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Train wreck

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He doesn’t wear this type of style often but sometimes, Shen Yuan couldn’t help but want to feel pretty.


With a white sweater tucked into a pink, thigh-high skirt–Shen Yuan walked onto the train feeling light. Today, the train was packed more than usual so he couldn’t sit down, he finds the nearest corner where nobody else was sitting or standing and crowds himself there.


Matching his outfit, a small leather pink bag hung from his back–gifted to him by his best friend Shang Qinghua of course.


Shen Yuan twisted around, his hands clumsily trying to unzip the front pocket to grab his phone, which– for fuck sake –ended up slipping from his fingers and clattering to the floor.


Shen Yuan sighed and zipped the zipper, slang his bag over his back and bent down to pick up his poor phone which suffered the abuse of slamming onto the dirty floor of the train.


Shen yuan is oblivious to how his skirt rode up when he reached for his phone, his white cotton panties on display for the man sitting nearest to him to see.


Red eyes sneakily glance at the sight, a large hand palming at the growing erection in his pants.


Shen Yuan dusted off his phone case which unsurprisingly was matching his overall aesthetic for the day, a baby pink.


The boy hummed and tapped on his phone screen, switching to the tab he had been reading on–Shang Qinghua had just released his first novel which was called Proud Immortal Demon Way .


Shen Yuan had agreed to read it a few months ago he had read through some of Shang Qinghua’s manuscripts and cool character ideas. Shen Yuan felt cheated however when he found out that this stupid novel consisted of just porn! What about the cool monsters!? The cultivation? It was all wasted on papapa ! Shen Yuan was a good friend though, so he will see this through to the end because he enjoys the little plot it has.


Shen Yuan focused intently on his phone–doesn’t notice the way someone slowly shuffled closer to him, that was until a large hand comes under his skirt and starts rubbing and kneading the soft fat of his ass.


Shen Yuan squeaked and tensed up, soft green eyes widen as he turned his head to see who was behind him.


The man was tall and attractive, with red eyes and long curly hair tied up in a pony tail–some strands framing his incredibly handsome face. Shen Yuan’s cheeks burned when he saw the man’s lips curl into a smirk and fuck , he really should push him away.


“Not even pushing me away?” He teased, deep voice ringing in Shen Yuan’s ears–the boy felt his panties dampen with his slick and he squeezed his thighs together. “ Oh you love this, I mean, of course, you would. Look at what you’re wearing.”


Gege ,” Shen Yuan choked out, his hands now pressing up against the wall of the corner they were in.


The man, Gege , chuckled and crowded against him–they become impossibly close and Shen Yuan shivered.


Gege pressed his hips forward, grinding his erection into Shen Yuan’s plush ass. Shen Yuan mewled and pushed his ass back against the bigger man, Gege’s knee slots in between his thighs and Shen Yuan couldn’t help but rub his pussy against the man’s thigh–his aching cunt pulsing at the friction against the rough fabric of Gege’s pants. 


“Eager to be fucked? Baby, your tiny pussy would break if I tried to fit my cock inside it,” Gege’s hand reaches under the front of Shen Yuan’s skirt–his thick fingers rubbing at his sensitive slit and in between his folds. “Don’t worry, Gege will do his best to soothe that needy pussy of yours.”


Shen Yuan shivered and his little hand reached behind him, his palm rubbing at Gege’s hard cock straining against his pants.


“Gege, want your cock…” Shen Yuan sniffled, buzzing when Gege undoes his belt and pulled his cock from his boxers and pants. Shen Yuan can’t see without straining his neck but he gasped when a heavy weight is in his hands, Gege’s warm cock was in his hands and it felt big .


“Stroke it for me?” Gege asked, groaning when Shen Yuan does exactly that–rubbing and stroking the length, his thumb coming up to rub at the leaking tip. 


Eventually, Shen Yuan turned around so he was facing Gege, the man pulled his panties down, hanging at his thighs. Gege pushed one of Shen Yuan’s thighs up, pushing his cock in-between his folds, rubbing it against Shen Yuan’s pussy.


The tip grazes Shen Yuan’s pussy-hole so many times and the boy felt himself grow frustrated with Gege, why wasn’t he putting it in!? He was the one who touched Shen Yuan first, didn’t he want to fuck him!?


Shen Yuan glanced up at Gege with a cute, angry expression. Little tears fill the corners of Shen Yuan’s eyes and his bottom lip is pulled into a pout–Gege only chuckled and pressed a kiss onto the boys' pouty lips.


“I can’t baby, you’ll split.” Gege tuts, pressing kisses onto Shen Yuan’s chubby cheeks.


“Don’t care,” Shen Yuan whined, grabbing a hold of Gege’s cock and pushing it against his sloppy hole. “Want Gege, want Gege’s cock in me please .”


Shen Yuan might cry if he didn’t have Gege’s cock inside his pussy within the next second.


“Stop being a brat,” Gege scolded but smirked with amusement at how desperately Shen Yuan ground against the girthy tip–nudging it inside of his pulsing cunt. “Don’t come crying to me when you break.”


Gege swatted Shen Yuan’s hands away from his cock, taking full control–he pushed a few inches of his cock inside of the boy's tiny pussy, watching how easily it stretched around his cock–almost invitingly.


Shen Yuan bit his lip, pain zapped up his spine–yet it was pleasant, Shen Yuan’s pussy fluttered around Gege’s cock.


Gege..! ” Shen Yuan gasped, letting the man snap his hips and fuck upwards into his wet heat–squelching sounds were audible, and the people closest to them were bound to hear, Shen Yuan didn’t care, and neither did Gege. 


“Oh fuck , yeah, you’re so fucking tight …” Gege cursed, huffing, Pushing Shen Yuan’s thigh back against the wall, even more, Gege started to fuck deeper into him–harder and faster, almost like he was reaching for his womb–Shen Yuan saw stars, sluttish moans slipping past his lips along with the now loud slapping noises.


“Gege, ‘m gonna cum,” Shen Yuan slurred, his head rocking back against the wall.


Gege laughed at him, his head knocking against Shen Yuan's chest.


When Gege’s cock nudged against the tight entrance of his womb, Shen Yuan felt his pussy spasm and he let out a loud moan he squirted all of his thighs and the cock lodged inside his cunt.


Gege huffed and grunted, fucking Shen Yuan through his orgasm until he himself, was filling the boy's pussy and womb with his hot cum.


After a few moments of catching their breath, Gege stepped back–his hands hooking the sides of Shen Yuan’s panties as he pulled them back over his hips.


Shen Yuan fell limply into the man’s chest and arms, drool seeping down his chin from his mouth. 


“How cute,” Luo Binghe grinned, sweeping the loose strands of hair from Shen Yuan’s face.