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Stiles only had ten minutes to drop his books off in his dorm and grab his gear before lacrosse practice. He felt like one big ball of stress and tension. It had been a particularly hard day of classes, what with both an English and Physics test on the same day, then a pop quiz in Pre-Calculus. Stiles was currently at his wit's end.

That is… until he spotted the large bouquet of red roses sitting on his computer desk.

There were two dozen of them, not just twelve but twenty-four of the deep red buds, just days away from opening into something even more stunning.

He counted each and every one of them.

Seven times.

And they were in a crystal vase, not the cheap glass kind you get free with your order at just any old random flower shop, but the real… the very expensive… I really really love you… kind of deal.

Stiles had never received flowers before. He didn’t quite know what the proper way to react was, but currently, he felt like doing something extremely out of character and screaming like a ten-year-old girl who’d gotten exactly what she wanted for Christmas. If he did that he would probably have about ten boys trying to break down his door thinking he was being murdered, and that would certainly ruin this moment. So with wide eyes, Stiles instead stepped forward and shakily plucked the small white card out from the mass of flowers and opened it – not daring to allow himself to hope who they could be from.

Dear Stiles, 

I’ve been trying for weeks to figure out how exactly I was going to ask you this, and each and every time I think I’ve worked up the courage I chicken out. I convince myself that you’re going to say no or that it’s going to be too awkward. So I’ve decided to ask you this way, and if you agree then PLEASE by all means put me out of my misery and let me know as soon as possible. But if, for some reason, you can’t then I don’t even need an answer and we can simply ignore that this ever happened and hopefully continue on as we have been - except now you have two dozen red roses to enjoy and an insanely expensive vase to keep fresh flowers in even after these die. Just consider it my gift to you for being such a great friend to me and a peace offering in the hopes that I haven’t totally screwed our friendship up by asking. 

Stiles Stilinski will you please go to prom with me?

Sincerely Yours, 

Derek Hale 

( )

“Yes, yes, yes!” Stiles cried as he burst into lacrosse practice and threw his arms around Derek enthusiastically. “Prom is going to be the best!”

Derek grunted in surprise as Stiles collided with him, but he caught him easily and kept them both from tumbling over. “Is it?”

“How could it not be with the hot date I have,” Stiles answered with a sly grin while he pulled back and led Derek over to their usual seat as the other lacrosse players began filing into the locker room as well. Luckily, Stiles had caught Derek early so none of the other dapper boys had witnessed that slightly embarrassing, over-enthusiastic, tackle hug.

Derek looked taken back for a moment, then a little disappointed, but then it all seemed to click for him because he smiled back at Stiles. “Oh, really? Hot date?” he questioned with a raised eyebrow as the chattering grew around them. “Do I happen to know this hot date? I mean, I think I’ll need to meet him so that I can judge properly.”

Stiles laughed and hit Derek’s chest playfully with a roll of his eyes. “I have my outfit picked out already. I’ve had it picked out all year!” Stiles exclaimed nearly bouncing out of his seat with excitement.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me,” Derek teased with a charming smile. “Am I going to get to see this outfit you’ve had planned all year?”

“No! It’s going to be a surprise!” Stiles protested with a laugh while Derek pouted adorably.

Derek brought out the puppy dog eyes and Stiles had to redouble his resolve. “A surprise? Even for your date? I think I should at least get a peek.”

“Yes, even for my date, so no you can’t see it until the night of,” Stiles answered unable to stop from grinning like an idiot as the word “ date ” left Derek’s lips.

“Then how exactly is your date supposed to match you?” Derek questioned with a playful nudge.

“Matching is so overrated and not to mention cheesy,” Stiles replied with a roll of his eyes then added. “But I will be offering strong suggestions to said date.”

“Of course, you will,” Derek chuckled in amusement. “So then what should I wear?”

Stiles nearly lost his breath in his excitement as he gushed. “A classic tuxedo – you would look amazing in a classic tux.”

“Oh really, you think so,” Derek replied smugly with a raised eyebrow, which caused Stiles to blush furiously. “Any accent color suggestions? What do you think of a corsage… too cheesy? “

“Not at all,” Stiles answered a little starry-eyed at the thought. He figured they would both get each other boutonnières, but he honestly wouldn’t mind a corsage now that he thought about it. Sometimes it amazed Stiles how well Derek understood him. “Red - red roses would be wonderful,” he answered thinking of the two dozen red roses he had sitting in his dorm room right this second. The roses Derek had sent him to ask him to prom, which they were now discussing and going together – as a date .

Stiles couldn’t help himself as he leaned in and kissed Derek on the cheek.

“What was that for?” Derek questioned with a startled laugh and an attractive flush.

“I’m just so happy!”

Derek’s eyes and smile softened as they looked at him and Stiles’s heart melted that much more. “Then I’m happy too.”

( )

“Here,” Stiles said holding out a steaming coffee for Derek as he sat in the common room with Boyd and Jackson pouring over books.

“Thanks!” Derek replied in pleasant surprise as he took the cup from Stiles. “You’re the best.”

“Where’s ours?” Boyd and Jackson both asked indignantly at exactly the same time.

Derek laughed as Stiles merely sent them a glare before rolling his eyes. “Wanna sit?” Derek questioned scooting over on the sofa he had been completely hogging and dragging all of his books along the coffee table with him to give Stiles his own space.

“Sure,” Stiles answered letting his bag drop and sitting down beside Derek, a little closer than usual.

In fact, their entire left and right sides were pressed together… but that was okay now right? He was allowed to do that, wasn’t he? They may not have been anything official, but they were going to prom together, and Stiles was sure Derek would ask him to be his boyfriend then. If not he was going to ask Derek. It would be the perfect moment to become boyfriends and maybe even share a kiss – yes definitely share a kiss.

Derek certainly didn’t seem to mind the contact if the smile that lit up his face was any indication. Stiles studiously avoided looking at Boyd and Jackson though, already seeing their raised eyebrows and knowing looks. It wasn’t like they didn’t know. Stiles was sure Derek told them they were going to prom together. Derek told those two everything.

“So what are you working on?” Stiles questioned trying to sound interested, even as his mind analyzed how good Derek smelled and what kind of cologne he was wearing.

It was an expensive kind. Stiles would know that scent anywhere. It was his favorite, although he could never afford it himself - especially just to wear around on a daily basis. Not that Stiles ever really wore much cologne anyway. He preferred lotions and the smell of his shampoos and soaps, all vanilla scented, which Derek had commented offhandedly one day while they were studying that he liked. In fact, for a second Stiles could have sworn that he felt Derek lean in a little closer and take a deep breath.

“A history report,” Derek answered, showing Stiles his book, but Stiles didn’t have the same history teacher as these three boys so he had no clue what they were working on in their class.

“I just turned one in last week,” he replied sympathetically. “I’m still waiting on my grade for it. I’m pretty sure I did horrible.”

Derek chuckled softly and nudged him with his shoulder. “As if you could be horrible at anything you do. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.”

Stiles was pretty sure he just blushed about seven shades of pink but he tried to play it off by blurting out the first thing that came to mind. “Working on something new?” he asked nodding to where Derek’s guitar was sitting nearby. 

“Yeah, a little…” Derek trailed off and it was Derek’s turn to get embarrassed. The last thing anyone would ever describe Derek Hale as was shy, but when it came to his music he was exactly that. Stiles had only ever heard him play a handful of times since transferring to Windsor and only heard him play one of his own songs once. 

Stiles wanted to know more. He found Derek and his guitar attractive on a whole different level, but he decided to give Derek a break. “I had a fitting today.”

“Oh?” Derek questioned with a raised eyebrow and an amused smile. “I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about it.”

“Well, you know… in case you were wondering…” Stiles trailed off, hoping Derek got the hint, because yes Stiles had said they weren’t supposed to talk about it, but he also wanted to make sure Derek was getting everything done - not that he doubted Derek for a moment, but when it came to prom Stiles had it planned out in frightening detail. He wanted to be wowed when he first saw Derek, and he couldn’t wait to see the look on Derek’s face when he saw Stiles for the first time in something other than lacrosse gear, their school uniforms, or plaid. 

It was going to be magical.

“Well in case you were wondering also,” Derek teased with a glint in his eyes. “I have a fitting tomorrow and you’ll be happy to know that I’ve decided to take a certain someone’s advice.”

“Oh really… and would I happen to know this certain someone?” Stiles questioned slyly.

Derek nodded his head in complete seriousness, but there was still that teasing glint in his eyes. “Oh yes, I imagine you do and I trust their judgment.”

“Really?” Stiles asked in genuine surprise this time. He wasn’t exactly known for his fashion sense so to have Derek say that was kind of flattering. Stiles may not have known fashion, but he knew Derek, and he knew what Derek looked good in.

“Yes, so I think it’s safe to take Isaac’s advice and go with the tangerine tux and ruffled shirt. It comes with a cane and top hat too. They say vintage is making a comeback right?” Stiles made a horrified sound and nearly shoved Derek off the sofa as all three of the other boys burst into laughter. “You should see your face right now!”

“Derek Hale if you wear something like that to prom I will pretend I have amnesia and I don’t know you,” Stiles stated completely serious, sending the boys into another fit of laughter.

Derek sat up straight again and threw his arm around Stiles’s shoulder and squeezed him closer for a moment. “Don’t worry your pretty little head. I’m doing exactly as you suggested,” he stated with a wink. “I promise I won’t embarrass you. You will be proud to be seen with me. Maybe I’ll even get a dance.” Derek winked at him and Stiles didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day. In fact, he was pretty sure he was still smiling like an idiot when he drifted off to sleep that night.

( )

Stiles bit his lip as he glanced at Derek out of the corner of his eye. They were in one of the many common rooms, but this one was mostly used for entertainment purposes, like tonight when everyone was gathered around to watch the newest blockbuster that was out. Stiles hadn’t been able to watch much of the movie though considering he’d spent most of his time debating on whether or not to move closer to Derek on the sofa they were sharing with two other guys.

In fact, Stiles was currently sitting closer to Danny than he was to Derek and that wouldn’t do at all. So gathering up all of his courage Stiles decided to just go for it.

Should he make it obvious though or should he do the whole pretend-to-be yawning thing? Then again he wanted Derek’s arm around him not the other way around. Stiles decided it was just best to be blunt about it. He was good at blunt, and sometimes Derek needed a little extra help to catch a hint anyway.

Stiles loved everything about him but the boy could be dense sometimes.

He shifted closer and curled his legs up on the couch. Derek glanced over at him, somehow always aware of even the smallest shifts from Stiles, and their eyes connected.

Stiles didn’t break eye contact as he scooted even closer until they were pressed together. “Is this okay?” he whispered, unsure about his decision as he felt Derek stiffen.

“I don’t know… is it?” Derek questioned looking around the room uncertainly as if he was expecting someone to jump out and protest.

Stiles began to pull away, unable to meet Derek’s eyes now. “I - I’m sorry - I just thought that it would be -“

“No, I don’t mind,” Derek quickly reassured and Stiles felt a strong arm wrapping behind him, around his lower back and waist, and pulling him close once again. “I mean if it’s okay with you. I’m certainly not protesting.”

Stiles smiled happily and curled up against Derek’s warm side, where he could smell Derek’s intoxicating cologne again and feel the vibrations as Derek hummed along with the background music of the movie sometimes. Derek’s arm stayed wrapped around him, his hand squeezing every now and then, where it had settled low on Stiles’s waist by his hip as if to make sure Stiles was still as close as he possibly could be.

Derek’s thumb would absentmindedly stroke back and forth against a small strip of exposed skin where Stiles’s shirt didn’t quite meet his jeans, which sent pleasant shivers racing through Stiles with each pass. After a few minutes Stiles felt brave enough to rest his head against Derek’s shoulder, and every now and then he could have sworn he felt Derek’s nose or lips pressing into his hair. Each time it made Stiles’s heart flutter wildly.

All in all, Stiles’s first cuddle with a boy was really, really nice, even though if anyone asked him later he couldn’t tell them a single thing that happened in the movie.

( )

“Long day?” Stiles questioned as Derek dropped down beside him on the sofa and his freshly washed head of hair immediately fell to Stiles’s shoulder.

“Horrible,” Derek replied with a cute pout. Stiles closed his Latin reading assignment and placed a stiff decorative pillow in his lap in invitation. Derek took it with a grateful sigh as he stretched out across the sofa on his back with his head now pillowed in Stiles’s lap. He closed his eyes with a contented little sound as Stiles’s fingers weaved through his damp hair and began gently tugging out the little tangles.

“Wanna tell me about it?” Stiles questioned softly even as he felt his heart beating as fast as a hummingbird's wings.

Because even though Stiles was basically sitting here listening to Derek rant about his horrible day it was perfect to him. Just this little moment was so amazing because it was something Stiles never dreamed in his life that he would get to have. Stiles never imagined he would have someone like Derek with who he could just sit and listen to talk about their day, who he could share everything with - the good and the bad.

A person Stiles could complain to, and who would agree with him, who would side with him, simply because that’s what you did when you were with someone. You supported each other no matter what. Stiles never believed he would have it, but here it was. Here they were… together , Stiles and Derek, and everything was perfect.

Stiles was… happy .

“I woke up late so I didn’t have time to get coffee - which you already know… sorry about that by the way,” Derek apologized once again, but Stiles merely shrugged it off. He’d stood Derek up before too because of oversleeping. “Then we had a pop quiz in Physics first thing this morning, and you know how horrible I am in that class. Well, I really don’t think I did too well.”

“I’m going to have to ace this next test if I want to keep a B average in there. I forgot my history report that was due today so it got knocked down five points for being turned in late. Jackson approached me about doing a party for prom in our dorms, which I totally shot down, so you can go ahead and thank me for that. This is supposed to be your perfect night and I don’t want anything interrupting it. The last thing you need is a bunch of drunk guys running around while we’re supposed to be getting ready.”

Stiles’s hand paused in Derek’s hair as he practically beamed in happiness. He felt Derek’s fingers close around one of his wrists and tug his hand away from his hair. “This okay?” Derek questioned hesitantly looking up at Stiles as he laced their fingers together.

“Of - of course,” Stiles answered a little breathless as Derek admired the contrast of their hands.

He brought Stiles’s fingers close to his face, using the index finger of his other hand to trace each one of Stiles’s long, pale, digits before pressing their palms together to compare their sizes to each other. Stiles’s hand was longer, softer, slimmer, more delicate looking and about five shades paler, while Derek’s hands were wider, stronger, and roughened with calluses due to years of lacrosse and playing his guitar.

“I love your hands,” Derek whispered, in a way that made Stiles think the other boy hadn’t really meant to say it out loud. In fact, Stiles wasn’t really sure Derek even realized what he had said as he laced their fingers back together and rested their linked hands on his chest while he continued speaking.

“Anyway, Boyd is probably going to give me the cold shoulder for the rest of the day, but really I’m the one who should be annoyed at him. He made me late for my tux fitting and the tailor was not happy at all. In fact, I think the old man charged me extra and it was already insanely expensive to begin with.”

Stiles bit his lip hesitantly. “You know you don’t have to spend so much money,” he stated, although he himself had spent an insane amount on his own clothing, and Derek wasn’t exactly struggling where money was concerned. Stiles had never exactly asked, but just from his observations of Derek’s rather careless spending habits or the way the other boys treated him, he was pretty sure Derek was one of the richest boys that attended Windsor.

In fact, Derek barely let Stiles pay for anything when they were together, he’d even bought everyone’s meal the last time the lacrosse team all got together to eat after a game at another school. Stiles was also still convinced that it was a hundred-dollar bill Derek had mistakenly handed the cashier at their local coffee shop and told her to keep the change, but when Stiles pointed it out Derek simply shrugged it off.

Derek waved his hand carelessly. “Nonsense it’s prom and I know how important it is to my date. Plus, I know they’d kill me if I looked anything but perfect.”

Stiles laughed and began moving his free hand through Derek’s hair again as Derek continued to hold the other one. Their fingers entwined and now resting against Derek’s chest. “Please, you could wear a bag and still somehow make it look good.”

“You think so?” Derek questioned looking up at him with a smug grin.

Stiles refused to blush this time or look away from Derek’s amused eyes. He was allowed to say things like that now wasn’t he? “Of course, your date would be very, very disappointed if you did wear a bag.”

Derek laughed. “Don’t worry I plan on being nothing less than the perfect gentleman.”

“Not too much of a stretch for you then,” Stiles replied sharing a smile with Derek. He’d teased Derek enough in the past about his old-world ways. Derek as they say - had been raised right. “So what can I do to make your day better now?”

Derek closed his eyes with a happy sigh and pressed his head against Stiles’s hand, a clear hint that Stiles should continue with what he was already doing. “The moment I saw you it was already better.”

Stiles bit his lip hard to keep from grinning like an idiot, not that Derek could see him anyway with his eyes closed. Taking a chance Stiles leaned forward and let his lips press against Derek’s forehead. He heard Derek’s sharp intake of breath as he pulled back to meet the surprised eyes.

“Was that…okay?” Stiles questioned biting his lip hesitantly. They weren’t anything official yet, but he didn’t think he was stepping over any boundaries… was he?

“It was fine,” Derek answered still staring up at him with those eyes. “Stiles… who are -“

“Stiles! There you are!” Jackson stated as he rushed into the room and straight for him. “You have to come with me right now!”

“What’s going on?” Derek asked in alarm while he sat up.

Jackson grabbed Stiles’s arm before he could protest and was pulling him up off the sofa. “Danny is having a meltdown! His tuxedo just came in and he was trying it on one more time to make sure it fit right and I was walking with a cup of coffee and just - come with me!”

“Okay, okay I’m coming,” Stiles stated as he quickly grabbed his bag. He would just have to come back for the rest of his stuff later since Jackson didn’t seem to want to give him time to gather it. “Sorry” he mouthed at Derek who simply waved them on with a fond smile. 

Stiles rolled his eyes at Jackson’s dramatics and let him tug him along. He was used to being summoned for emergencies like this. These rich boys didn’t know the first thing about doing their own laundry. Stiles had been doing his and his dad's for years. He still didn’t want to think about exactly what the various substances were that he’d had to get out of his dad’s police uniforms over the years. Stiles glanced back just before he was dragged out the door to see that Derek was already gathering his things for him. 

( )

“Stop being so ridiculous Stiles this is Derek we’re talking about here. When has that boy done anything to make you feel bad about yourself? You could be wearing a pink tutu for all he cares. He’d still say you looked amazing.”

“I would look amazing,” Stiles stated causing Lydia to burst into laughter over the phone. “You’re right, I am being stupid, but I’m so nervous!”

He heard Lydia sigh through the speaker. “You’re not being stupid. This is perfectly normal for a first date, not to mention it’s prom, so added pressure. All I’m saying is that Derek likes you – a lot. It’s written all over his face every time he looks at you, and I’ve seen your outfit. He won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.”

“Thanks, Lydia…” Stiles replied with a soft smile as he checked his watch for the millionth time and realized he only had ten minutes to do one last check and make sure everything was perfect. “I’d better go or I’m going to be late. Some of the girls have already arrived and I told Derek I’d meet him on the steps. I’m not sure exactly how we’re getting to the venue though. I suppose he’s driving. He mentioned going to get his car washed and detailed yesterday.”

“Oooh arriving in style,” Lydia teased, since Stiles had bragged to her for a whole hour and a half the day he found out Derek drove around in a brand new Camero with leather interior, a crazy loud engine, and all the bells and whistles. It had been Derek’s eighteenth birthday present and early graduation present all in one.  

“He better be pulling out all the stops for you or he’ll have to answer to me. I’ve never seen you so excited about anything. This night better be perfect. You deserve it.”

Stiles laughed nervously. “They’re supposed to have valet parking and some high-priced catering company there serving food and everything. It’s all really fancy and prestigious from what I’ve heard.”

“Then you should fit right in. There’s no need to be nervous Stiles. You know how all this high society stuff works. You’ve been to more than a few events with me even before you started going to Windsor. It’s just time to put what you know into practice. Don’t doubt yourself for a one-second that you belong there with them… with Derek,” Lydia encouraged obviously hearing the nervousness and doubt in his voice. 

Before transferring to Windsor Academy for boys in his sophomore year of high school Stiles had been a regular kid attending Beacon Hills High. The bullying had gotten so bad though that his dad had no choice but to find an alternative for him. Despite Stiles's protests, his dad decided the best way to keep his son safe was to take out a second mortgage on his house and send him to Windsor to finish his schooling. The only reason Stiles was accepted to the prestigious school was that his dad was the Sheriff and because his grades were flawless.

Stiles clutched the phone tightly, soaking in her confidence, and forcing himself to believe her words. “I’ll call you tomorrow with all the details,” he promised before finally bringing himself to hang up.

Stiles took a deep breath as he looked himself over in the full-length mirror. He had to admit that he did look pretty good. The jacket, black dress pants, and shirt were tailored to perfection, fitting him snugly in all the right places. The tuxedo jacket itself had cost him months' worth of saved allowances and working the weekends home filing backlogs of paperwork at the police station.

It was name brand after all. A dark red velvet tuxedo jacket with black lapels that Lydia had said was gorgeous with his eyes and complexion. It also fit Stiles's unique personality. Stiles had paired it with a crisp white button-up and black bow tie. The pants were simple black slacks, but of course, they were tailored to perfection, and even Stiles had to admit that his ass looked really good in them.

“Okay… calm down… you can do this. You’ve been waiting for this since you laid eyes on him sophomore year. You’re about to go to prom with the boy of your dreams, and you’re going to have your first real date, your first real dance, your first… kiss,” Stiles told himself, heart racing as he thought about everything that would happen tonight. 

Maybe they would do more than kiss. Maybe they would make out - maybe touch… Stiles had heard the other guys talking and joking about getting laid on prom night - although he had never heard Derek making his own comments one way or the other. Stiles couldn’t say he was opposed to trying more with Derek. He’d done the research and he’d had enough fantasies during ‘Stiles time’ about doing more than kissing with Derek. 

Stiles didn't know exactly if he was ready tonight , but he also wasn’t opposed to letting things take their natural course if Derek wanted more. Stiles already knew he wanted Derek to be his first everything. Either way, he was at least going to get his first kiss with Derek tonight no matter what. After all, who said Stiles couldn’t be the one to initiate the kiss first. He’d been psyching himself up to do it since Derek asked him to prom. 

Whatever they did, however far they went, Stiles knew it was going to be perfect because it was with Derek. His confidant, his protector, his best friend - the guy he was totally and completely in love with.

( )

Stiles made it to the stairs five minutes late. He’d only seen Derek briefly at breakfast where they said they would meet here before going to the venue. Stiles couldn’t believe he hadn’t brought up exactly how they were getting there, but Derek hadn’t mentioned it either, only that he was going to get his car detailed - so Stiles figured Derek had that part all taken care of.

“Hey, Stiles! Waiting on your date?” Boyd teased as he walked by looking very handsome in his suit - the one Stiles had saved from a strawberry ice-cream stain days before - much like Danny and Jackson’s coffee fiasco. These boys were hopeless but he had grown fond of them. Boyd had his date on his arm, a gorgeous blonde dressed in a blue gown. She smiled at Stiles with ruby red lips as they paused, and Stiles thought her name was Erica but he couldn’t really remember.

“Yes,” Stiles answered looking around them at all the guys running back and forth and the few girls that had driven over to help their guys get ready, or rather make sure their guys were getting ready and would be on time. “I thought I was the one going to be late, but I guess he’s lost track of time.”

“I’m sure he’ll be along in no time… you look great by the way,” Boyd stated sincerely as he took in Stiles’s outfit, which was a really nice change from the sea of generic black and white tuxedos he was seeing.

Stiles tried not to look too pleased but it was really nice to get a genuine compliment from another guy. “Th -thanks. You guys look great too.”

Boyd smiled as he reached out and gave Stiles’s arm an encouraging squeeze. “Well see you there and you better save a dance for me. I’m pretty sure Jackson wants one too so watch out. He’ll never admit it but he’s got two left feet when it comes to this type of dancing.”

Stiles laughed and tried not to blush. “I will,” he promised and with one last smile, Boyd and his date walked away.

Stiles checked his watch and realized five minutes had passed. Should he go find Derek? No… he could wait a little while longer. He didn’t want to seem desperate and clingy, but after fifteen more minutes of watching the entrance hall slowly clear out Stiles began to bite his lip.

Was Derek having some kind of fashion crisis? Was he having second thoughts? Oh god, Stiles didn’t even want to consider that second option. He decided to text him, which was safe and noninvasive. It was just a simple ‘Where are you?’ but after ten more minutes and no reply, Stiles decided to just call.

It went straight to voice mail.

Stiles bit his lip hard enough to draw blood so that he would have an excuse for his eyes watering all of the sudden. He stared down at the blank screen on his phone and realized his hands were shaking. He was being stupid. He just needed to go to Derek’s room and check on him or maybe he was supposed to meet Derek in the parking lot - oh god did Derek think he’d stood him up? 

Stiles rushed down the rest of the stairs and out of the front doors, but Derek’s car wasn’t in its usual spot.

Was Stiles supposed to meet him there? Why wouldn’t they ride together though?

“Hey Stiles, waiting on someone?” Aiden asked as he walked by him on the front steps, mixing things up himself with a dark blue tuxedo.  He was Ethan’s twin brother who was Danny’s date if Stiles remembered right.

“Umm… have - have you seen Derek?” he questioned trying to keep his voice from breaking.

“Oh yeah… I saw him on the front steps earlier. I think he was waiting on you actually, but you were a little late I think and his date got here and dragged him off.”

“D-date?” Stiles choked feeling as if all the air had been knocked out of him.

“Uhh… yeah, some girl he’s been friends with forever. I can’t remember her name though… Paige maybe,” Aiden answered looking at him funnily. “Are you okay dude? You look like you’re about to cry. Derek was going to text you that he’d left but he dropped his phone earlier and it’s been acting funny ever since. Plus I don’t think he wanted to make you feel guilty in case you forgot to meet him. You know… if your date had already picked you up or something. He didn’t want it to seem like he was intruding.”

“No - no I’m fine. It’s fine. I just got something in my eye,” Stiles replied quickly, shaking his head and blinking back his tears furiously as everything began to become clearer. “Thanks.”

“Sure… do you - you know, need a ride or something?” Aiden asked awkwardly as he looked at him in concern.

“No, um… just if you see Derek and he asks then let him know I’m not feeling well. I don’t think I’m going to make it tonight.” To his own ears, Stiles’s voice sounded weak, and he could see the concern on Aiden’s face deepen despite that he and Stiles had never really had a conversation before.

“Oh dude that sucks, and after getting all dressed up - you look great by the way. I totally dig the red. Everyone else is in black - so boring.”

“Thanks.” Stiles smiled but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come? I mean, if you’ve already canceled with your date then I’ll bring you and bring you back if you don’t think you can stay the whole time. My girlfriend won’t mind.” Aiden was being far too nice to him and Stiles was seriously about to cry.

“No, I - I think I’m just going to stay in, but thanks it’s really - really thoughtful of you,” Stiles answered needing to get away before he broke down right in front of Aiden on the front steps of Windsor. The poor guy was already uncomfortable Stiles could tell.

“Okay well if you’re sure…” Aiden trailed off, looking uncertain. He hesitated in leaving, so Stiles saved him the trouble, turned away first, and rushed inside.

Lucky for Stiles the halls were deserted as he made his way back to his dorm room otherwise there would have been some very alarmed prep school boys since Stiles could barely see through his own tears or hear anything past his choked sobs. God he hoped no one saw him like this, it would have been so embarrassing, but he managed to make it to his room without running into any prom stragglers.

Stiles had never felt like more of an idiot as he sat on his bed, staring blankly at the opposite wall, and simply letting the tears pour. He went over every conversation and every interaction between him and Derek over the last two weeks and slowly began to realize that he’d made everything up in his head. The conversations Stiles thought were he and Derek flirting at the time made so much more sense now. 

Stiles had been so excited to get the flowers and read the note that he hadn’t stopped to think that just maybe Derek wasn’t actually the one who sent them - that just maybe Derek didn’t even know about them. That maybe it had been a prank because Stiles was so obviously, hopelessly, and pathetically in love with his best friend that anyone could see it. 

Stiles had always been an easy target for bullies. He was naive to think that would have changed.

Derek had certainly never mentioned the roses or the note. In fact, when he’d seen them the other day in Stiles’s room he’d looked surprised, but at the time Stiles hadn’t thought about it and Derek hadn’t asked about them - obviously thinking Stiles’s elusive prom date had given them to him.

Looking back on all of their conversations about prom Stiles realized that what he had thought was Derek teasing him by referring to himself in the third person was actually Derek seriously thinking that Stiles had another date to the prom. In fact, he nor Derek, not even Boyd or Jackson for that matter… or anyone , had mentioned names when talking about Stiles and Derek’s dates to prom. Stiles had stupidly thought that it was because it was obvious that they were talking about each other.

Derek had certainly never mentioned that he was going with some random girl - although not that random. Stiles knew Paige and Derek were friends. Paige went to the same all-girls prep school that Lydia went to. Had Derek been planning to go with her the whole time or was it some spur-of-the-moment decision? 

For all Stiles knew Derek had probably never planned on asking him to prom in the first place, and what Stiles had thought was a burgeoning romance between them over the last few weeks was just something he had convinced himself of in his head because he was so just so… so… pathetic .

Maybe Derek had thought it was no big deal to mention to Stiles that he was going with Paige to prom. Stiles hadn’t exactly asked Derek who he was going to prom with, because he’d obviously thought they were going together. Looking at it from Derek’s point of view Stiles must have seemed like a terrible friend - a careless asshole too wrapped up in his own excitement to care about even asking who his best friend was going to prom with.

Stiles choked on a breathless sob as it pushed its way up through his throat and past his lips. He’d made such an idiot of himself.

The way he’d been making passes at Derek these past few weeks – passes that probably weren’t even welcomed he now realized because it had always been him – never Derek initiating anything except the hand-holding thing that once and they’d done that a few times before so it wasn’t really anything new. Stiles had just convinced himself that something about that time had been different… more intimate. This was so embarrassing .

What was he going to tell everyone? He’d bragged to everyone back home that he was going to prom with Derek. They had been messaging him all day wishing him luck - even Scott and Jordan at the police station! Stiles had bragged to the police station!

What was he going to say to them now? What if Derek found out? Derek would feel so horrible about this. Stiles knew that somehow Derek would find a way to blame this on himself, and Stiles couldn’t allow that, but right now he couldn’t get past his own overwhelming disappointment and heartache to think of how he was going to keep Derek from knowing.

Stiles didn’t know how long he sat there just letting himself cry in the silence of his dimly lit room, but a familiar tapping on his door was what finally startled him enough to snap out of it. 

“Stiles? Stiles you in there?” Derek’s concerned voice called softly through the door. Stiles heard his doorknob rattle and jumped to his feet, wiping at his face furiously to try and clear the tears away, but he knew that it was hopeless. Derek would be able to tell he’d been crying.

“Uh, yeah… yes just give me a minute…” Stiles answered hoarsely even though his door was already opening and he could hear Derek stepping inside, but he kept his back to the other boy for a moment longer before turning with the fakest smile he’d ever had to force.

Derek had paused though and his stunned eyes definitely weren’t on Stiles’s face as they trailed down the length of Stiles’s body and then back up. “ Wow… ” Stiles heard Derek whisper breathless, and he was positive the other boy hadn’t meant to say that out loud as Derek’s cheeks tinged pink. “I - I mean you look…” Derek couldn’t seem to find the right word though as he trailed off helplessly - the admiring look on his face was all that Stiles needed though.

“Thank you,” Stiles replied softly, smoothing his hands over his front self-consciously as he took the opportunity to study Derek as well.

Derek looked amazing too in his perfectly fitted classic tuxedo and tamed hair. It was exactly how Stiles had envisioned right down to the red rose boutonniere pinned to his lapel – almost an exact replica of the boutonniere Stiles had gotten for him that was now sitting uselessly on Stiles’s bed. Stiles felt his chest tighten painfully and blinked back the sudden onslaught of tears. He turned away from Derek quickly and began to straighten papers on his desk just for something to do.

“You - you look really good too,” Stiles complimented sincerely once he thought he could open his mouth without making some embarrassing sound or simply pouring his soul out to Derek like he normally did when he was upset. “What are you doing here?”

“Aiden came and found me. He said that he ran into you on the front steps and that you said you weren’t coming. He said you told him you were sick, but he didn’t believe you. He said that you were all dressed to come but that you looked really upset, and Boyd said he’d only seen you a few minutes before. You were waiting on your date and you looked fine then. He said that you were excited about coming… We thought - we thought maybe you’d been stood up.” Stiles heard Derek explaining softly like he was speaking to a skittish animal - like his heart was breaking for Stiles.

Stiles couldn’t help the sob that escaped his lips and instantly he felt strong arms wrapping around him from behind. “That bastard!” Derek hissed right beside his ear as he held Stiles to him tightly. “Who was it? I never asked before because I didn’t want to pry and you talked like it should have been obvious. Even Boyd and Jackson were too embarrassed to ask you who it was because it’s like we should have known. Is it someone I know? Because I swear I’ll kick their ass Stiles I don’t care who -“

Stiles laughed tearfully at the thought of Derek kicking anyone’s ass and tried to wipe his face once again. “It’s okay Derek -“

“No it’s not - no it’s not okay,” Derek stated turning Stiles around so that he could see his face, which must have looked like a wreck, as Stiles avoided looking at Derek. “Not after everything… not after how excited you’ve been about this. Don’t lie to me. It’s not okay.”

“It was my own fault,” Stiles whispered wanting to make Derek feel better, even though Derek didn’t know that this had everything to do with him. “It was a miscommunication on my part. You know how I can get. I just - I read too much into things and I jump to conclusions before checking all the facts - especially when I want something so badly. Apparently, he never actually asked me to prom in the first place. I just - I thought he had.”

“But he’s the one who sent you the roses right?” Derek questioned in confusion, hands unconsciously running up and down Stiles’s arms soothingly.

Stiles glanced at the roses, which were slowly starting to wilt now, much like his heart. How was he going to explain those away? The truth he guessed was the best option, but of course, Derek didn’t have to know that it involved him.

“It was a prank,” he whispered feeling a few stray tears falling and he quickly wiped them away before taking a deep breath and standing up straighter - hoping he at least looked more together than he felt.

Wait ,” Derek stated and there was an edge to his voice that had even Stiles hesitating to incite it further. “You mean this was all a prank ? That someone made you think they’d asked you to prom only to stand you up.”

Stiles slowly nodded. That was about as close as he could get to an explanation without really embarrassing himself and outright telling Derek that he’d thought it was him the whole time.

“I’m going to kill them,” Derek hissed through his teeth as he pulled away from Stiles and started pacing, clenching and unclenching his fists furiously by his sides as if he wanted nothing more than to slam them into something. “I’m going to fucking kill them.”

Stiles physically jumped in surprise and stared with wide eyes after the curse left Derek’s lips because Derek so rarely cursed. In fact, the only curse words Stiles had ever heard Derek use were occasionally on the lacrosse field. What surprised Stiles even more than that though was the pure anger written all over Derek’s face and flashing in his eyes - making them almost glow.

“Who was it? I want his name. Does he go to school here, because he won’t be for much longer,” Derek stated turning back to face him.

Stiles shook his head though. “No it’s - look just calm down okay. You - you have to get back to your date…”

“My date? My date!” Derek exclaimed looking at Stiles incredulously. “Stiles, you think I give a shit about that right now? No, what I give a shit about is this fucking douche bag who thought he could get away with hurting you because he can’t - he won’t! By the time I’m through with him he and his family are going to fucking wish he’d never been born!” Derek was working himself up again, pacing and chest heaving in anger, and Stiles did the only thing he could think to stop him.

Derek caught him instinctively and held him close as Stiles threw himself at him. Stiles could feel Derek’s body trembling with fury and adrenaline as he buried his face in Derek’s neck and rubbed his hands up and down his broad back soothingly. “Derek please calm down. Please… it’s not worth it,” he pleaded desperately. Stiles had always thought that seeing Derek get angry on his behalf would be kind of sexy. Derek was just always so calm and in control, all the time that Stiles thought seeing him lose it would be… well hot , but in reality, it scared the hell out of him.

“You’re worth it,” Derek replied voice sounding softer as Stiles felt his body slowly relaxing against his own. He felt Derek’s arms wrap more securely around his waist while his other hand came up to cup the back of Stiles’s neck as he pressed his forehead against the side of Stiles’s head so that his hot breath ghosted over Stiles’s ear when he spoke. “Don’t ever doubt that you’re worth it. You know I’d do anything for you.”

They just stood there for a long moment just breathing and holding each other, and Stiles soaked it all in as much as he could before reluctantly pulling back and wiping his eyes again in the process. He probably looked horrible right now but he couldn’t even drag up the energy to really care. “You should really get back though. That girl's night shouldn’t be ruined just because mine was. Did you even tell Paige you were leaving?”

Derek had the decency to look ashamed, but his eyes were defiant all the same. “Come back with me. They’re probably not even serving dinner yet.”

Stiles shook his head though. He felt drained. “I think all I want to do right now is collapse in bed and forget this ever happened.”

“But Stiles -“

Stiles stepped away from Derek with a tight smile. “Please go back Derek and don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I always am and you made a promise to Paige.”

Derek bit his lip, glancing at the door, looking completely torn. Derek was a man of his word, honorable and dependable until the end, and as much as Stiles hated to admit it maybe Derek even liked Paige and this could ruin any chance he had with her.

“Go,” Stiles insisted pushing Derek toward the door, taking the decision out of Derek’s hands. “I want to be alone right now.” It was the truth. Stiles did want to be alone.

Derek couldn’t protest to that so he sighed and walked the rest of the way out the room on his own - although every heavy dragging step told Stiles exactly how reluctant he was to do it. Stiles would have found it completely adorable had he not been feeling so devastated. “I’ll come back as soon as I can get away. I’ll make this up to you.”

“It’s not your job to make it up to me,” Stiles replied, knowing that Derek would somehow feel it was his obligation to fix things - that’s just the type of person Derek was.

Honorable, dependable, adorable Derek - always there to set Stiles back on his feet, dust him off, and help him pick up the shattered pieces of his life. He was Stiles’s very own knight in shining armor.

Derek took his hand and laced their fingers together, staring down at them and not looking at Stiles when he finally spoke. “Yeah, but as long as you’re here, and until you find someone to replace me, then it is my job to take care of you.”

And really how was Stiles’s heart not supposed to react to that?

( )

Derek knocked on Stiles’s door softly the next morning and waited to see if he would get a response. He’d gone back just like Stiles told him to and danced and taken pictures with Paige, but his mind and heart hadn’t been into it at all. It had taken all of his country club upbringing to get through every conversation and fake a smile. Nonetheless, Derek had pushed through, despite everything in him telling him he should have been with Stiles. Twenty minutes before midnight he’d dropped Paige off at her dorm with a platonic hug and goodnight.

Derek checked in on Stiles last night, but when he’d quietly pushed open the other boy's door he’d seen Stiles curled up on his bed sound asleep. His prom outfit was perfectly folded on a hanger hanging on his closet door and a red rose boutonniere still sitting in its clear plastic container on his computer chair. Derek had decided to wait until morning and just let Stiles sleep. So now he was back and when he didn’t get an answer this time he slowly opened the door once again.

“Stiles, are you here?” he questioned sticking his head inside and glancing around, before stepping into the room fully. “Stiles?” 

Derek listened for the shower but it wasn’t on and Stiles’s bed was made perfectly just like it was every morning - a product of growing up with a single father and having to look out for yourself. Stiles's room stayed spotless unlike ninety-nine percent of the other boy's rooms. Stiles must have already gone down to breakfast but as Derek turned to leave a pile of red roses sticking out of the trash can beside Stiles's desk caught his eye. He didn’t know why but he walked over and in the midst of all the petals and thorns the tip of a white card was sticking out.

Derek bit his lip and hesitated. He knew this was an invasion of privacy and Stiles would be so mad at him, but Derek couldn’t just sit by and let what happened go unpunished. To a romantic like Stiles, something like prom was an event that he had looked forward to since he was little. It was second only to planning his wedding. It was one of the most important milestones in his life and this guy, whoever he was, had ruined it for Stiles. He’d hurt Stiles in one of the worst ways he could have and Derek couldn’t sit by and do nothing.

Derek plucked the card out before he lost his nerve and opened it. He scanned over what was written heart breaking for Stiles as he realized how excited Stiles must have been reading these words, but then as Derek’s eyes landed on the name written at the bottom of the card he felt his knees go weak. Luckily the bed was behind him and Derek sat down heavily, releasing a rush of air he hadn’t known he’d been holding. He just stared down at his own name in shock for a few moments thinking about everything leading up to this moment over the last few weeks. 

God, he felt like such a clueless idiot.

This certainly explained a few things he’d been questioning. Stiles had been acting differently towards him the past few weeks, more free and intimate with his touches like he wasn’t trying to hold back anymore or he wasn’t scared of crossing some unspoken line. Derek had thought that Stiles’s sudden cuddly nature had been brought out because Stiles was just so happy about meeting someone. He hadn’t allowed himself to think too much of it, or read too hard into it. 

Derek hadn’t allowed himself to hope that it meant more than what it was, because he’d thought Stiles was so happy about someone else .

Derek hadn’t wanted to ruin this chance for Stiles no matter how much he wanted it to be him putting that excitement in Stiles’s eyes or that beautiful smile on Stiles’s face. When Stiles had come into lacrosse practice practically vibrating in excitement over his date for prom Derek had been shocked and so jealous that someone had beat him to it, but he’d buried it deep and had simply been happy for his friend. The ironic thing now was Derek that it had been him the whole time. He’d been jealous of himself because he had been the one to put that smile on Stiles’s face.

When the shock wore off the anger set in again and Derek stood to his feet with the letter clutched tightly in his hands. He walked into the dining hall and straight over to the lacrosse table, noting that Stiles wasn’t there, which was probably for the best. Those there noticed his approach and frowned because Derek was pretty sure he looked as furious as he felt, and this was probably the first time any of them had seen it.

Boyd stood in concern, followed closely by Jackson, and as Derek reached them he shoved the card into Boyd’s chest roughly. “Boyd I swear to god if you or Jackson did this I’m going to murder you both right here,” Derek stated as Boyd took the card in confusion and Jackson looked over his shoulder to read as well.

Both boys' eyes widened as they looked at each other than at Derek. “We didn’t do this. I promise you we didn’t do this Derek,” Boyd stated earnestly. “You’ve got to believe me. I never would have jeopardized this for you.”

“Yeah, I mean we’ve interfered and pushed you into a lot of stuff, but we would never have messed with this. Besides we knew you were planning on asking him remember?” Jackson added seriously.

Derek believed them, but if it hadn’t been Boyd or Jackson, then who else would have done something like this. His eyes swept across the other lacrosse players sitting around the table and his question was answered as they landed on Danny and Isaac. If there was a poster depicting guilty faces then theirs would have been first and foremost. Derek practically flew at the two boys, who scrambled to their feet in alarm, but he was stopped not only by the table between them but by Jackson’s arm wrapping around his shoulders from behind.

“What the hell were you thinking!” he snarled at them causing them both to flinch.

“We – we thought we were helping,” Isaac exclaimed at the same time Danny threw out a frantic, “We’re sorry.”

“Helping! Sorry! Do you realize what you’ve done?” Derek lowered his voice to a furious hiss as he realized they were drawing attention from the few other students who were seated around the dining room.

“Stiles's friend Scott called Isaac, and at first I wasn’t really on board with the idea, to be honest, but then we thought it would help you guys get a move on. We didn’t know you were already planning on asking him and we didn’t know he already had a date,” Danny tried to explain but every word out of his mouth was only making Derek want to punch him in it even more.

“He didn’t already have a date! He thought I was taking him the whole time!”

Danny and Isaac looked confused. “So… why didn’t you? I mean I know you agreed to go with that girl, but I thought that was only after Stiles said he had a date,” Isaac asked looking at some of the other lacrosse players as if they would help them out, but none of the others were getting near this with a ten-foot pole.

“Because I thought he had another date! I didn’t know about this!” Derek snapped throwing the crumbled card at the two boys. “I didn’t know I was supposed to be taking him. He never said his date's name when he was speaking to me because he thought it was me. I thought he was talking about someone else the whole time.”

“Oh…” Danny’s eyes widened in realization as Danny and Isaac were both getting the enormity of what they had accidentally done. It was pretty common knowledge around the school that Stiles had been stood up - which was probably why Stiles was avoiding the dining room.

“Yes oh… ” Derek hissed through clenched teeth. “I was the one Stiles was waiting on last night. I was the one who left him standing there on one of the most important nights of his life because I didn’t fucking know!”

“We-we'll explain everything to Stiles. We’ll fix it okay,” Isaac began quickly as Danny nodded frantically beside him. “We really thought we were helping and we’re so so sorry we screwed everything up Derek. We just… we didn’t think things through, but we’ll tell Stiles everything. We’ll fix everything. He can’t stay mad at you once he realizes it wasn’t your fault.”

Derek sighed, all of the fight leaving him, the anger draining away to nothing but weariness as he rubbed a hand over his face. Jackson’s arm tightened around his shoulders, bringing him back against the other boy's firm chest in a comforting gesture that Derek appreciated. He hadn’t realized how badly he’d needed a hug until that moment.

“Stiles isn’t mad at me,” he explained calmer now as he looked back at the two boys with a little less fury in his eyes, which caused them to relax some as well. “Lucky for me Stiles trusts me and knows me well enough to know that I would have never done that to him on purpose. He didn’t even tell me about this – well not that it was about me at least. I guess he was embarrassed or he thought that I would feel guilty, but he figured out that it was someone else who sent him the roses and note. He thinks it was a prank.”

“We would have never -“

“I know,” Derek cut in, and really he did. Danny and Isaac had been his friends for a long time now and the lacrosse team was like a family. None of them would ever intentionally hurt another, even Stiles who was still fairly new to their group.

“But either way Stiles doesn’t know who really sent them and he thinks it was all some cruel joke to make fun of him. I think you guys forget where he comes from. All he knew about other boys before coming here was that the majority of them were hostile towards him. Of course, the first thing he’s going to think is that this was some kind of elaborate joke to hurt him.”

Danny threw his hands up and turned on Isaac. “Man I told you and Scott it was a bad idea!”

“Uhh no, actually I believe your exact words were ‘We can’t go for the cheap stuff and Derek would totally get him two dozen roses instead of just one,’” Isaac replied with a glare at Danny. “Oh and that reminds me…” Isaac reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, then opening it, he slid out a familiar-looking card and handed it to Derek. “Technically, you did buy the flowers.”

Derek took the card he rarely ever used. He hadn’t even known it was missing.

“You have so many we didn’t think you would miss one… and uh… obviously you didn’t,” Danny explained rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “You’ll probably be getting a bill pretty soon… those flowers weren’t cheap, and Stiles didn’t break the vase did he? The lady said something about it being rare and one of a kind and you know… really expensive.”

“You stole my credit card?” Derek questioned, more out of shock than actually looking for an answer, because well… it was obvious.

“One of your credit cards…” Danny trailed off before continuing quickly. “But we’ll pay you back every cent though.”

Derek shook his head, shoving his card into his back pocket carelessly. “No, I’m not worried about the money. I’m worried about Stiles and what he must be thinking. We – you two need to talk to him and explain yourselves, and somehow we need to make this right. I know you didn’t mean to but you ruined something that was really important to him. I mean, you all saw how excited he was about prom.” Danny and Isaac both looked properly miserable and guilty, which really made it hard for Derek to stay mad at them.

“Honestly, I think Stiles was more excited about going with you than anything,” Boyd cut in.

Derek swallowed thickly and closed his eyes while he thought about everything that had been ruined. They could have gone to prom together and it could have been perfect. Stiles could have had his first dance with a boy and maybe even his first real kiss. Derek had wanted it to be him, and it could have been – it still could be. He could fix this… he could make things right again.

He just had to make a few calls and come up with a plan.

( )

Derek waited in Stiles’s room, but Stiles didn’t return until late that evening. He hadn’t called or texted Derek all day, which was highly unusual, and Derek had almost gone looking for the other boy, but then he’d stopped himself. Stiles probably just needed to be alone – and especially away from Derek who seemed to be the source of all of his heartache at the moment.

Derek was about to put a stop to that though.

“What – what are you doing here?” Stiles asked as he froze in his doorway, holding about five shopping bags, which wasn’t a surprise. 

Derek knew from experience that retail therapy was usually how Lydia Martin helped Stiles cope with his emotions. She doted on him and bought him things and as much as Stiles protested Derek knew that secretly Stiles loved it - it was why Derek had no problem paying for Stiles whenever he could. Stiles deserved to be taken care of. 

Stiles finished entering the room and kicked his door closed before looking back at Derek with a confused but curious frown.

“There’s something I wanted you to hear,” Derek replied feeling like his heart was about to beat right out of his chest as he looked up at Stiles still standing frozen near the door. His hands tightened around his guitar, which was perched in his lap as he sat on Stiles’s perfectly made bed.

“A new song?” Stiles’s voice was shaky, and just the way he said it let Derek know that Stiles understood that something important was about to happen. It must have been visible in his eyes since Derek had never been very good at masking his emotions there, but the atmosphere in the room shifted to something heady and electric.

“Just come sit,” Derek softly encouraged and noticed that to his own ears his voice sounded rough and deeper. He nodded to the space on the bed in front of him as Stiles gripped the handle of his bags nervously. It broke Derek’s heart considering how comfortable they normally were around each other, and how much more physical and free Stiles had been the past few weeks with him. He wanted that Stiles back and Derek would do anything to get him.

Stiles’s eyes glanced over to the trashcan where the roses were still pouring out and bit his bottom lip while he set his bags down and moved over to the bed. “How did you find out?” he questioned standing there stiffly.

Derek ducked his head and smiled to himself. They knew each other so well that it wasn’t a question of if Derek knew - it was how he knew. “I dug through your trash and saw the card. After that everything that’s been happening lately kind of made more sense to me…”

“Oh,” Stiles whispered eyes falling to the bed as his cheeks began to grow warm. He let out a shaky breath – a self-deprecating grimace of a smile twisting the corners of his soft pink lips. “Wow this is so much more humiliating than I imagined it would be,” he whispered, voice wavering as silent tears began to fall of their own accord. Stiles tried to wipe them away quickly but Derek leaned forward and caught his wrist, causing the other boy's whiskey eyes to shift and finally look at him.

“You trust me?” Derek questioned and felt a spike of affection when Stiles answered without hesitation.

“Of course.”

“Then trust me with this,” he continued softly as Stiles’s eyes fell away from his own again. “We’ve always been honest with each other… right?”

“Yes,” Stiles whispered biting his bottom lip again, and Derek had to try hard not to stare when he released it plump and red.

“Then believe me when I say that I promise I would never hurt you, and god help me I won’t let anything else either.” Stiles’s breath choked on a sob and Derek tugged on his hand. “Now come here.”

“It’s not your fault. You don’t have to do this just because –”

“I’m not doing it just because,” Derek cut in putting that doubt to rest immediately as Stiles crawled onto the bed to kneel in front of him. “I should have done this a long time ago, but I was scared… still am in fact.”

Stiles could see it too, now that he looked. Derek’s hands were shaking as he placed them back on his guitar and he had this vulnerable look in his eyes that Stiles had never seen before.

Derek began playing and Stiles held his breath waiting for what Derek revealed in his song. Derek didn’t share his music with just anyone and Stiles felt both touched and scared as he listened to a song that was apparently for him “When the rain is blowing in your face, And the whole world is on your case, I would offer you a warm embrace, To make you feel my love.” 



By the end of the first verse, Stiles was breathless and tears were falling down his face again, but this time they weren’t because his heart was breaking. In fact, with each word Stiles felt like his world was being put back together again piece by jagged piece. “When the evening shadows and the stars appear, And there is no one to dry your tears, I could hold you for a million years, To make you feel my love.”

Stiles had never heard Derek sing like this. It was intimate in a way that was beyond anything he had ever seen or experienced. Derek’s voice was slow, low, and meaningful. If it were at all possible Stiles was even more captivated with the boy in front of him than he ever had been before. “I know you haven’t made your mind up yet, But I would never do you wrong, I’ve known it from the moment that we met, There’s no doubt in my mind where you belong…” With those last words, Derek made sure to catch Stiles’s eye and Stiles couldn’t help the breathless laugh that escaped him as pure happiness filled him for the first time in days.

An adoring smile broke out across Derek’s face as well, but then it faded into something a little more serious and sincere as he sang the next words, almost in a whisper as if they were only for Stiles’s ears – they were only for Stiles’s ears. “I’d go hungry, I’d go black and blue, I’d go crawling down the avenue, there isn’t nothing that I wouldn’t do, To make you feel my love…” 

Derek played for a moment without singing, just looking at Stiles with eyes full of so much emotion that Stiles felt every nerve in his body tingling. Then as if they were two magnets drawn together Stiles cautiously scooted forward until he could feel Derek’s hands brushing against him as he played, and Derek leaned in the rest of the way pressing their foreheads together as Stiles’s hands found themselves resting on Derek’s thighs just a few inches above his knee. “The storms are raging on a rolling sea, And down the highway of regret, The winds of change are blowing wild and free. Yeah, but you ain’t seen nothing like me yet.”

Derek sang that last line with a teasing smile while he leaned even closer and brushed his 5 o’clock scruff across Stiles’s cheek. Stiles laughed soft and breathlessly again, chest aching now with happiness and so much love for this other boy. He couldn’t believe this was happening.

It was so surreal… it couldn’t be real, but as Stiles felt Derek’s lips brush his ear and heard Derek’s low husky voice singing the next part with so much meaning and truth behind each word, he knew that this was a turning point in their relationship. It was everything Stiles had ever wanted and more. “I could make you happy make your dreams come true. There's nothing that I wouldn’t do, Go to the ends of the earth for you, To make you feel my love. 

When the lyrics stopped Derek continued to play for a moment, their temples pressed together, and Derek’s breath tingled warmly against Stiles’s ear. Stiles sat with his eyes closed, just soaking in the moment for all it was worth. Allowing himself to just feel the way Derek’s knuckles brushed against his chest as he played, the way Derek’s thigh was pressed tight and hot against his knee – the fact that he was practically straddling Derek’s lap right now.

Stiles breathed him in, feeling drugged and all too warm and heavy as Derek’s familiar scent overtook him and his warmth seeped into him. He pressed his palm against Derek’s chest for a second, just making sure he was real, before letting it slide up and behind Derek’s neck. Stiles’s perfectly manicured nails (thanks Lydia) scrapped the back of Derek’s neck as he curled his fingers into Derek’s hair. 

Derek stopped playing as a shuddering breath escaped him and they sat in silence as the guitar disappeared from between them – the only barrier left. “ Stiles…” Derek whispered and that was all Stiles could take as he found Derek’s lips with his own.

It wasn’t how Stiles had imagined it either – nothing like the romantic, sweet, and shy – almost chaste, press of lips he had pictured his first kiss with Derek to be. No… this was all of the pent-up anger and heartache, want and need, fear and frustration, and the love – god so much fucking love, that Stiles had been harboring in secret for years now. Stiles was pouring himself into this, giving Derek everything, and trusting Derek to protect it and take care of it as Derek promised in his song. Derek met him too, giving as good as he got, and answering Stiles without words.

Stiles whimpered desperately into the kiss before he even realized the sound had come from him and felt Derek’s hands wrapping around the backs of his thighs in response, lifting him and pulling him closer until Stiles was fully straddling Derek’s lap. Their chests pressed tightly together, hearts pounding, and their tongues fighting for dominance. Both of Stiles’s hands were completely buried in Derek’s hair tugging his head back for a better angle and he heard Derek groan up into the kiss - his arms wrapping around Stiles’s waist, holding him tightly and promising to never let go.

Stiles felt like someone had set his blood on fire. He could feel it pounding through his veins and resting low in his abdomen and groin hot and throbbing. The whimpers coming from his throat were continuous – needy and pleading, and Derek answered him by grabbing his hips in a strong grip and pulling him forward into his own. Stiles keened breathlessly, pulling away from the kiss to try and catch his breath.

“Stiles I – are you –”

Stiles answered Derek’s broken words by rocking against him of his own accord. He didn’t have time to think about how fast they were moving. He didn’t have time to think about the fact that he’d just had his first real kiss with a boy and that he’d never done anything remotely like this before. He didn’t have time to think about what this meant for their relationship and that they should probably stop and talk about it.

Stiles couldn’t think about any of that because all Stiles could think about was that he wanted Derek… and he’d fucking waited long enough to have him.

Stiles rocked down again and felt Derek move up to meet him. Derek’s lips latched onto his neck and Stiles let his head fall back with a breathy moan. He knew he’d probably have a mark, and his pants were far too tight for this, but the feelings both physical and emotional that were coursing through him were so delicious, and it was all so perfect because it was with Derek and he would never regret anything he did with Derek.

“You’re so beautiful,” Derek whispered against his ear. “I’ve always thought you were so beautiful. You’re body, your eyes - god your fucking eyes, and your skin… fuck Stiles –” Again with the cursing. It had Stiles's blood boiling in the best way.

Warm, calloused, strong hands were under Stiles’s shirt, smoothing up his back, then up his abdomen and across his chest. Stiles whined and arched into the hand that ran roughly over his hardened nipple and in answer Derek did it again and again and again until Stiles thought he would go insane.

“Please – please Derek I –” Stiles didn’t even know what he pleading for but he needed Derek to do something as his hips jerked hard into Derek’s, ripping a groan from low in the other boy’s throat.

Stiles blinked in surprise as he found himself on his back pressed down into the mattress of his bed. Derek’s warm weight settled over him as he settled between Stiles’s spread legs, and Derek captured his mouth in a deep kiss as he began rocking into him hard and fast. Not allowing Stiles to move as one hand held Stiles’s hip in place and the other still under his shirt rubbing and exploring him.

Stiles shouted, unable to catch his breath, as he ripped away from the kiss and threw his head back. His legs wrapped around Derek, thighs trembling, perspiration building and making his clothes cling to him, nails scraping against Derek’s shoulders hard enough to leave marks even through the thin white cotton shirt he was wearing. It was all so much – yet somehow not enough at the same time.

“Oh god Derek,” Stiles moaned brokenly feeling himself rocketing quickly toward the finish as the heat and pleasure coiled tightly. His vision grew blurry, breathing became nonexistent, as pleas and cries and sounds he probably should have been embarrassed about fell from his lips.

“Stiles – Stiles you’re… fuck I love you,” Derek groaned completely wrecked, mouth opened hot and panting against his ear.

Stiles lost it, body tensing and arching off the bed and into Derek who pulled back to watch him as he threw his head back, fingers digging into Derek’s shoulders painfully, a high-pitched keen leaving his lips, as his hips jerked uncontrollably against Derek while he rode the pleasure out.

Through his post-orgasm haze, Stiles vaguely registered Derek’s hand moving down between them, and realized Derek was palming himself through his jeans while he watched him. Then with a much more controlled breathy groan, Derek came sinking down against him and burying his face in Stiles’s neck as he panted, twitched, and moaned softly.

Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek’s trembling body and smoothed his hands soothingly up his back, but after they both began to calm down what they’d just done really began to sink in and Stiles froze, eyes widening. “Did we just…”

Derek’s lips pressed against his neck, face nuzzling up and along his jaw until his lips found Stiles’s and caught him in a deep, warm, reassuring kiss. It was all the answer and confirmation Stiles needed and he relaxed once again. “Are you okay?”

Stiles actually took the time to assess himself and think about it, and decided that yes, he was more than okay. He didn’t regret this first with Derek - or anyone in his case. It happened a hell of a lot sooner than Stiles expected or thought he was ready for, but he didn’t for a second regret that it happened. 

There was nothing for Stiles to regret. This first had been perfect and with the perfect person. “Yes, I’m more than okay,” he answered honestly. “I’ve never – that was…”

“One hell of a first kiss?” Derek finished for him and Stiles felt a giddy giggle bubbling up out of him, and he could feel Derek’s smile against his skin as Derek’s lips moved down and peppered kisses along his neck. He’d just gotten off with another guy – with Derek , and Derek had just gotten off because of him. Stiles didn’t think anything could top the happy high he was feeling right now – not even finding that limited edition Batman comic Lydia bought him.

Stiles hummed contentedly and tilted his head to the side to give Derek’s kisses more room while he wrapped his arms around Derek’s shoulders tighter. He closed his eyes, just letting everything sink in and enjoying the afterglow of his first orgasm with another boy, but then something struck him and Stiles’s eyes flew open. “Did you mean it?” he blurted before he could stop himself.

“Mean what?” Derek questioned distractedly while he studied a mark he’d left on Stiles’s neck with dark eyes.

Stiles felt a pang of disappointment and turned his head to the side so that Derek wouldn’t notice the look that must have crossed his face. “Um… nothing… never mind.” Derek had sung it to him in the song, but actually saying the words and singing them in the lyrics of a song was a little bit different. It must have been a heat-of-the-moment thing.

“Stiles, what’s the matter?” Derek frowned in confusion, brow furrowed in thought, but then his eyes widened in realization and Stiles looked up at him guardedly. “ Oh ,” he breathed pausing for only a second before his lips were pressing against Stiles’s again urgently. “Yes, I meant it. Every word. You’re the most beautiful person, inside and out, that I’ve ever met. I think I was already half in love with you the moment I saw you.”

Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek’s neck and kissed him back slowly this time, just enjoying the fact that he could do this now. In fact, he could probably get addicted to this. The way Derek tasted, the feel of his tongue stroking against Stiles’s own, the way he fought Stiles for control and then just took what he wanted.

Stiles was getting hard again.

Stiles pressed a hand against Derek’s chest, getting him to back off so he could catch his breath and calm down. They seriously needed to talk about this before doing anything else. “So are we –”

“Yes,” Derek answered before Stiles could even finish, then paused self-consciously as a blush began to spread across his cheeks. “I – I mean yeah, if you want?”

“I want,” Stiles replied smiling beautifully up at his now-boyfriend while Derek looked back down at him with a goofy but adorable sort of grin.

After a moment though the grin faded and Derek leaned down and kissed Stiles softly and chastely. “I was going to ask you… to prom I mean. I was going to ask you.”

“Why – why didn’t you?” Stiles questioned, realizing that he could have asked Derek, but in all of Stiles’s fantasies he’d been the one getting asked and it just hadn’t occurred to him to ask Derek.

Plus Derek seemed like the type of guy to want to do the asking. He was a gentleman through and through, always paying for everything when they went out, driving them everywhere, opening doors for Stiles, and pulling out chairs. He even memorized and ordered Stiles’s coffee for him, and it wasn’t that Stiles couldn’t do these things for Derek too, but he could tell Derek liked doing them for him. 

Derek was a take control kind of guy and while Stiles had a stubborn and independent streak a mile long, and a mouth that wouldn’t quit, it felt nice just being taken care of sometimes. Stiles had spent his whole childhood and young adult life taking care of himself and his dad. He wanted someone else to do it now, and that was probably why he was so attracted to people like Lydia Martin and Derek Hale. Derek could take control of him. 

It was as natural as breathing for Derek and Stiles hadn’t minded one bit letting Derek pull out his chair, pay for things, ordering his coffee. Maybe Derek had known all along what all those little gestures and actions would suggest to Stiles and to others. Maybe that was Derek’s way of staking his claim and letting the rest of the world know that Stiles was off-limits. Maybe that was Derek’s way of hinting at Stiles that he wanted their relationship to be more than platonic.

They were both oblivious idiots. 

“I was still trying to work up the courage and then when you came into lacrosse practice so excited about your date I thought I had missed my chance,” Derek explained.

“Oh…” Stiles whispered not knowing what to say. Everything had just gotten so messed up and Stiles’s heart ached again at the fact that it could have been so perfect. “I’m guessing you tracked down who sent the roses?”

Derek nodded. “Technically I did send them… at least, I paid for them. Isaac and Danny swiped one of my credit cards.”

Stiles felt his heart breaking all over again as tears sprang to his eyes. Those had been the last two names he’d expected to hear. “Did they say why - why they would do that to me?”

“They thought they were helping us get together.” Derek’s arms tightened around him in comfort. “They never meant for you to get hurt by it. Trust me they feel suitably terrible. You should expect a lot of groveling in the near future. You could probably tell them to run around the school naked and they would do it.”

“Hmm…” Stiles hummed thoughtfully feeling lighter now that he knew it hadn’t been some sort of cruel prank done in order to embarrass him. “Danny does have a nice ass.”

“Hey!” Derek protested poking him in the ribs and Stiles tried to squirm away laughing, but Derek’s arms held him in place, and soon a wrestling match issued with a lot of shouting, tickling, and laughing. After a few moments they both collapsed again side by side, breathless and half hard from all the squirming, but at the moment it was a pleasant non-rushed sort of arousal that Stiles thought he could definitely get used to.

Stiles hummed and rolled over to kiss Derek’s cheek softly. “You do too by the way. I’m rather fond of yours actually - those lacrosse pants of yours have been in more than a few of my fantasies,” he teased and laughed again when a pleased flush rose in Derek’s cheeks.

Derek rolled onto his side as well and laced their fingers together. Then he just sort of stared for a moment, eyes raking over Stiles’s face, but it wasn’t uncomfortable and Stiles didn’t feel the urge he normally felt to try and fix his hair or ask if there was something on him. There was nothing Stiles felt like he needed to fix or hide from Derek.

“Stiles Stilinski, will you go on a date with me?” Derek asked with a soft smile. 

Stiles’s breath caught. “I would love that.”

“This weekend then. I’ll pick you up at six. Wear your prom tux. It’s going to be somewhere nice. I can’t make up for what happened with prom, but I can promise you a first date you will never forget, and keep your vase. You’ll be needing it.” Derek promised with a smirk.

Stiles laughed happily and kissed Derek again. He didn’t think he’d be able to stop kissing Derek. “For the record…” he murmured scooting in closer until their legs were tangled and their noses were touching. “I love you too.”


- END -