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Fairy to Giant

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Natsu on a job with his team. They were supposed to catch an escapee with a mysterious power. It paid 150,000 jewel. Lucy is really looking forward to the reward.”Hey when are we gonna get there!” natsu painfully said. “ Not til another hour,” Erza replied. Natsu sweatdropped before throwing up in a bucket.”CURSE my motion …sickness” natsu said before throwing up again. “You look real pathetic,” Gray smirked. “YOU WANT TO SAY THAT AGAIN!!” Natsu yelled. “YEAH LETS GO PYRO” Gray yelled back. The train shook which caused Natsu go back to his bucket.”Poor Natshu” Happy said looking at the dragon slayer. Time passed for the five.

Once the train stopped Natsu ran out immediately. “ I’LL RIDE A TRAIN AGAIN!!” he yelled while kissing the ground.” At least get a room” Gray snickered. “HUH what did you just say” Natsu shot back up ready to fight.”You two get along!” Erza scolded them. Immediately they put their arms around each other.Lucy sighed ‘They're never gonna get along’ she thought. “Well let's go” Lucy sighed while walking away. “AYE” the blue cat followed.

They walked through the streets of the city. Soon enough they found themselves at the destination. Erza knocked on the door twice. The door opened up showing a 30 year old woman. “ Please come in,” The woman gestured with her hands. All of them walked in the building. She explained as much as possible about the job. Then all of them left the house. “So this person is lurking somewhere in the bad parts of the city” Erza looked at all of them before continuing”So we should separate into teams of two. Natsu you’ll be with Gray..” She was interrupted by complaining from those two. “Why do I have to be with HIM '' they said in unison. It was silent for a couple seconds before they faced each other shouting to stop copying. Erza looked at them with disappointment before hitting them both. “Now as I was saying…Lucy you’ll be with me. We’ll both go different directions and if you find the person contact the other team with the communication lacrima. DO NOT CHARGE WITHOUT THE OTHERS” she looked straight at Natsu.

Natsu sweatdropped while nodding vigorously.”Did you guys forget I’m here?” Happy cried. They went their separate ways.Natsu and Gray went south while Erza and Lucy went north. Happy tagged along with Lucy and Erza. While walking, Natsu noticed a strange scent. He stopped trying to listen carefully. Gray bumped into him. “HEY why did you stop?” Gray menancly looked at Natsu. All Natsu did was put his finger over his mouth signaling Gray to be quiet. Catching on, Gray looked around standing still. “Should we contact the others” the ice wizard whispered. Natsu nodded, hearing gray take out the lacrima. The Cryro told the others their location.

Warning slight blood and gore

Natsu, still trying to listen, heard something. Natsu turned around quickly. To him it felt like everything was in slow motion. He tried to warn Gray but it was too late. Gray was stabbed with a sword. It was quickly pulled out by the unknown person. Natsu could see the stranger grinning like a mad man(which they were). All Natsu felt was rage and anger. “HOW DARE YOU DO THAT. THE ONLY PERSON WHO HURTS HIM IS ME” Natsu shouted while running forward ready to attack. “This will be fun,” the stranger whispered. The sword that impaled gray was ready to be used again. Natsu fist lit up with bright orange and red flames which made contact with the unknown guy. They flew back hitting the wall. ’That was a powerful attack… there is now way I can fight him’ the guy thought before activating his mysterious powers. As that was happening Natsu could hear gray yelling his name.There were also loud footsteps. Before he knew it he was sucked in a strange warp. This caused the flame dragon slayer to go unconscious.


Gray tried to move but he couldn’t. He felt so much shame and embarrassment from being stabbed. He looked down a bit to see blood rushing out his stomach. He was so dizzy and could barely stay awake. Then it happened … a portal of some sort was starting to form behind Natsu. All Gray could do was yell his name. The fire wizard was disappearing before the ice wizard's eyes. Gray barely had any strength left. He could hear footsteps and fighting sounds. He blacked out.

Gray awoke in a bed confused. “Oh you're awake” a certain blonde haired pointed out. He sat up quickly before grunting in pain. “Hey be careful you were just stabbed ya know” Lucy chuckled. “Where's Natsu?” he asked. The celestial wizard looked away with a sad look on her face. “ He wasn't there,” she mumbled. “Me and Erza intergetted him.It took awhile but we learnt a few things about his powers” Lucy smiled sadly. “Like what” Gray asked, very concerned for his missing friend and rival.” Well … apparently his powers transports people to different dimensions” she stated. Gray's eyes widened at this. He looked down before speaking”That's not all. Is it?” Lucy had a few tears in her eyes while shaking her head no. “It also recarnates the person. So even if we find a way to bring Natsu back…he might not even remember us. He also probably won’t be the same natsu” Lucy started to sob. A few tears slipped out of Gray's eyes. ‘Natsu ...Gone…Forever?!’

The sad wizards had no choice but to take the reward and tell the terrible news to the guild. The trip home was depressing. All of them missing the sound of Natsu throwing up from motion sickness. They still couldn't believe that they might never see his silly grin again. Happy was taking this very hard. He was hugging Lucy constantly refusing to let go out of fear of losing her too. They arrived back at Magnolia walking towards the guild like zombies. Happy was sitting on top of Lucy's head. They opened the guild's door walking in. “Oh you guys are back” a white haired girl smiled. “Hey mera”Lucy smiled tiredly. “Huh what's wrong?” Mera starting to get worried about them. The rest of the guild noticed how they were acting. Then she said IT. “Hey … where's Natsu” Mera asked. The four didn’t speak. Erza had a sad stern look. Lucy and Happy were barely holding it together. Gray was looking at the floor. “Hey, why aren’t you answering?” Mera said loudly. It was loud enough to anyone who wasn’t listening.

Everyone looking at them waiting for a answer. That's when Erza spoke up “ He's gone..”. Everyone looked at them with disbelief. “Natsu is too manly to be gone,” Elfman shouted. “Guys this is not a nice prank” lisianna spoke up. Soon enough the guild was filled with whispers of denial. Happy started to cry and Lucy shouted” BUT HE IS GONE”. This silenced everyone. Tears started to fill in almost everyone's eyes. The flame wizard they all loved is … gone. They were never gonna see him again.


Or WERE they


thanks for reading