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first time for everything

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“Can I kiss you?”


Hunter lets out a confused noise, which Edric finds extremely endearing, and looks up from the book he had been explaining. 


It wasn’t Edric’s smoothest work, but dammit, he wanted to kiss Hunter so bad it made him act like a fool. With his other dates, usually he’d wait until what he deemed to be the most ‘romantic’ moment of the night to lean in for a kiss. That, or they’d fool around and find each other's lips on the way.


Hunter wasn’t like Edric’s past romances, though. Hunter was very different, in the best way possible. The blonde made Edric feel like he was walking on clouds, like his gut had grown flowers that made him feel light and fluffy, and everytime Hunter smiled or laughed with him, that garden blossomed into something even more. 


Edric was too smitten to wait for the most romantic moment of a date, he wanted to reach out and melt into Hunter’s side; to cuddle and talk about the most mundane things, sneaking kisses in between sentences.


“If that’s okay, that is.” Edric tacks on, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly. He looks up to meet Hunter’s gaze with a boyish smile, taking in how the boy’s already red face becomes even redder . (Hunter was adorably expressive, Edric loved that about him.)


“I – I mean, if that’s –” Hunter sucks in a quick breath through his nose, “I’d be okay… with that.” He finishes lamely, looking away from Edric’s face out of embarrassment. Edric holds back an adoring whine at Hunter’s reaction.


Edric’s about to reach up to cup Hunter’s face before the boy’s voice interrupts him; “But–” Edric puts his hand back in his lap. “You have to keep your eyes closed.”


Edric quirks a brow at that, but nods anyway. “Sure, yeah, I can do that. Why though–” he’s cut off by one of Hunter’s gloved hands gently covering his eyes, obscuring everything into inky black.


The back of Edric’s mind complains; he wanted to be able to see Hunter’s face when they kissed. He wanted to get a good look at how Hunter reacted to the ways he could kiss him, wanted to take in the way his eyes might sparkle.


But Edric would happily snuff out those complaints if it meant Hunter would be more comfortable. He’s not sure why Hunter would want to cover his eyes, maybe it was a shy thing? Hunter prefered to avoid eye contact when he was nervous about something, maybe this was one of those things.


Edric can feel the weight on Hunter’s hand shift some, he can feel Hunter get in close to his personal space. (Edric wishes he’d do that more often.)


His stomach jumps, and his heartbeat rises to his throat. Edric hasn’t been this nervous for a kiss since his first one. He holds both of his hands in the air, stuck between keeping them in his lap or finding Hunter’s hips to place them on (if he could see them, that is).


There’s no contact. But Hunter’s close , Edric can feel it. He can feel the way Hunter’s breath lightly lands against his own face, he can smell Hunter’s soap; Edric wants nothing more than to just grab Hunter’s face and close the gap.


Hunter must’ve moved in close before chickening out at the last second, that’s why he’s so close. Edric can hear him swallow, before letting out the quietest “um,” Edric’s ever heard.


Was this Hunter’s first kiss? Was that the reason for his nerves? Edric feels honored at the thought. 


Gently, Edric moves his face forward to close the gap. He misses Hunter’s lips by a little, only capturing half of them in a kiss. Hunter lets out a little noise, something like a muffled “mnh!” and Edric wants to keep that in his memory forever.


One of Edric’s hands finds Hunter’s face and holds him, adjusting Hunter’s head to the side, allowing Edric’s lips to seal them into a proper kiss.


It’s soft and oh so tender. Edric’s got it bad , really bad. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for Hunter, who’s taken his heart and soul and wrapped him around his gloved finger. Edric tilted his head a little more for better access.


This definitely was his first kiss. Hunter was clumsy and inexperienced, trying to mirror Edric’s movements.


Hunter’s face was extremely warm to the touch, Edric could tell he was as red as apple blood. He gently strokes Hunter’s face with his thumb, hoping to communicate just how enamored he is with the action.


His hand moves to cup farther back on Hunter’s head, closer to his ear. Edric massages it, rubbing his fingers gently over the shell of his ear, scratching lightly at the torn nick in it. The action earns a shudder from Hunter and an embarrassing whine.


Edric feels like he’s on cloud nine.


After a couple moments, Edric feels Hunter pull back a little, enough to where their mouths technically weren’t connected, but they were extremely close. Edric hears him take in a breath. Did Hunter forget to breathe? Was he that into it? Cute .


Seizing the moment, Edric pushes forward again, catching Hunter in an open mouthed kiss instead. Hunter’s shocked “ mph?! ” vibrates in his own mouth, and Edric fights back a smile.


Feeling confident, he pushes his tongue forward, into Hunter’s mouth. He feels at the gap between his front teeth, which was one of his favorite things about Hunter, by the way, and relishes the whine Hunter let’s out.


Before he knows it, Edric’s gently pushed away by the hand still on his face. It moves down, to where it rests a couple fingers gently on Edric’s nose.


Edric’s eyes flutter open and quickly readjust to the light of the dim room, taking in Hunter’s appearance. His face is flushed red to the tips of his ears, and he’s looking to the side bashfully. There’s a thin trail of saliva connecting the two, which Hunter quickly cleans with the back of his other hand.


“How,” Hunter takes a breath, “How was that?”


Edric beams, leaning in to rest his forehead against Hunter’s own. “Perfect.”