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secret hobbies of the avengers

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Tony Stark
- Cooking. He loves the aromatic smells and making food for his loved ones

Bruce Banner
- Smoking pot. How else does he calm down? He even grows his own little weed garden

Natasha Romanov
- She's a dominatrix. She loves making bad baby boys wail and weep

Clit Barton
- Breakdancing. He loves performing at primary school talent shows

- Stripping. Pepper introduced him to it. He loved the attention, constantly yelling to "Make it rain"

Rocket Raccoon
- He loves hunting. Especially if it's rodents that are weaker than him. He wants to be king of the jungle

Peter Parker
- He reads comics and bakes for his team

Wade Wilson
- He knits. He wraps his knitted scarves around his neck to cover the marred skin

Wanda and Pietro Maxmioff
- They go to twin conventions

Pepper Potts
- She goes to redhead parades

Bucky Barnes
- Gardens. He likes singing to his plants, and swears it helps them grow better

Steve Rogers
- World War 2 reenactments. He loves reliving his golden moments, and he also loves doing Cold War roleplay where he's a valiant agent fighting the communists

Peter Quill
- Model trains. It was ruined for him when Tony drove his "caboose" ;) through his model train tunnel

- Social media influencer. He posts rants on YouTube, as well as muckbangs

- He likes those music videos made for toddlers. The bright colours and shapes amuse him

Eddie Brock
- He does Irish step dancing

Scott Lang
- Stand-up comedy

Sam Wilson
- He pretends to be a statue, since he's very good at being forgettable, uhm I mean invisible

- He watches reality television

- Looks through the porn history of all the Avengers

- Writes fanfiction, mainly smut about himself with the Avengers because he's lonely. They always call him a "pretty boy" in the fics

Nick Fury
- He loves playing video games. Additionally, he loves finding out when Peter's playing so he can beat him in the online game under an anonymous username. He's also a Twitch streamer, since his government job doesn't pay enough

Stephen Strange
- He's a furry. His fursona is a neon pink fennec fox, with red highlights in its tail. Rocket tried to hunt him once

- Oil painting, except the paint is his black cum that comes from his girthy tentacles