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Hermione was startled as the door to her office opened and Bellatrix strode in. She could tell that Bellatrix was in a mood, but that didn’t stop her from saying, “you could have knocked,” as she looked up over a stack of papers.

“Hello to you too, pet,” Bellatrix smirked and closed the door behind herself with her foot. She leaned against it long enough to lock it.

“Is there something the Department of Magical Law Enforcement can do for you?” Hermione arched an eyebrow. Bellatrix never visited her at work. At least, she never had before. She called Hermione's job mind-numbing and sleep-inducing.

“No.” Bellatrix’s smirk grew deeper. “But there is something you can do for me. You see, I’ve got a little itch and you’re the one I want to scratch it.”

Hermione immediately knew what Bellatrix was talking about and her eyes went wide. “Bellatrix, I can’t! I’m at work.” She looked at Bellatrix horrified. They couldn’t possibly have sex in Hermione’s office. It was crazy. Everyone would know. It would be mortifying.

“You forget yourself, pet. You have no choice in the matter. I can have you any place and any time I please.” She stalked forward until she could put her hands down on Hermione’s desk. Something in Hermione quickened in pleasure at the forcefulness, but it was tempered by the potential for embarrassment.

“But my coworkers—“

“Understand how these sorts of relationships work. They won’t utter a peep.” Bellatrix fisted a hand in the front of Hermione’s robe and pulled her forward. Hermione’s breath caught in her throat. Bellatrix was probably right. Hermione belonged to the Black sisters as much as a dog belonged to its master. It was an old, pureblood tradition that bound the four of them together, and one that Hermione couldn't challenge. As far as wizarding society was concerned, what the Black sisters did with their pet was none of their concern.

“Please…please don’t…” Hermione looked up at Bellatrix. If begging was the only possible way she could get out of this situation, she would do it.

Bellatrix tilted her head to the side and let go of Hermione’s robe. She brushed down the shoulders and patted them. Hermione was suddenly terrified. Bellatrix never gave in so easily.

“Alright. I won’t have you right here. We’ll play a different game.” Bellatrix pulled out her wand and flicked it in Hermione’s direction. Hermione’s breath caught in her throat as she felt a flash of warmth course through her body. It coalesced low in her belly and started to burn pleasantly. Hermione had never felt anything like it. It made her nervous because she knew that pleasure with Bellatrix always came with some sort of pain.

“Do you feel that?” Bellatrix asked though she didn’t wait for an answer. “It’s going to get stronger and stronger until you give in.”

“Give in?” That sounded ominous. What was Bellatrix doing to her?

“Oh, yes." Bellatrix's eyes glinted. "All you have to do is owl one of us and tell us you're ready to submit to us here, in your office, and we'll make sure you feel all better. You even get to pick your poison. Owl whichever one of us you like, but choose wisely."

Hermione swallowed hard. Bellatrix had just given her an impossible task. She would never feel comfortable enough to have sex in her office, and she had a feeling she wouldn't be having sex outside of it until Bellatrix got what she wanted or got tired of her game.

Bellatrix leaned in a placed a chaste kiss on Hermione's lips. "Enjoy the rest of your afternoon," Bellatrix said with a knowing glint in her eyes. She turned and stalked back out of the office leaving the door open behind herself. Hermione jumped to her feet and reclosed the door before sinking down into her chair again.

As she sat, the heat in her body shifted even lower. She could feel it in her clit and the inside of her cunt. A warm tingling that was already starting to distract her from the work on her desk. She squirmed slightly trying to find a better position in which to work. She just needed to ignore it. Eventually, Bellatrix would get tired of this game and she would lose interest. Hermione could wait it out.

Hermione lay in her bed and tried not to toss and turn, but it wasn't working well. Generally, she liked to sleep with one of the sisters, rotating between beds, but Andromeda had kicked her out of her room when it seemed like Hermione was never going to be able to fall asleep.

The feeling between her thighs had only intensified. It felt like there was something pressing deep inside of her, not thrusting, but lodged so far in it was stealing her breath away. She tried clenching down on it, but there was nothing really there, so the action provided no relief. At the same time, it felt like someone was gently but insistently putting pressure on her clit. She wanted to rub against it. She tried to rub against it. But there wasn't anything to rub against. It was driving her mental.

She knew if she tried to get any of the sisters to help her, they would simply say no. Touching herself was also off-limits. She had learned when this arrangement had first started that she could only orgasm with the permission of one of the sisters. A fact that they loved teasing her with, making her turned on and desperate but denying her permission to find release. She hadn't had a choice about when or where she might come in nearly a year. Ever since the Black sisters had exerted their claim over her and she had been forced to accept it.

Hermione took a deep breath and tried to center herself, but she was quickly distracted. There was no way she was getting to sleep that night. Surely, Bellatrix would tire of this game soon.

It was barely ten a.m. when Hermione threw down her quill at work. She couldn't concentrate on anything other than the feeling between her legs. She was squirming uncontrollably, barely able to sit still by this point. She knew one quick note and one of the sisters would come and put her out of her misery. She put her head down on her desk. Could she really do it? Could she really ask one of them to come fuck her in her office?

The thought that her coworkers might know what was happening in her office was still mortifying, but it seemed like Bellatrix had laid her trap well. Hermione was going to have to give in.

With a shaky hand, Hermione found a piece of parchment. She dipped her quill into her inkpot, scratched out a brief note, and stood. Walking made things slightly more bearable, which was the only reason she was capable of finding a Ministry owl and attaching the letter to its leg. She sent it on its way and went back to her office to try to get some work done while she waited.

Once again, Hermione's office door opened without warning. Even though she had partially been expecting it, she was still startled when Narcissa appeared before her.

"Mmm." Narcissa tilted her head to look at Hermione. Before she said anything else, she closed and locked the office door. "You look a bit…peaked. Are you coming down with something, do you think?"

Hermione glowered. She wasn't in the mood to be teased any more than she already had been.

"Oh, don't look cross at me. This is your own fault. If you had just given Bella what she wanted yesterday, you wouldn't be in this situation." Narcissa shook her head as if lamenting Hermione's stupidity as she sank into one of Hermione's visitor's chairs. "Now, come here."

Hermione clenched her hands around the edge of her desk for a second before standing on what had now become wobbly knees. Once she got close to Narcissa, Narcissa reached out and took her arm, guiding Hermione down to her lap. Without further preamble, Narcissa started unbuttoning Hermione's robe, and once that was finished, the shirt she wore underneath it until Hermione's bra-covered breasts were revealed.

Narcissa slid a hand into one of the cups and pinched Hermione's nipple. Hermione closed her eyes and bucked on Narcissa's lap.

"Oh no, darling," Narcissa whispered. "You're going to be fully aware of your surroundings while I do this to you. Keep your eyes open. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Narcissa," Hermione breathed out as she forced her eyes open.

"Good girl." Narcissa nodded. Hermione preened slightly. She always liked being called a good girl, and Narcissa seemed to know that.

After only a few moments of playing with Hermione's nipples, Narcissa flicked open the button on her trousers and unzipped them. Her hand immediately touched hot skin as it had been months since the sisters had allowed Hermione any sort of underwear.

Narcissa slid her hand lower until she could nestle it between Hermione's lips.

"You are embarrassingly wet, darling. You should be ashamed of yourself, drawing this out for so long." Narcissa shook her head, but Hermione was already too far gone to really process Narcissa's words. As soon as Narcissa had touched her, her mind had gone completely blank. She wanted. She wanted. That was her entire existence.

With a twist of her hand, Narcissa drove two fingers into Hermione's cunt and Hermione let out a gasp. She ground her palm against Hermione's clit while she fucked her. Hermione couldn't stay silent. She whined and whimpered and mewled.

"Please, Narcissa." Hermione pushed down against Narcissa's hand chasing after the feel of her fingers inside of her.

"Please what?" Narcissa demanded.

"Please let me come," Hermione immediately replied. She had been hesitant to voice her desires when the sisters had first begun their association, but now, she was trained to ask for what she wanted, knowing they wouldn't give it to her if she didn't. Bellatrix, especially, liked to make Hermione utter every filthy thing that she wanted.

"Where are we, Hermione?" Narcissa nuzzled against Hermione's neck leaving little, incongruous kisses in her wake.

"My office." Hermione's breath shuddered. "We're in my office."

"And if we want to fuck you in your office, what do you say?" Narcissa pressed.

"I say thank you and I spread my legs for you." Hermione's eyes closed again before she forced them back open. She didn't want to disobey Narcissa now. Not when she was so close to getting what she craved.

"Good." Narcissa rubbed her finger over Hermione's clit and pushed her fingers in as deeply as they would go. "You may come now."

With Narcissa's permission finally granted, Hermione's eyes snapped shut as her orgasm washed over her. As she moaned, she clung to Narcissa as tightly as she could.

After several long minutes, Hermione finally calmed down enough to reopen her eyes. When she did, she saw Narcissa smiling at her.

"You know, we had a bet as to which of us you'd owl. If you're curious, Andy won. She gets to have you all to herself for the next two days. But before that happens, you're going to get on your knees, and you're going to thank me for taking time out of my day to come here and take care of you." Narcissa placed another soft kiss on Hermione's lips and gently pushed her down onto the floor.