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Space Funeral: The Novelization

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On the first day, there was a celebration, of the return of the old world, of the City of Forms being back in its perfected state. The region of what used to be the northern wastes indeed swore loyalty to Prince Horace, the man that used to be Dracula keeping his promise.


That night, the moon was in the sky. They had accepted the state of the world.


On the second day, there was great mourning. Dag’s proper body had been recovered and a grand funeral had been held throughout the funeral.


On the third day, however, Phillip was still under depression.


While circumstances are better, depression doesn’t just disappear overnight.


“Are you still suffering?” Prince Horace questioned. He took it upon himself to visit the boy, who had been staying in an inn at what used to be the the Lion Village.


“Yes.” He admitted. It’s just that…the world is back to normal, but my life isn’t either. I can’t go back home. After how my parents treated me.”


“Are you sure you don’t want me to punish them? They surely deserve the worst! My offer remains on the table.”


“No…” said Phillip, though it was kinda tempting. “I just need a safe place to be. To get proper therapy, you know...”


Prince Horace thought. “Say no more, Phillip.”


They set out, a royal guard accompanying them to the City of Forms; the former royal castle couldn’t be rebuilt, so they laid claim to the City instead - the prince himself was the land’s guardian, to prevent it from being changed ever again. When they got there, Prince Horace led Phillip around to the side of the entrance and the boy nearly screamed when he saw what he was showing him.


It was one of the giant head homes, from the corrupted world.


“I thought everything was back to normal!” Phillip exclaimed.


“True perfection is overrated, Phillip. I’ve let that building stay there, it gives a little color to this place.” Horace said. “Don’t worry, the inside is fine.”


Indeed, the prince told the truth. Inside, the building vastly contrasted with the exterior, having normal home furnishings. No blood. No skulls. No sleep coffin. Just proper furniture.


“You’re welcome to stay here for as long as you need. Rest as much as you like, Phillip. Come talk to me if you want someone to talk to and demand food from the chefs if you’re feeling hungry.”


“I’m not one for demanding…”


“Well, do what you think is right, then.”


And so, Phillip had a new home.


At first, the grotesque exterior of the house creeped Phillip out. However, he came to like it. It added uniqueness to the world, the imperfection being special in contrast to the perfect yet monotonous land it rested on. He still remembers the world of the past every time he sees it, the world that was just a corpse of its former self, floating through space in a procession, a space funeral. That world was horrific - but it was its own thing. Striving for perfection is good, but differentiating from it occasionally is just as good.


Phillip begins adjusting to his new life. He visits Horace often. He steadily finds the strength to go out and explore the world. He sometimes found strange remnants of the old world, but rather than being flat-out horrified, he became fascinated (though the blood still makes him queasy). He steadily works, overcoming his depression, enjoying the peaceful monotony and the strange uniqueness.


Happiness may be difficult for him to go back to, but it didn’t mean that he can’t stop striving for it.




  • Space Funeral - Original game by thecatamties

  • Murder Dog - Character from Murder Dog IV: The Trial of Murder Dog, another game by thecatamites

  • Blood Beast’s Poems - Poetry by Charles Baudelaire

  • Ezekial 25:17 - The Bible and Pulp Fiction


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