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As Steve stepped out of his car, he found the thick summer air to be fucking stifling. The weatherman had promised rain, but they’d had no such luck despite the clouds gathering above. Even the very ground radiated the heat, and he approached a door, knocking quickly. He wanted to get inside, where AC would provide some fucking relief. The door to the Munson’s trailer swung open so fast that Steve almost thought it was going to be yanked off its hinges, and he almost jumped out of his skin. He blinked, mouth twitching into an easy smile as he was faced with Eddie himself. From his tattered jeans to the lit cigarette in his mouth, the man looked like a fucking dream come true. After glancing around the trailer park for onlookers, Eddie finally smiled back, grabbing the front of his shirt, and pulling him inside.

The door shut behind him, and Eddie turned briefly to stub out his cigarette. Turning back, he blew a cloud of smoke in Steve’s face as he crowded him against the door. Steve’s breath hitched, and he reached up, plucking the cigarette from between his lips.

“Nice to see you too, asshole.”

Eddie narrowed his eyes, pressing ever closer. Steve felt his heartbeat race, like a thousand hummingbirds had suddenly come to life in his chest. Their lips met in a kiss that tasted like tobacco, though there was a sweetness to it too. Steve chased it, his free hand pushing him closer to a welcome groan. Eddie bit his lip, hard, and he whimpered as heat pooled in his stomach. Pulling away, Eddie grinned at him like a Cheshire cat.

He was in some type of mood today. They’d been hooking up for a couple of months now, and it was easily the most casual relationship Steve had ever had, and that was saying something. If it weren’t for the fact that they screwed at every opportunity they had, Steve would consider him just a really good friend.

“What was that about me being an asshole?”

Steve pulled him close again, kissing him furiously, and Eddie met him halfway as their tongues pressed against each other. Eddie parted Steve’s legs, pressing his thigh into his groin against his stiffening cock. Steve’s head hit the door as it tipped back, and Eddie was kissing down his neck, barely leaving him time to breathe.

“Fuck, Eds. I just got here- ah- “

He gasped as Eddie’s teeth sank into the place where his neck met his shoulder, his knees trembling slightly as his cock twitched against Eddie’s thigh. The bite was soothed with Eddie’s tongue laving over a bruise that would be forming by the morning. He sucked air in through his teeth, his hand rising to tug at the long dark hair within his grasp, relishing in the way Eddie’s head followed his grip before he was getting pulled away from the door again, arms wrapping around him tight. Eddie smelled like warmth and safety, and he breathed in deeply.

Eddie’s hand found his face, cupping his cheek with surprising tenderness as he held him at arm’s length. “You okay?” he asked, his expression suddenly serious. Steve nodded, running a hand over his face.

“I’m fine. Just missed you.”

Okay. Maybe it was getting slightly less casual every time they saw each other.

A callused thumb brushed his cheekbone, and his heart leaped in his chest. Before he could say something stupid, he pulled Eddie in close, and they were kissing again, gasping into each other’s mouths as the rest of what Steve wanted to say went unspoken.

“Fuck,” he whimpered, as Eddie slipped a hand up under his t-shirt

I love you, he thought as his fingers tangled in his hair.

The t-shirt was pulled over his head, cast aside, and Eddie pulled him by his belt loops into his room. As his brain came back onboard, he grabbed for the W.A.S.P t-shirt Eds was wearing, yanking it off over his head. He raked his eyes down, over Eddie’s chest. He wasn’t entirely scrawny, but built quite slim, and his nipples were a light pink against his pale skin which he knew for a fact was so soft.

“Why do you look at me like that every time I take my clothes off?”

Steve’s eyes flicked back up to Eddie’s face as he realized he’d been staring, a pair of wide, brown eyes fixed on him. There was humor in his voice, but his expression was so earnest that Steve’s heart did another somersault in his chest.

Because I love you, he thought. “Because you’re hot,” he said instead.

Eddie’s mouth twitched into a rakish grin, looping his arms around Steve’s neck. “That’s all you, baby.”

The rest of their clothes were tossed aside in quick succession, and Steve settled on the bed, his back to the comforter as Eddie watched. Reaching for him, Steve grabbed his hand, pulling him down to straddle his hips.

“Hey, aren’t I supposed to be the one pushing you around,” Eddie purred into his ear, sending a shiver down his spine. He settled back, looking down at him like a lion who was incredibly pleased with the result of his hunt.

“So get on with it and fuck me, then,” he dared him, and Eddie’s smile dropped, Steve’s heart going with it.

A hand went around his throat, and he gasped.

“What did you say to me?”

“I’m sorry,” Steve choked out, though Eddie’s hand wasn’t squeezing with any pressure. Above him, those soft brown eyes were dark, their gaze hard.

“No,” he narrowed his eyes, shaking his head, “No, that wasn’t it.”

Steve gripped his wrist, breathing hard. “I said- “


Get on with it and fuck me,” he snarled.

Eddie’s eyes flashed as he brought his face closer to Steve’s, and he could feel the warmth of his breath against his skin as he murmured, “I’m going to pretend, for your sake,” the grip on Steve’s throat increased ever so slightly, “that I didn’t hear that.”

Steve grit his teeth, but as Eddie’s hand dropped from his throat to his cock, he found it hard and leaking against his belly. He stroked him gently, and he groaned.


Eddie chuckled, his expression softening as he glanced down. “Been thinking about you all day,” he muttered, almost shyly.



Steve focused on the soft pillow under his head, the way it smelled like fresh laundry, and that bullshit that was meant to smell like cotton even though cotton didn’t actually smell like a goddamn candle from Bath and Body Works. Absentmindedly, he wondered if Eddie had washed his sheets just for him.

“What, um.” He swallowed hard as Eddie’s hand sped up, “What did you think about specifically?”

There was that grin again. Bold, brash, and cocky.

“Thought about your thighs, Harrington.” He trailed a hand down Steve’s left thigh for emphasis, before moving his other hand to his right thigh. “The way they open up for me.” Steve swallowed hard, but sure enough, his thighs were parting, and Eddie settled between them, grabbing a tube of KY Jelly from his nightstand.

“You gonna fuck me, Eddie?”

He popped the cap, loud in the otherwise quiet room.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Harrington?”

Steve nodded quickly, and Eddie breathed out a laugh.

“Words, please.”

I love you.

“I want you to fuck me. Please.”




Steve keened against Eddie’s neck as he settled inside him, the weight of him on top of him. He’d whined his way through getting prepped, and now that he was finally, finally full, his fingers grasped at Eddie’s back fruitlessly.

“You feel fucking amazing,” the brunet groaned into his ear, shifting slightly, and Steve could only moan in response. Hands gripped his thighs hard enough to bruise, and Eddie withdrew just enough to fuck into him carefully.

“Oh, fuck,” Steve cried, weakly, spurring Eddie on as he began moving, their bodies connecting with every thrust. His fingers grasped for purchase in the sheets as he was taken apart, the bed creaking underneath them as Eddie fucked him faster and faster, chasing their orgasms. Steve looped his legs around his back, the hands on his thighs hooking underneath them enough to tilt his hips, and oh.

That was good.

That was really fucking good, in the mind-melting sense, and Eddie seemed to find it funny how easily he could get Steve around his little finger, playing him like a fucking violin. Heat grew in his abdomen, and as he got closer a litany of ‘ah’s fell from his mouth. All he could hear was Eddie’s ragged breaths and his own outcries, and Eddie reached between them , stroking Steve’s cock in time with his thrusts, fucking him harder and faster and –

As Steve felt himself about to cum, Eddie stopped, leaving him gasping and writhing beneath him pathetically.

Eddie!” he whined, as his cock slipped out of him. He breathed harshly, grabbing for him as he leaned back, a grin on his face that turned Steve’s brain into mush. “Please. Put it back, put it back.”

Kneeling over him, Eddie trailed a hand down Steve’s chest, over his abdomen. “Put what back, Harrington?” he asked, a glint in his eye. Steve was putty in his hands, and he knew it.

Steve threw his head back. He was willing to play games if it meant Eddie gave him what he wanted. “Your cock. Please, I need it.”

Eddie chuckled, low and dark. “Don’t tell me I’ve turned Steve Harrington into a little cock whore,” he teased, and for a second Steve wanted to bite him. His cock lay hard and heavy on his belly, and as Eddie wrapped a hand around it again, he gasped hopefully. Still between his legs, Eddie leaned down, placing an open-mouthed kiss between his pecs, trailing downwards.

“What are you doing?” Steve breathed, and Eddie looked up at him like he wanted to eat him.

“Gonna play with you for a bit, Stevie. Want to hear you whine a little bit longer, sweetheart.” He placed another kiss under his navel, tracing the trail of hair that led all the way down. Steve shivered beneath his touch, grasping at Eddie’s hair. “Pull too hard and I’ll slap you, Harrington,” he warned, a dangerous note in his voice that made his cock twitch, before warmth wrapped around it as Eddie took it into his mouth. He moaned around it, tongue circling the head, and Steve bit his lip. Fuck, I love you, he thought,

Fuck, Eddie,” he whimpered, his fingers twitching as Eddie swallowed him down to the root, barely even gagging. “Oh, that’s good.”

He sucked dick like he was fucking born for it, but most of all, like he fucking loved it. Steve understood why. He’d also realized lately that he fucking loved feeling the weight of a cock heavy on his tongue, tasting skin and precum and sweat. The challenge of trying to take it all the way, how Eddie’s hands felt fisting in his hair. Taking the most intimate part of someone into his mouth, and them trusting him. He knew Eddie liked the power of it. That he could turn Steve into a gushing mess. He gazed down at Eddie reverentially, and Eddie gazed back. He slid off Steve’s cock with a wet pop, stroking him with one hand.

“What do you say, baby?” Eddie asked, “You wanna cum for me, hm?”

Steve nodded quickly, but, fuck, Eddie could be cruel.

“Come on, baby. What do you say when you wanna cum?”

A whimper escaped him. His muscles pulled tight, his hand clenching in Eddie’s hair as the man stared up at him, seemingly transfixed. Steve’s mouth opened and closed, his eyes wide, and as pleasure washed over him, words tumbled out of his mouth before he could stop them, a kite caught by the wind.

Fuck, Eddie, I love you.”

He regretted it the moment it came out of his mouth, and he clapped a hand over his mouth guilty.

Eddie’s eyes widened, his parted lips opening into a shocked ‘o’ shape. For a second, Steve’s heart dropped, but then Eddie’s mouth was twitching up into a devilish grin. His tongue lapped at the tip of Steve’s cock, and suddenly he was swallowing him down again, sucking all the way down, and seemingly out of nowhere Steve’s whole body tensed up, his fingers and toes curling, crying out as he was wracked with a fucking incredible orgasm.

As he gasped for breath, Eddie was descending on him, pressing kisses to his face, his neck, his lips. He pushed his legs up, lining his cock up and filling his hole again with one swift movement that made Steve clutch at his back, clawing at him as he set a near-brutal pace.

Eddie buried his face in his neck, and Steve whined as he fucked him harder and faster, trying and failing to grip onto him through it. Then, after what felt like no time at all, Eddie came with an abrupt groan, sinking his teeth into Steve’s neck. His hips stuttered to a halt, all his limbs relaxing as he collapsed on top of him with a satisfied sigh.

Steve stared up at the ceiling and wondered what he was thinking.


It was pitch black outside the trailer, rain pattering on the roof, hard enough that Steve hoped Eddie wouldn’t be kicking him out the moment he got his breathing back in check. It seemed the weatherman hadn’t lied after all.

God, he was such a fucking idiot. Why couldn’t he keep his goddamn mouth shut? They were barely even dating, the possibility of love was probably so far from Eddie’s mind. They’d barely even liked each other just three months beforehand.

They lay for what felt like forever, and as Eddie finally shifted, Steve couldn’t meet his eye. For once, he was grateful for the time Eddie took to toss the condom, though his heart pounded in his chest when he felt the other side of the bed sag as the man sat down. Then, a warm cloth passed over his belly, and in the dim light he finally looked up at the man cleaning him up, wiping semen and sweat from his flushed skin with a gentleness not many people knew Eddie possessed. He seemed almost contemplative, and as he finished, he leaned down to press a kiss to Steve’s lips. It was short and sweet, and as it lingered on his lips Steve thought about what it might represent.

Eddie was an affectionate guy. He put his arm around him, he peppered him with kisses that made his skin tingle when they had sex, and he sprawled all over him when they watched movies. One little kiss meant nothing.

Tossing the rag in the direction of the laundry basket, Eddie laid down heavily with a groan and an “Oh, god. That felt fucking good.” He breathed heavily, and the hair around his face was damp with sweat. Stretching luxuriously, he finally rested with his arms under his head, and in the warm light of the lamp his skin took on a golden hue. “You staying?” he asked, jolting Steve out of his thoughts. Steve considered the question for a second.

“I - Can I?”  

Eddie shrugged, simply. “Sure. I’m, like, five seconds from being completely fucking out of it, though.”

They burrowed under the comforter and Eddie switched the light off, plunging them into darkness as they settled down to sleep. Eddie shifted, and Steve wasn’t sure which way he was facing. If he had turned away from him, he wouldn’t blame him. If some random hook-up had sprung on him that they loved him, he would have felt uncomfortable too.

Turning away from him, he sighed. Squeezing his eyes shut and willing sleep to grab at him, he inhaled deeply, desperate to escape the fucking embarrassment of it all.

He jumped slightly as an arm snaked over his waist, a warm body pressing itself against his back. This close, he could hear Eddie breathing, steady and slow.


Eddie sounded drowsy, like he was already falling asleep

“Yeah?” he replied, far too quietly. Eddie nestled his face into the side of Steve’s neck with a series of soft sounds, until he couldn’t get any closer if he tried. He pressed a lazy kiss onto his skin. There was a beat of silence.

“Mm. Love you.”