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Our First Date

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Text message: Nicole to Waves


“Hey you wanna make planny plans for next week? I
know you said you like a few days. So I figured I’d
get on your calendar early.” 😉

My phone buzz’s under my thigh and my stomach drops. Why did that happen? Weird. I pull it out from underneath me and unlock the screen. The number wasn’t in my phone but a smile fades over my lips as I bite my lower lip in response to the message. I begin to text back as soon as my dots appear on the other end a new message appears.

“Oh and this is Nicole… sheriff Haught.”


“Oh umm we talked at Shorties the other day…”

“I know… lol”

“Oh lol”

“I knew it was you. You ummm kinda left an
impression on me the other day. I mean it’s kinda
hard to forget someone who helped you out of your
clothes.” Lol 😂

“True. It isn’t everyday that happens is it?!”

“No for sure not.”

A few minutes pass with the dots going crazy and then stopping. So I decide to clear the air.

“So anyways to answer your question. Yes I’d love
like to pay ya back for helping me. How does
Wednesday work?”

“Sounds great! I get a lunch break at 12:00 if ya
wanna meet me at the WayHaught coffee down the
street around 12:15pm?”

“Perfect! See ya there!” 😊☕️

“Awesome. See ya Wednesday at 12:15pm.” 😊


Wednesday Morning: Kitchen the homestead.

Wynonna leans against the counter, a steaming cup of coffee, no doubtable not just coffee. ☕️ I think as I walk into the kitchen already dressed and ready for my coffee date. Even though it’s only 7:30am.

“You’re wearing “that” to work?” “Yeah why? Is it too much?” “Maybe a bit much for Shortys.” I look down at my sundress, bright as a sunflower.🌻 I click my heels together in nervousness. “What do ya have some hot date or something?” Wynonna laughs.

“No no I… well maybe. Why is it so surprising that I’d have a hot date?” I question, a bit hurt floating in my voice. “You’re with Champ so no date would be hot,” Wynonna snickers. “Actually I broke up with him. And a matter of fact I do have a Haught date,” I say and spin on my heels leaving Wynonna with wide eyes as she processes this new information.

“You mean that new deputy? But she’s a chick? Did you just come out to me Waverly Earp???!” I smile in excitement as I realize that I really did just come out to my sister and walked away confidently. It feels so amazing!



11:00am Police station Nicole Haught Desk is filled with unfinished paperwork.

My cellphone lights up on my desk with a notification. I quickly pick it up in excitement. But it’s just the reminder, not a text from Waverly.
15 mins pass so slowly. Then another notification comes through and I pick it up. And a wide smile fills my face at Waverly’s message.

“One hour!!!! Can’t wait!”

“Yay can’t wait either! See you in an hour!”

“See you in an hour!!!!”

I click my screen off and set it back on my desk. I bite my lip trying to contain my excitement as a loud throat clearing shakes me from my spell.

I quickly look up to be face to face with Wynonna Earp. Aka Waverly’s big sister. Oh god.

“Sooo Haught to trot, what’s this I hear about a date with my sister?” “It’s not really a date so clam down crazy,” I say trying to stay calm myself. “Oh sure it isn’t. So why is my sister getting all dolled up to get a coffee with a “friend?” Wynonna uses air quotes to make a point.

I smile thinking of Waverly trying to pick out the right outfit and fussing over her makeup for me. My heart melts at the thought of Waverly caring that much.

“Yo dreamboat snap out of it! I’m still yelling at you over here!” I pull myself down from cloud nine and back to reality. Wynonna stares at me expecting an answer, which I can’t find for the life of me.

“I honestly don’t know. She’s with Champ, so it’s JUST coffee as far as I’m aware,” I answer her as a message comes through on my phone. I snatch it up fast. Wynonna looks at me wide eyed. “So who’s that? My sister? Because that ridiculous smile on your face totally screams “platonic”,” Wynonna rolls her eyes at me. I ignore her and read the message from Waverly.

“I am running a bit late because of how busy it is.
Dang drunks getting here early! But I’ll be there
even if I have to use this old shotgun behind the
bar!” Lol 😝

I laugh under my breath almost a giggle. Shit what is happening to me! I DO NOT GIGGLE!
Wynonna bursts out a laugh that the whole department heard. “Oh man! You’ve got it bad Haught tart!” “I’ve got nothing. Nothing at all. Now can you leave, so I can get some of this damn paper work done before I go on my lunch break!”

“Jerez no need to get your heartstrings in a bind Officer. I was just blowing your case out of the water for ya. Damn! No need to shoot the messenger. Alright if you wanna push your feelings for my sister down be my guest. Just wanted you to know that she doesn’t prepare this much for coffee with Cressy or any other of her prissy friends. Just a thought Red. I’ll leave ya to it then. You better treat my sister good on this totally “NOT” a date today alright?”

“I will Wynonna. Better than she’s ever been treated, I can promise you that,” I give a small reassuring smile. “You better or I’ll be right back here tomorrow!” With her threat hanging in the air, she marches out the door.


I sit in the conner booth waiting with my leg slightly bouncing in anticipation.
My unread message on my screen

“I’m here in the back corner.”

Waverly is just busy. There’s no way she would stand you up. Besides it’s only… I check my phone. 12:30. At that very moment the door swings inward and the bell dings with the new customers arrival.

(🎶Ooh La La- Josie Dunne🎶)

It is like time stoped. My heart stops and my breath catches in my throat. Is my jaw on the floor? Wow! Did her hair seriously just catch the breeze like that. Damn it’s like a photo shoot. My heart gives a flutter as she looks around and her eyes land on mine and she’s gives me a shy smile and wave.

My panic sets in, as she confidently struts towards me. Wow she looks beautiful! “Hey so sorry for being a few minutes late. I’m usually so early but I got stuck at work,” she says as she slides into the u shaped booth, across from me. “I’m just glad you came,” I say as I take a slip of my coffee, never able to break our eye contact. She breaks it nervously, smiling sheepishly. A deep blush visible under those breathtaking eyes.

“I have something to tell you…” Waverly is cut off by the waiter. “What can I get you miss Earp?”
Perfect timing dude! Can’t you see we’re talking?! I roll my eyes in anonymous. “Oh ummm. I’ll have a green tea with honey please. Thanks,” she smiles and the waiter returns the gesture as his eyes travel over Waverly’s body. And my body tenses protectively.

He walks away and I realize my grip on the cup is a bit too tight and makes the cup wrinkle under my grip.
Pull yourself together NICOLE! “You okay?” Waverly asks gesturing to my white knuckles around the glass. “Yeah I’m fine. I just hate guys who do that.” “What? Him checking me out? Oh I guess I’m just used to it by now. It’s just stupid Carl,” She waves it off.

“No it’s not okay, I can’t stand it!” “Are you always this protective? Or just around me, Officer Haught?” I relax my shoulders. “Sorry, what did you have to tell me?” “Oh I just… well never mind…it’s not important.” “If you were going to say it, it’s important to me. What is it Waves?” “Okay ummm. So you know that boy man I told you about?” I smile and nod. “Yes unfortunately I remember him,” I admit.

“Well I broke up with him.” “Hey congrats! No more boy man! So does this mean… This is a date?” Waverly flashes me a knowing smile and bits her lower lip. “Waverly Earp You sneaky minx,” I laugh low. She slides closer and my heart gives a flutter again. She never takes her eyes off of mine but her warm hand takes mine and it’s over. I’m hers forever.