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i hope you’ll feed me

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The moon lights up the room in the dark of the night, no blinds or curtains to cover it up since, as of lately, Nancy has been sleeping with the window open. Normally, it would be so that Robin can snuck in without alarming her family but, tonight, the reason is this stupid fucking weather.

Nancy has always hated the warm, especially during the day, of course, but the nights aren’t any better. On top of everything, the only fan in the house broke down earlier that evening. Scratch that, stupid Mike and his friends were playing stupid D&D and broke it. Just her luck that it would happen on a weekend, when everything is shut down and she has to wait until Monday to buy a new one.

Turning around on the bed, kicking the sheet off of her body, she glances over at the clock on her nightstand, it tells her it’s 02:06 AM. She can’t sleep, always so restless in the hot nights. Every piece of clothing feels stuck to her skin. They probably, kind of, are — Nancy’s not the type of person who sweats, not really, but it has been impossible not to. If she doesn’t fall asleep in the next fifteen minutes, she might need to take a shower to cool down.

It’s been weirdly hot these days, even for the beginning of summer. Now that it’s summer break and in a unfortunate turn of events, Nancy wasn’t picked up for an internship like the previous year, she has nothing to do all day. All she’s been dreaming of is going for a swim. The pool has been closed since last July for renovations, with no predictions of when it’s opening up again — if ever, given that they’re scared something might happen again. Lover’s lake and the quarry are a no-go; both are overpopulated now, too crowded for her to actually have fun. (Not that she’d ever fit in in places like those; most of the time, people are there partying. Nancy doesn’t ever feel like partying, even if she’s happy now and is on good turns with certain things.) If life was good, normal and easy, she would just go over to Steve’s and enjoy his pool. But life is terrible and fucked up and she hasn’t been there since... you know. Besides, the kids already spend their free time over there.

Point is, Nancy can’t stand the days and now she can’t even enjoy a good night of sleep.

There was something she could do before showering, to maybe help tire her out... the girl thinks as she lays there looking at the wall. Something that would definitely be a lot better if a certain person was here, but it’s not like Nancy always needs someone to get her off. Likes, wants? Yes, there’s no way of denying that. It’s always a lot more fun when there’s another set of hands eagerly touching her but she most definitely can do this alone, as she had many nights before.

Her sweatpants and panties are spread out on the bed now, she didn’t bother removing her shirt, though. Nancy throws her head back against the pillow, legs spreading wide, toes curling, as she pants. One hand grasping the sheets tightly, while the other moves in circles against her clit. She already orgasmed once, but it wasn’t really enough. So, Nancy keeps going, it feels so fucking good. She likes to keep her pace rapid, hard. The guys she’s been with before couldn’t get her feeling like this. Only Robin can top that. She’s nowhere to be seen, though, had a family thing this weekend, two towns over. So, Nancy has to go back to working herself with her own fingers, such a shame.

Nancy is a writhing mess in her sheets, hand going faster as she feels the orgasm getting closer. Moaning each second louder and louder, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, breathing getting heavy as she tries to keep quiet, unsuccessful. She’s probably only going to last for a couple more minutes before she bursts with pure pleasure. Not that that’s going to be a problem in any way.

The hand grasping the sheets releases it’s grip, going straight to her entrance. Nancy’s so wet; dripping, even — used to be embarrassed about her body reacting like this, turns out Robin thought she was even more attractive for this. She’s so desperate for the sweet release. Thinking of someone else’s fingers, Nancy slides in one of her own, it goes as deep as it can without any resistance. Her clit is throbbing, aching, she’s craving for more. The girl moves her finger in and out fast a few times, then takes one more finger inside. She needs more than this, loves to feel full of someone but she’ll have settle for anything that she can get at the moment.

With thighs starting to shake from being stretched so far apart, hands cramping up from moving so fast, Nancy thinks about how much she absolutely hates doing all of the work, if she's being completely honest. Enjoyed it the most when her exes fucked her into the mattress. Things are very different with Robin, though. Don’t get her wrong, Nancy loves her girlfriend, loves fucking her, getting the other girl to melt under her fingers. But... once in a while she likes to be a fucking pillow princess, okay? Don’t judge a girl. She loves to just lay back and look pretty as they make her come.

It’s not something she lets happen often, of course not. Nancy’s not selfish, at all. She gives just as much as she gets. It's just that... she wants to let go sometimes. Needs someone to take care of her, without asking for much in return. She always feels so heavy, always feels like everyone around her is depending on her to save the day and honestly, they are. So, yeah, when she gets the chance she just wants to get fucked silly. And she has every right to.

A chance that was closer than she’d realized.

The room feels smaller now, she’s lost all senses, too consumed by the pleasure, eyelids heavy as if she’s right on the edge of falling asleep. Can’t even see the figure watching her from the shadows.

“Holy shit, Nance!” a whisper surges from the window.

Nancy startles, sitting up with a pounding heart and wide eyes, doesn't get much of a chance to see whoever is there. Too busy stopping her movements, desperately trying to cover herself up from the shadow person. The person keeps on moving, climbing through the frame then stepping inside. Her girlfriend, she sees clearly now. She sighs, relieved.

“Robin? Robin!” Nancy whisper-yells back, voice all raspy from the constant whining. “What are you doing here? What happened to Fort Wayne?”

Robin’s frozen, as if she can't really believe that something like this was happening. Nancy is just as shocked as she is. Finally, the girl relaxes, “Um, I’m so sorry. My grandma got sick, I’m not sure what the hell she had but it was definitely contagious. My dad just took off in the middle of the night, we just got here.” She hurriedly tells her concerned girlfriend.

Nancy frowns, “Oh, I’m sorry. I hope she’s okay.”

Robin nods, “Yeah, me too.”

An awkward silence falls between them for a moment. Nancy's not sure what to do. She's not embarrassed of her girlfriend, of course not. They’ve been together for a while now and have done all sorts of things. But, Nancy’s never been caught in the act. This is far from the worst situation she’s ever found herself in, she decides to just let it go and pats the bed, calling Robin to sit.

“What are you doing here, though? It’s, like, past 02:30.” Another look at the clock, confirms the thought.

The bed dips as Robin finally sits down facing Nancy, one leg bent on the bed and the other foot on the carpet. She bites her lip, maybe worried that Nancy will kick her out, as if that was possible. “It’s also 87 degrees out. There was no way you were asleep. Thought I'd just come over and sleep with you.”

Nancy smiles, can’t believe it. How on earth could she have found someone who knew her so well. Her old boyfriend’s might've had their moments, but nothing quite like this. “Oh,” she bites her own bottom lip.

“I guess, now, I might do more.” Robin teases, smiling right back, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Nancy’s smile grows bigger, arching one eyebrow. “Oh? Yeah? What’d you have in mind?”

Robin looks away, as if she actually needs to think before answering. “I don't know... being stopped mid orgasm is no fun.” She locks her eyes with Nancy’s again and leans in closer, hand traveling to Nancy’s knee, just resting it on the bare skin.

Nancy laughs, welcoming the touch, “You think so?”

“Yeah, I’ve been there,” she starts, and Nancy’s eyebrow shoots up. Definitely a story she needs to hear sometime soon. “I think you need more.” She slowly, ever so lightly, moves her hand up Nancy’s soft thigh. Then higher, and higher, until she can pull away the sheet that Nancy had manage to cover herself with.

“Yeah,” she softly agrees.

Robin hovers over her body and doesn't waste any time, doesn't seem to wanna tease. Probably feels like she actually ruined Nancy’s fun and wants to, needs to make up for it. Nancy’s not complaining, not when she can feel her girlfriend's thumb on her swollen clit, pressing lightly, rubbing soft and carefully. “Did you already come?”

Nancy sighs, “Once.”

“But you need more.” It’s not a question, Robin knows her body. Knows just how long her girlfriend can go, how many times she can come before she's actually exhausted. It takes a lot more than one orgasm to take Nancy Wheeler down.

“I need more.” Nancy replies anyways, sighing as the pressure starts to build up again.

“I got you.” Robin promises, settling down between her legs, chest glued to the bed, pressing the smallest kisses to her core. Maybe she's going to tease Nancy after all. Thrusting her hips down, Nancy whines, she was just promised more. She needs it, badly.

“Nuh-uh, none of that,” Robin warns, shaking her head. “I get to do this my way, you know that.”

Robin always likes to keep a slow pace at first and usually, Nancy’s happily onboard. Right now, though, Nancy wants nothing more than to tell her that it’s not really necessary — given that she’s already there — but well, Nancy’s not about to refuse such a delightful treatment. She most definitely can take it slowly, especially when she knows just how incredible it will feel when Robin finally gives in. So, she stays quiet and lets her girlfriend do her thing. That thing being mouthing at Nancy’s clit for some seconds, just enjoying her taste. Turning her head to the side, she leaves butterfly kisses on pale thighs, teeth scrapping the sensitive skin, earning some desperate whines.

Finally, she’s pushing Nancy’s legs apart, using one of her hands to keep her folds open. Robin goes down and leaves some more kisses over her warm wetness, from her entrance all the way back to her clit. She sucks over the soft nerve, feels the pulsation, feels the girl getting even more wet under the touch.

Nancy’s fingers grip Robin’s hair tight, pulling her face closer. “Fuck! That feels so good, babe.” Her voice is so rough already.

Robin groans against her flesh, sending vibrations through Nancy’s core. She blindly moves one of her hands under Nancy’s shirt and pinches her hardening nipple, the girl groans as she feels the cold, harsh touch but soon leans into it and grasps Robin’s locks even tighter. The other girl’s tongue never stops it’s skilled moves, slipping up and down on her slit, sucking on her clit from time to time.

The cold fingers that once were pinching Nancy’s nipple travel down and two of them easily dip into Nancy’s silky insides, curling just right. This won’t take long now, it won’t take long at all.

Nancy responds by rocking her hips against Robin’s face, riding her tongue and welcoming the intrusion. Robin barely moves in and out, doesn’t really get the chance to do that much before Nancy’s breathing becomes uneven and her face is all flushed and, “I’m gonna, gonna–” she squirms and lets out a long, pleasured moan as her favorite girl takes her to heaven for the second time that night.

It’s so easy to make her come.

Robin pulls her face away from Nancy’s core, leaving many more kisses and love bites on her inner thigh, instead, as the girl relaxes and rides out her climax. She keeps the fingers inside while Nancy’s body spams with aftershocks, “Want me to keep going?”

Nancy isn’t really breathing that well but manages to reply, as she threads her fingers though Robin’s locks. “Do you even have to ask?”

“Fuck, I love you.” Robin groans, then she’s pulling out, to give her a moment to recover, which Nancy appreciates. She presses yet another kiss to her girlfriend’s wetness, a final one for now; and then goes up. One elbow popped up at the side of Nancy’s head, one hand grabbing her face as she drapes her body over the other girl’s, so that they can finally kiss — for the first time that night, Nancy realizes.

“I love you, too.” Nancy breathes just before sighing into her mouth, welcoming Robin’s tongue next to hers, groaning as they share her taste. She wraps her legs around Robin’s waist, nails digging into her shoulders, pulling her impossibly close.

The girls stay like that for a few minutes, just lazily stroking each other’s tongues, with the occasional lip biting that Nancy has become obsessed with. Then, in a flash, Robin’s sucking on her neck and pushing inside her again, with more purpose, going straight to the tight buddle of nerves that make Nancy’s skin feel like it’s on fire. Her nails going deep into Robin’s arm.

“Feel good?” Robin asks, as if it wasn’t it any obvious already, and Nancy can feel her smile against her skin. Her stupid pretty smile.

A strangled cry from her dry throat is all she manages to get out, can’t really talk when Robin’s fingers are right there, where she needs them the most.

Robin’s fingers are now going much harder, maybe a little too much and Nancy thinks about complaining but bites it down. Even if her legs are going limp, this is too good to refuse. She wants it so badly. Nancy brings one of her own hands down, so that she can rub her clit and she wonders if someday she might be able to squirt, she makes a mental note to mention it some other time. Nancy squirms a little, the pleasure starting to feel >too much, to the point where it might actually get uncomfortable and Robin seems to pick up on it. She stops moving, finally, but doesn't take her fingers out just yet. Keeps them deep inside her body and feels the walls pulsating as Nancy rides out her pleasure.

Robin already made her come three times, Nancy thinks. She kind of blackout for a moment there. She’s kind of seeing white spots now, blinking she realizes that Robin’s body isn’t above her anymore. She’s back down between her legs. Nancy’s not sure how the fuck Robin isn’t tired. She's pretty exhausted herself, honestly — her thighs are shaking constantly, her walls are squeezing the fingers buried inside her so tightly, as if it's saying that it doesn't want to be fucked anymore. But, despite everything, that’s not true and Robin knows it, so she doesn't stop; keeps fucking her, while sucking her clit hard.

Nancy cries out and, as her fourth orgasm approaches, there are actual tears filling her eyes. Good tears.

Robin’s smiling as she keeps on giving it to her. Nancy’s once soft pink folds are now red and Robin can't take her eyes off of her. Her girl’s taking it so nicely. In a minute or two, she’s gone again. Eyes rolling back into her head, body spasming. It feels so good.

The fingers are leaving her body now, and Robin’s licking them up.

“Fuck,” Nancy moans softly.

Robin looks at her, mesmerized. “That was...” she trails off.

“Incredible. Marvelous. All the adjectives.”

Robin nods, “Yeah, I was gonna say awesome but those work, too.”

Nancy’s laughing and thinking about how fast her girlfriend can shift personalities. “You’re adorable.”

“Yeah, well,” She’s straddling Nancy’s lap now, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips, “So are you.”

Running a hand through her locks, Nancy goes, “I wanna touch you too.”

“Aren’t you tired?”

“Damn right, I am. But, I wanna feel you.” It’s been way too long since the last time she’s touched Robin, it’s not fair.

“Hmm, you did so well, just–” Robin unbuttons her pants, grips Nancy’s thin wrist, guiding it directly to her clothed slit. “I’m halfway there already.”

Nancy’s mouth latches onto the soft skin of Robin’s neck, dips her fingers past the waistband of Robin’s panties and rubbing her clit fast, in tight little circles. Robin is already shuddering, grasping her arm tightly, rasping out the softest whines Nancy’s ever heard. She’s never going to get enough of these little sounds that she can get out of Robin so easily.

Robin’s blunt nails are digging into her skin. Hunger grows deep in her bones, searching for her own satisfaction, at last. She’s been turned on for so long, not being touched, it doesn't that long before she’s a moaning, quivering mess, finally enjoying that sweet release.

She then just collapses on top of Nancy, feeling heavy. Chances are, they will probably fall asleep just like this. Nancy’s not opposed to that idea, given that that was her plan all along but she’s all sticky and really needs a shower right now. Even though the bathroom is like, so far away, she swears.

Then, as if she could suddenly read minds, Robin goes, “We should probably take a shower.”

“I know but ’m so tired,” Nancy slurs, genuinely, throwing an arm lazily at the direction of the bathroom.

Robin laughs softly, “Yeah, I can see it,” she runs a hand through her girl’s hair, adoring. “You’re so sweaty, though. You’ll be disgusting in the morning if you sleep like that.”

All Nancy does is grunt, she really doesn’t feel like getting up, she feels so light and peaceful right now.

“Alright, c’mon.” Robin get’s up and pulls Nancy by the wrist, trying to get her up, too — unsuccessful. “Why are you so heavy,” she deadpans.

Nancy lets out a faux scoff, putting on her best dramatically offended face, “Did you just call me–”

“No, I did not!” She pulls harder and, finally, Nancy lets up and stands on wobbly legs. Robin smiles cheeckly, “Fucked you silly, huh?”

Nancy tries to hide a smile, pushing at Robin’s shoulder, “Shut up.”

“Shutting right up.” She presses a chaste kiss to her lips and turns away. Taking off her t-shirt, Robin heads to the bathroom that’s conveniently connected to Nancy’s room. When she’s near the door she turns back around, “You coming?”

“Yeah.” Nancy smiles and walks up to her, kissing her one more time before stepping inside the other room.

As the two clean up side by side, Nancy smiles thinks about how she’s finally going to get that damn good night of sleep, fight next to the one she appreciates the most.