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Sweet & Sour

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"Come on! We've got to get in line before it gets longer!" Juliette clamored as she snakes her hands down to find Calliope's, urging her to follow behind.

Calliope turns around to meet Juliette's eyes, "Jules, wait. I still need to pay for the-" She began before getting cut off by the food truck vendor.

"$8.75 for the Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Bowl, please." The girl behind the cash register projected, letting her eyes linger into the eye contact with Calliope a little longer. "Sure." Calliope responded, grabbing her cash from her wallet.

Juliette was antsy for the thrilling rides but a bite will probably be best if she wants energy to keep being active.

"You can keep the change." Calliope said to the girl. The girl bit her lips and leaned over the counter, hovering somewhat too close to Calliope for Juliette's taste.

"I'm taking a break in 10 minutes, wanna hang? I can show you around."

Juliette seemed flustered. It's not a new thing to see people get their flirt on with Calliope, she's a catch in every aspect. Juliette knows Calliope is 110% in it with her anyway, there's no faulty emotions or unwavering feelings between the two.

Calliope keeps a poker face and lets out a sigh. "I suggest you take advantage of your break. I'm going to be spending my time with my girlfriend, emphasis on girlfriend, after we stomach this sweet and sour meal of yours."

Juliette couldn't hide her grin behind Calliope. Calliope looks the girl up and down once more and smirks. "Nice try though." Calliope walks off.

Calliope looks around the seating area and finds one empty seat. The taller of the two sits down first and looks up at her beautiful girlfriend as she reaches her hand out to aid her to sit on her lap.

Juliette smiles from ear to ear. "You know how to let a girl down easy, don't you?" Juliette situates herself on Calliope's thighs and turns her body 90 degrees so she can drape her arms around Calliope and locks eye contact.

A small silence fills the air between them. "Props to her for shooting her shot but the only girl I'm interested in is sitting here right in front of me. And I am grateful to be hers everyday."

Calliope leans in towards Juliette's lips and Juliette reciprocates. A public make out session? This isn't their first rodeo, for damn sure.

Juliette picks up the speed of their kisses as she senses the girl's heartbeat racing from behind her back. Juliette knew the girl was watching them make out as she's about to call out for their order.

Juliette begins rocking slightly against Calliope's thigh and Cal stops her abruptly. "There's eyes on us everywhere. We should go somewhere more private." Calliope whispers against Juliette's lips. Calliope looks up at Juliette's eyes and man, were they dark and full of lust.

Her girlfriend's panting was all Calliope needed to commence her next thoughts. Without missing a beat, Calliope picked Juliette up from the position she was sitting in and carried her behind one of the food trucks near them with no doors or windows opened so they can be with each other in private.

Juliette let out a high-pitched squeal when she realized she was up in the air 5'7 feet off the ground.

"Do you like playing with her head, Jules?" Calliope questioned, making her way over to the food truck ways away from the public crowd.

Juliette smirked and looks away from Calliope's eye contact for a moment before replying with, "I'm not harming, am I? Plus, its not my fault she chose to watch us make-out, is it?"

A proud smug tugged at Calliope's lips before she closed the gap between Juliette. Without letting Juliette down, Calliope put her up against the food truck and let her hands roam all over Juliette's body.

From the base of her neck and to the sweet spot that Juliette reacts the most at, right underneath her ear, Calliope eats up the sounds escaping from her girlfriend's mouth.

Within a split second, Juliette got down and pushed Calliope up against the truck now. Juliette pulls back from the feverous kiss and swiped her thumb on Calliope's lips, wiping off their shared saliva.

Locked eye contact, chest heaving up and down, Calliope doesn't know if she can take it anymore. She bites her lips as Juliette gets closer, every inch of distance between them getting closer and closer.

Not a word was exchanged but one look said it all. Juliette bit her lips as her hands found its way past Calliope's waistband.

Calliope let out a soft moan as she rolls her body into Juliette's hand. Juliette couldn't help but let her mouth fall agape watching her girlfriend ride against her hand, her fingers like that. It's a sight that she'll never take for granted.

Juliette pulled Calliope's chin to kiss her lips once more, desperately. Nothing sounds better than the elicited moans from your girlfriend as she rides you, better yet, in public.

Juliette would've never thought that both her and Calliope are exhibitionists, ever! But here they are at a fair carnival behind a food truck getting it on.

Juliette quickens her pace and Calliope reacts justly, her head thrown back with her eyes closed. At this point, the taller girl couldn't keep up with the kissing anymore, instead she focused on the tightening of her stomach and the skilled fingers of her girlfriend as she feels her peak approaching rather quickly.

Juliette watches her girlfriend closely as she slows down her pace feeling Calliope clench around her. Calliope's breathing began to even out as she finishes. Juliette watches intently, not missing a single look on her face.

Calliope fluttered her eyes opened and watches fervently as Juliette takes her hand out of her pants and licks and sucks on her middle and ring finger. "Mhm, sweet."

Calliope chuckles and regains her conscience. "It's daytime and we just did that."

Juliette walked over to the right side of Calliope and let out a winning sigh, "We didn't get caught, did we?"

Juliette heard her girlfriend laugh softly as she felt the warmth of her girlfriend's hand, "Come on, we still have to eat." Juliette frowned her eyebrows and giggled, "I mean- Didn't I just-?

Calliope can only giggled at her girlfriend's antics.

When they surfaced back to the public crowd, they make way towards the location where they ordered their food.

"Hi, is the order for Cal ready?" Calliope asked the boy working the front. The boy quickly searches for Cal's name. "Ah yes, here you are. We've set some utensils and napkins for you in the bag. Have a nice day!"

Juliette scans the front for the girl that was hitting on Calliope. With no luck, she turns back to Calliope.

"Let's dig in." Juliette says happily. Finally, some food. Calliope opens up the bag and inside was a note.

The note reads, "If your girlfriend wanted to put on a show, you guys should've just asked me to join."

Juliette laughs at the invitation. "As if." She scoffs.

Calliope kept looking at the note, a threesome?

"Why would I ever want to share you?" Calliope asked in a flabbergasted manner. Juliette gives her girlfriend a quick peck on the lips.


The rest of their afternoon consists of the ordinary fair memories. The fun and thrilling festival rides, the overpriced booth games, the endless amounts of kissing while waiting in line.

It's something a little new for Calliope but she wouldn't want to spend it with anybody else.

The night comes to an end as the evening sky is painted a hue of dark gray and pitch black, aided with festival lights and street lamps.

The two girls arrived at their car and Juliette presses Calliope against the car. "Is there something you would like to tell me, Calliope?"

Calliope looked at her with a questioning look displayed across her face. "No, I don't. Is there something you want to hear from me?"

Juliette bit her lips, "Your heartbeat skipped a beat when you finished reading that note. How did that make you feel?"

Calliope was caught in the act. Kinda.

Calliope took in a nice inhale before responding. "I don't know. I guess I just imagined myself seeing someone else kiss you and I didn't like the thought of it too much. Your lips fit perfect with mine, we don't need a third party right?"

Juliette didn't know what type of reply she was going to hear but this was perfect. "No, no we do not."

Calliope observes Juliette's face. "Why? Did you think I wanted to have a threesome?"

Juliette rolls her eyes flirtily. "Not necessarily, I can't imagine how I would react if someone else was kissing you in front of me. I might even let the fangs out and scare them away." Juliette joked.

"Well," Calliope began, "I'm glad we got that cleared up. I'm stuck on you anyway. I'm not going anywhere."

Juliette closes the gap and kisses her girlfriend passionately.

"You got that right."