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“Meredith it’s 3 am, come back to bed!” Addison whined and Meredith froze. “I know you’re not seriously about to make coffee,” she groaned when she noticed her girlfriend was standing in front of the coffee maker. Addison didn’t wait for a response she simply came up behind her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around her before leading her back to the bedroom.


“Addie,” Meredith whined. “I have to study, the test is in 6 hours, what if I fail, then my entire life becomes nothing and,” she ranted.


“Sleep, you’ve studied for the exam, you’re going to do great, but you need sleep.”


“What if I oversleep and miss my exam?”


“The alarm is set, you are going to get into bed and we’re going to go back to sleep, and when the alarm goes off in three hours, I am going to make you some breakfast, and coffee, and you’re going to take your intern exam, and everything will be fine,” Addison yawned as she tried to reassure her girlfriend. Meredith resisted as Addison practically pushed her back into bed.


“What if everything isn’t okay and I mess up and,” she was panicking and Addison threw her arm around her and laid her head on Meredith’s chest.


“Don’t let anything that miserable woman said get to you, you are extraordinary Mer and I love you,” she mumbled. Her eyes were heavy and she just wanted to fall back to sleep, but it wasn’t meant to be.


“You love me?” Meredith sat up, jostling Addie in the process.


“Yes, I love you, now sleep please,” she whined. Meredith laid back down and Addison managed to curl her head back into the blonde’s chest.


“I love you too Addie,” Meredith whispered, and Addison felt the blonde’s lips on her forehead. Meredith didn’t say anything else, and Addison fell to sleep with the knowledge that her girlfriend loved her too.