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Service was second nature to you, all your life you had put the desires of others in front of your own. More often than not, it lead to frustration when the kindness was not returned, but this was not one of those times. Your service to Alcina was thanked by her moans and blissful expressions, a reward you always cherished.


You weren’t quite ready to take the whole thing into your mouth just yet, though you made sure to make up for that fact with extra attention to the tip and a hand to the shaft. Alcina placed a hand onto your head as you continued your work, her fingertips lightly scratching behind your ear, a feeling you adored. A sign of your work being thoroughly appreciated.


“Such a good girl…”


Indeed, you were a good girl. Her good girl. Whimpering at her praise, you braved to take more of her into you. Those few centimetres did not go unnoticed, you felt the Lady’s cock twitch against your tongue alongside a breathy moan. You knew Alcina had to be close, you could feel her thighs tremble underneath your hand. You gazed at her as your head bobbed at a faster pace, admiring the blush across your Lady’s cheeks, to see her lost in the pleasure only you cause would always send that addictive heat straight to your centre.


With a sharp inhale, her grip tightened and your mouth flooded with her cum. A lesser pet would have been immediately overwhelmed and choked, but not you, you had long since proven your ability to please. You swallowed every last drop of the warm liquid, the taste of her causing you to moan around her cock. Once you were done, you slowly pulled back from her. Alcina panted with a grin, her fingers carding through your hair before bringing you up from your knees and onto her lap. She kissed you softly, humming lovingly as she tasted herself faintly on your lips.


“You did so well, little rabbit. I think you deserve a reward.” Your Mistress purred, cupping your cheek. You couldn’t help but melt into her touch, there was something special in the knowledge that the hands that could destroy were used so softly on you.


In a flash, you found yourself lying on her bed. Alcina gently pulled your hips closer to her and rubbed her already hardened cock against your core, you knew well that a reward would always come with a little teasing. Not that you really complained, it only made you wetter. Once she had finished watching your hips buck against every stroke, she guided herself into you. Alcina made sure to be slow and gentle, watching how you lost yourself in the sensation of entry. When your moans drifted into pain, she stopped for a moment so you could adjust and get used to her size. This was a reward after all. You had taken her dick many times before, but there was no getting used to just how big she was. Once she was fully sheathed inside you, she remained still and brushed the back of her fingers against your cheek. The wonderfully painful stretch and gentle touch brought a wide smile to your face.


“Good?” Alcina whispered.


You nod, breathlessly asking her to carry on. Her pace was careful at first, though you loved when Alcina was rough with you, knowing how much thought she had to put in when handling you softly made your heart swell. Alcina lowered her head, her lips found your neck and began to leave open mouthed kisses against it. You could feel her teeth grazing against your skin, threatening to sink deep into you, but you could also feel her force down the want to mark you so early on. As the stretch became familiar, Alcina’s pace quickened, your gasps for air became heavier. You could feel Alcina’s grin against the skin of your neck just before she slammed her hips into you. You couldn’t contain your cry at the sensation of being filled to the brim so suddenly, your arms immediately flew around Alcina’s back, nails scraping down her back in an effort to ground yourself. The moan and slight sting of your nails seemed to spur her on, thrusting into you deeper and harder.


“Mmh… you’re so beautiful, makes it hard to not fuck all of those wonderful sounds out of you every second we get alone.” Alcina panted against the skin of your neck.


It was rare for your Lady to curse, those words were reserved for her private affairs, said affairs being a deadly rage behind closed doors or passionate moments within her chambers. Thankfully, you had only ever received those words from her laced with lust.


A hand of yours found its way into Alcina’s hair, your body arched further into her and your legs wrapped themselves around her waist, trying to get impossibly closer to her. From the corner of your eye, you could see the forearms framing your head shiver from the sensation of your touch. There was little choice but to hear her growl, you felt it against your throat. The primal aspect of her affection was something you would never tire of, if your Lady wanted to rip your throat out with her teeth in the middle of sex you were sure you would happily let her. To know that such a powerful, beautiful apex predator was just as captivated by you as you were by her was a pleasure indescribable, only rivalled by her hips slamming into you at a great force. Despite her strength and ferocity, you felt nothing but safety being her prey.


After a particularly high pitched moan from a deep thrust, Alcina’s hunger to mark you overcame her. She bit the base of your neck, you cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure. She sucked the freshly bitten skin, ensuring that there would be a deep purple mark for days to come, finishing her mark with a gentle kiss. You weren’t sure if she had drawn blood, you didn’t care. Nothing really mattered when her skin was against yours. All that mattered now was the coil winding tighter and tighter within you. You weren’t going to last much longer, not at the pace she was at.




It came out of you so breathless and blissed out, you flushed at how desperate you sounded. You were rewarded with a harsh, deep thrust for it, though it seemed to be a subconscious reaction on Alcina’s part. It was still hard to believe that you could have an effect like that on someone so statuesque, yet she met your eyes with blush across her cheeks. Such a tender stare juxtaposing the near violent sound of skin slapping against another. A hand of Alcina’s cupped the side of your face, her thumb stroking your cheek softly.


“You feel so good, darling. You look so good taking me. So damn perfect…


Her breathy praise is what tipped you over the edge, you wouldn’t have been able to stop your legs from trembling if your life depended on it. All you could do was pull her tight against you as you moaned. With a snarl and a grunt, Alcina followed. The warmth spilled deep into you, thick and abundant. You mewled as she slowed her pumps, twitching at every extra spurt of cum that shot from her in the aftershocks. The pair of you utterly spent, spending a moment to catch your breaths. Alcina reluctantly pulled herself up and out of you, you couldn’t help the whine at the loss of both her cock and her warmth. Though she soon rectified the latter by rolling the pair of you onto your sides, pulling you close into her chest as if you were to float away without her grounding you. She would never admit it, but she had been so very touch starved before she met you. It was as if she was trying to get her fill before you were somehow taken from her, to try and prepare for imaginary lonely years ahead of her. You wanted to tell her that you were going nowhere, that you’d walk through Hell and back with her, but you knew that Alcina was always a little fragile after sex. You didn’t want to spoil the moment with words, instead you nuzzled closer into her neck and hoped she understood what your affections meant.


After a few moments spent catching your breath, you looked up at Alcina and gently kissed her jaw. She chuckled, leaning down to kiss your forehead and brush a lock of hair behind your ear.


“How are you feeling, sweetheart?” Alcina whispered, a wide grin on her face as she stared lovingly at your blissed out, goofy smile.


“Incredible, Alci… just… Incredible,” You giggled, floating on the high only she was ever able to give you. “And you?”.


“Wonderful. I always feel wonderful with you.”


You blushed at her words and snuggled back into her neck, letting out a shy whimper. You would forever wonder what it is that Alcina saw in you, why she still wanted you by her side when she could have her pick of the most beautiful and talented women out there. Maybe someday she would realise that, maybe she was just having fun until then and biding her time. No, you shouldn’t be filling your head with such a cynical future, what mattered was the present. You were in her arms, filled to the brim with her, in this moment she was very happy that you were hers.


That’s all that mattered.