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The Loki Problem

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It was hard to say exactly when the transition had occurred, but over the course of a few weeks, Tony’s bedroom had now become Loki’s as well. Loki’s excuse, if it was one, was that Tony’s bed was bigger and more comfortable than Thor’s.

There was also the fact that he had been sleeping there most nights, anyway. It had just sort of happened, and Tony didn’t mind.

The trickster’s few possessions had appeared on his shelves one day without a mention of it from either of them and were now integrated in with his own. They had become Tony’s favourite things in the room to look at, though his interior decorator had freaked out big-time and insisted that tallow-fat candles, animal skulls, and jars of mysterious fluid did not go with modern Art Deco.

He’d certainly never had a cape hanging in his closet before.

Tony had never been big on sharing, but he found that it was nice to have someone to talk to and watch movies with during the evening when he needed to unwind. Before, his bed had been the functional place that he fell down drunk into at the end of the day and shooed strangers out of on occasion. Now it was a versatile hang-out spot that also happened to be perfect for ending nightly conversations on a high note.

Having someone to sleep next to was also a previously unexplored novelty. It had turned out that (behind closed doors) Loki liked hugs and demanded to be held every night until he fell asleep, and also for the first half-hour of the morning before getting up. He definitely liked to spoon.

During the day, away from his bedroom, Tony had found himself grinning all the time.

Loki had allowed Tony to buy him more people-clothes. Though he still preferred his armor, he made concessions for activities such as being taken out to dinner, or the time Tony convinced him to go bowling. The outfit he wore most around the house was an enormous moss-colored sweater and a pair of fitted black jeans that made him look somewhere between an art-school student and a Medieval poet. It suited him, Tony thought.

This was what he was wearing when he returned from the library carrying yet another great stack of books. Tony was under the blankets waiting for him, playing ‘Angry Birds’ on his phone.

“Steve’s on a date,” Tony announced. “He’s gotten back on the horse.”

Loki’s eyes widened. “Oh. I had thought that such relations were all but unheard of on Midgard?”

Tony cringed and lost his round.

It was his own fault, really. Loki was still behind on earthly turns of phrase and, as Tony was finding out more and more, the other realms got up to some pretty freaky stuff.

“A human date,” Tony went ahead quickly. “Well, mostly human. He has a bionic arm.”

The trickster perched on the edge of the bed. He looked at Tony sideways, appearing thoughtful. “That is good to hear.”

Then Loki pulled his sweater off to reveal his pale back and chest and climbed over to stretch out beside him, piling the books on his lap.

“Don’t start reading,” Tony told him, pinging at the touch-screen. “I’ve been customizing a certain piece of equipment all day that you are definitely going to like. You’re going to be my first and only test-subject. It is going to be awesome. Just let me finish this next round.”

Loki looked interested. “I think I like the sound of this. Do not make me wait for long.”

Tony had almost beaten his high score when he was startled half to death by an enormous sneeze next to him. He dropped the phone and nearly fell off his side of the bed.

Loki blinked at him; Tony gazed back with huge, horror-struck eyes.

Loki gave a small sniffle and gestured to the books. “There is dust.”

Tony lunged over and seized Loki by the chin, turning his head back and forth, then up, then down. He pushed the trickster’s head all the way back and peered up his nose.

“You better sure as hell hope so!” Tony blustered. “Because if I find out you’ve been out playing in the puddles or riding on public transport-”

“I have not. Do not take me for a fool, Stark.”

“Well good, then,” Tony fell back against the pillows, sulking. “Because just so you know, the next time you get sick I am locking you in an enchanted box with Leech, from the X-Men.”

“That is rather harsh,” Loki reproached, putting his book down. The trickster turned over and laid his head on Tony’s pillow, bringing their faces close. He pretended to pout. “You would not take care of me?”

Tony chided him with a look of exasperation and reached a hand out to stroke down the side of his face. Then he moved in quick and trapped the trickster in his arms. He gave Loki a light kiss, and his most wayward, wanton grin.

“Oh, I’ll take care of you, all right,” Tony promised him, and rolled them both over.





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