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Match Made in Cyberspace

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“Oh, come on,” Felix groans, holding her phone out of reach. “You’re only looking for a date. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“She...could be a spy whose boss is trying to kill me.”

“Good! If that’s the worst, you know that the worst is behind you,” he declares, and Cosima grumbles.

“Ooh, look at her,” he smiles, showing her the screen, now boasting a smiling redhead's Tinder. Before Felix can protest, Cosima swipes left.

“One date!” he complains, putting a finger up like clarification's necessary.

“Actually, it doesn’t have to be a date. You just need to get outside yourself, Cos.”

She groans, but his concern is so obviously genuine, she allows that maybe this isn’t a horrific idea.

“Fine. One. But I’m picking!”

Felix grins, and finally gives her phone back; he's displeased with how quickly she swipes left, but seemingly accepts that Cosima has veto power. At least, until he sees one particular blonde.

Shay, 27.

“Oh, oh!” he says excitedly, tapping Cosima's shoulder, and she gives a small, pointed sigh. Felix smacks her head gently, and she shakes her head so her dreads hit him in the face.

“Just as bad as Sarah,” he huffs teasingly, and starts narrating the profile before Cosima upstages him and starts looking through Shay’s photos. She is hella hot, with a great smile - maybe a drink would be kinda nice.

After she and Felix finish with their running commentary, Cosima has just a moment of deliberation before swiping right.