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son gets caught playing with his boypussy by biological dad creep?! [NOT CLICKBAIT]

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Click. Click. Click. Click.

With how loud the shutter was going off, Tianlang-jun was surprised that his son did not notice that he was shamelessly taking photos of such a debauched scene.


He wasn't all that surprised. Even he could hear the wet squelching of Binghe’s pussy on top of those helpless moans. The noises alone were stirring depravity in the confines of his pants.

He couldn't let this go on any on longer. If this son wasn't going to notice his presence any time soon, what could be said for other, less civil prying eyes? No. This simply wouldn't do. His son must be taught a lesson.

With a sure and steady stride into the room, he feigns a look of surprise, “it seems I have caught my boy at a bad time, hm?” The whole scenario was too amusing, and so he couldn't help the widening smile on his face, especially when his Binghe looked so flustered.

"A-Ah, diedie!! Please don't look-"

Binghe's teary eyes are squeezed shut as he feebly attempts to shield his bare cunt from the heavy gaze of his father.

"He'er, does your boyfriend not know how to pleasure you?"

"... What do you mean?"

That was not a question Binge had expected. Sure, maybe a little teasing or a scolding from his playfully cruel father, but to ask such a thing… he did not even realize that his father had ever acknowledged his boyfriend’s existence. While he has been in this relationship for quite some time now (a year and nine months, to be specific), Tianlang-jun had made no effort to pry about his romantic affairs… until now, apparently.

When he is met with silence, he opens one eye before immediately closing it.

His diedie was too close! He could feel the man's breath tickling his face now, jolting when a cold hand brings relief to his heated thighs.

"If you must do this by yourself, then that boy isn't competent at all."

"A-Jiu is a good man!" He is quick to argue with scrunched up brows, face burning when the hand pushes his leg back to reveal more of his wet pussy, clenching around nothing but the heat radiating between them. He attempts to close his legs but cool fingers dig into his right thigh. 

"W-We just have.. um.. rules set in place…" he squeaks helplessly, his mouth running faster than his common sense could catch up. 

"Oh?" Tianlang-jun raises a brow, yet his eyes are still fixated on his son's most intimate part, fingers languidly massaging a tan thigh and causing Binghe to shiver in unexpected excitement. The act alone causes a bit of slick to dribble out of his neglected cunt, and neither of them are subtle when they notice.

"I—!” He immediately voices a random, desperate sound to distract them both, “I can't, um, touch myself if he isn't around, but I couldn't help it!! He's away for work, and I've been really lonely.."

Binghe covers his face in embarrassment, cheeks flaring up as pink as his exposed pussy. He couldn't believe he was telling his father these kinds of things, but he could never find it in himself to ever lie to Tianlang-jun either.

"Ah, so you're misbehaving, then?" Tianlang-jun smiles, a bit lopsided and eerie as his hand snakes away, allowing Luo Binghe the chance to snap his legs closed.

"Never mind that, the boy still is incompetent if he's left you wanting like this. you must be shown the proper way of pleasure."

"... A-die? I-I don't understand," Binghe stumbles on his own words, apprehension clinging at the back of his head and pulsing down his tense lower body.

"I’ll help you understand then, my sweet boy," Tianlang-jun practically purrs as he moves in closer, body heat causing Binghe to feel even warmer... or it might've been something else causing this rising heat inside of him, left to drip, drip, drip

He pauses a bit before smiling radiantly at his son, "on second thought, you do need a punishment for this"

Before Binghe could find the words to ask what his father meant about a punishment, his legs are pushed upwards towards his chest in a flash.

He squeals when he feels a heavy impact blown to his sensitive folds.

"Be a good boy and let this old man play with you for the night, hm?"