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Black Mesa: Co op

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Fuuck, what the hell was that?! Well, at least he isn't... no, he couldn't have been hallucinating right? He's not a schizophrenic! Wait, are aliens real then? Wait- a piece of the ceiling fell-

"Holy shit, I need to get out of here."

"Why's everything in circles?? Atoms.. who the fucks talking?" God damn it he was dizzy. Curse motion sickness. Yeah, but who is talking? He didn't recognize either of the voices, aside from Kleiner's.

When the elevator stopped there were three people in the room. Two scientists and- okay-


"How the fuck do you have an HEV suit?!" Everyone stared at him, all having some sort of mix of surprise and confusion. Eli turned to look from Gordon, to the doppelganger, and back to Gordon before Kleiner spoke up.

"Gordon! By God, we thought you were right here." He explained before looking back at Eli as he helped the other one up as he was coming out of his shock.


"Gordon- how the hell are you here?"

"Stark?? What the fuck do you mean how am I here? How are you here?!" "Gordon-" Kleiner tried to interject but was interrupted.

"You paid me to be here!" "Dr. Stark-" And like Kleiner, Eli was interrupted as well.

"I tried to pay you and you declined, saying 'oh, you can't pay me to go back to that hell again'!"

"Dr. Stark, Dr. Freeman!" Now Eli has their attention, kinda like what you have to do for elementary school kids that are being too rowdy and won't listen at all.

"I'm sorry for yelling like that, but there is no time for arguing like this!"


"Right. Sorry, Dr. Vance." Stark did look genuinely sorry for getting too caught up with Gordon but the other rolled his eyes and muttered "kiss ass." as Eli was telling them what they needed to do. Which was to get to the entrance and call the surface for help. 


"You'll need me to let you through here, and can the two of you please hurry?"

Before Gordon could say anything Stark decided to talk.

"Well do our best Dr. Vance. But what about you? And Dr. Kleiner?"

"I need to go look for my family, and I think both of you know Izzy is more than capable of taking care of himself." He patted both of their shoulders and looked over to Kleiner, who was studying a headcrab that was in a containment tube. Stark nodded in response.

"But please, both of you stay safe." He held their arms tight despite neither of them being able to feel it. Gordon grimaced at the worry Eli had for the both of them.


"Alright, can we get going? You're the one who said we needed to hurry!" Gordon complained as he slapped Eli's hand off him. The older scientist nodded and let go of Stark as he went to open the door.

"I know, I'm just worried for you two. We don't know what exactly came through that portal."

"Don't worry Dr. Vance, we'll be fine. We're going to get other survivors out."


"Okay, that's great and all, but we're fucking going before either of you two say any more shit." Gordon grabbed the back of Stark's suit collar and practically dragged him through the door, where a laser promptly shot through the window and blew up the door on the other side along with the scientist near it. Okay… shit.. how the fuck do you get passed something like that?