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First kill - jealousy

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Things had settled down between the Burns and Fairmonts. After Juliette and Oliver had worked with carmen to turn Theo back human, an unspoken truce was set between the families.

Juliette was relieved the drama seemed to be over. No one really mentioned Elinor either, who had been sent to a vampire correctional facility in a last ditched attempt by her parents to reform their daughter.

Oliver didn’t move back home, instead residing in his small cabin with Carmen, and Juliette found herself visiting him more than expected.

Things never really healed properly with Jack Burns. He still despised monsters, and Juliette was fairly certain it was only Talia and Cal who stopped him from wanting to attack her every time she visited the family home.

At first, things were too awkward so Calliope would come over to the Fairmont house. Until Talia complained about how ridiculous all of this had become, how Jack had no reason to be angry because not only was Theo alive, he was human.

So Juliette would come for dinner sometimes, wedge herself safely in between Calliope and her mother at the table and try and make as little conversation as possible.

Time flew past and eventually it came to September, Calliope’s birthday. Juliette had already spent the weekend with her girlfriend, taking her for a small getaway as far from their families as possible.

But that brought them to today, where Calliope had explained how her parents were still insistent on throwing a family gathering, days after. 

“Cmon, it’ll be fun!” Calliope promised, looking through her wardrobe. Juliette raised an eyebrow, “do I seem like a party animal?” 

Calliope laughed, pushing her shoulder with a good natured ease. “I didn’t see you complain at the last party we attended together” she pulls out a red shirt, holding it to her body.

”That was totally different and you know it!” Juliette groans, picking up the discarded shirts littering Calliope’s bedroom floor and folding them neatly. “For starters, your entire family wasn’t there” she adds as a mutter

”Hey!” Calliope starts, “my family ...” she pauses and Juliette smirks in victory. “Your family ..”

”They don’t hate you” she finally decides on, and Juliette snorts, adding on a clipped “Anymore” 

Calliope shakes her head, unbuttoning her shirt to try on the red garment. “Mom likes you” she slides the material around her shoulders. “Apollo thinks you’re funny” she offers, buttoning the shirt.

Juliette huffs, “more guild members too” she loses herself momentarily, eyes darting to her girlfriend who is getting changed in the room. “Eyes up here” Calliope teases, and Jules’ huffs again, flailing dramatically backwards onto the bed.

”You’ll be safe” Cal promises, searching through the drawers for a matching pair of jeans. “It’s them i worry about” Juliette jokes, splayed across the bed.

Calliope stops for a moment, turning to the bed and leaning towards her girlfriend, who instantly perks up, pushing herself into her elbows. “I’ll make it worth your while” she tries, smirking when Juliette’s eyes light up like a child on Christmas.

She tries, and fails, to play it cool. “Oh cool. Great. Fantastic. Well I would’ve came anyway, you know, to help. It’s just ....” Calliope climbs into her lap and kissed her, hard.

When they eventually part, Juliette’s eyes are wide, pupils dilated and blown. Calliope laughs. “If I knew that’s what it would’ve taken, I would’ve led with that” she eases from the smaller girl’s lap, returning back to the drawers.

”Come back!” Juliette pouts, making what Ben coined, her “grabby hands” to Calliope. “Gotta get changed baby, the party is soon” Cal replies, finally finding the jeans.

She slips out of her sweatpants and pretends she can’t see Juliette ogling her legs. Admittedly it did feel good, seeing such want and desire from an act as simple as getting changed. 

Turning her head, she winks with a smile, laughing to herself as Juliette flushes a deep red at being caught. “Sorry” she mumbles, standing up and stretching. 

“Don’t be sorry, always like you looking” Calliope reassures, pressing a chaste kiss to the side of her mouth, stopping herself from going any further before she can press Juliette against her door, and end up missing the party full stop.

”Do you want me to, like go home and get changed?” Juliette offers, looking at herself awkwardly in the mirror. 

“I’m not exactly, party material” she shoots finger guns at her reflection, and Calliope snorts loudly, striding across the room and embracing her from behind, chin on shoulder, watching them in the mirror.

Juliette is clad in her typical attire, a pale peach long sleeved shirt, overlapped with a baby blue, crew neck jumper. The look was finished with a faded pair of jeans, cuffed of course, with a pair of vans. 

It wasn’t entirely party attire, Jules was right. But Calliope thought she looked cute, and selfishly didn’t want her to change. “You’re always party material” she teases, pressing a featherlight kiss to the back of Juliette’s neck. 

“Cal” she warns, voice fading into a soft moan as she arches her neck back into the touch. Calliope presses another kiss, then another and just before she’s about to spin Juliette around and lift her onto her desk, she hears her mother call her name.

”Fuck. Okay. Later” Calliope pulls away reluctantly, walking towards the door. She watches Juliette straighten her jumper, and feels a tug of affection. “Jules?” She calls, and her girlfriend turns at the sound, “hmm?”

”I love you” Juliette grins, her smile warm. “I love you too” she replies, and Calliope doesn’t think she’s ever felt so happy before, as she goes off downstairs to find her mother.

 Talia is fussing around the house, hanging up purple balloons with Apollo, who looks like he’d rather be anywhere but there.

”Calliope! Finally! And please tell Juliette she doesn’t need to hide in your bedroom, she’s welcome in the house. We’ve established” Talia doesn’t even look down from the position, high atop the ladder in their living room.

”I think she feels awkward around dad” Calliope explains, toying with the ribbon wrapped around the balloon. Talia hums in affirmation, hanging up the final balloon before stepping down the ladder. “He’s out at the moment, honey. The coast is clear”

Apollo folds up the ladder, then approaches Calliope with an easy grin. “Happy birthday sis” he pulls her into a tight hug, which Cal reciprocates with just as much ferocity. “Hey Pollo” she breathes in his familiar scent of after-wash.

”There we go! All nice and ready for our guests!” Talia claps her hands together proudly, and Calliope turns to survey the living room. Purple balloons are dotted everywhere, as well as a few simple banners.

Although it has been days since her actual birthday, she finds herself warming to the festivities, as much as she doesn’t like the attention that birthdays draw. “It looks great mom” Calliope winds her arms around her mother, smiling at the effort she had gone though.

As nice as the party was, it was the familiarity and normalcy which Calliope liked the most. Getting prepared for a birthday party with her girlfriend and family was much more favourable over having to choose between the two, and all of the violence and death of the past few months.

”Let’s get this party started!” Apollo hollered, finding a playlist on his phone, and connecting a large speaker with a whoop.

The evening flowed steadily after that. Juliette finally joined the family in the living room, she hadn’t changed after all, with the exception of adding a small necklace, a soft gold thing Calliope remembers allowing her partner to borrow.

It suited Juliette, complimenting her pretty features and soft, small frame. “You look good” she tangled her fingers into the necklace, appreciating how it flowed around Jules’ neck.

And that was another thing calliope had discovered when she had the time to explore her relationship away from all of its dramas and tension.

She, Calliope Burns, had an affinity for Juliette Fairmonts neck. In retrospect, it was ironic and laughable. The amount of chaos that Juliette being a vampire had caused, and how after all of this, it was actually Calliope who was drawn into Juliette’s neck.

During most make out sessions and even just kissing in general, she always felt drawn in. And maybe this wasn’t entirely helping either, seeing her own necklace - the small gold initials CB tightly pressed against Juliette’s neck.

”Hello Juliette” Talia greeted, and Juliette sprung as far away from Calliope as she managed, managing to trip over the sofa leg and almost land square onto a balloon in the process.

“Ouch. Hello mrs Burns” Juliette waved from the floor, both Burns women rolled their eyes at her antics. “You’re going to end up either destroying our house, or finding a way to hurt yourself” Calliope grumbled under her breath, pulling Juliette to a standing position.

”Call me Talia, you know this. And please don’t destroy our house, Juliette. Especially not during a party” Talia teased, before leaving the room with a plate of small canapés.

Juliette turns to Calliope, “success?” Her eyes are wide as her smile bright. Cal laughs, “I’d call that a success baby” she feels the need to be closer, moving without thinking and enveloping the smaller girl into another tight hug.

”What’s up!!!” Calliope is brought out of her thoughts when the door opens, and Tess strides in, shortly followed by a few family friends. She feels Juliette stiffen at the arrival of so many guild members, and gives her a reassuring squeeze.

They part as Tess crosses the room, dragging Calliope into a hug. Aside from texting, they haven’t seen each other properly in awhile and Calliope would be lying if she said she didn’t miss her close friend.

”How are you? Happy birthday!” Tess breathed into hair, mid embrace. Calliope broke them apart, smiling as she responded. “I’m good, things are doing great” she glances back to where she’d left Juliette, to find her gone. Strange.

They always had a close bond, and if you would have asked Calliope two years ago, she would have been sure that her and Tess would be together forever.

The closeness and familiarity of friendship blossomed easily into romance, and all of their friendship habits shifted into dating.

Of course her parents were beyond thrilled when she introduced Tess as her girlfriend, coming from such a close family friendship group of monster hunters. 

In ways, Calliope often considered their relationship too easy. But soon, she realised that being such close friends didn’t automatically mean you should date, and thankfully Tess felt the same way.

They had gone back to friends. But their closeness was tested when Tess had ratted Calliope to her parents. After a long conversation, they managed to patch things up, and although their bond may not be as strong as it once was, Calliope was happy to see her friend.

”Your mom really went all out” Tess glanced around the living room, admiring the balloons. “Yeah, I guess she wanted a nice get together” Calliope remarked.

The house begun to fill up with more family friends, and Calliope politely greeted them all, Tess still glued to her side. But no sign of Juliette anywhere.

Apollo manned the music, changing to an upbeat pop song and Tess gasped loudly. “You know I love this song!” She squealed, placing down her cup, “Come dance with me Cal” 

But Calliope was too distracted. She’d got carried away with the polite introductions and thank yous, and had lost track of her girlfriend, who was most likely out of her element stuck in a house of the guild.

Tess laced their fingers together and dragged Calliope to the dance floor, swaying in a way that made Cal assume she was at least semi drunk.

Calliope allowed herself to be pulled to the middle of the living room, and spun in circles. After a few songs, she finally pulls away from her friend to scan the room quickly. 

What if someone had gone rogue, and had attacked Juliette? What if her father had come back early?

Eventually she notices a small standing awkwardly at the side of the kitchen and she breathes a sigh of relief. “Tess I’m just going to see Juliette” she explains, breaking free of her best friend’s grasp.

Tess rolls her eyes, and gives Cal a small shove. “The monster? Really” she laughs but there’s no humour behind it, only malice and anger. “You know her family killed my parents”.

Everyone around them seems to hear, and begin mumbling between themselves. “We targeted them first, Tess” Calliope hisses back, aware of all of the eyes on them.

”I don’t even know how you can stand to be around her, Calliope” Tess fires back, and her eyes are full of hate. Calliope turns to Juliette, wondering if she had heard, but her girlfriend has gone. 

“Look what you’ve done!” Cal snaps, arms shoving back. “Why do you have to ruin everything” she feels an arm tugging her back, and pushes away from Apollo, who appears suddenly at her side. 

He pulls again, insistent. “Just calm down, Cal. It’s not worth the arguing” Calliope takes a deep breathe, facing her brother completely, ignoring Tess. “Where did she go?”

Apollo nods to the front door, his eyes filled with a slight worry. “Calliope” Talia starts, walking in from the kitchen, probably having heard the entire mess.

”I thought this would be just a fun night. A celebration” Calliope swallows hard, and shrugs away her mother’s hand. “Why can’t you just leave her alone” she ignores the way her voice cracks, and barges outside before anyone can say another word.

Finding Juliette is a harder task than she anticipated. Firstly, it’s dark. Very dark. Secondly, Calliope doesn’t have a clue where she might be. Possibly gone home? She ponders.

But all she can feel is anxious and worried. If she wouldn’t have let the attention and false politeness get to her head, they probably wouldn’t be standing there right now. 

Okay, maybe Tess being aggressive also had something to do with it. Regardless, Cal still felt guilty. 

She calls for her girlfriend a few times, scouring the neighbourhood. It’s cold, and Calliope is still clad in her shirt and jeans, but she can’t bring herself to return to the house yet.

Walking through the forest that the couple frequent when trying to find a moments peace, she finally spots Juliette, sitting atop a log and deep in thought. “Hey! There you are”

Calliope rushes over and almost picks Juliette off the log, up into the air. Her arms are tight and strong around Jules’ small frame, and she allows herself a moment of quiet.

Juliette smiles, small and sad. “Hey Cal” her eyes don’t quite meet Calliope’s, and the longer she stares, the more she notices how red and raw they look.

”I’m so sorry about Tess” Calliope begins, then shakes her head and starts again. “I’m sorry I spent most of the night with her and the others. I just wanted them to be proud” she tries to explain. 

But Juliette seems far away and distracted. “No it’s all good. I’m glad you had fun” she flashes a fake smile, then pulls away from Calliope completely, beginning to head off into the forest. “Hey” Cal closes a hand onto her wrist and lightly tugs her back, “Jules?”

Juliette looks as though she is about to dash off again before she inhales deeply and meets Calliope’s eyes. “I’m sorry I caused such harm to your family” and Juliette is many things, one thing she particularly is, is honest.

”Oh baby” Calliope whispers, then crushes Juliette against her chest in another hug. “No I’m sorry. I’m so sorry” she wipes a tear that runs down her cheek, pulling them apart momentarily to rest their forehead’s together.

”Listen okay. Both of our families did bad things. But you never did anything to hurt me intentionally, or my family. You definitely didn’t do anything to Tess” Juliette watches her speak

”I know it’s hard for you to be around the guild members” Calliope continues, fidgeting with her rings. “But I appreciate that you made the effort tonight, and I’m sorry I was distracted. I’m also sorry about how Tess acted”

Juliette is silent for a moment, clearly taking the words in. “The party wasn’t that bad, you know? I was really busting out those moves” Calliope laughs, loud and happy. 

They hug again, tighter this time, clutching at each other for comfort and reassurance. “I know things will never be great with me and your family, especially the guild” Juliette mumbles against Calliope’s hair

”But Tess needs to understand that you aren’t hers anymore” and before Calliope can react to the words, Juliette’s mouth is on her neck, and all thoughts are thrown out of the window.

She expected Juliette to be upset, annoyed too, maybe. At Tess and how she was acting. But Calliope definitely did not prepare herself for the jealousy.

Cal gasps at the movement, and shifts closer to Juliette’s touch. “I don’t. Fuck” she pants heavily. “I don’t feel anything like this towards her” Calliope explains.

Juliette continues her onslaught, kissing down her neck harshly. “Feel like what? Tell me. I want to hear it” she punctuates each word with a hard kiss, almost bruising the skin with sheer ferocity.

”So much love. Desire. Fuck” Calliope hissed as Juliette hit a sensitive spot. Juliette pulls back slightly and before Cal can question why, she notices the appearance of the small set of fangs, neatly hanging from a small mouth.

At first, the sight would’ve terrified her, or intrigued her at least. But it was something Calliope was used to, at this point. She reaches a hand out, tracing a finger over the sharp tip of a fang.

Juliette groaned and keened her hips against the touch. Calliope was insistent, dragging the pad of her index finger against the fang, slower but harder, almost pressing against the tooth.

Before she even feels the pain, Calliope feels Juliette’s mouth close fully around her finger and suck tightly. The pressure is unlike anything she’s ever felt before, and the pleasure comes first before the sharp wince of pain.

Juliette releases her finger, and licks her fangs. They make eye contact the entire time, and Calliope feels as though she is on fire. “You’re mine” Juliette finally whispers, and the words sound much more softer coming from her mouth.

She nods, stepping forward and relaxing then into another hug. “I know. I’m yours” she affirms, as they stand in each other’s arms.

The party, the guild and their families far away from each other’s minds. All that matters, is each other.