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Scp-115141425(or barry kenny)

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Scp-115141425 is the "evil version" of dr.Kondraki,who name is barry kenny,he is a white man who supports nfts/bitcoin,and he is married to fletu(the "evil version" of dr clef),he owns an nft version of scp-408,a child named cat (the "evil version" of meri/scp-166),and david kenny (the "evil version" of agent kordraki)

He was found in tumblr user [redacted] "blog",and was made by accident by "anon",his "parents" we're "anon",but now he is contained in his containment cell in site [Redacted]


Logs from interviews with scp-115141425

scp-115141425:what are your opinions on nfts,and bitcoin?there great

Dr. [Redacted]:I don't have any opinions on it,but anyways what is your name?

scp-115141425:barry kenny

Dr [Redacted]:barry kenny?,okay but anyways is it true that you are the evil version Dr kordraki?or were

scp-115141425:im not telling you until you buy my nft to find out!

Dr [Redacted]:...,I take that into note


In scp-115141425 nft was just a one big MAYBE,and a picture of scp-408,but it was a nft?,that's my best guess-Dr. [Redacted]


[Redacted]:hello barry!How has it been,the containment alright?

scp-115141425:hello [Redacted],it is very fine,even though they don't let be do nfts,or bitcion,which is very unfair 

[Redacted]:okay,okay the only thing on your mind is bitcoin,and nfts,I knew it 

scp-115141425:I know,I know,but you should do it,it's very good after all,May I say great!

[Redacted]:l think about okay


I was lying who would ever do such things,like fucking nfts or bitcoin besides him-[Redacted]


scp-166:hello dad

Scp-115141425:hello cat,you know you should really do nfts,or even something like bitcoin with all the people that watch you and gears?,play games after all!

scp-166:dad stop,all you do is think about nfts and bitcoin,or whatever it is,and it's embarrassing me to be real

scp-115141425:but you know I love my nfts,and bitcoin i even got a child out of it,and you got a sibling!


Ever so embarrassing-scp-166