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Caught in the library

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Recently lady Dimitrescu had put you through a lot. Teasing, mocking your every move and embarassing you in front of staff has become you everyday reality.
At some point, you've had enough of it and you would strategically pick locations to avoid bumping into her in the hallways. You hoped that she would just forget about you and find a new prey she could play with.


How wrong you were to think like that...


You were on your way to the library. You were so happy to be assigned to this part of the castle. You would always hurry up with the cleaning and then look through the books for the remaining time.

You were about to enter the library when you've heard heavy footsteps. You briefly looked around, feeling your heart beating faster. You silently slid inside the library, hoping that you would loose lady Dimitrescu. You stood with your ear sticked to the door, hearing the footsteps getting louder and closer. You panicked and rushed to hide behind the nearest bookcase.

After a few seconds, you've heard the door clicking open, footsteps getting inside the room. You pressed the hand to your mouth to muffle the slightest sound of breathing.

The door squeaked once again. Did she leave already?

You moved slowly, careful not to make any noise and looked from behind the bookcase. It was empty, so you must've lost her somehow. You sighed, feeling relieved and you even chuckled to yourself, but as soon as you turned back, you saw a white dress standing right next to you. You looked up and saw a pair of shimmering golden eyes staring down at you along with red lips stretched into a creepy grin.


"There you are."


You shouted and without thinking you started running, but before you could make more than just one step, you felt something tugging at the collar of your apron. Then you lost the ground under your feet and was slowly lifted by the giant gloved hand.


"Put me down, please. Put me down!" You begged as you watched the amusement painted all over lady's face.


"Oh, be careful what you wish for, Y/n." She purred and her grin widened.


"You did try to avoid me, didn't you?" She brought you close that you could see all her wrinkles as she smiled.


"No, my lady! Not at all." You tried to lie. You were so shocked that you grabbed her arm, trying to somehow release yourself from her grasp.


"Oh, don't push me away like this. I thought you like me." She teased and you hated the fact that your cheeks warmed at that.


"Something tells me that you still do. It makes me glad." Her alluring voice echoed, making you shiver as her eyes trailed from your face down to your apron wrapped around your petite frame.


Her golden gaze looked around until they stopped at the couch in the dark corner. It took lady a few steps to approach it and then she threw you on it.


"Now, let's take a look at my sweet maid." She said, slowly leaning in above.


"My lady, I-"


She ignored you as she placed her huge hand on your cheek and then it trailed down your neck and breast until finally reaching your upper thigh.


"My lady, someone might come in." You stuttered as you watched her.


Her half-lidded eyes were completely lost in between your legs. Her red lips parted, growing into a smirk as her hand slipped under your skirt. You gasped at the sudden touch, but your lady seemed content with your reaction.

You felt how her hand crawled higher and higher until it reached your pants.
You hated that you found her touch pleasant, slight arousal started building up in your stomach. You pressed your thighs together, so she wouldn't continue at the certain point.


"Behave." Lady scolded when she felt she couldn't move further. Although, she seemed to enjoy your little defiance.


Her hand moved away and you thought that was it until she pulled up your skirt with one swift move, revealing your underwear. Your face burnt with embarassment and you covered yourself with your hands. She laughed softly, charmed by your adorable reaction.


"There's no need to be shy, darling." She purred, leaning closer to your legs.


You felt her gloved hands crawling around your thighs until it stopped around the inner part, spreading them amd revealing what's in between. You gasped, feeling your face burning with shame. You felt her giant finger hooking at your pants to move it aside and reveal your most intimate part that no one else ever saw before.


"So wet already. Is that for me?" She teased, grinning. It made her aware of the great influence she had on you. The fact visibly boosted her ego.


You felt her hand going up, her long fingers reaching up to touch your heated center.
Your back arched when you felt the cold leather touching you, making small circles in all the right spots. You let out a quiet moan, which made your mistress smile. She continued caressing you until her finger hit this one spot that made you shudder. You moaned louder.


"Here?" She asked and you nodded so eagerly that it made her chuckle.


You threw your head back on the couch as you felt her finger circling around your favorite spot. Your toes curled as you felt the tickling warmth gathering in your stomach. You closed your eyes, feeling like you are going to burst.

Suddenly, the movements stopped. Fingers were gone and you felt your wetness going cold without the touch. You waited a few seconds for something to happen. You were pushed to the edge and would beg for literally anything to happen. Then, you felt a warmth suddenly pressed onto your clit. Something slick and hot brushed against your spot. You groaned, melting into the fluttering in your gut.

You lifted your head to see lady Dimitrescu between your legs, red lips softly wrapped around your clit and her cheeks slightly hollowed while she sucked on it. She looked up at you, her gaze filled with lust, as her tongue kept pleasuring you. You swear you could come just by looking at her like this.

At some point, you couldn't hold it anymore. The whole sensation got too much and you felt the knot tighten inside your stomach. You focused on the tongue flicking along your clit, perfectly hitting this one spot that made you weak and desperate for more. Then, everything burst out, your back arched and your hips bucked into lady's mouth. The movement was so sudden that you think you've heard her gasp. The climax overtook you completely. You squeezed your hand around lady's as you felt the sensation slowly fading.

You felt coldness between your legs as your lady moved away, leaving you alone on the couch. She had the lipstick smeared all around her lips and you couldn't supress a chuckle that escaped your lips. You quickly covered your mouth, but she was already staring at you, unamused by your entertainment.


"What's so funny? Better look what you've done. Such a messy girl you are." She glanced at the spot between your legs and you furrowed your eyebrows, growing a little anxious and wondering what she meant. You got up to the sitting position and looked down. There was a dark, wet stain at which you blushed.


"I'm so sorry! I promise I'll clean it, my lady!"


She laughed. "Of course you will, darling. It's your job after all."


You've been stunned by her. You just stared at her as she bent to steal a clean handkerchief from the pocket of your apron.


"I must say that you're quite challenging to satisfy." She said as she cleaned the lipstick around her mouth. She threw the dirty handkerchief at you when she was finished and walked to the nearest bookcase.


"Well, I guess I should start visiting the library more often." She said as she flicked her eyes through the row of books.


She looked at you and sucked on the finger that had touched you earlier to get one last taste of you.


"Until next time, Y/n." She said with that creepy wide grin and left the library.


When the doors were closed, you looked down at your clit smeared with her red lipstick, her white powder imprinted on the inner side of your thighs and heavy perfumes in the air. The embarassing sight of that dark stain will haunt you forever. You'll never be able to look at lady Dimitrescu in the eye again.



You decided to pay the Great Chambermaid a visit in the very morning and beg her to assign you to a different part of the castle. Lady Dimitrescu will be very upset to find out that you've been moved to a different location. You've been aware the solution was only temporary and that you'll never be able to run away from her.


She'll find you eventually and will definitely come up with some peculiar way to punish you.