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Surprise!! Omake

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Surprise!! Omake

A Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club fanfiction

Love Live! © Sunrise and Lantis

“Man that was fun!”

After the birthday party ends, Ai volunteered to accompany Karin back to her place. After all, she has brought many presents from everyone, alongside huge books for homework.

“To be honest, after all of my bad luck today, it was exhausting…” Karin sighs. She already told what happened today to the blonde, and Ai just laugh while sometimes pats her companion in sympathy.

“But, tomorrow is Saturday, so you can take a break!”

“I have modeling works tomorrow,” the bluenette says with a bitter smile. That’s why her original plan is to eat alone and then call her parents before sleep. She has early schedule tomorrow…

Her smile’s dead, Ai could only groan, “Your luck sucks, huh?”

“Please, no puns…” despite herself, Karin smiles.

Without realizing it, they’re already arriving on Karin’s apartment. It’s five stations away from Shibuya, almost 2 hours from Nijigasaki area. The club members already visited the place back when Karin first moved on, so it’s not like no one knows where Karin lives now.

They ride the lift to reach the third floor, and Ai drops her luggage.

“Will you be alright now?” she asks.

“I think I spilled all my tears already today,” Karin chuckles. “Not to mention you gallantly took me home. I would be so lost without you.”

That elicits a blush from the blonde and she slaps Karin’s back in embarrassment.

“Oh, stop it, you! It should be me who teases you today!”

 Despite the sting on her back (Ai never hold back), Karin grins, “But, really. Not to take the credits away from everyone that planned the party today, I should thank you first and foremost, Ai.”

The bluenette turns to face Ai, and the blonde suddenly realizes that her counterpart already grown taller in mere months she graduated high school. Talk about unfair.

“When you appeared out of thin air in front of me, when I was on the lowest back there, I feel that I have the greatest luck in this side of Japan. For Ai Miyashita herself to show up and picked me up…” Karin closes her eyes and proceeds to hug the blonde, “From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Ai. For always there when I’m down.”

Hearing those words of appreciation, Ai couldn’t help but sniff and snuggle herself closer.

“Idiot… of course I’ll be here for you. That’s what a partner does.”

Even when they’re not partners anymore.

“That’s what made me…” Karin gulps, “Fond of you.”

Ai breaks out laughing at that line. How very… tsundere of Karin to say that! She lets herself go and laugh at the taller girl.

“Really, Karin?! At this point, you still spouted that clichéd line? This is where you supposed to confess your undying love to dear Ai-san!”

Despite saying that, Ai is blushing furiously as Karin stares at her fondly.

“I won’t let mere words express my feelings to you,” she says, and Ai feels that she made a blunder as the bluenette places a well-manicured hand on her shoulder.

Then, Karin descends upon Ai…



And of course, Karin’s bad luck has not run out.

The two lovebirds parted way so fast, the unexpected guests that suddenly appear could swear they saw afterimages.


“Y-you girls? What are you doing here?!” Karin says after some seconds of awkward silence.

“Because today’s your birthday, duh!” one of the guest says.

“Actually, we should go home already… because I see that you already found your present,” the other guest teases, and they’re getting treated with a colorful blush on the usually cool Karin’s face.

“N-no!!” Karin shakes her head so fast like crushing garlic as the guests are giggling amongst themselves. “A-anyway, Ai, these are my friends at the agency. And girls, this is Ai Miyashita, my… friend at high school.”

“Friend, yeah right…” everyone thought, as Ai bows in self introduction.

“My, what an interesting ‘friend’ you have there, Karin-tan…” suddenly a woman with impressive aura steps up from behind the girl. Even Ai could tell that this woman is powerful, in a sense.

“M-manager Minami-san!? Even you’re here!!”

Minami moves so fast and she’s already in front of Ai, analyzing the blonde from top to bottom with a terrifying glint you couldn’t imagine from the normally calm woman.

“A sporty, shapely, gyaru-like girl with natural blond! Miyashita-san, would you interested in become a model?” she spouts such a machine-gun like proposition.

“E-eh? Model?! I-I…”

Before she could sputter and Minami grabs her, Karin is already on her side, hugging Ai protectively.

“Keep your grubby hands away from Ai, please, Minami-san.”

Everyone stares at that blatant possessiveness as Ai’s face explodes in red. Minami then raises both on her hands on air, giving up.

“Alright, alright. Point taken, Karin-tan.”


The other women are now downright guffawing while Karin finally lets Ai go. The blonde in question could only cover her face in embarrassment.


It appears Minami and her girls were preparing to surprise Karin at her place and then have a little birthday party; as the usual at Minami’s management. As the girls are settling on Karin’s place however, Ai excuses herself as to not intrude on Karin’s party with her co-workers. Of course, Karin accompanies her down.

“Thanks again for today, Ai. For the party and also for accompanying me home.”

“Stop thanking me alone, geez. It’s Emmacchi, Kanacchi and Ranran you should thank,” Ai scratches her cheek.

“But… it’s you who’s here with me.”

Ai bits her lip while a blush already presents itself again on her face. Why Karin must tease her again even when she’s going home? This cannot continue; Ai’s pride as Karin’s rival cannot stand it!

“But… Karin-tan, really?”

The bluenette slaps her forehead, “It’s just Minami-san’s nickname. You should know what nicknames she gave to my senpais…”

“That’s so cute of you. In fact…” Ai stares upon the girl before her. Even after Karin repaired her make-up and hair, the after effect of excessive crying back then is still visible. She only wore thin make-up and her hair is not as stylish as usual. Frankly, for a young woman celebrating her birthday, she looks… rather pitiful. But the sight still instills a certain feelings, “You, as of now, is the cutest you’ve ever been, Karin.”

And as Karin couldn’t feel the words to deflect, Ai steps up to circle her arms around her taller companion. Then, she says the words she really wants to say today:

“Thank you for being born, Karin.”

 And with that, she finally captures the bluenette’s lips with her own. It’s just a small kiss; as there are still guests on Karin’s place, but the feelings are there.

“Happy birthday.”


They are still not dating.

- fin -