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in his bed

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Steve loved the way Eddie looked in his bed.

The way he’d lay back on it with his head hanging off the side, smoke curling from his lips as they shared a joint.

Days where he'd sit against the headboard with his knees pulled up to his chest as he rambled and ranted on, arms flying around himself as he gestured to everything and nothing.

Nights where he’d curl up beside Steve, talking in the space between them about his nightmares or fears, listening as Steve spoke about his own dreams and wishes.

He loved the way he’d lay back with his legs hanging off the side, reading some paperback novel out loud to Steve, laughing at the silly voices he’d make for each character.

Or when Steve had woken up, gasping, pulling at his hair as he tried to stop himself from hyperventilating, Eddie had gotten up from his spot on the floor and moved over to the bed. He wormed his way under the covers without needing an invitation as he held Steve’s hand through it all, placing his fingers delicately against his bare shoulder, repeating that he needed to breathe, that he wasn’t alone, that he was here. I’m right here.

Or that night after it had stormed all day, with rain pattering against Steve’s window, as they kept a flashlight between them, Steve repeating the scary stories Dustin always told him, Eddie laughing at the stupidity of them. The way he jumped every time thunder boomed outside, moving closer and closer to Steve until eventually there wasn’t any space between them. Closer and closer until Steve could feel his breaths on his jaw and Eddie’s legs bump against his.

Or how he’d kiss Steve against the mattress, cupping his jaw as he bracketed his hips with his knees, pushing him down onto it with the weight of his own body.

The way he’d jump into Steve’s arms the moment they’d made their way away from the wandering eyes of Steve’s parents, into Steve’s room as Eddie closed the door behind himself gently, locking it. He’d wrap his own arms around Steve’s neck, pressing a kiss to his jaw as they laughed and fell back against the bed, the comforter ruffling around their bodies as hands roamed and explored.

He loved the way Eddie’s back arched off his mattress, mouth open and wanting as Steve pressed kisses to the jut of his hip bone, trailing down to his thighs. He loved the way his hands clenched in the sheets as he breathed shakily up at the ceiling, long and pale fingers whitening at the knuckles, curling into the soft material below them until Steve reached out to release them from their hold, bringing them up to the back of his head, moaning around Eddie as he gripped his hair instead.

He loved looking at Eddie while he was sleeping, lying beneath the covers on his own, the porcelain skin of his back, dotted with birthmarks, shifting as he breathed. His face, pressed against the pillows, dark brown curls disarrayed on the covers beneath his cheek, fanning out around him.

Steve would make his way over to him and lean down to drop a kiss on his cheek, then his shoulder, then all along his spine, reveling in the way Eddie would adjust, humming contently, the sound vibrating against Steve’s hand where he’d place it on the boy's sternum. He’d whisper that he had to go to work, and Eddie would reach out to grab his arm, telling him to stay, and Steve would practically have to drag himself out of the bed before he was late. Again.

He loved waking up beside Eddie, curling his arm over his waist, back against his chest. He’d place his lips against the other man's nape, just sort of breathing him in, pressing his face into his skin. He’d laugh at the way Eddie would curl his shoulder up to his chin, muttering about how it tickled. Eddie would eventually turn in Steve’s arms, running the tip of his nose against his collarbone, up to his jaw, pressing his own open mouthed kisses there.

Good morning, baby, he’d whisper, brown eyes fluttering open as he took Steve in, looking at him in awe, and Steve could see the same expression reflected back at him. He’d lean down to press his lips against Eddie’s, smiling into the kiss, murmuring his own greeting as he pulled Eddie closer to his chest, lying beside him with tangled legs.

Steve loved the way Eddie looked in his bed.

But, if there was anything he loved more, it was Eddie himself.