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you stay on the phone (just to hear me breathe)

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Jungeun doesn’t like to think about herself as someone needy. 


She’s always liked relationships where she can be independent and free to have space for herself. She hates feeling cornered and having a partner that doesn’t appreciate time apart. Jungeun likes her space and she likes having freedom.


Except, it’s been two weeks since Sooyoung left for a business trip overseas and Jungeun has been doing nothing but missing her.


The first week was bearable. She deep cleaned the apartment, re-organized all the cabinets – labeling all the containers, too, obviously – and even bought a plant to keep her company. The last one probably being the worst idea, considering she spent the next two days freaking out about not being fit to take care of a living thing – she ended up giving the plant to Jiwoo.


But by the second week mark, Jungeun was a mess. She spent her days checking her phone for a new text from Sooyoung, even after knowing damn well that the older woman was busy. The conversations they had during the day were short and always left Jungeun craving more of Sooyoung’s attention instead of soothing her feelings. 


Their nightly calls weren’t all that better. She could always tell that the other woman was half way asleep by the time Jungeun was on her second rant about how Jiwoo spent another crazy amount of money on Sanrio products, so she does the right thing and lets her girlfriend sleep. After all, the time difference was 5 hours, by the time Jungeun was settling home after work it’s already past midnight for Sooyoung.


It’s why she doesn’t expect their call on Friday night to go the way it does.


When Jungeun arrives home Friday night, she’s only placed her shoes by the door when she feels her phone buzzing on her bag. She thinks, not Jiwoo being disgusting about Jinsol unnie again, and chooses to ignore the device while she goes around doing her nightly routine after work.


By the time Jungeun is ready to get to bed and pass out after hearing her girlfriend sleepy murmurs of goodnight, she’s forgotten all about the unattended notifications on her phone from earlier. She’s surprised when she finally picks the device from her bedside table, already snuggled under her covers, and finds 2 missed calls and an unanswered text from Sooyoung.


sooyoung unnie

Jungie? You there?


The calls were made more than half an hour ago, the text following a few minutes after the last call. She can’t help feeling bad for not answering earlier, talking to Sooyoung it’s the only thing that's been on her mind the whole day and Jungeun will be devastated if she calls back only for the other woman to be already sleeping. Or worse, if Jungeun wakes her up. 

She’s still debating whether it’s a good idea to call the older woman back when a new message pops up on her screen, she types back immediately.



sorry unnie, i was washing up


sooyoung unnie

I’ll call you baby


Jungeun doesn’t hesitate when she answers the call, the thought of Sooyoung’s voice in her ear manages to stir something inside her. The same tingling feeling that she gets whenever Sooyoung so much as looks at her. 


Romantic thoughts are cut short when her girlfriend’s smooth voice sounds from the other line. 




Hey, baby,” Sooyoung answers through the phone, voice raspier than usual, the tone change caused by a whole day of meetings and never ending talks. “Were you busy?”


“No, sorry about that. I left my phone in the room while I was getting ready for bed.” 


Sooyoung hums softly at her. 


“Did you finish work early?” Jungeun asks curiously, snuggling further on her pillows. “I was expecting you to call later tonight.” 


“Yeah,” Sooyoung starts, rustling sounds are heard in the background, a sign that the older woman was also getting comfortable on her bed, “One of the clients wanted to take the team to see a play tonight, so we wrapped things early.”


“That sounds fun, why didn’t you go with them?” 


“It's okay. I prefered resting,” Sooyoung replies, a smile clear on her tone, “Besides, I wanted to talk to you too, we haven’t been able to have a nice call these past days. I always end up falling asleep.” 


The small laugh Sooyoung lets out at the end of her sentence squeezes something in her chest, her voice wrapping around her like a warm blanket. Because she's right, this is probably the first time in two weeks that Sooyoung doesn’t sound exhausted. But no matter how warm the feeling of her girlfriend’s laugh through the speaker makes her feel, it’s still not the real thing. The feeling in her chest becomes uncomfortable, pushing her to speak the next words out loud.


“Unnie…I miss you,” she breathes out, so quietly she’s not sure Sooyoung can even hear it.


When she hears the other woman chuckle under her breath, she confirms that she in fact heard her. “ I miss you too, baby. You have no idea.”


“No, but I miss you more.” 


She doesn’t know if it’s the tiredness from the day or hearing her girlfriend’s voice close to her that makes her whine the words out. She feels restless and like only Sooyoung’s body next to hers would give her peace.


She isn’t needy, she just really misses Sooyoung.


“I’ll be back before you know it, Jungie.” Sooyoung answers softly, “Just two more weeks and I’ll be all over you like always.”


“I’d prefer if you were all over me right now.” she grumbles jokingly. 


The hum that’s heard on the other side of the line tells Jungeun that she might be opening Pandora’s box with her teasing. And it’s the tone of the older woman’s voice that tells Jungeun that this isn’t going to be like any of the other calls they’ve been having. It’s the same teasing voice that Sooyoung always uses when she wants to push her to the limit, right before Jungeun snaps and ends up begging for anything she gives her.


I really wish I was, babe,” the older woman responds after a few seconds, “You poor thing, all alone without unnie to take care of you. I wish I could fly you out here and have you all to myself.”


It sends a shiver down her spine and makes her sigh in response. She reaches to switch off the bedside lamp, the room bathing in darkness as Jungeun lets her eyes flutter shut. 


“You could, you know. I could take a few days off and join you, I’m sure Haseul won’t mind.” Junfeun responds, images of the other woman being near her behind her eyelids, both of them laying on a hotel bed, sharing breakfast and Jungeun fixing Sooyoung’s suit before she has to leave for her meetings.


That’d be great, baby.” Sooyoung sighs, still teasing, “But you can wait another week, can’t you?”


“Unnie,” she whispers back, exhausted and already delirious from the thought of having her girlfriend all over herself again. “I want to be with you.”


You’ll wait, right Jungie? You’ll be good for unnie in the meantime.” 


“You’re being plain mean, right now.” Jungeun pouts, followed by the other woman’s laughs. 


A little, yeah,” she says when her laughter dies down, “ but you always like it better when I’m mean.”


Jungeun whines, a wave of arousal pooling between her legs. She knows that this isn’t plain teasing from the other woman, Sooyoung never half-does anything. If she starts a conversation like this, Jungeun knows she will take it all the way. The thought makes her cross her thighs together, an attempt to relieve the — embarrassingly big, if she may add — ache there.


What, are you going to deny it?”  


“I never said that it wasn’t true,” Jungeun says quietly, chewing the inside of her lip, too worked up already from a few teasing words. It’s really been too long without her girlfriend. “But right now you aren’t being the kind of mean I like.”


Oh?” Sooyoung makes an interested noise, “And what kind of mean is that? Please share.”


Jungeun knows she’s digging her own grave, giving the older woman more ammo to tease her, but at this point she’s too far gone to really care. If Sooyoung wants to make her a mess and play with her, she’ll let her. Having her girlfriend’s undivided attention for the first time in weeks it’s giving her a thrill that she’s not ready to let go of.


“Then kind when you make me such a mess that I’m begging you to touch me.” 


Her voice is wrecked, but when Sooyoung curses under her breath and mutters something she can’t really hear, Jungeun finds that she doesn’t care. She doesn’t want to stop, her heart is hammering against her chest, fueled even more by the harsh breath she hears from the other side of the receiver.


“You’d pin me down the bed, maybe even tie me up so I’m not able to touch you until you say so,” she continues, biting her lip when she pictures the other woman crawling onto bed and straddling her hips, all while Jungeun it’s tied, soft skin and hard muscles all on display but so far out of her reach. “And you’d tease me by grinding on top of me knowing I can’t do anything besides stare at you.”


“You know me so well, baby,” Sooyoung chuckles softly, voice low. “I bet you’re wet already, aren’t you?”


Jungeun whines in response, because yes, she’s wet already, has been for the past ten minutes. 


“Touch yourself and tell me,” she orders, “ Although I have a feeling that the answer it’s yes.”


She doesn’t wait for the other woman to finish her sentence before her hand starts trailing down her body, she takes a deep breath when she gets to the waistband of her sweats. How wet she is right now is almost obvious, she doesn’t need to slide her fingers to check.


Still, she moves her fingers under, whining when she makes contact with her sensitive skin. 


“I’m so fucking wet, unnie,” moaning softly as she slides her fingers across her wetness.


“Always so ready for me,” Sooyoung all but growls, “My poor girl has waited for unnie for so long.”


Whether it’s the arousal messing up her brain or Sooyoung’s words caressing her ear, Jungeun it’s so painfully turned on that she’s sure there’s already a wet patch on her underwear. The fabric ruined and soaked.


“I need you…I miss you.” She says instead, borderline desperate to have the older woman next to her, touching her and leaving her sated.


“Where do you need me, Jungie?”


“Everywhere, please.” she pleads, hands already working to get her bottoms off, leaving her wetness exposed.


“C’mon, you can do better than that, baby.” Sooyoung taunts her, and the younger woman knows this is her indulging Jungeun, giving her what she wanted, pushing her to the edge.


“I want you to fuck me, unnie,” she groans, getting excited at the sharp breath Sooyoung takes, “I want to make a mess on your hand, just getting filled with your fingers until I can’t take it anymore. Please, please, please.”


“Fuck.” the other woman curses, voice trembling. “ Roll your clit between your fingers, baby. Go ahead.”


She circles the bundle of nerves, the fast pace she sets is just another proof of how desperate she is. 


“It feels good,” Jungeun moans the words out, applying more pressure on her movements and feeling even more wetness flow out of her.


“Yeah? Feels good when you’ve earned it, right?”


“Yes,” she breathes, “Can I slide inside?” 


“Greedy baby,” Sooyoung teases, “ But yes, get two fingers inside of you. Bet the slide will be easy.”


Jungeun shudders, sliding her fingers lower to collect wetness before dipping one finger inside, and then two. She finds little resistance, but the burn of taking two fingers at once it’s still present. And god , she has missed the stretch. 


“This is the part I like the most, feeling you stretch around my fingers,” the older woman says suddenly, as if reading her thoughts. “You always look the prettiest when you take me. So fucking tight all the time. It doesn’t matter how many times I fuck you, you’re still the same.”


The moan that comes out of her mouth it’s probably her loudest yet, Sooyoung’s words acting as a fuel to speed her wrist. She clenches around her fingers, slick still rolling down onto her fingers and palm. 


“It’s not the same, fuck, ” she whines, “You always fuck me better than I can.”


Her words are having an effect on the older woman too, she can tell. There’s more rustling on the line than a few minutes ago and she’s sure that Sooyoung it’s touching herself too.


All of this is so hot. Fucking herself on the phone while her girlfriend does the same on the other side of the world makes her skin on fire. She groans when Sooyoung finally slips and lets a whine out, her suspicions from earlier proven right.


“Unnie, are you wet too?” she asks breathlessly.


“So wet, baby. You always make me like this.” Sooyoung answers, a soft moan interrupting her sentence. “I wish I could be there. I would make you take my fingers until I was satisfied.”  


“Yes, yes. I can take whatever you give me, you know that…” Jungeun whines, voice trembling into the phone as she slides a third finger inside. “I’m always good for you, unnie.”


“Fuck, baby.” Sooyoung raps out, “You’re my good girl, that’s right. So good and all mine.”


The possessiveness makes Jungeun whine, high-pitched and desperate, feeling another wave of arousal pool between her legs. 


“My good little girl, look at you,” the other woman coos, hard breaths still taking over her voice, “You turn into such a filthy whore for unnie, fuck.”


“Unnie, please, ” she whines at the filthy words. “I’m yours, all yours, all of this for you, ” she starts to blabber around, words not making any sense when all her mind it’s telling her it’s to cum. 


There’s a squelching sound whenever she thrusts her fingers inside, and while it normally would make her at least embarrassed, this time she wants the older woman to hear her.


This is for you. You do this to me. You did this.


Fuck, Jungeun, I just want to wreck you,” Sooyoung groans, “ I’m close, baby . Let’s come together.”


It takes her a few more well timed thrusts before she stills, vision going white and thighs trembling as the pleasure blinds her.


God, Sooyoung.” she moans out loud, careless and high-pitched. 


She’s soon followed by the older woman, a string of curses and a series of Jungeun’s name echoing from the phone.


“Such a good girl, my Jungie,” she whispers, breathing hard but still talking Jungeun down from her orgasm.


Things get quiet for a moment, just the two of them trying to get their breaths back to normal.


“Thank you, unnie.” Jungeun says softly, voice hoarse from all the moaning. 


“Thanks to you, baby. I needed that too.” Sooyoung groans weakly, probably settling on her bed. “Now this sucks, because I want to cuddle you.” 


Jungeun follows the statement with a huff, wishing more than anything that she could be between the arms of her girlfriend.


“You need to come home soon. I’ll go crazy without you here.” she pouts.


Pulling her shirt back into place she tries to find a comfortable position that doesn’t smear the wetness still present between her thighs. Cleaning up it’s a must right now, and if Sooyoung were to be there, the older woman would already be wiping her clean and pampering her.


Great, now it’s back to missing Sooyoung hours.


“I know you’re pouting, right now, stop,” Sooyoung huffs, “You’ll make me book a flight just to see you.”


“But I want that…”


“You’re impossible,” Sooyoung laughs, making her feel the familiar warmth in her chest that it’s only caused by Sooyoung. “I promise we’ll be together sooner than you think, babe.”


Jungeun hums at that, mind starting to feel drowsy and tired. 


“Hey, don’t fall asleep on me.” the older woman chastises her, waking her up a little. “Clean up and then you can get some rest, baby.”


“I don’t wanna…” she whines, even going as far as kicking her feet in the air even if Sooyoung can’t see her.


“Come on, be a good girl and get clean before bed.” 


“Fine,” she huffs, “tell me you love me.”


Sooyoung’s laugh brings a smile to her face, but hearing saying it out loud brings a different kind of happiness into her. 


“I love you, Jungeun.” 


“I love you too, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”


“Have a good rest, baby.”


The next morning when she wakes up sore in the right places and with vivid memories of the previous night, she texts Sooyoung. The same as always good morning text with a few extra hearts and other emojis that might be too Kim Jiwoo on her part.


Going around her Saturday morning it’s pretty peaceful, after having breakfast Jungeun it’s debating what to do for the rest of her day. Caught up between just lazing around or answering Jinsol’s text about going out for drinks, her thoughts are interrupted by the doorbell.


She gets to the door with a confused frown on her face, she isn’t expecting anyone and she doesn’t remember having any packages to be delivered. Opening the door she is met with a huge arrangement of flowers, the man holding it practically hidden by it.


“Um, hello?” she asks, still not having any idea of what this is about.


“Kim Jungeun?” the body behind the flowers asks, turning to the right so that he can look at her.


“Yes, that’s me.”


He doesn’t say anything else except for pulling out his pad so that she can sign, all the while keeping an impressive balance of the flowers. Once she’s done signing, he makes the kind offer to bring the arrangement into the apartment, she agrees, obviously.


After he leaves, she admires the flowers, they are arranged in the form of an ellipse. It’s filled with bright flowers and even from a distance Jungeun is able to smell the sweet scent coming from it.


The first thing she does it’s check for a card, which she finds perched at the very top, reading the content she’s left even more confused.




Haseul? Why would she need her boss?


Checking her email quickly, she refreshens the app and finds a new email from Sooyoung. When she finally opens it, her confusion turns to absolute glee. Attached to the email it’s a plane ticket to LA. 


She dials Haseul’s number immediately.