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Queen of Hearts

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The doors of the elevator slid open and Tally stepped into one of the most opulent rooms she had ever seen. There were marble statues placed all over the open room, mirrors and paintings adorned the walls. There was a glistening diamond chandelier above her head and two staircases that met to lead to another level. Gold was everywhere; on the stairs bannister, the paintings' frames and there was even a grand piano in the corner of the room with gold patterns covering the glossy wood. She made her way further into the room towards the fireplace that was surrounded by recliners and plush looking couches. This was where she found her host.

Sarah Alder was sitting on one of the couches with a book in her hand. As soon as she heard the clicking of Tally's heels, she placed it on the glass table in front of her.

"Testing my patience, I see."

"Just came to return your jacket," Tally said, pushing the folded piece of clothing out in front of her, like a shield.

Alder rose with a smug look on her face, the lie was an unconvincing one and every step she took towards Tally dented it further.

"Considering the ease at which you beat me at poker I thought you'd be a better liar."

Tally flung the jacket over the back of the couch, "I can be when I know what I want."

"You don't know what you want right now?"

"I'm undecided. I got what I came to Las Vegas for, getting more that that seems greedy."

Alder grinned at the unconscious confirmation that she was something Tally would want, "Be greedy at my expense darling, I insist."

Tally still seemed to be wrestling with the decision before her so Alder did what she did best. She took control.

"Drink?" Alder asked, walking to the drinks trolley beside the piano. She poured out a glass of whiskey and one of rum before Tally had even replied.

Tally's fingers grasped the offered glass but her face held a look of surprise, "How do you know I drink rum?"

"I know everything that goes on in my casino," Alder winked.

Tally nodded slightly as she sipped her favourite spiced rum. It was warm and smooth with a little bit of a kick.

Alder closely watched Tally's face. She didn't want to miss a thing when her next words hit, "I had the dealer for this evening's game interviewed."

The rim of the glass froze on Tally's lips as the tone in which Alder had said interviewed implied something much more sinister had happened. Her eyes flicked to the closed elevator doors, "I didn't cheat."

The words were spoken with forced calm and Alder's intense scrutiny was not lost on Tally. She could hear her heart beat thudding in her chest. A sense of danger was creeping up Tally's spine and her mind was screaming to retreat to what she knew. The safety of her community. She didn't belong in this room; with this woman she didn't know.

"I believe you," Alder replied, sipping her drink, enjoying playing with Tally, finally having the upper hand she always craved, "Which is ironic considering you have a two-million-dollar cheque to prove how effective a liar you really are."

"You didn't hurt the dealer, did you?" Tally questioned, worry evident in her wavering brown eyes.

Alder flicked her fingers, "No bones broken and no bruises to see."

Something in Alder's movement, her casual disregard irked Tally and before she knew what she was doing she had squared up to Alder, "You can't treat people like that!"

"I think you'll find I can," Alder returned with slight amusement twinkling in her eyes. This girl was proving to not only be capable of surprising her but challenging her as well. This night truly was turning into a special one and it wasn't finished yet.

Tally grabbed the drink out of Alder's hand, her survival instincts not having caught up to her righteous indignation on behalf of a stranger she would never meet again, "You invited me to your room and I had a choice whether to come. The dealer I imagine was just taken into a dingy room and interrogated."

A darkness fell over Alder's face, "I don't like to lose. I like being cheated even less."

Tally backed away from Alder, suddenly remember who she was speaking to and perched on the edge of the piano stool.

Should never have gotten on the damned elevator, she blasphemed to herself. She took a large gulp of whiskey to help calm her racing mind then a mouthful of her rum to dispel the taste of Alder's drink. A single line of inquiry captured her attention and she just had to know the answer. Her mum always said she never did know when to leave things well alone.

"What would you have done if I had cheated?"

What a bold question. Alder closed the gap between them in a few graceful steps. Tally flinched when Alder's voice emanated from directly behind her.

"There have been a few that have tried in the past and it didn't end well for them."

The ominous tone of her answer encouraged Tally to try to take another gulp of whiskey but Alder reclaimed both drinks in her hands and placed them on top of the piano.

"Can you play?"

"I learnt as a child but why-"

"Play then."

Tally wanted to snap at the demand but something was telling her just to do as she was asked. Her fingers glided over the keys until she decided on what song to play.

She pressed the keys down and the sound of the piano filled the air, after a few seconds she felt a hot breath by her neck.

"Beautiful, "Alder purred, and Tally didn't know if she was complimenting the music or her but she continued regardless, even when she felt legs surround her own and a chest at her back.

"Keep playing," Alder nuzzled at her neck, settling on the piano stool, resting one hand on her upper thigh as her other pulled Tally's midriff taut against her own.

"You asked what I would've done if you had cheated," Alder said, watching Tally's fingers work over her shoulder. "I would have had one of my employees break every bone in that dealer's body and had him dumped in the trash."

Tally's spine shivered at the thought and Alder's hand on her thigh tightened, causing her dress to ride up slightly.

"As for you," Alder murmured, planting a firm kiss on the side of Tally's neck, "You would have vanished without a trace. I would have ensured your winnings were distributed among your community as per your final wish."

Tally's concentration on the rhythm of the music was waning as Alder peppered her neck with more sensual kisses but the notes continued to flow, albeit just at a slower pace, "Not very subtle."

"Subtlety would ruin the warning to others," Alder said, adding her tongue to the ministrations at Tally's neck.

Tally's shoulders tensed as the final note of the song echoed around the room and seemed to linger in the air, "You think you are above the law."

"I am above the law," Alder hissed as her hand pulled at the hem of Tally's dress before slipping below her lacey pants to cup her intimately while the other brushed her side to gently rest at her chin, turning Tally's face to her.

Before Tally could utter a rebuke of Alder's grand statement, she was caught in a kiss. It was demanding and brutal. The whiskey taste was still strong on their lips, drowning out any residual rum flavour. She tried to match Alder's forcefulness on instinct but the black-haired beauty quickly took control pressing two fingers between Tally's folds causing her to gasp, allowing a tongue to slip into her mouth.

Tally released some tension as her hands dug into the thighs that caged her against the piano. Alder broke the rough kiss and let her hand trail from Tally's chin to one of her covered breasts while her fingers methodically rubbed the trapped girl's core below.

"If you don't want to continue, now is the time to make that clear," Alder drawled before adding in a raspy voice, "If you ask, I'll let you go."

Tally considered leaving, she really did; Sarah Alder was clearly a dangerous person with the means to make people vanish and the inclination to do so but the reasonable part of her brain had long been overridden by the little bolts of pleasure she was receiving from Alder's fingers thrusting into her clit and the general thrill of the situation she was in.

She didn't hesitate. She knew what she wanted.

Alder felt a twinge of disappointment when Tally disengaged from her lap and stood, she knew how wet she was from her fingers alone, but the feeling was soon replaced with genuine surprise when Tally turned around. Her hand shot out and grabbed Alder firmly by the throat. Tally took advantage of her momentary stunned mind and circled Alder's midriff with her legs, then assaulted her mouth in the same way Alder had done to her moments earlier.

Alder quickly got over her initial shock and roared as she lifted Tally and placed her on the surface of the piano, returning her passionate kisses with her own. Alder's hands pulled Tally's dress up so it bunched around her hips.

She greedily demanded the touch of Tally's skin as her hands roamed between the captured woman's thighs, dragging her pants down so they slipped to the floor over her dangling legs. Alder's fingers didn't wait for permission to thrust deep into Tally. Tally bucked in time with Alder's thrusts and was rewarded with a low moan from the woman hanging over her which she felt through her fingers still curled around Alder's throat but it wasn't enough.

Tally pushed Alder lightly away from herself and when she didn't get the hint, Tally bit down on Alder's neck but not hard enough to leave a mark, well not a long-lasting one anyway. Alder growled but complied never the less, releasing Tally long enough for her to bring her dress over her head and throw her bra to the ground to join her pants.

Alder took the moment to look her up and down. Her tanned skin was glowing in the dimmed light of the room, her lean physique was sending hot pulses everywhere, and her scent was so inviting, but the thing that was drawing Alder in the most was Tally's unabashed confidence in herself that was complimenting the burning desire in her brown eyes.

Alder knew she was an intimidating person and most people withered before her and submitted out of sheer fear, and that was without the knowledge of what she was truly capable of doing to those that crossed her. But the woman frantically unburdening her of her pantsuit wasn't most people.

Alder's mouth licked and tickled Tally's nipple just as her pantsuit hit the floor. She redoubled her efforts, enjoying the panting whimpers coming from Tally despite her attempts to muffle them.

"I'm not a gentle lover," Alder murmured in warning, reluctantly leaving Tally's chest to bringing her mouth to her neck to nip a way up to Tally's jawline, the time for games was soon coming to an end. Her control only lasted as long as she wanted it to.

"I don't want gentle," Tally ground out as she pushed Alder's pants completely down so her fingers could reciprocate what Alder's were doing to her.

Alder let out a glutenous groan as Tally's fingertips found all the right places, it was utterly delectable but Alder was never one to be outdone. She grabbed Tally's wrist and pushed it away so she could guide her tongue into the deserving woman's core.

Tally moved her legs to give Alder more space to manoeuvre once she realised Alder's goal. She had been with women before, sloppy and clumsy experiences, but there was none of that with Alder, every sensual touch was perfect and every bolt of pleasure was overwhelming. She knew what she wanted in this moment and there was no doubt in her mind that Alder would give it to her.

As if on cue Alder's tongue explored her wetness, licking at her walls and moving with such rapid precision that it had Tally curling her toes. Alder held Tally flat against the piano's cold surface at her stomach and kept her squirming to a minimum while her other hand splayed near Tally's hip for balance.

Alder worked at a steady tempo, testing Tally's reactions and boundaries, demanding Tally's sweet moans in payment until Tally's back arched and her hand came forcefully down on Alder's head.

The movement triggered Alder's predatory side. She couldn't contain the raging feelings of lust underneath her hot skin. She let it take over in its fullest sense and blindly ravished the woman caught underneath her with such ferocity that the whiskey glass she had placed on the piano earlier shattered to pieces on the floor beside them, causing the amber liquid to spill across the white marble floor.

Tally's encouragement and now strangled cries of pleasure spurred Alder on to the blissful ending she sought. Tally's orgasm crashed all around Alder and she ate it all.

Tally took a few seconds to recover but when she did, she locked eyes with Alder. Both were panting heavily from the exertion. Alder licked her wet lips but her eyes still held a feral look, like the night wasn't finished and honestly Tally just felt excited.

Excited for more.

Alder slowly drew up along Tally's torso and planting her lips on Tally's warm skin as she went. It had been so long since she had fucked a partner worthy of her attentions and she didn't want it to end anytime soon.

But a minute later heavy breathing still filled the air and neither had attempted to move but Tally had to know what the next move was.

Was she taking the elevator back down to the lobby or was she staying the night?

Alder must have caught onto her thinking because she appraised Tally from above and locked her blue eyes on her light brown ones.


Tally gave a tired but not exhausted smile, "Bed."

Alder pulled Tally off the piano and guided her up the stairs to her bedroom, leaving the floor covered in shattered glass and discarded clothes.