warming party, nerd. Keep up.”

“But why now?” Izuku prattled, confused. “You’ve never expressed any interest before and…well…it just doesn’t really seem like something you’d want to do!”

“Guess you don’t know me that well then, do ya?” Katsuki teased, but frowned when Izuku glared at him, hurt. Shit.

“And just what do you mean by that, Katsuki?

Double shit. When Izuku pulled out the ‘Katsuki’ card, he was definitely in deep shit.

“I don’t mean anything by it, Deku! I just realized the other day that none of the Class A idiots have ever seen our new apartment, and I thought it’d be nice…or somethin’.” Katsuki set down his supplies and cupped Izuku’s cheek gently, leaning forward to kiss the tip of his nose. “Thought it would be nice for you to see everybody in the same room again, introduce them to Ichirō. Whatever you want, I guess.”

The hurt expression on Izuku’s face morphed into one of curious awe – and Katsuki would totally never admit to puffing out his chest a little bit more at the sight, the inner voice in his head screaming ‘VICTORY!’.

“You really wanna throw a party? For me?” Izuku asked, love sparkling in his eyes, and Katsuki groaned before picking the nerd up off the floor and sweeping him into a breathtaking kiss. They were both solid slabs of human muscle, but Katsuki was still taller by almost a foot – and he was thankful for that every damn day.

“I know Shinso has been gushing over your pics of Ichi in the group chat for weeks, and I swear to God if our cat goes missing after this damn party I’m gonna hunt him down and kill him myself,” Katsuki grumbled when their lips parted, refusing to be as sappy as to answer Izuku’s question, but yes. Yes he was throwing a party for Izuku.

And the nerd had no idea what was coming.

“Shinso’s not gonna steal Ichi-chan,” Deku chuckled, ruffling a hand through Katsuki’s hair and planting another sweet kiss to his lips.

“He better not.” Katsuki had to force himself to pull away from Deku, not to get caught up in those green eyes and instead focus on the task at hand. Planning. “I bought Ichi one of those collar tags that has a chip in it, just in case though. Got his name engraved on it and everything.”

Izuku practically squealed in excitement, begging Katsuki to cough it up – but the blonde wouldn’t budge and told him it was still being made. (That was a big, fat lie though, as the tag was at this moment tucked safely into the folds of Katsuki’s wallet. That particular surprise couldn’t be ruined just yet.)

“Chill out, nerd. Jeez! Do you want the party or not?!”

“Yes! Yes!” Izuku giggled, and Katsuki got to working for the long weekend ahead.


“Calm down, dude,” Kirishima whispered harshly as Katsuki stomped back and forth across the front patio.

“Shut. Up.” The blonde snapped; nerves frayed to the bit. His hands were sweating. They were always sweating. Why were they always sweating?! Oh, yeah, quirk. Duh.

He’d been at it for a half hour now. Pretty soon he’d be so frazzled he forgot his own fucking name. Great.

 The party was starting in twenty minutes, and so far only Kirishima, Mina and Iida had arrived. The others were taking their good old fucking time.

Katsuki only knew how long they were taking thanks to the tirade Glasses was already spouting in the living room, going on and on and on about ‘arriving in a timely manner’ and ‘it’s disrespectful to arrive any less than a half hour in advance’. Izuku was too nice and allowed the man to prattle all he wanted, placating him with pretty smiles and alcoholic beverages. Katsuki, however, had a mind to find a muzzle somewhere and strap it on the man before he did something stupid…like commit murder at his own party.

“I’m serious, Bakugou. Midoriya’s gonna know something’s up if you don’t calm your ass down. He already looks confused as hell.”

Right. Right.

Deku. This was all for Deku.

“Fine,” Katsuki growled, dragging in a deep breath. “I need Ichirō. Find me Ichi.”

“On it!” Kirishima replied, snapping to attention immediately to hunt down the cat in question.

This all started with the damn cat, and that cat was integral to Katsuki’s plan.

Why did he have to pin such an important responsibility on an animal? He was beginning to question everything about how tonight was supposed to play out.

Fuck. Fuckitty fuck fuck.

“Got him!” Kirishima yelled, running toward Katsuki with a pissed off orange cat in his arms, and the hilarity of the sight was enough to settle the blonde down slightly. Once he was within arm’s reach, Ichi jumped wildly out of the redhead’s arms and straight at Katsuki who caught the feline easily as he ‘mreow’ed in protest.

“It’s alright, bud,” Katsuki hushed petting the animal softly and trying to console him the way Izuku did. He wasn’t quite as good at it, but Ichi calmed down after a minute or two and Katsuki was just thankful he’d found the cat before anyone else did.

“He’s a stubborn little guy, isn’t he?” Kirishima chuckled in dismay, rubbing a hand on his head awkwardly.

“Well, he gets that from his father.”

“Which one?” The redhead asked cheekily – and made the smart decision of throwing his hands up in surrender when both the cat and the blonde leveled him with equally withering glares. “All right, all right. I get it!”

“Hmph,” Katsuki huffed indignantly but otherwise ignored Kirishima as he made his way over to the nearest lawn chair and set the cat down on it gently. Then, as slyly as he could with the others being just inside the glass door, slid his wallet out of his pocket and pulled out the tag that he’d had specially made for today.

He hadn’t lied when he’d told Izuku that there was a chip in it (Katsuki still didn’t trust Shinso around Ichi), but that wasn’t really the special part about it.

Tilting the cat’s chin up and fiddling with his collar, he slid the tag into place – double checking that it was facing front-side-out against the coppery fur of Ichi’s chest – and allowed himself a moment to admire his handywork. Katsuki had spent the last three days trying to tame the cat’s mane into submission, but gave up after Izuku decided to blow-dry him and Ichi had become an actual ball of poof.

The nerd had managed to calm it down with some bath wipes (specifically made for cats, apparently), and Katsuki had to admit that he did look quite a bit better than he had previous night.

Izuku could work miracles. That was for sure.

“You can’t let me down tonight. Okay, brat?” Katsuki whispered to Ichi as he pretended to adjust his collar. He didn’t understand what had brought on his incessant urge to talk to the cat, but here he was. God, what was happening to him?

“I think I see them coming,” Kirishima whispered urgently, bumping him none-too-lightly on the shoulder and, sure enough, a large group of rowdy young adults ambled their way up the street towards the Bakuou-Midoriya residence. “Ready to go, bro?”

“Yeah,” Katsuki affirmed, giving Ichi one last pat on the head before letting him roam back inside.

Kastuki just hoped Izuku didn’t get to Ichirō’s tag too soon.




The Party:


“Then your daddy said ‘which one of us is screwing around’ –” Deku growled in his best Todoroki impression as he tried to explain the events of their first-year Sports Festival to the one-year-old bouncing on his knee. “Then there was a big ‘whooooosh’ and your daddy used his fire! It was amazing. We fought really hard, but daddy won! That made your Uncle Kacchan so madddd.”

Said ‘uncle’ was two seconds away from mounting Izuku right there in the middle of the party, guests be damned, if he didn’t stop bein’ so fucking cute; the inner voice in his head telling him not to be such a big sap crushed soundly under the insistent chant of ‘dekuwithababydekuwithababydekuwithababy’ that pounded against his skull. Katsuki was about to say ‘fuck the plan’ and take Deku outside right now when Kirishima slid an arm over his shoulder.

“He hasn’t seen it yet, has he?” The redhead asked, and Katsuki shook his head.

Once Momo had walked in with the latest child of the Todoroki family on her hip, everyone had only been interested in the black-haired, blue-eyed little boy. He was awake, curious and – yeah, Katsuki might have to admit that he was cute – so of course he had become the epicenter of attention.

It hadn’t been long after that before Izuku (goddamn oblivious to Katsuki’s plan) had the child up in his arms began chattering away. The brat couldn’t even speak yet but the nerd was already talkin’ his ear little ear off; telling him all kinds of stories about their days back in school and how they had all met.

The blonde had been watching and waiting the whole time from his place behind the kitchen counter – waiting for the moment when Izuku would reach for Ichirō and the night’s real event would begin.

It had been a little over an hour now and, as impatient of a man as Katsuki was, he was ready to burst out of his own skin and ruin the whole fucking plan.

“How long do you think it’ll take?” Kirishima whispered, glancing over to where Ichi sat on Kota’s lap, completely content and happy to have someone who understood him.

“I don’t—” The blonde began to reply, but then stopped when he noticed Deku’s attention begin to wander.

Izuku let out a quiet little laugh at something Momo said, his smile soft and sweet, when he looked over toward Ichirō and Katsuki saw recognition in his eyes when they caught on the shining tag at his neck.

Fuck. It was happening. It was fucking happening.

“Oh! Ichi-chan! You look so handsome with your new tag! Don’t you, baby? Come here, let me see.”

Katsuki stilled in his spot along the wall, pretending that he wasn’t paying any attention when the nerd  finally set the human child down and went to scoop up the cat up into his arms, scarred fingers grasping at the glistening, silver tag. His emerald eyes twinkled brightly at the kanji engraved in the front and the blonde felt a rush of pride at the reaction, preening (maybe just a little) at pleasing his soon-to-be-husband.

When Izuku flipped it over to take a look at the back however – admiring its glimmer and shine – Katsuki’s heart stuttered in his chest.

“How do you think the mission next week is going to go?” Uraraka asked him, but Deku didn’t seem to hear and only blinked down at the tag – once, and then twice. “It’s supposed to be about a three days, right? If we can catch the guy, it’ll—”

“Yeah,” The nerd mumbled, cutting her off, but his gaze was still glued to the tag in his hand.

Katsuki was holding his breath now, waiting to see what would transpire – but everyone around them just kept chatting on as if nothing was happening. He hoped that the message wasn’t too subtle… Maybe he should have been more direct? Written something else? Whatever his concerns, Katsuki didn’t have to worry for long when Izuku’s head whipped up and began looking around, searching, until his eyes met Katsuki’s own, emerald orbs wide and shining.

“Kacchan?” He asked and Uraraka turned to look at the blonde as well, clearly thrown off at the turn in conversation. Deku gulped and blinked a few times, looking down at the tag and back up at Katsuki – clearly nervous and confused. “K-Kacchan...what is this?”

“What do you think it is, nerd?” Katsuki asked, trying to play coy, but his heart was pounding in his ears – and it seemed the rest of the people in the room were starting to clue into the fact that something was up. The anxiety only picked up when he felt all the eyes in the room settle on him.

“I-I…Is this real?” Deku stuttered and a scarred hand clapped itself over his mouth as tears began to fall.

“Deku? What’s going on?” Uraraka asked urgently when she spotted the tears as well, eyes darting between the two – and, yeah, Katsuki couldn’t wait anymore.

In a flurry of movement, the blonde pushed off the wall and marched toward Izuku, hand already outstretched to remove the one that was covering the nerd’s face. As gentle as he could ever be, Katsuki slipped his fingers between Deku’s own and pulled him up off the couch, ignoring the calls of confusion behind them as he led the love of his life out onto the balcony and slid the glass door closed behind them to give a little bit of privacy.

Hiccups were slipping from Izuku’s trembling lips but he was clearly, desperately trying to hold himself together; the wide, wet pools of his vulnerable green eyes intently searching Katsuki’s for answers.

“W-What’s going on, K-Kacchan?” The nerd gasped between hyperventilating breaths. “I d-don’t underst-tand.”

Katsuki huffed out an amused little chuckle and assumed the task of wiping wet trails from his fiancé’s cheeks, giving himself a minute to remember everything that he wanted to say before he began to speak. All the while, he was careful not to meet Izuku’s gaze, some small part of him still fearing that Kirishima had been wrong those few weeks ago and that his little confession would end in nothing but failure.

But Katsuki was brave…and good at feigning confidence…so he allowed himself to slip into that role.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen,” Katsuki commanded quietly, scooting them more toward the railing and refusing to acknowledge any of the prying gazes that were staring at them in confusion through the patio doors. “I’m gonna talk. And you’re gonna listen. Cause I’ve thought a lot about this and I need to just…say it. Okay?”

He waited patiently for Izuku get control of his own tears, and after a minute he received the nod of confirmation he was looking for.

“Izuku… I-” Katsuki gulped as he distracted himself by playing with the collar of Izuku’s button-down shirt. “I’ve come to kind of an…..epiphany over the last couple of months.”

His long-time friend and forever-love squeezed their fingers tightly, hands shaking – encouraging him, but attempting to remain silent as he hiccupped violently.

“Eight months ago, I asked you to marry me… but I never really considered much about my future beyond being a hero and having you by my side. For a long time now, that’s all I thought I would ever need – and I was content with that. I really fucking was… but then we adopted Ichi.” He took a deep breath. “That day, you told me that he was our ‘first son’; our Ichirō. You called us a family, Deku.”

A sob tore its way from Izuku’s throat that caused Katsuki to slip up and look directly into his eyes. They shone at him with nothing but love – unconditional love that the explosive hero never quite felt worthy of – and he had to look away quickly to try and pick up where he left off.

Deku attempted to give him an encouraging smile – really, Katsuki knew he was trying his best.

It was wobbly and wet and kind of gross, but it made the blonde’s breath catch anyway, not knowing how else this moment was supposed to make him react. He felt like he was proposing all over again. It was surreal; life-changing. Far beyond anything he would have imagined wanting when he was a naïve, hot-headed teen.

“He made you smile so much. You laughed more. You were happy and nurturing and so damn devoted to him that, for the first time, I started thinking about what life with an actual kid would be like – one that was yours and mine.”

Slipping his arms around Izuku’s waist to hold him close when he noticed how badly the younger was shaking, Katsuki allowed him to rest a head on his shoulder. To feel Deku’s body against his own was a comfort, a reassurance – and the feeling of hands climbing up his back to clutch at his shirt in a death-grip gave Katsuki all the courage he needed to finish speaking; to keep going.

“Once I started thinking about it, I couldn’t stop. Every time you cuddled him after a long day, or danced with him in the kitchen, or trashed our whole place just to play with him, I couldn’t stop picturing a baby in your arms instead. I kept imaging your goddamn freckles on chubby little faces and… I realized how important it was to me to be a family with you; to raise something, or someone, together that was our own and no one else’s.”

He reached a hand up to pet Izuku’s curls, doing his best to console the unmistakable sobs that wracked through the younger hero’s body.

“I want a kid with you,” Once the words were out of his mouth, Katsuki felt a weight lift from his shoulders; thought’s he’d been obsessing over for far too long finally finding release. “It doesn’t have to be now, or even a year from now, ‘Zuku – but if that’s something that you think you could want too, I want you to know that I’m all in. I don’t know how we’ll make it happen, but I could start looking – find a surrogate that we’re both comfortable with, or hunt down someone with a fertility quirk to see what our options are…”

Deku laughed against his shoulder, and Katsuki was going to continue on – offering a list of things he’d researched online just for this conversation – but instead he was being pulled forward by scarred hands into a searing, claiming kiss that sent chills from the tips of his ears down to his toes. Tongue met against his with urgent insistence and Katsuki didn’t have the heart to fight against it as he melted easily into his lover’s arms, clenching fingers in unruly curls of green while Izuku seemed to be trying his best to mold the two of them together into one being.

Words were breathed into the space between them when the need for air demanded that they part.

“Yes, Kacchan. Absolutely, yes,” Izuku gasped, diving back in for more when Katsuki dared to try and respond. “Right now. Tomorrow. Any day you want.”

“Punch me if you’re joking nerd, cause I’m goddamn serious about thi—”

“I’m not joking,” Deku giggled, and Katsuki didn’t care about the rest. His lips slammed back into Izuku’s instantly. His cheeks ached with how hard he was smiling – teeth getting in the way of kissing the nerd more thoroughly – but nothing bad could touch Katsuki’s high right now.

He and Izuku were gonna be a fucking family. This victory was more fulfilling than any villain he’d ever taken down as a hero.

“Hell yeah, Deku. We’ll be the best Dad’s the world has ever seen.”

“Of course. Kacchan can’t be anything less than number on—”

“DID HE SAY ‘YES’?!” Kirishima screamed through the glass door, cutting into the couple’s private moment – and then it was finally time for the two to acknowledge the fact that Jiro and Shouji were pressed with their ears up against the glass, clearly narrating what was happening for the rest of the class that watched like hawks from behind them. Nosy bastards.

“FUCK YEAH HE DID!” Katsuki yelled back – then the doors were sliding open and their ears were met with screams of celebration and joy. Izuku was quickly yanked from Katsuki’s arms when he was dogpiled by the nerd squad and the blonde was left to deal with Kaminari and Mina, who were sobbing like children in the doorway.


In all the commotion and craziness of the night, nothing could put a dent in Katsuki’s good mood as the hours passed by. No matter how much of a mess his classmates made in his apartment, or how many times Todoroki had asked if he could be the ‘godfather’ of any of their future children, Katsuki was living on cloud nine as long as he had Izuku in his line of sight.

The nerd spent the rest of the night introducing Ichirō to each and everyone in the room, saying things like ‘isn’t our baby adorable?’ or ‘you’re such a good baby, aren’t you, Ichi-chan?’ and the blonde’s heart soared to new heights every single time he heard it – resulting in more than a few unexpected kisses to the nerd’s face that sent him squealing with glee. Everyone laughed at the little games Deku set up on their living room floor and they all even attempted to participate in a tag match with Ichirō – which ended only a few minutes after it began when Ichi spotted Tokoyami and refused to acknowledge any other person as ‘It’. (He had the head of a bird. They really should have seen it coming.)

“I do get to be the ‘godfather’ though, right?” Todoroki whispered into his ear, for the fifth time in the evening as the party began to die down – and Katsuki didn’t even feel like he wanted to punch him! Yeah, it was a good fucking day.

“We actually have to have a kid first, dumbass. You can’t just call ‘dibs’. It doesn’t work like that.”

“But, why?” The two-toned hero nagged, and Katsuki wasn’t paying any attention when he spotted Shinso, staring longingly and suspiciously at Ichirō beneath the dining room table.

“NO!” The blonde yelled, and the ‘oh no’ that slipped from Izuku’s mouth was the only warning before total and utter chaos ensued.


If the neighbors hadn’t put in a noise complaint yet, they surely would after tonight.




The Tag:



Ichi Rō

“First Son”


Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku

Family of 3

Let’s make it 4. – Love, Kacchan