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Airpods in Italy

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"Tonight won't work for me. Peter is gonna want sex."

Mariska sent the text over, listening and smiling to whatever Peter was talking about across the table.

"Leave an airpod in during. Hide it with your hair. We'll have some fun."

She almost choked on her wine, waving off Peter's concern. Was he insane? Granted, of course she'd do it, but sometimes she couldn't figure out where he got his ideas from.

When they got back to the hotel room Peter's hands were already on her hips, grabbing at her ass. She kissed him back, distracted by what she was about to do. She excused herself to the bathroom to "freshen up".

She took off her clothes, teasing out her hair with her fingers. She slipped the airpod in with a shaking hand, triple checking that it wasn't visible from multiple angles. She quickly pulled up his contact and pressed call.

"You ready for me baby?"

She could hear the smirk on his face.

"I can't talk to you," she hissed at him.

"Oh I know. That's the fun part. You're gonna listen to me and only me while he fucks you. Can you do that for me Riss?"

She gulped.


"What was that?"

She dropped her voice impossibly lower.

"Yes daddy."

She heard Chris unzip his pants. "Good girl. Now get in there."

She walked out to find Peter spread out naked for her, already pumping his cock in his hands. Peter wasn't small by any means; he had a nice body and a decently sized cock. She probably would even be turned on by these aspects had goddamn Christopher Meloni not ruined sex with anyone and everyone else for her.

"Come here baby," Peter smiled, patting his inner thigh.

Mariska smiled, fully into acting mode. This role was something she could fall into easily thanks to years of practice.

"It should be a sin making you waste your talents on a cock that small."

Mariska grinned as she crawled up the bed towards Peter. She wasted no time in taking him into her mouth, deepthroating him immediately.

She knew Peter was singing her praises, but she couldn't hear anything over Chris in her ear.

"Fuck, baby, I love the sounds you make when you're choking on cock. You sound so fucking beautiful."

Mariska groaned, causing Peter's length to twitch in her mouth. He brushed a hand through her hair and she looked up, finding him smiling at her with eyes full of love.

"Lay back, baby. I want to return the favor."

Chris chuckled as Mariska laid down on her back, legs spread open for Peter.

"Does this really do it for you, M? How many times does he get you to cum, huh? MAYBE once?"

As Peter toyed with her clit Mariska moaned. The moans satisfied Peter, and any outsider would think this was enjoyable sex for her.

Chris was laughing in her ear, so loudly she worried Peter would hear.

"THAT'S the noise you make? Oh baby come on, that's pathetic. Is he that bad at eating your pussy baby?"

"Mhm," Mariska moaned out, biting her lip and nodding her head. Peter took this as a sign he was doing good.

"You poor thing. He doesn't even deserve to taste you. Does he know how long I go down on you for? It's gotta be hours. God I'm so fucking hard just thinking about it."

She could hear Chris starting to stroke his cock, causing her legs to tighten around Peter's head involuntarily.

Peter laughed. "Babe, not too tight, your thighs might kill me."

Chris growled on the phone. "This fucking guy. Is his serious? He's getting crushed by YOUR thighs and he's complaining? You never told me he was THIS bad."

"I need your cock inside me, Peter," Mariska breathed out. She usually said this so the sex could be over with, but what Chris didn't know couldn't hurt him.

"Mariska..." she heard him growl through the airpod. She smirked down as Peter pushed himself into her, letting out a slightly embellished moan.

"Fuck, feel so good..."

She knew using Peter's name would get Chris going.

She was right.

"If you're gonna be begging for Karl's cock like that I guess you don't need mine anymore?"

"You're so wet for me Mariska," Peter breathed out, sweat dropping onto Mariska's breasts.

Chris laughed in her ear. "Listen to poor Karl, thinking his tiny little cock is getting you that wet. But it isn't, is it M? You're thinking of my cock and how much better it feels. Your pussy is all mine and he doesn't even know it. How fucking pathetic."

Mariska let out a groan, listening to Chris work himself with his fist.

She purposely ignored him, wrapping her leg around Peter's hip and she continued moaning, head turned towards the airpod.

"Baby you're killing me..."

"I'm gonna cum Mariska..." Pdter breathed out into her ear and, unknown to him, the airpod.

"Jesus's been what, 30 seconds? You see how good and tight your pussy is Rish? Karl can't handle it. You need my cock in there, pounding into you over and over...God, a decade ago we could go for hours...think we still could?"

"Please wait for me Peter...wanna cum with you..."

Mariska didn't even feel bad lying anymore. She wanted Peter to hold out so she could keep listening to Chris in her ear.

If hell existed, she knew she was going there.

But if hell included Chris letting her sit on his face for hours, there's nowhere else she'd rather go.

"Wish it was me cumming in you filling you up. I should have been the one to knock you up, not him."

"Fuck, I..." Mariska whined out, feeling her orgasm approaching.

"Please cum for me Mariska, I need to cum..." Peter was barely moving at this point, trying to hold himself off like his wife had asked him to.

"He's not even touching you, is he? You're about to cum just by listening to me degrade your husband and he's going to think h got you to cum without even touching you."

"So close..." she breathed, more for Chris' sake than her husband's.

"Come on baby, you can cum for me," Peter urged her on.

"He doesn't even know how you like being talked to. Come on, Rish. Cum for me. Cum all over Karl's cock while you're thinking of me. You're so fucking sick Mariska, God I'm gonna cum all over myself."

That did it for her.

"Daddy," she cried out, cunt clenching around Peter as he quickly spilled into her.

If Peter was making noise, Mariska couldn't know. All she could hear was Chris crying out as he came, calling her a "dirty fucking whore", making her cunt clench even more.

Peter pulled out unceremoniously when he was done.

"That's a new one for us, huh?" He smiles at her, kissing her cheek before going to the bathroom.

She almost feels bad, knowing she wasn't calling him that.