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What a world

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It wasn't warm, yet cold on skin. The surrounding was nothing like what a human can imagine. The floor underneath them was shiny. Your reflection can be seen if you looked at it. A room of no walls, all you can see was the galaxy sheet surrounding you with stars staring at you. It was only Kaeya and a strange white tall figure.

Say child…Do you wish to have a chance again?

A second chance? Kaeya was about to have a second chance?

“But…not everyone shall remember you. Only one person shall remember your presence in this world…that person is the one who was mostly destroyed by your death and misses you the most. So, do you accept or not?”

All you need to know was that whoever was talking to the captain was a tall majestic figure of a calm voice. No human words can describe it…it was the most unhuman out of all. You could sit there for hours only to listen to the figure’s voice. Its voice was calm, peaceful and heartwarming by all means.

Kaeya was still on his knees.

He was still trying to think… A second chance…maybe he can fix what happened with his broth- Diluc. He wouldn’t remember Kaeya. So, he can rebuild a bond again; lie-free one this time.

Maybe…he should accept. After all, it might be his only chance.

But one question popped up in his mind all of a sudden…

“How long have I been dead”, the dead soul asked.

Drops of rain.

Kaeya felt rain droplets fall on his face and slid down to his neck. He could feel the cold aura surrounding him, he only wore a white cloth to hide his lower body. Nothing was on his upper body at all. His chest, torso and everything was exposed to the sad weather.


Kaeya opened his eyes…he was back.

He could feel the grass tickling his back and something next to him. Then, he moved his head slightly to see what was next to his face. His eyes caught a faint turquoise glass next to him.

It was a circle with a snowflake in the middle. It was in a golden frame with three wings on each side.


Kaeya was almost always questioned when he was alive, why vison used to have two not three wings on each side. He never answered, because he wasn’t sure why himself. He came once to a conclusion in his mind that it was because he wasn’t mondstandian. He might not be from the city of freedom by blood, but he had dedicated all his life to protect its people by any cost and was marked in his dead nation as a traitor. A bloody traitor of the fallen land.

He ignored that he now has a different vision from what he once had and slowly lifted his body up from the cold grass. He had no place in mind at the moment, because he was filled with joy and happiness. He couldn’t describe it, but it was all written on his face with a big wide smile.

“I’m back…”, he told himself while laughing. He began to dance with the crying sky. He finally had a chance to live a new clean life. He could finally rebuild a bond with Diluc.

Kaeya thinks that no one had grieved his death at all. He thinks it was just a slopy mistake of his own and people were sad for a bit. He thought they where all equally sad, he watched them all that day. The day that the sky was screaming with thunder and heavy rain.

He can’t wait to see everyone again. They might not remember him, but it’s okay. He remembers them.

He then stopped and snapped back from his thoughts. He needs to go back to mondstand again. He then took his first steps toward the city of freedom again.

Kaeya didn’t have his eyepatch. Both of his eyes were naked under the rain. He had one eye that you can see the stars in. A calm blue that looked like a light night sheet…his pupil was the shape of a majestic star that was colored with light bluish white. For his other eye, it was all black. Only his iris was shined like a golden ore…shined as if it was one on the geo nation’s finest ore.

It was breathtaking. He looked like an angle indeed, no doubt in that.

After a long walk that surprisingly went without facing a single hilichurls camp. He was now in front of the city gates. No one was there. It was midnight, the city was all asleep. He knows well Jean was still working, he watched over almost everyone he knew…except Diluc. He couldn’t watch over him, something was stopping him from doing so.

Kaeya took his very first step, another wave of joy filled him.

“I’m back!”, he wanted to scream. He was about to cry from joy. What a warm feeling he felt. Maybe the world is opening up a new road for him to walk on. How cute…

The blue head then decided to go and walk between the streets. He knows that in any hour from now the sun is going to rise and light up the whole city for him again. The rain was slowly stopping and the sky was getting clearer.

Kaeya walked and walked.

He didn’t leave a single place till he visited it…except angle’s share.

He was afraid. Sudden fear took over him when he thought of angle’s share. Oh, what memories he had made in that place. Both good and bad at the same time indeed. He was starting make up his mind. Maybe a little glance wouldn’t hurt…right?

The more he walked…the heaver his steps got. He was still not sure wither it’s a good idea, but he still walked anyways.

And there he was, in front of the bar. The place where Diluc Rangnvindr worked in. It didn’t change the slightest bit. The same sign, the same sitting arrangement outside. He bets nothing also changed from the inside too.

There was a sudden movement in the door.

Ha…? Someone was inside the bar. Someone was still awake. This all-what Kaeya could prosses.

The door kept on opening slowly, reveling a red head. He had an oil touch in his strong hand. The light coming from the fire reveled a crimson rose eyes that were dull as ever. His hair was short, but was long enough to be put in a small pony tail. The man had a full tired expression laid on his sharp face. His chest slowly rising and going back in, this was the only sign he had on his whole body that he was still alive. He looked as if he was dead. He had red facial hair on his face...

Kaeya almost thought he saw his fath- Crepus again.

The red head almost looked like him.


Diluc sighed. He wasn’t looking in front of him.

Kaeya on the other hand was staring at him. He was frozen in his place…never in a million years he thought to see Diluc again like this. His heart ached to see him like this, he wanted to hug him. A hug that would last for eternity.

And with a key giggle, Diluc finally turned around and looked up again.

His tired looks turned into a shocked one. He almost looked like he saw a ghost…Well Kaeya was supposed to be a ghost but here he was.

“Ah…I stared for too long, didn’t I? My apologize I- “, this was all what Kaeya could say before he was suddenly in a warm embrace of Diluc’s arms.

Diluc… was hugging him?

How many days and years did he wait for this to happen. The world is surely a cruel place…Kaeya had to die once to be able to be hugged by his brother. To be held by his warmth again.

“You are back…right? This is Kaeya…Kaeya Rangnvindr…?”, Diluc was now holding both of Kaeya’s arm in a harsh yet soft way. There were tears in his eyes now. He looked fragile, too fragile that the wind can blow him away at any second right now.

Rangnvindr… Kaeya Rangnvindr? Did Diluc just…remember him and call him by his old name?

Kaeya was lost. Diluc…was the last person he had in mind. How did he remember him? Diluc the one who almost killed him, Diluc the one that told him to never have the Rangnvindr family name in his tough again. Diluc who did many things to him…was the one to remember the dead captain?

“You are back…Don’t just stare at me like that...! same something. Show me that you are alive. Show me that my brother is alive in front of me right now.”, This was all what Diluc can say without having his words interrupted a heartbreaking sob. He was completely broken that he tried to hide his face now. His tears just kept on falling on the ground…

Brother, he said?

Not any brother too…My brother.

Diluc called him brother? What. Why…why now… What a world it is…took Kaeya hundred no thousand days to be able to hear the word ‘brother’ from Diluc.

Kaeya can already feel tears on his face…

“Out of all the many people in the world…Why…why you. You missed me that much…? I thought…Jean or Benny would be the ones to remember me…But you…why.”

Kaeya was a crying mess. He was in disbelief. He can already feel the cocktail of emotions going into his blood and it hurt.

He wished it wasn’t Diluc. He thought he had a chance. A chance to restart. But the past never forgets…Kaeya wouldn’t be able to fix it no matter what.

“So…you are Kae'…my prayers didn’t go on a waste…you are really back.” Diluc now had a smile on his face. A broken one, almost felt like he was forcing it but he wasn’t.

Diluc couldn’t help but hug Kaeya’s alive body again.

“Brother forgive me please. I was a brat, I was spoiled and had no mind. It is all my fault…I should have controlled myself. Forgive me please.” Diluc was nothing but a crying baby again. His sobs weren’t loud to echo through the city but were loud to be heard by the blue head.

He said it again…Brother.

“You called me brother…ha…”, that was Kaeya’s last straw. He broke down with a loud sob escaping his mouth.

“Yes…my one and only brother in the world…Kaeya.”, Diluc laughed. He no longer looked tiered. He was just smiling softly…what a harsh world…took Kaeya this long to see is brother smile again…

He finally hugged Diluc back. Hiding his face in his soft clothes he wore…Oh how long he waited for this moment. The moment of the long warm hug from his brother.

Was Diluc dreaming?

No, too real to be a dream.

Everything right now was too real to be a dream.

Everything felt like a good dream. But it wasn’t a dream. It was happening right now.

Him and Kaeya were hugging as if their souls were going to leave their body at any second. What in the many chances do you get to see your dead dear brother right in front of you? Not even the slightest possibility at all.

“Even when you died…You still said sorry for the blood on my clothes…I didn’t deserve you. Not even the slightest my brother…please forgive me for who I was and am. I swear I will never leave you again…this time our promise will not be broken again to the core…”, Diluc was talking and all Kaeya did was to listen to the warmth of his voice.

Oh, and how long did he wait to re-write the promise again. The contract that they made in their young days to never leave the other in any wicked situation ever. It was broken once their dear father died and they broke it both together. Those golden words were nothing to them expect when they were about to lose each other forever. This is where they both knew they made a huge mistake…the mistake was to break such a contract due to their foolish feeling they felt on that rainy bloody day.

Diluc suddenly broke from their long everlasting hug. Almost leaving Kaeya displeased. The red head began to pinch himself to ensure that he didn’t accidently fall asleep. He never slept after the captain’s death…he was scared to see Kaeya’s lifeless body again in his arm.

“What are you doing ‘luc…I’m real I promise.” Kaeya almost giggled at the sight in front of him. Diluc looked like a he was still a kid. His eyes were puffy from crying for almost an hour. His face was red, almost as red as the vision on his belt.

They kept on looking at each other for a long minute then laughed.

They were both together again…right?

No…not for long they would say.

This world is too cruel to allow it to happen. Kaeya was suddenly feeling light. He felt like he was about to fly away…

A tall figure was now next to Diluc. The red head couldn’t help but stare at it with amazement.

Wait…Diluc can see it? What did that mean…Diluc can see an unhuman creature…just like Kaeya right now?

Say Children…do you wish now to go back to your home?”, the creature voice did not change even a bit. It was still the clam, peaceful and heartwarming voice.

Kaeya noticed something…the figure said Children not child…was Diluc also coming? He can finally be with Diluc forever like this, right?

“Home…Seems just right…if Kaeya is going…I will go too.”, this was all what came out Diluc’s mouth and lips.

Kaeya thought for a while…No one expect Diluc remembers him. But he still wants Diluc to live. So, he looked at his brother and asked.

Do you wish to keep on living here with everyone…or to go back to father…’Luc.”, the question had many emotions stirred up in it.

All Diluc could do it look at Kaeya then back at the figure.

He smiled.

This is all what he did…it was his answer to the question.

The creature then began to fly.

Kaeya began to fade away like dust…all what Diluc did was watch him. They both smiled at each other… and Diluc took one last breath and glanced at his brother before he takes his hands and flies away with him.

There was a flash of light and seconds before Diluc could finally open his eyes.

He did it…he joined his brother…he was finally home. His father welcomed him with open arms…the surrounding was no longer the front of Angle’s share. It was now a huge land filled with flowers and trees…They were kids again. They forgot everything from what happened… it was home again with their father.

Diluc left the world with a soft smile on his dead body, he has been waiting for too long. Waiting for a final long rest with his family again. His eyes were shut closed…relaxed.

And this was the end of Rangnvindr’s blood line…were both sons of the kind man died a noble death where they were finally both happy with. No one ever knew what happened that day… but they knew that. Diluc can finally rest from all what happened to him so did Kaeya.