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Soap Suds

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“We’re not going to bed…?” MC inquires, and Kaisei shoots them an all too sweet smile that could turn them into putty right then and there as he lathers his hands in soap.

“I thought I’d give you a bath first. You seem to enjoy yourself more when you’re properly warmed up beforehand,” he says, and suddenly hands are on MC’s back and they let out a small gasp, Kaisei roaming the dip of their spine. His finger tips tickle, only a little, but then his fingers trail up to their shoulders and he twists his thumbs, rubbing against their neck.

“Damn, Kaisei…” They exhale, and they’re gripping the stool tighter than they’re willing to admit as Kaisei runs his thumbs across their neck, kneads the palms of his hands into their shoulders in the best way, and slowly starts trailing down their arms once he’s satisfied. “Mmm…”

“Does it feel good?” He whispers devilishly with that gorgeous smirk of his. Looking up at him takes a bit of effort.

“It’s great, but…” They lean forward, and Kaisei’s grin remains strong and confident, seated beside them on a stool of his own. “You already did so much for me for my birthday… Let me wash you too.”

“What…? Oh, hey!”

MC takes advantage of his momentary shock and reaches out hands they’ve lathered of their own accord, gently rubbing the bubbles over his smooth, pale skin.

“Hey, wai…” His voice is nothing more than a whisper, hardly a plea, more a shock than anything. Kaisei’s cheeks instantly flush, can’t blame it on the heat of the washroom this time, and his eyes slowly avert as if he can’t stand to look at MC.

They laugh at that, letting Kaisei have a few moments of embarrassment to himself as they slowly rub circles over the center of his stomach, the soap making the endeavor all too easy. They press experimentally, earning a small jump and Kaisei’s eyes snapping shut, if only for a moment.

Then they open out of embarrassment and he looks like he’s going to stutter an awkward excuse, but they’re already working up his ribs, relishing every soft noise and shaky breath they get, and to his back, where the muscles jump with each audible gulp Kaisei makes.

They feel the way Kaisei’s roaming fingers slowly still until there’s only a ghost’s memory of what he had been doing. He’s methodically rubbing their thighs now, which feels comforting, and they lean towards his ear to tease.

“You’ve stopped. Does that mean you’re enjoying this…?” They hum in a sweet tone. Their fingers run smoothly along his muscled back, down to his waist, and he’s letting out soft noises, nodding and unable to meet their eye.

“Ah, ahh…. Yeah but… but…” His ‘but’ never gets finished, he just squirms a bit in his seat as if just barely trying to escape, quiet groans leaving his mouth while MC trails the expanse of his thighs.

What Kaisei had been planning was sweet, it really was. Kaisei was a saint who answered to every one of MC’s pleads with a smile, and read past their words to their true desires even if they weren’t entirely sure what said desires were. Kaisei always knew, just like how he knew what got them going, and planned all this just for them.

Kaisei really was the sweetest boyfriend. If they didn’t express their gratitude, what kind of partner would they be in turn?

Kaisei’s squirming’s calmed down a bit and he’s just starting to take deep, slow breaths. He still won’t look MC in the eye, so they take that moment to peak down at him. Half-hard, almost fully. Seems warming up was his thing too.

Then they look back up, and Kaisei slowly meets their eyes for the first time since they had started touching him, and they make sure to gift him a smile that doesn’t hide their intention one bit. They sneak their hands up his thigh, between his legs, giving him a slow stroke.

“Ah, hey…!” He gapes, then his mouth quickly snaps shut and they’ve lost his eyes again. He’s looking to his side, cheeks flaring even brighter than MC thought they could, and Kaisei’s hips buck towards their touch, seeming to surprise even him.

They lean towards him with a wanton grin, peering at that flushed face of his through droplet-riddled eyelashes. “You’re so cute, Kaisei,” and Kaisei let’s out a noise they think they can almost name a whine. With such a favorable reaction, they can only give him what he so desires and start stroking him in earnest. They lean over to place a kiss on his cheek, one of the only non-soapy areas on his body.

“M…MC… you…” Kaisei’s saying, and his words aren’t really coherent, he’s just groaning away and gives up movement of his hands altogether, which suits MC just fine. His little jumps when they thumb his inner thigh, the way he groans openly into their mouth when they place a sweet kiss on those soft lips of his, and how he’s just gripping their thighs for support like he can barely ground himself are more than enough.

Adorable, but they think he’ll get a bit mad if they repeat those sort of compliments, so they keep them to themself. They just soak in the feeling of Kaisei trembling in front of them, both of them adjusted so they’re facing each other. They focus on the way his eyebrows twitch and his mouth hangs open, those quiet noises that send damn fireworks off in MC’s mind because it’s so good.

They love Kaisei. They love him and every way he’s with them. They love the way he lavishes them with attention, the way he stares at them with more adoration than they could ever hope to imagine, the way he’s just so open and loving without a care in the world. His quirks that MC couldn’t imagine calling flaws. They especially love when he loves them, when he makes love to them.

It reminds them almost, of when MC got a little too bold and play fought with Kaisei when he started wearing more and more clothes to bed. They knew full well his aim, why he was embarrassed, he didn’t need to spell it out. But they let their body get the best of them and pinned him down despite themself. And when Kaisei looked up at them with flushed cheeks, they genuinely thought they might not be able to hold back.

Now they don’t have to, now they can not only be touched by Kaisei, but touch him in turn. In every way that makes him shiver, gasp, and let out those perfect little sounds  MC could listen to forever.

Now he’s stiff, openly moaning, and gasping a few quiet whispers that almost sound like ‘wait’. But they know he doesn’t really want them to stop, and they simply kiss his earlobe and sneak their other hand down to help stroke him as a steady, building pace, letting Kaisei sigh and lean over to plant a few adoring kisses onto their forehead.

They can’t take it. Kaisei really would be the death of them. They lean close, and adjust their strokes to the way they know Kaisei likes, one hand situated around the base while the other teases the head. Kaisei’s hands move from their thighs to their shoulders. He grips them with steady but not crushing force, and a few choked groans escape his lips.

“M..C… god…” and they kiss his earlobe, whispering an ‘I love you’ and that’s all Kaisei can take. The hands on their shoulders grip a bit tighter and Kaisei holds his breath, trembling under their relentless touch that doesn’t let up until Kaisei’s gasping a loud “wait, that’s…!”

They almost don’t want to, but his hips are shaking like a leaf and he’s trying to escape their touch because he’s far too sensitive and they let go without a fuss. They glance at their coated hands, then at Kaisei who’s trying to catch his breath, completely dazed.

They really do love him too much.

And after a minute or two, Kaisei finally regains some of his senses and shoots them a half-hearted glare. “This was supposed to be for you, dammit…” He grumbles, pouting like some kid who got his favorite toy taken away and they can’t help but laugh at that.

“I wanna put you first sometimes too,” they snicker, pecking him on the lips. “Doing that for you does something for me as well. It’s nice seeing you act so cute sometimes,” they nuzzle into his cheek with a content smile, and maybe because they’re so happy, Kaisei doesn’t banter and just accepts the affection with pouted lips.

He huffs, and gazes at them with eyes that still hold a heat to them.

“Wanna hop in the tub now?” He grumbles, and MC can only beam back at him.

“I wouldn’t be more delighted.”