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Totally Not Angst

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Ina watched as Gura’s tail swept from left to right, thumping once in a while against the edge of the couch as she played whatever this new game was. Fingers tapped against the controller in a mash of buttons as the other shouted at the screen over a death. She held back a giggle at the growl her shark let out.

When a new game came out and Gura was seriously invested in it, it was the best time to watch her. It was the little things about her, in these moments, that Ina adored the most.

First was the tail. It was a good way to read emotions on any normal day, but when she was enthralled in a game? It was its own show. The movements always started the same: an excited wagging back and forth. Once she started to play, it went to a total still as she watched whatever cutscene played out at the very start.

Thumps against the couch would start during combat. If it was hitting exceptionally hard, Gura was having a bad time.

All of it was determined to be very cute.

Now, if you really wanted to have a good time, you’d learn when to strike. One thing about the other was that her tail could be sensitive if you knew how to play the game just right. Ina would wait at least one hour into the game, when Gura was most wrapped into it, squirming in her seat while Ina leaned against her quietly.

Once a complicated combat sequence began, so did her gamble. A brush against the tail made Gura half shriek in surprise.


“Oh, sorry. That was an accident.” She continued to lift her hand to brush a strand of hair behind her ear with the practiced ease of show. Gura bought it hook, line, and sinker. Still, her tail thumped angrily at the lost battle before clicking retry.

The second time was another act. Pretend to doze off and let your hand rest against it gently and feel the absolute stillness strike the shark. Ina could feel the near yell about to let loose before realizing that Ina was ‘asleep’ against her.

Instead, Gura settled back down and had to fight to consciously keep her tail from jerking around. Ina appreciated that because it meant when she did nap with the other while she gamed, she did put an effort into not waking her up.

Sometimes it didn’t work.

For now, it did. Every time Gura started to jerk her tail in agitation, she made some kind of noise as she forced it to still. Time for the next step.

Slightly, Ina tightened her hold on it, nails scratching scales just enough to make the other go ramrod straight, tail jerking at the motion and a fumble to catch the controller before it dropped loudly to the ground. It almost made Ina burst out laughing and ruin her game. But she reigned herself in and kept still.

The game noise stopped as it was paused and she could hear the controller being set down before Gura was adjusting her and they were both lying down, Ina on top of her little shark. It made her a little guilty that she had already made the other stop playing, but feeling the arms around her and gently rubbing her back and tail wrapping around her protectively was worth it.

In the end, Ina accidentally started to doze off.