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Her Addiction

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“And if Regina asks for anything, you’ll do what she wants, won’t you?” Mary Margaret asked.

“Mom! I know already!” Emma whined, fed up with her mother’s nagging. “I’m not a little kid anymore, you know? I can survive a week on my own; I don’t know why you invited your friend over.”

“Maybe you can, but my garden and houseplants cannot. Sweetie, I love you and trust you, but you don’t exactly have a green thumb.”

Emma rolled her eyes. Ever since her mom read that article about the benefits of sustainable farming a couple of years ago, she had committed herself completely to the home-grown vegetable lifestyle. Emma didn’t mind the fresh carrots and lettuce and tomatoes, but her mom’s uptightness meant that she wasn’t allowed to even touch the plants most of the time. Sure, she killed that one succulent plant, but that didn’t mean she was inept in agricultural care.

“Meanwhile, Regina is just so good with plant cultivation. I’m always learning new techniques from her. She’s utterly inspiring,” Mary Margaret gushed.

“Here we go,” Emma groaned loudly. Not a day went by without her mom praising her gardening bestie in some way. Although she had never met the woman prior, she knew that her mom trusted Regina with everything. And now her mom had entrusted Regina with the task of watching over the house while her mom and dad left for the week to celebrate their anniversary. Which just so happened to coincide with Enna’s week-long vacation from school.

It wasn’t fair, Emma thought. She was a senior in high school already. She should be out partying with her classmates and having fun. Instead, she would spend her vacation cooped up inside the house, doing homework with some stranger watching over her, making sure that she didn’t misbehave. Emma blamed her mom. Being the upstanding moral teacher that she was, Mary Margaret would never let her only daughter be rebellious and throw parties. Hence the babysitter.

“Okay, I’ll stop,” Mary Margaret relented, holding her hands up in surrender. “But do give her a chance. She’s truly a wonderful woman.”

“I will,” Emma said, her tone indicating that she would do anything but.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Mary Margaret made a dash to the door and opened it quickly. “Regina! You’re here!” She wasted no time engulfing her friend in a hug. From her position in the living room, Emma could hear sporadic bits of their conversation.

“Emma! Mary Margaret called out. “Come over here and say hello to Regina, please!”

Emma cussed her under breath and got up from her seat, preparing a few insults and snappy retorts in her mind.

Then she locked eyes with the woman at the door, and all ill thoughts disappeared.

“Why hello,” Regina beamed at Emma and extended her hand in a sign of goodwill. “Your mother has told me so much about you. It’s nice to finally meet you in person.”

Emma couldn’t stop her mouth from dropping open. She had expected her mom’s friend to look like, well, her mom. But this woman in contrast, was nothing short of breathtaking. Short brown hair cut precisely to her neck, matching color eyes that seemed to bore right into her soul, and plump lips that were practically painted red. Not to mention her skin, smooth and completely free of blemishes. Her collared shirt and jeans covered up most of her body, but the top buttons were undone, showing off her chest and a hint of cleavage. Right then, standing in the doorway, was the most beautiful woman Emma had ever laid eyes on.

“Emma! Be polite!” Mary Margaret scolded. She slapped Emma’s arm, snapping the blonde teen out of her trance. To Regina, she said, “I’m sorry, she’s been in a bit of a mood. Please forgive her rudeness.”

“Oh, it’s no bother to me,” Regina said, and her low, raspy voice was heavenly to Emma’s ears. “Although my hand is getting quite tired.”

“S-sorry,” Emma apologized, quickly shaking Regina’s hand. How had she lost her composure so quickly?

Regina smiled at Emma once more, and it comforted her and unnerved her all at the same time. “I’m sure we’ll get along wonderfully this week.”

 “Uh, yeah,” Emma mumbled, diverting her gaze to her feet. She wanted to disappear into her room as soon as possible.

Mary Margaret spoke to Emma. “Okay dear, there’s leftovers in the fridge for you tonight, and a lot of food for the rest of the week. I told Regina to help herself to whatever she wanted, so don’t be alarmed if she’s loitering in the kitchen. Her cooking is to die for.”

“You flatter me too much, Mary Margaret,” Regina said. “Though I could always cook for you Emma, if that’s what you’d like.” She winked at Emma playfully.

Before Emma could respond, her dad walked to the doorway and told them all that the last of their luggage had been loaded into the car. Emma hugged her parents and waved them goodbye as they drove away.

“I suppose I’ll get to work in the backyard. It was great meeting you Emma.” Regina flashed her another one of her radiant smiles before opening the gate leading to the backyard, disappearing out of sight.

Emma retreated inside and ran up to her room. She flopped onto the bed and began blasting music from her phone. She wanted to drown out all of her weird and confusing thoughts. Dinner came and went without incident. Emma ate the leftovers alone, putting the dirty dishes in the sink. She could wash them tomorrow. She then ran upstairs to take a shower.


When she got to the bathroom, Emma threw her clothes onto the floor and jumped into the shower. She sighed happily, relieved to feel the hot water pounding against her skin. It was a welcome distraction from her usual, more negative thoughts.

All things considered; Emma had a lot of things going for her. Even she could admit that. She had stellar grades in every subject and was a shoo-in for her college of choice. She had conventionally good looks: decent hair, decent eyes, a slim, fit body type, and a pair of breasts that were above-average in size. Yet still, Emma couldn’t help but feel dejected and lonely. It would be easier if she had a boyfriend, or friends of any kind. But everyone always saw her as a teacher’s pet, an unless someone needed help with homework, no one approached her normally.

“I’m so pathetic,” Emma sighed. “I’ve been living in this town for almost four years, and I’ve got no friends to show for it. I need to get out of this dump.”

Emma stood in the shower and basked in self-pity until the hot water ran out. As she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, Emma realized that she hadn’t seen Regina since she disappeared into the backyard. She wondered if Regina had gone home already, or if she was downstairs, making her own dinner. Maybe she should go downstairs to check.

Grabbing a towel, Emma dried herself off. Had she opened her eyes in that moment, she would have seen that she had company in the bathroom. She would have seen an equally nude form—save for a loincloth—slowly approaching her, raking over her body with a lustful eye.

But Emma’s eyes were closed, and she didn’t see any of those things. She didn’t even notice that the other person was right behind her until she felt a strong arm wrap around her chest, pulling her back against soft flesh.

Emma’s eyes popped open, and the towel fell from her hands. Before she could fully process what was happening, another arm circled around her body, a hand wrapping its fingers around her neck. Emma couldn’t so much as turn her head to see who had taken hold of her.

“What the hell?! Let me go! Let me go!” Emma screamed, flailing against her assailant’s grip.

“Now, now, dear. You shouldn’t struggle so much. You’ll bruise your lovely skin.”

Emma’s entire body froze when she heard the familiar voice. The same sultry voice that left her breathless just a few hours ago. But now, the voice, which was so gentle before, was laced with a clear maliciousness that sent shivers down her spine.

It couldn’t be her. It had to be her.

“R-Regina? Wh-what are you doing?” Emma asked nervously.

A low chuckle rang out from behind. “You don’t have to play dumb, dear. You’re naked and wet. It should be obvious what I’m doing to you.”

As Regina spoke, she turned Emma’s body around so that the young girl could see her. Emma’s breath hitched in her throat when they made eye contact for the first time. Unlike the soft browns from before, Regina’s eyes were pitch black and predatory, locked onto their prey.

In that moment, Emma felt very meek and scared. Nevertheless, she knew she had to fight back.

“Th-this isn’t funny Regina! I’ll tell Mom! I—Mmh! Mmph!” Emma’s voice was cut off by Regina’s strong hand, which had moved up from her neck to cover her mouth. Emma tried shaking her head and flailing her arms to push her off, but Regina was too strong.

“Like I said earlier, you really shouldn’t fight this so much. I don’t plan to hurt you any more than absolutely necessary,” Regina said calmly, walking forward. With her hands and arms still trapping Emma, Regina’s steps caused Emma to stumble and be led backwards. Regina continued to walk forward until Emma’s back was firmly pressed against the bathroom wall. Regina leaned into Emma, pinning her to the wall with her body weight.

“Now let’s see what we have here,” Regina purred. Keeping her head level to Emma’s, she released her grip on Emma’s chest, her hand sliding down Emma’s belly in a possessive gesture. Deft fingers came to a stop at Emma’s pubic region. “You shave? I didn’t think your mother let you,” Regina noted.

“Mmmmm! Mmmm!”

Emma’s protests went unignored, Regina’s attention focused solely on her pussy. It was completely shaven and dripping wet, though most of that wetness came from the shower water. Regina didn’t seem to mind either way, as she cupped Emma’s sensitive pussy with her hand, pressing her fingers against its entrance. Emma jolted at this motion, Regina’s touch sending shockwaves through her body. Noticing this, Regina began rubbing Emma’s pussy in a circular motion, creating more of those pleasurable shockwaves. Emma shook helplessly against Regina’s weight, unable to stop her body from enjoying the sensations.

Feeling pity for the girl, Regina removed her hand from Emma’ mouth and used to fondle her breast. As she pinched Emma’s nipple, Regina said, “Tell me Emma. How does it feel to have someone play with your pussy and nipples? Feels good, right? I can tell by how flushed you are. You’re so needy and responsive for me.”

Regina said the last sentence with adoration, as though Emma had done something worthy of praise. Emma shook her head frantically. “Please Regina, please don’t do this. I know where my parent’s safe is; I can give you the combination. You can take anything you want from this house, and I’ll never tell. Just please don’t do this.”

Regina’s nose scrunched up at Emma words. “But I don’t want your parent’s money, Emma. I don’t want any of the physical items in this house. I only want you.” She punctuated that last word with a thrust of her hips.

“Regina, wait—”

“Shhh. I’m going to make you feel so good. Just relax.” And while Regina said those words, two of the fingers rubbing Emma’s pussy slipped inside. Almost immediately, Emma’s pussy began to spasm against the foreign invaders, unsure what to do with them.

“Ah—” Emma’s mouth opened against her volition, and Regina used this moment to forcibly kiss her, driving her tongue into Emma’s mouth. As Regina kissed her, the two fingers inside Emma’s pussy began to move, slowly pushing deeper and deeper until—

Regina paused her movements and broke the kiss, leaving Emma gasping for air. She cautiously pushed again, the tips of her fingers meeting that same barrier. Regina slowly rubbed her fingers against the barrier, feeling it out. Her eyes widened in shock when she realized what it was.

“You’re a virgin?” she asked breathlessly.

Emma couldn’t speak. Her body was completely frozen. Partly because of fear, partly because of anticipation, and partly because of Regina’s body that was still pushing down against her.

“Not just a normal virgin either,” Regina mumbled to herself, “Your hymen is definitely a cribriform. Lots of tissue with tiny little openings. Oh, your periods must have been so painful. I’m sorry Emma. But I’ll fix that soon; don’t worry.”

Emma was mortified, to have Regina inspect her hymen in such a humiliating way. “Please Regina, you already stole my first kiss. Don’t take this too, I’m begging you,” she whimpered.

Regina laughed and shook her head. “Emma, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. Not when my hand is already inside your dripping pussy. You need this just as much as I do. Enjoy it.”

“I can’t enjoy this!” Emma wanted to say, but Regina’s hand began moving again. Fingers inside Emma’s pussy rubbed her inner walls, while fingers outside rubbed her outer labia. Regina’s thumb had found it’s way to Emma’s clit, and she began rubbing that too. Regina’s other hand had never left Emma’s nipple, continuously rubbing and pinching it until it became rock hard. All the while, Regina began placing soft kisses on Emma’s neck, leaving the teenager breathless. Emma bit her tongue to prevent herself from moaning, lest she spur on Regina’s lust further.

But with Regina’s fingers rubbing her pussy so thoroughly, Emma’s body had to give in. Emma suddenly felt a strange building in her chest, as though she was about to explode at any minute. Her body began to shiver in place, and her breaths became short pants. “I—What’s happening to me?” she asked.

“You’re about to have your first orgasm,” Regina explained, her mouth still pressed against Emma’s neck. “Let it happen baby; ride it out.” She found Emma’s pulse point and began to suck on it.

That was the final straw that broke Emma’s back. Her body began convulsing wildly, buckling against Regina’s body. Juices gushed out of her pussy, soaking Regina’s hand. Emma threw her head back and opened her mouth in a silent scream. To the young girl who hadn’t even had her first kiss prior, her first orgasm felt like an enormous explosion. It was as though Regina had released the gates to a dam that Emma didn’t even know she had. Had Regina not been supporting her weight, Emma would have crumpled to the floor from the sheer force of it.

Regina continued rubbing and sucking Emma through her orgasm, extending it for as long as possible. Emma soaked Regina’s hand many more times in the process. But eventually, Emma’s body had no more to give, and the juices stopped flowing.

After what felt like an eternity for Emma, Regina removed her hand from Emma’s mound and brought it up to her mouth. Emma watched in horror and fascination as Regina licked her hand clean, lapping up Emma’s juices with long, deliberate licks.

“You taste so good, Emma!” Regina moaned happily.

A light blush adorned Emma’s cheek, of who was still unsure what to make of the entire situation. Regina had just raped her, and yet she came so hard. It felt unnaturally good. But she couldn’t say such a humiliating statement out loud, that she got off to her rape of all things.

Instead, Emma forced her best scowl. “Are you happy now?” she snarled. “You fucked me, now get out!”

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself, Emma” Regina tsked. The hand that had been on Emma’s boob had moved back to her chest, keeping the blonde girl in place. “I did say that I was going to take care of your hymen, didn’t I?”

Emma’s face went pale.

“I could have done the job with my fingers, and you would have come all the same. However,” Regina undid the knot holding her loincloth (which, was that always there? Emma wondered), letting it drop onto the floor, “I figured that this would be a more appropriate tool. Go on, see for yourself.”

For the first time all night, Emma looked down at Regina’s crotch. Her eyes bulged at what she saw. Regina had a dick: long, thick, veiny, and very erect. The tip was already oozing precum. Regina held the massive organ with her free hand, guiding it towards Emma’s pussy, towards its inevitable destination.

Emma began to panic. “That won’t fit! It’ll break me!” she cried out.

“It won’t,” Regina said plainly. Too plainly. “Losing your virginity may sting a little bit, and your pussy may be overwhelmed at first, but your body will quickly adjust to me. It’ll learn that there’s no greater pleasure than being stuffed full by a large cock. By my cock.”

Like she had done with her hand, Regina held her dick up to the entrance of Emma’s pussy, rubbing it. But this time, she ran the entire length of her dick against Emma’s slit, coating it with Emma’s juices. Again, Emma found herself biting back a moan.

She didn’t want this. She didn’t want to lose her virginity like this. So why was her body reacting as though she did?

“It’s time,” Regina announced, satisfied that her dick was lubricated well enough. She moved the hand on Emma’s chest down to her thigh, spreading Emma’s legs. Emma kicked in resistance, but her body still hadn’t recovered from her previous orgasm, and her legs were too unstable to do any real damage. With her legs open and her puffy pussy exposed, Regina proceeded to slip the tip of her cock inside Emma’s tight pussy.

Only the tip could fit inside—Emma’s hymen prevented further entry. Regina gripped Emma’s other thigh and held her up so that neither of Emma’s feet touched the ground. Now, Emma’s body was suspended in the air, only supported by the wall against her back and Regina’s hands on her thighs. One sudden drop, and Emma would be mercilessly impaled on Regina’s dick. Recognizing this, Emma pressed her hands against the wall in a final attempt to push herself off of Regina’s dick.

But it was too late. With one powerful thrust, Regina forced her dick into Emma’s virgin pussy.

Emma screamed in pain, but the sound was cut off by another searing kiss. Regina’s tongue sunk into Emma’ mouth again, forcing Emma to taste her own juices that Regina had savored just moments before. That one thrust had pushed a little under half of Regina’s dick into Emma. Determined to make the rest fit, Regina held Emma’s thighs in a vice grip, pulling downwards in short, rhythmic motions. With every pull of her thighs, Emma sunk further and further down onto Regina’s dick, her pussy stretching more and more to accommodate the massive length and girth.

Emma’s pussy was on fire. It burned in pain from the forceful intrusion, every new inch feeling so much larger than the last. Her pussy was practically split open. Regina’s dick felt never-ending, traveling deep within her love canal and hitting spots that she never knew existed. That pleasure, along with Regina’s tongue shoved inside her mouth, were the only things keeping Emma conscious while she was brutally penetrated.

Eventually, Regina stopped pulling down, and she broke off the kiss. Emma’s gaze shifted down to their sexes. Amazingly, Regina’s crotch was pressed against Emma’s ticking her skin. Regina had buried every inch of her monstrous cock inside Emma’s pussy.

“Look at you,” Regina said, still somewhat out of breath, “Stuffed to the brim with cock, the way you were born to be.”

Emma stared at their conjoined bodies, amazed that she hadn’t broken after such a painful ordeal. Her pussy continued to spasm haphazardly around Regina’s turgid member. Even the smallest shifts in Regina’s body made her dick jerk inside, rubbing tender flesh. Before she even registered what was happening, Emma came again, wetting Regina’s crotch in the process.

“Such a display just for taking my length. I wonder how hard you’ll cum when you’re being fucked on it,” Regina said.

Before Emma could process the meaning of those words, she felt Regina lift her body up such that only half of her cock remained inside Emma. Then, Regina pulled back, forcing her entire length back in. She repeated this process several times, slowly building up a steady rhythm until she was pounding Emma’s cunt with quick, short thrusts. As she fucked her, Regina whispered sweet nothings into Emma’s ear, telling her that she looked beautiful stretched like this, that the sounds she made were heavenly, and that her sweet pussy was so perfect and divine.

Emma screamed with every thrust, each one threatening to split her body in two. Her body moved independent of conscious thought, desperately trying to free itself from this ordeal. Her body flailed once more, trying to escape Regina’s grip. Her hands reached over and dug her fingernails into Regina’s back, trying to make Regina loosen her hold. Regina made a hissing sound when Emma clawed into her back, encouraging the young girl to continue her efforts.  

Unbeknownst to Emma, her thrashing had the added effect of lifting her hips up ever so slightly. This meant that as she fought Regina’s grip, her body was rocking in and out of Regina’s cock, essentially meeting Regina’s thrusts. And scratching Regina’s back only pulled the older woman closer to her, pushing Regina’s cock even deeper inside. Emma was fucking herself on Regina’s cock without realizing that she was doing so.

It was too much for Emma. The dam burst once more, and she came hard. She continued to bounce on Regina’s cock through her high, completely consumed by pleasure. In her efforts to escape, she had unintentionally helped trigger her own orgasm.

And Regina’s orgasm as well.

“I’m going to cum, Emma!” Regina declared, enunciating each word with a firm thrust. “I’m going to cum inside this pretty pussy.”

In response, Emma flailed harder and pleaded. “Stop!” she cried. “Not inside! If you cum in there, you’ll—”

“Make you pregnant?” Regina finished. She let out a low chuckle, her smile morphing into a wicked grin. “Dear, I was planning on that from the beginning. Your body is so young and ripe, perfect for carrying a child. I can’t wait to watch your belly swell with my baby.”

“N-no! You can’t!” Emma begged.

But it was too late. A few thrusts later, Regina slammed deep into Emma and held still, letting out a cry of euphoria. Emma felt spurt after spurt of Regina’s semen splash inside her, coating her inner walls with its sticky fluid. Regina remained still, not letting a single drop leak out.

When she had regained her composure, Regina looked over Emma’s body and smirked. “That, my dear, was your first seeding of many.”

“Fuck you!” Emma cried, tears falling from her eyes. How could this woman do such a thing to her? To take her virginity and cum inside her with the explicit purpose of impregnating her? Regina was a monster. A beautiful monster.

Regina ignored Emma’s retort and slowly pulled out. Emma winced internally as she felt her pussy involuntarily spasm around Regina’s cock, as if it didn’t want Regina to leave. Emma hated that her body was reacting so well to her rapist and hoped that Regina didn’t notice.

Regina pulled all the way out, revealing her cock once more. To Emma’s horror, it was still rock hard, even after emptying a huge load inside her pussy.

“Hmm, it seems that you haven’t fulfilled your duties yet,” Regina said aloud. She turned Emma’s body around so that Emma was facing the wall. She leaned forward, pushing her breasts against Emma’s back, and pushing Emma’s breasts against the wall.

Emma continued to fight against Regina’s grip.

“Fuck off! You’ve already taken me; you’ve had enough!”

“None of that now.” Regina scolded her gently. “You’re not done until you’ve completely satisfied me. Right now, you haven’t. It’s perfectly clear what must happen now.” With her other hand on Emma’s hip, she lifted the young girl’s body up slightly, lining the head of her cock against the opening to Emma’s pussy.

“N-no, no more,” Emma protested weakly. Her body was still reeling from the first pounding. She didn’t think she would survive another one.

Regina didn’t listen. In a swift motion, the hand on Emma’s hips pushed down, forcing her entire cock inside Emma’s pussy once more.

“You’re even tighter from this angle!” Regina exclaimed. She began a merciless pace, fucking Emma with reckless abandon.

“Aaaaaaah!” Emma cried out. Her hands clenched into fists. Her eyes squeezed shut. Her knees buckled against the wall. The pain from the previous fucking had seceded, meaning that she felt all the pleasure of Regina thrusting in and out of her helpless body.

Emma didn’t think it was possible, but she felt that familiar building up sensation starting in her chest again. Her breathing grew more ragged, and her vision became cloudy. Realizing that Emma was about to come, Regina maintained her aggression.

“Take it, Emma!” Regina cried out. “Take my seed, and cum on my cock. Relish in it!”

Emma whimpered pitifully as she came for the fourth time that evening. As she came, she felt Regina’s thrusts stop, and a warm gush of liquid flooded her insides. Regina had cum inside of her again, and Emma couldn’t do anything about it. All Emma could do was ride out the aftershocks of her orgasm as Regina pulled out, her dick flaccid.

Without Regina inside her, Emma could no longer support herself. She fell to the floor in crumpled heap. Cum leaked out of her aching pussy. Emma was exhausted and relieved, relieved that it was finally over.

But Regina wouldn’t let her rest peacefully. Two fingers scooped the leaking cum and pushed it back inside. Arms lifted her off the ground.

“Wh-what are you…” Emma managed to say, though her voice was barely higher than a whisper.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ve got you,” Regina cooed, holding Emma’s body upright in her arms. “I’m going to take good care of you from now on.”

“No…Don’t…” Emma mumbled weakly, but she didn’t have any strength left in her body. Against her best efforts, her eyelids slipped shut.


Regina couldn’t help but smile at the sleeping blonde lying limp in her arms. She looked so peaceful, thoroughly spent from her first fucking. Regina carefully pushed away some stray hairs that drifted over her face, letting out a moan when she saw her cute, feminine lips. One day, she’d fuck that pretty mouth. But not now. Emma was far too tired.

Regina scooped Emma up in her arms and carried her out of the bathroom, taking her to the bedroom. Not Emma’s bedroom, but the master bedroom. She laid the teenager onto the center of the mattress and placed a pillow underneath her head. Taking Emma’s right hand, Regina pulled her arm above her head and attached a cuff to her wrist. She then tied the other end of the cuff to the bedpost. She repeated this process for Emma’s other wrist and ankles. Lastly, she put a pillow underneath Emma’s butt so that her body angled up slightly, preventing her semen from leaking out.

Satisfied, Regina took a step back and admired her handiwork. Emma’s fully body was on display, spread eagle style. Her pussy was completely exposed, red, puffy, and still leaking juices. All of this was visible to any voyeuring eyes, such as Regina’s. Tied to the bed, Emma was completely at the mercy of Regina’s desires.

Regina was glad she brought her own cuffs, as the vanilla Mary Margaret did not have any bondage gear in her collection of sex toys. It would have been incredibly erotic to see Emma tied up with her mother’s toys, but this was still sufficient.

Oh, Mary Margaret, Regina thought wistfully. Mary Margaret was a kind woman. An overly sweet personality with a tendency to overshare. For the past two years, Regina had listened to her gardening partner sing praises of her beautiful daughter, Emma. She remembered the first time Mary Margaret shared a picture of Emma on her phone. Regina’s heart nearly stopped when she saw those pretty princess curls that perfectly framed an equally gorgeous face. From that moment onward, Regina’s mind was consumed with explicit fantasies featuring the beautiful girl. She would ask of Emma frequently, and Mary Margaret, who was none the wiser, was always eager to answer.

Obviously, she knew that her attraction was morally wrong. She had told herself repeatedly that she shouldn’t be feeling sexual desires towards a teenager, to her good friend’s daughter no less. For that reason, she had avoided all in-person contact with the family, turning down all of Mary Margaret’s offers to attend their family dinners. But over time, her moral values gave way to temptation and desire. When Mary Margaret told her that her house didn’t have security cameras and that they were considering installing some, an idea began to form in her mind. Then, more and more pieces fell into place, with the anniversary vacation, needing a housekeeper, and the fact that Emma would be staying at home alone.

Regina’s decision was sealed earlier that day, the moment she looked into Emma’s wide, green eyes. After Mary Margert’s told her that she could “help herself to whatever she wanted,” how could Regina say no? There was no way she could resist such a tantalizing treat. She simply had to fuck her. And so she did.

Emma turned out to be leagues beyond her expectations. Finding out that she was a complete virgin was surprising. Regina had assumed she would have a romantic partner, one that she hid from her mother. The realization that she would be Emma’s first and only lover made her cock swell even more than it already had. And Emma performed admirably well for her first time, squeezing Regina’s cock the way a good girl should. She fought back as expected, but her body told a different story. Regina saw it all: how Emma’s pussy tightened around her cock, how she fucked herself on her cock, how she came so wonderfully from every single position. Emma’s body was already growing to love sex—her mind would catch up later.

Regina left Emma to sleep in the bed. She still had plenty of work to do, such as confiscating the house phones and Emma’s electronic devices. She also had to clean the dishes in the sink, as well as the mess they made in the bathroom. Then she would have to prepare some food for when Emma woke up. Emma would need a lot of energy to last the duration of her vacation.

Regina went downstairs to cook a batch of pasta. As she worked, she glanced at the calendar hung up on the kitchen wall. Tonight was Friday. Emma’s parents wouldn’t be home until the Sunday of next week, giving Regina eight whole days to fuck Emma’s nubile body. Plenty of time to break her in and make her addicted to her cock. And to fill up her fertile womb with seed.

Yes, Regina was serious when she said that she intended to make Emma pregnant. She had always wanted a family, and sweet, precious, innocent Emma would be the one to give that to her. It was especially fitting considering that Mary Margaret had entrusted her to tend to her gardens while she was gone. Regina would tend to and seed this particular garden with the utmost of care.  

It was February. Emma would be graduating in June; she wouldn’t be a high schooler anymore. Even then, Emma was already 17; the law didn’t bind them whatsoever (not in Maine, anyways). Emma would have her child, and by then she’d be completely Regina’s. Neither Mary Margaret nor her husband David would be able to do anything about it.  

Regina stored the cooked pasta in the fridge and cleaned up the kitchen. She then returned upstairs to clean the bathroom, smirking when she saw Emma’s discarded panties on the floor. Regina held the pair up to her face and inhaled, moaning at the faint smell of Emma’s juices on the fabric. Best to hold onto those.

Lastly, Regina returned to the master bedroom to check on Emma. The girl hadn’t moved and was sleeping soundly. Good, Regina thought, since Emma would need her stamina for tomorrow. She carefully placed a blanket over Emma’s sleeping form and planted a soft kiss on her forehead before leaving the room.

Tomorrow was another day. Tomorrow, she would break Emma in properly.