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you've been in these shadows getting me off (every night i resurrect us, baby)

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It's been almost two weeks since hell broke loose, so to speak.

Calliope's family were supposed to have already left Savannah, but Jack refuses to. He won’t leave until Theo's killed, saying he won't let his "son" lives enough to fully become a monster. He and Talia fight every day because she refuses to tell them where she took Theo, Apollo is a empty shelf of his former self, and Calliope is engulfed by guilt.

Because she did this - she destroyed her family. She trusted a monster and now her brother was turned into one of them.

That's why she falls into training like never before. She needs to make good on the words she said to her that night, so she trains and trains and trains until her entire body hurts - but at least this is a hurt she can control, wounds she can recover from.

Calliope also listens. When her parents first started arguing, she couldn’t help but hear her mom, almost like a prayer, repeat that Theo's not a monster. His their son, she says, and that's why she will protect him. Because he is still here, alive. Because she loves him. Because he's not a monster.

Her dad disagrees. And when he's the one shouting, she stops training and listen to him. Theo is a monster and we will kill him and every other monster like him, he says. She forces herself to listen to her father because it's easier than listening to her mom. It's easier to feel angry instead of hurt. It's easier to believe what she's been told her entire life than to question her every belief.

It's easier to blame it all on Juliette and (try to) hate her than (try to) understand where she was coming from and still love her.

And so, life goes on. Calliope goes back to school as does everyone else, and nothing really seems that out of the ordinary.

The recent deaths are all blamed on Elinor, so there's not that much talk about monsters anymore. Juliette's dad sends her daughter to jail without a second thought, so he gets to keep his D.A's position, even though some people still question his lack of knowledge about the whole situation. But people really do only see what they want to see, so the city chooses the easier path and soon enough, everything's back to normal.

Not for Calliope, of course. Her world is still catching fire, but she pretends. She goes to her classes, keeps to herself and like the hunter she is, she keeps an eye on her prey.

Juliette doesn’t try to talk to her, probably because she knows Calliope meant every single word she said to her that night. And so Calliope watches, waiting for the moment when Juliette's true nature comes crashing down - and this time she will be ready. She won’t let anyone else get hurt.

And as it turns out, she doesn’t have to wait for much longer.



The moment she gets to the party, Calliope goes to the second floor and waits for Juliette's arrival. She heard Ben telling some of his friends that he was proud of himself for managing to convice her to go out, so she knows she's coming. And Calliope remembers very well what happened last time Juliette went to a party. As a matter of fact, she may remember it too well, but convinces herself that it's because you never forget the first time you get bit by a monster. (She convices herself but that doesn’t explain why her thoughts keep focusing on hands and tongues and moans instead of fangs and blood and screams).

A while later, Juliette finally arrives and she looks stunning - Calliope can admit that. After all, that is a part of their modus operandi: look good, convice some innocent person to go somewhere private with you and then drain their blood. She fell for it so she knows it works, but she was prepared and got out alive. Juliette's next victim may not be as lucky, which is why she's here.

Calliope's not sure how much time goes by, but finally she can see it happening. She saw how uninterested Juliette seemed to be at first, then Ben talking to her and giving her shot after shot. Eventually, she started to get loose and even smile, which Calliope will swear didn’t make her feel any type of way. And then she saw one of Ben's friend start to talk to Julliete, touching her at every chance she got, very clearly hitting on her.

It makes something boil inside of Calliope, specially when Ben's friend takes Juliette's hand and leads them outside. Calliope follows them, for safety reasons of course, until they get to the side of the house and the girl presses Juliette to the wall and kisses her.

Juliette kisses the girl back. Calliope wants to kill her.

With fists clenched and a tight jaw, Calliope waits. She focus on the absolute rage that she's feeling inside, one that she keeps telling herself it's because she can tell what's coming next and not because she wants to be in that girl's place, and then it happens. Juliette grabs the girl's jaw, pushes it back and goes straight to her neck. Calliope doesn’t act quick enough, cursing herself for being too lost in her own thoughts, so when she comes out of her hiding place and reaches them, she can already hear the girl moaning in pain.

"Stop!" Calliope screams, startling both of them. She uses the hand that's not holding the stake behind her back to pull the girl away from Juliette. "Are you okay?"

"Am I okay? What the hell is wrong with you?" The girl shoves Calliope's hand from her shoulder. "Wait. Is she your girlfriend?" She asks Juliette.

"I wish." Juliette whispers, and finally Calliope looks at her. "We weren’t doing anything bad, Cal. I promise."

Juliette seems sincere, but Calliope doesn’t feel like falling for that again, so she looks at the girl’s neck and... nothing. Actually, she can’t say there's nothing when there is a pretty huge hickey, but the point is that there is no bite mark or blood.

"Yeah, Cal, we weren’t doing anything bad, so can you kindly get the fuck out of here so we can continue?" The girl says ironically, finally waking Calliope out of her bewilderment.

"Actually, I think it's you that should leave." Calliope replies calmly, putting away her stake back into her clothes.

"Are you serious?" The girl scoffs and turns to Juliette. "Can you believe her?"

Juliette takes her eyes off of Calliope for the first time ever since she showed herself. "Uh, yeah. Let me talk to her and then I'll find you, okay?"

The girl seemed taken aback by Juliette's response, and Calliope can’t help but feel a little satisfaction over that. "You heard her. Move."

"Thank you so much, Cal." The girl complains while she leaves, bumping into Calliope on her way out.

Both girls watch her leave and soon enough, it's just the two of them. Calliope turns to look at Juliette as soon as the other girl is out of sight and realizes she's smiling. "What?"

"Are you jealous?" Juliette asks with a little grin on her face.

Calliope doesn’t hesitate. "I'm only here because I'm not about to let you kill an innocent girl - or worse. Turn her."

Juliette's face falls instantly. She can hear Calliope's heartbeat, but it confuses her more than anything - she knows Calliope's not lying, but she's not telling the whole true either. "I wasn’t planning on feeding from her. We were just kissing." Julliete says quietly, looking at the ground like she's aware that that was an correct assumption to make.

After all, Calliope sees her as a monster. She made that pretty clear.

"Yeah, like we were just kissing in the pantry, right?" Calliope scoffs. "And then, one second of guard down and you bit me. I know how it works."

"How many times will I have to apologize for that? I didn’t mean to bite you, Cal!" Juliette replies agitated, pushing herself off the wall and coming closer to Calliope. "And besides, that was different." She stops and sighs, closing her eyes as if she's second guessing what she's about to say. That doubt, however, goes away when she opens her eyes and realizes that Calliope was looking at her lips - maybe out of habit, but she couldn't care less. "I still hadn’t had my first kill back then, and, well... it's harder to control myself when it's you that’s kissing me."

Again, Calliope's face and body language doesn't give anything away and Julliete cannot help but wonder if that's part of their training. But her heartbeat tells Julliete that she's feeling something. Not sure what, but it's there and for now, that’s more than Juliette could ever hope for after two weeks of seemingly indifference.

"And why would that be?"

Juliette doesn't miss a beat. "Because I want you more than I want her. I can’t think when you kiss me, I can’t control myself... my entire body just reacts to you and it just so happens that my fangs are, indeed, a part of my body." Juliette tries to joke. It doesn’t escape her the irony of them talking about the pastry and she being socially awkward again. It almost feels like they're back there again, like they're going to start kissing any second now.

Almost, though, is the key word.

"Yeah, they are. Because you're a monster." Calliope says forcefully. "I'll be watching you, Juliette, and if I see you alone with someone again, I won’t be as nice as right now."

Calliope turns to leave but Juliette's scoffs stops her. "Sure, Cal, I'll give you that: I'm a monster. But I'm also a teenager with needs. So what? Do you want me to go into celebacy until you figure out a way to kill me?"

For some reason that she doesn't bother trying to understand, that sets Calliope off and she pushes Juliette against the wall. "I don’t care if you’re sleeping with someone or not. The only thing I want from you is that you don’t ruin someone else's life." For a second, everything’s quiet. But then, Juliette hears it. Loud and clear and so fast.


"Maybe you should kiss me, then." Julliete says with a boost in her confidence.

Calliope, on the other hand, looks at her like she just grew two horns. "I know you're drunk, but are you really that out of it?"

"I said what I said. I'm a drunk teenager that feels like kissing a pretty girl at a party. If you don’t trust me to control myself, then maybe you should be the one kissing me because we both know that you're the only one here that can take me out if 'monster me' tries anything." Calliope seems too baffled to even give her a reply. "But uh, just a suggestion. It made sense in my mind."

The silence that follows makes Juliette think that she went too far. Sure, Calliope was still not being nice to her, to put it mildly, but at least they were talking, which was way more than they did for the past two weeks, and she might have just ruined it. Again.

"It... does make sense. I guess." Calliope's words fall on her ears like music. "Or you could just go home."

Juliette grins. "Not gonna happen."

"I could make you go home, then."

"You could certainly try, but that would make a hell of a scene and I don’t think we want that, do we?"

Calliope sighs and shakes her head. "Okay." She looks at Juliette's lips for a second and then closes her eyes, like she's forcing herself to remember something. "But not because I want to. Because I don’t." Lie. "It's just part of the job. So you don’t hurt someone."

Although Juliette knows that's a lie - and that by itself makes her the happiest she's been in the past two weeks -, she feels uncomfortable.

"I don’t want you to kiss me because you feel forced to, Cal. That's not how consent works. I- it was just a suggestion. I'm sorry, I'll just go home." Juliette tries to push herself past Calliope, but Calliope doesn’t let her.

Instead, she pushes Juliette harder into the wall. "I thought you could tell when I lied."

Calliope kisses her. Somehow, it feels better than both of them remembered.

The kiss isn’t soft. One of Calliope’s hand buries itself in Juliette’s hair while the other one grips Juliette’s hip hard, and then a little bit harder when Juliette moans into her mouth. Juliette’s hand seem to be everywhere at once, like she just can’t get enough of touching her. Juliette hitches a leg around Calliope’s waist, grinding into her, driving her slowly insane. Calliope understands now what Juliette had meant when she said earlier that when they’re together like this, her body only reacts; it doesn’t think, doesn’t question, only feels and acts upon those feelings, which is why Calliope’s hand slide down towards the bottom of Juliette’s dress without so much as a thought and pushes it up.

Everything feels rushed and too rough but when Calliope touches her, all of that goes out the window - this feels exactly as it should. Juliette throws her head against the wall and moans, letting her parted lips show the tip of her fangs. Calliope knows she should be scared, but all she can feel is the wetness on her fingers, how hot Juliette feels around her hands – how responsive she is to every touch.

Calliope presses her hand harder against Juliette almost as if testing her limits, but Juliette is having none of it. She grinds harder on Calliope’s finger and pulls her head towards her own neck, the irony of it all not missed on either side. Calliope bites on a pulse point just below Juliette’s ears and whispers, “I can see your fangs.”

Juliette lets out a breathy laugh. “You’re the one who’s all over my neck, so I fail to see how they’re a problem.”

“I don’t hear you complaining.”

“I’m not.” Juliette grabs Calliope head by the back and forces it into her neck more forcefully. “I’m not going to bite you, Cal. Just, please... don’t stop.”

Calliope doesn’t plan to.

The only semi coherent thought on Calliope’s mind is that she needs to feel Juliette coming undone on her hands, and so she does. Juliette starts grinding faster on her fingers, her moans becoming louder and louder until her entire body tenses and she quickly grabs Calliope’s hand to stop her motion. They’re both breathing heavily, and Calliope stops to look at the image in front of her. Nothing in this world could ever compare to seeing Juliette like this; head tilted back, fangs on full display, basking on the feeling of Calliope making her cum.

It’s a curious feeling to look at a monster and only see a goddess.

Juliette brings Calliope’s hand closer to their faces and both of them know what she’s asking for.

“I don’t want to remember what you taste like.” Calliope has half a mind to whisper, because that would be too much and she already has enough things she’s not sure she can ever recover from.

“Your loss.” Juliette puts Calliope’s fingers on her mouth, not once looking away from Calliope’s eyes. She feels Calliope takes an intake of breath when her fingers slightly touches one of her fangs, but Calliope makes no move to move her fingers so she licks them slowly, smiling when Calliope seems unable to stop looking at her mouth. “Although, I figure it must be hard to want to not remember something you never forgot in the first place.”

Before Calliope could even process what Juliette had just said, she feels Juliette’s tongue on her mouth and oh. It’s muted, for sure, but it’s there when she sucks Juliette’s tongue out of habit – the slightest remains of Juliette’s taste. Calliope moans into Juliette’s mouth, “Fuck you.”

“You just did, Cal.” Juliette smiles in between their kiss. “Now is my turn.”

Juliette makes short work of opening Calliope’s zipper when they suddenly hear shouting coming from the house just as the music stops. "Hey, party's over! My parents are coming back sooner than expected!"

Juliette throws her head against the wall. "Fuck." She can hear Calliope's closing her shorts’ zipper, then trying to make herself presentable. But most of all, she can hear Calliope's heartbeat screaming at her.

It feels like a chance.

"Well, job's done." Calliope clears her throat and Juliette can’t help but smile.

"Isn’t one of the hunters’ rules to always finish what you started?" Calliope scoffs, but still Juliette doesn’t open her eyes. It feels like years since she felt this good and she's not about to let this go so easily.

She doesn’t want to open her eyes and face reality. Calliope, on the other hand, does.

"Yes. Yes, it is.” Like a switch, Juliette feels the atmosphere change in a second. “This doesn’t change anything, Juliette. I’m still a hunter and you're still a monster." Calliope says and leaves, not waiting for a response.

As Juliette is starting to get used to, Calliope's heartbeat tells her that she's not telling the whole true. Maybe part of her really thinks that, or wants to thinks that, but part of her just... don’t. Maybe her heart is confused too.

And that's okay for now. Different type of wounds take different amounts of time to heal, she knows that. The stake in the heart took way longer to heal than the little cut when they were fighting on the roof.

Thankfully, Juliette has eternity to wait for her.

Juliette finally opens her eyes and sees that Calliope is almost at the house's gate. "Hey, Calliope!" She shouts and the hunter turns to look at her. "Don’t forget that there is another party next friday!".

Calliope gives her the finger and leaves, but Juliette could swear she saw her try to suppress a smile.