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Inhaling You

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"Carlton House is sure to make us a happy home" Lord Louis Tomlinson exclaims as he guides his brand new wife into their triple storey town house in the centre of London.

"It will do for now" Betty replies while taking her gloves off and looking around the grand entrance like she's just stepped into a rubbish tip.

Louis tries not to make too much noise as he huffs behind her. Having been brought up with an awful lot of old money in their family, Louis was taught manners and gratitude.

It seems that although Betty's family also have money, they failed to teach her to be grateful and humble.

Louis and Betty had been dating less than eight months when they felt the pressure from their families to marry.

Louis loves Betty, but sometimes he fails to like her or enjoy her presence. They grew up together with their families enjoying shooting trips, balls and banquets together, so they were sort of set up from when they were kids.

Both being 24, they're almost 'on the shelf' according to their families, so they agreed to the union in the hopes of getting everyone off their backs.

After a very brief engagement they were married in Betty's Fathers' estate. They honeymooned in Bath for six days and nights before journeying by chauffeured vehicle to their home.

Having kind of consummated their union on the second night in Bath (Betty was too tired on the first night), Louis thought they ought to have felt more of a connection by now.

Betty had also been too tired for any physical contact with her new husband on any other night, so Louis figured these things just take time.

Louis' parents had given them the spacious home as a wedding present. Betty's Lady's Maid had transported and set up her belongings while they were in Bath.

Louis is yet to have a staff member all to himself, so his Father's Valet had done the same thing for him.

"Sir" a suited man says while holding out a silver tray with some letters on it.

"Thank you, Phillips" Louis answers as he takes the letters.

In the front sitting room minutes later, Louis explains to Betty that his Father has arranged interviews for staff for him.

"When will they be here?" Betty sniffs.


"My Sister is visiting tomorrow for a week. They'll need to be out of sight while she's here"

"What time does she arrive?"

"What does it matter? She's my Sister and she's welcome here any time she likes. More so than the help"

"Betty! We need these staff remember! My Father has been kind enough to arrange this for us. You could at least meet them"

"Fine" Betty huffs "But my Sister arrives at 3pm so I wont be available after that. And we might take an over night trip out of town for a day or two while she's here, so don't expect to see us much".

"We've just gotten married Betty. Don't you want to spend some alone time with me in these first stages of wedded life?" Louis asks bitterly.

"Not really Mr Tomlinson. We have the rest of our lives for that, why bombard ourselves with too much of each other now? We'll only get sick of one another, and there'll never be a divorce, so who wants to purposely create that misery? Not me!"

Louis can't believe what he is hearing, although on the other hand, he can. Betty has never been one to mince her words and only now is he realising just how much work he's going to have to put in to biting his tongue around her.

Betty is a real beauty, a one of a kind. Tall and slim with porcelain white skin and a slender delicate neck, she reminds Louis of a swan, gracious and elegant.

She prefers her long, thick dark hair to be loosely braided and wound around her head, tendrils framing her refined face and crystal clear blue eyes.

Many a suitor have come her way, only to be scared off  by her personality.

Fierce and irritable, no man has ever seen her beautiful once they've gotten to know her.


Wearing a three piece pin stripe suit, Lord Tomlinson has been interviewing staff for a few hours.

Jack Phillips, Carlton House's long term Butler, has been helping with the weeding out process of those who'll get a trial, and those who wont.

Betty has yet to make her appearance for the morning. Although it is 11am, her Sister is arriving later on that day so Louis assumes she's getting herself ready for that.

The house is three storey's high with seven large bedrooms, three modern indoor bathrooms, a library, sitting room, dining room and smoking room.

Of course Louis and Betty have their own rooms.

Downstairs also contains the kitchen, staff dining room and their sleeping quarters.

Louis doesn't think they'll need many staff; after all, it is only he and Betty for the moment.

"You could have some casual staff, Sir. For when the family and other guests are here. That way you wont need to worry about paying them full time, but you'll be assured of the staff when you need them. The agency who sent this lot can handle that for you" Phillips informs.

"Thank you Phillips, that sounds like the plan. Betty and I wont need much help around here just yet, but I'd like to host a dinner or party every now and then, so we'll need more hands on deck to help out"

"I'll arrange it after, Sir"

"Excellent Phillips. But for now, where are we up to with interviewing? I'm afraid I'll miss Betty going off to get her Sister from the station if I don't get these over with soon" Louis says lightly, trying to believe he'd miss her.

"We have most of the kitchen staff and house staff sorted for trials already" Phillips answers, checking his list " But we still need two footmen and your Valet".

"Ok, well, I guess I can't skip out on those!"

"No, no Sir, I guess not. Would you like me to send in the boy for the Valet position first? I'm afraid he's the last one for today and if you don't pick him, it will be about a week or so until we can arrange more interviews. It seems not many young men have the stomach for such a demanding job these days"

"Actually, Phillips, that's a brilliant idea. I think we ought to light some candles in here first. It seems what they say about London being dull and dreary is true. Is there a storm coming?" Louis asks.

"I'm not sure about the storm Sir, but it has gone dull in here all of a sudden, I'll get the candles".

Moments later, candles flickering around the large wood panelled room, Phillips opens the door to the smoking room and announces the last applicant for the Valet job "Mr Harry Styles, Sir".

Louis looks up and watches the young man walk in. He's tall and thin with beautiful porcelain skin and thick dark hair, partially slicked back. He could just about pass for Betty's twin, Louis muses to himself.

Harry is shy, and obviously doesn't know where to look, so he keeps his gaze on the woven rug that spans the width and breadth of the room.

Clutching a worn out flat cap in his hands, Harry looks up through his lashes as Lord Tomlinson stands to greet his visitor.

"Mr Styles" Louis is just able to choke out "Welcome" he adds, thrusting his hand out to shake.

Louis' breath has caught in his throat. All of a sudden he feels like his suit is too tight, the room a little warm. "Do you mind getting me some water Phillips?" he asks with Harry's hand still clutched in his "I feel I have been talking a lot extra today and I am a little parched now".

"Yes Sir. Will you be alright for a moment while I go and retrieve it? I'm afraid the kitchen staff haven't bought you any up yet so I'll have to do the job myself"

"We'll be fine. Thank you" Louis answers, Harry's hand still in his.

"Mr Styles" Louis says as the door closes "Good to meet you" he adds, also putting his left hand out and enclosing Harry's cool hand in both of his, giving it a shake or two.

Without realising, Louis softly strokes the back of Harry's hand with his fingers.

Harry looks at his hand and smiles meekly back at Louis. "Thank you" he replies politely as Louis finally lets him go.

"Please, have a seat, tell me about yourself" Louis instructs as he sits down and pulls at his collar again.

Harry clears his throat before softly and slowly beginning "My parents owned a bakery where I worked with them. But my Father isn't too well so they sold it. The new owner said they'd keep me on, but then they had their niece come to stay with them so they had to let me go" Harry answers self consciously.

Louis sits for a quiet moment and takes Harry in. Harry's hair is long, to his shoulders, but not scruffy like the street boy's he's seen. His porcelain skin frames two bright green eye's, large as walnuts.

Harry's tall frame is slight, but not weak. He has large working man's hands, a little rough from the manual labour of working in a bakery, but lithe and supple.

Louis watches as Harry starts wringing his hat in his hands. He looks up to Harry's face and watches as the candle light reflects off his eyes. It creates shadows around his eyes as his lashes flick up and down, every lash long and delicate.

Harry looks right back at Louis, and then there's the sound of the squeaking door handle as Phillips re-enters the room with Louis' water.

"Sorry about the delay Sir" Phillips says "Seems no-one knows how to wash up properly either".

Louis is jolted back to the moment "Mr Styles" he coughs "water?".

"No thank you Sir" he answers meekly as Phillips pours water for Louis.

"Well..." Louis starts, not knowing what to say, having never interviewed for a Valet before.

"I'm willing to have a trial Sir" Harry interrupts to Louis' gratification. "I've never been a Valet before, but I'm a fast learner. I'm strong and able to take direction well. I don't mind being busy and I don't mind early mornings either. I was up at 3am every morning for the bakery, so I'm no stranger to hard work Sir".

"Yes, well, I can hardly argue with that, can I Phillips?"

"No, I don't think so Sir. May I suggest a one month trial for Mr Styles? That way, if he doesn't work out, we'll already have some footmen who should be able to step into the role until we do find someone more suitable" Phillips replies.

"Well, that's sorted then. Welcome to Carlton House, Mr Styles" Louis says excitedly, again thrusting his hand out to Harry.

"Thank you. I wont let you down" Harry replies gratefully.

"No, I don't think you will" Louis answers.


Louis never makes it in time to see Betty before she goes to get her Sister.


 Louis is mostly left to his own devices for the next week as Betty and her Sister Minnie keep one another company.

For a few brief moments Louis wonders if married life will always be this lonely and boring, and if it is the same for everyone. He doesn't remember his parents ever being so distant from one another, although they had been married for four years by the time he came along, so they'd already had practice.

Louis doesn't have much time to think about Betty though, his head is filled with thoughts of his new Valet, Harry Styles.

Harry will start the job a week after the interview, so Louis is mentally trying to prepare for his arrival. He'll get to the house the day before he starts so Phillips can check if his uniform fits, and he'll get to know their other staff too.

Louis has dressed for bed and is climbing onto his huge mattress, pulling the heavy, luxurious covers over him as he sits there for a moment.

He finds himself staring into the flames of the fire place opposite him and remembering Harry's eye's dancing before him in the smoking room earlier in the week.

Harry will arrive the next day and Louis finds himself smiling at the thought.

Louis has always had the company of his family and their aristocrat friends, so he's never really had much to do with working class people. He's not a snob, they've always had staff and he's always been friendly with them, but he feels like the close relationship between Lord and Valet will mean that he will also have a friend in Harry.

The people in his current circle have always been more acquaintances than friends, as is usually the case when people have money, so he's thrilled at the thought of possibly having a true friend. 

Louis can't help but press down on his crotch as he thinks about Harry.

Betty has been too busy with Minnie to have any contact with Louis, especially at night time when spouse's should spend time together, so Louis is particularly horny right now.

Louis has never been attracted to another man, or at least he thinks he hasn't!

At his boarding school on the Continent, it was an open secret that some of the other young men indulged with one another. No-one ever questioned it because it was always understood that once they went back home to their families, they would go back to normal life and marry women who they'd have plentiful families with.

Louis wasn't embarrassed or ashamed to find himself attracted to Harry, after all, he is an amazing example of a man, but he was certainly surprised by it.

The first sexual thoughts of Harry had entered his mind the first night after he'd hired Harry. He found himself excusing himself early from the dining room and retiring to his bedroom quite early.

Louis had knelt on the far side of his bed in case anyone entered his room unannounced.

He quickly pulled down his dinner suit pants to his ankles, followed swiftly by his cotton, thigh length boxer shorts. As he lowered himself down onto the floor and held onto the bed for stability, he was already taking himself into his right hand.

He was partially hard already so there wasn't much work to do. He closed his eyes and leant his forehead on the waist high bedding as he quickly moved his limber hand up and down his shaft.

It was only seconds before he was groaning softly to himself, biting on his lip to keep himself quieter than he wanted to be. The fire place crackled and popped in the distance as his breathing took over the candle lit room.

A feeling crept up his backside and seemed to spread right through him very quickly. His feet tingled and his toes curled in the formal shoes he was still wearing after dinner.

Louis' hand moved quicker along himself as he gripped onto the feather down quilt covering his bed. His body shook as he started to feel like he was going to explode.

He sat up straight on his knee's and watched as he ejaculated violently, his cum spurting all over the side of the bed and the floor.

That time he had simply gotten up off the floor and taken his clothes off, wiping up his mess with his boxers and putting them in the wash basket.

This time, sitting in bed by himself yet again and thinking of Harry, he has prepared himself with an offcut of material to ejaculate into.

The familiar face of Harry dances past Louis' eyes as he closes them and again takes himself into his right hand.

This time though, instead of just imagining Harry's beautiful face, he fantasises about kissing Harry's lips, brushing his smooth white skin softly, dragging his fingers through Harry's curly brown hair.

Louis keeps his eye's closed as he dreams up images of the pair rolling around in bed together, smiling, laughing, fucking.

Louis licks his lips as his chest starts to heave in and out. He's pulled his silk pyjama bottoms off and has the scrap of material at the ready to catch his fluids.

It again takes him no longer than a minute to be ready to ejaculate.

A little bit of pre cum starts to dribble out of his penis and onto his fingers, making a wet sound as he continues to masturbate.

He opens his eyes and looks at his cock, purple on the end as he squeezes harder, desperate for an orgasm.

It suddenly hits him as he clenches his butt cheeks together. Cum starts to shoot from his hole and he quickly catches it in the piece of material.

This time a moan escapes his parted lips as he throws his head to the sky "Uuuhhh Harry" he whispers to himself with a smile.

After cleaning himself up, he folds the material and leaves it on his bed side table.

He takes off his pyjama top and soundly sleeps naked for the rest of the night.




"I'm proud of you, Son"

"Thanks Dad" Harry replies as his Dad fusses about his clothing, straightening down his shirt, sweeping fluff off his shoulder, checking his buttons are all done up.

"Only 22 and a Valet!" His Mum adds from behind her husband.

"I'd rather still be a Baker"

"I know, but what you want and what you get's two different things!" She answers.

"You'll have to bite your tongue Harry. And no fooling around, getting into mischief" his Dad adds.

"I know Dad"

"And no fooling around with the lasses" he scolds.

"Hardly" Harry replies, pulling away from his Dad's fussing.

"You'll come see us often, wont you Harry?" his Mum asks.

"I don't know what the hours are yet Ma, but I'll let you know" he answers, picking up his bag.

Harry's Mum reaches for him as he gets to the door and hugs him tight "I made you some sandwich's for the train, Son".

"Thanks Mum" Harry replies as he tries to pull away from her. "Don't cry Mum" he adds "I'll write and I'm only an hour away on the train so I'll be home when I can"

"Come on Mum" Harry's Dad says as he reaches for his wife's arm "You don't want him to be late on the first day".

"Thanks Dad" Harry says, giving him a quick hug before making his way outside.

On the way to Carlton House, Harry sits surrounded by other working class men on the train.

Harry doesn't mind that he's not rich. He's had a good upbringing, everything they needed, and his work has kept him nice and fit.

He's not had time to meet a wife just yet, but he's not sure he's ever been interested anyway.

He finished school at 14 to work in the Bakery and had just never taken an interest in the women he did actually come across.

Most of his school friends were already married with children and all they did was complain about how hard they had to work, their wives moaning about their drinking, never having any time away from the kids.

Married life didn't seem very desirable to Harry!

He was just unwrapping the grease proof paper his Mum had wrapped his sandwich's in, when he looked up and caught the eye of a man sitting on the opposite side of the carriage, in the corner.

The man was older than him, maybe 40 or so, but with a very solid looking body covered by his grey three piece. He held Harry's gaze for a moment or two until they got to the next station and other passengers alighted and boarded.

Harry still caught glimpses of the man through the throng of bodies passing between them, and something felt funny in his chest.

The man had short dark hair, parted in the middle and neatly combed back behind his ears. He had gone back to reading his paper as Harry bit into the Ham and Mustard sandwich, but still looked over the large news sheet at Harry at every chance he could.

Harry couldn't help but watch as the strangers eye's wandered the headings, stopping briefly as something took his interest.

At the next stop, a pair of women got on so Harry and another man stood to give their seats to them.

The carriage filling up, Harry was forced to stand in front of the man reading the paper in the corner. Harry purposely stood with his side to the man so he didn't have to keep looking at him.

It wasn't long before their legs brushed and made Harry's heart beat faster. No longer eating his sandwich, Harry's hands gripped on tighter to his duffle bag.

He coughed softly and turned his head just enough that he could see the man in his peripheral vision.

The man looked up at Harry and coughed to get more of his attention. Harry looked at the stranger who was rubbing his hard on through his trousers, covering himself with his newspaper.

He looked up at Harry with a smile on his face, and while Harry never looked at his face again, he couldn't stop looking at where the man's hand was.

Harry had never seen another man touching himself like that but found that he liked it. He swallowed hard and felt himself getting hard in his own trousers, so shuffled his feet to try and hide it.

"Watch it" another passenger scolded Harry as he accidently pushed his bag into the man's legs.

"Sorry, sorry" Harry grumbled.

The stranger on the seat decided to be a little more brazen and reached his hand out to touch Harry's leg.

Harry almost jumped out of his skin as he felt the hand rub the back of his thigh and tried to shake him off, to no avail.

The stranger wrapped his fingers around Harry's leg and started sliding it up the back, towards his arse.

Harry liked the feeling but such a thing was illegal, and he certainly didn't want to be getting arrested for something so embarrassing.

"Oxford Circus next!" Harry heard the conductor call out.

Thank goodness, he thought to himself, my station!.

Harry was very quick to exit the carriage and make his way through the station to the main road. Just to be sure, he checked behind himself to make sure the stranger wasn't following, before making his way to his new job.




Harry's first day on the job was a challenging one.

Lord Tomlinson spoke kindly to Harry, but still gave orders all day long.

The day started early and finished late with plenty of running around in between.

Harry's uniforms fit, although his pants were a little short. Phillips allowed Harry to wear his own pants until Betty's Lady's Maid Lilian had the time to take the others down.

Lord Tomlinson had been without a Valet for the week that they had been in the house, so there was a lot of work for Harry to catch up on.

He polished Louis' shoes for almost 90 minutes and wondered why a man would need so many pairs!

Louis' clothes had been sorted out by Lilian for the previous week, so she was taking Harry through the closet and explaining which pieces of clothing were for which occasion.

Lilian tells Harry that she has been Betty's Lady's Maid for 6 years. Harry hasn't met Betty yet, but he's not sure of the protocol just yet so hasn't asked anyone about her.

Everyone on the staff seem to be ok so far, but they're all so busy that Harry hasn't really had much of a chance to get to know them properly yet.

Harry's main job is dressing Lord Tomlinson and keeping his clothes and belongings clean, straight and together.

He'd already been informed that if Lord Tomlinson had to go away anywhere on work or pleasure that he'd have to go too.

Harry is used to manual work, but the bakery was much busier than this. He feels like he's kind of wondering around for a lot of the day, not really doing too much.

And he has to get used to being called by his last name! It sounds funny and sometimes he doesn't respond quickly enough because he's not always aware that someone is trying to say something to him!

Harry likes working for Lord Tomlinson, but he also feels sorry for him.

Lord Tomlinson's Sister-in-Law stayed with them the week before Harry started working for them, and the rumour was that she and Lady Tomlinson had gone away for a few days and Lord Tomlinson had been on his own.

So far since Harry had started working for them he had never seen her, and Lord Tomlinson had barely mentioned her, except for saying that they had known one another since childhood and she was going to cost him a fortune because of her love of fashion!

Harry thought he understood that they had only just gotten married and wondered where the newlywed bliss was?

His parents had always had a happy marriage, so while his friends grumbled, he's always thought marriage was supposed to be happy, at least for a little while!

"Mr Styles?" Phillips bellows through the staff quarters.

"Yes Mr Phillips?" he answers.

"Lord Tomlinson has asked for you to be sent to his room"

"Is something wrong?"

"Don't ask questions Styles, just fix your clothes straight and get to it. Quickly".

"Yes Sir" Harry replies, making a quick exit up the stairs while pulling at his shirt.

Harry gets to the door of the room and knocks quietly, waiting for a reply.

"Harry?" he hears muffled from the inside of the room.

"Yes Sir. Phillips said you wanted me?" he calls through the door.

"Yes, I do" Louis replies, thinking Harry has no idea how he really wants him! "but you'll have to open the door you know!" he laughs a little.

Harry warily opens the door and enters "Sorry Sir. Not quite used to the protocol yet"

"Not a worry Styles. You can enter any time you like" Lord Tomlinson answers, looking at Harry through his lashes "but just let me know you're coming" he adds smiling to himself, proud of yet anyother sexual pun.

"Yes Sir. Got it. What can I help you with?"

"I've been asked to go up to Manchester tomorrow so I'll need you to sort out my clothes tonight. We'll be gone for four nights. Do you have enough clothes for that long?"

"I'm sure I can manage your Lord"

Louis is taken aback by Harry calling him that, it's too formal. Louis has never been into having titles and only acquired his by inheritance.

"Please just call me Louis when we're alone Styles, it's much friendlier don't you think?"

"Yes Sir, but is that proper?"

"It doesn't matter what's proper! I'd prefer you call me by my name, not something that has nothing to do with me"

"Uum, ok, if you're sure?"

"Yes, yes, it's fine. When there are others around we should keep it more formal, but no more of this Lord and Sir stuff, ok?"

Harry smiles, blushing a little. He's touched that Louis has enough regard for him to be able to be so informal with him.

"Ok, Louis!" he blushes again.


 Next morning at precisely 9am, Harry and Louis are ready to leave in the motor car.

Louis has hired a driver to take them to the station where they'll catch the train, and then meet another private driver who will take them to their accommodation.

Harry and the driver pack the bags onto the car. He can't help but notice the difference.

Harry's bag is a rough old duffle bag made from water stained black material, whereas Louis has a proper set of travelling trunks.

They're made from Mahogany and have brass corners and pad locks on them alongside his initials that have been monogrammed on them in matching brass.

He has three trunks ranging in size and because he packed them, Harry knows what's in them and thinks the amount of clothing in there is ridiculous!

Louis has a different formal and informal suit for each day, plus leisure clothes, nightwear and matching shoes. Then there are the toiletries!

Anyway, Harry is excited none the less.

He has never been to Manchester or travelled by chauffer so he can't wait to experience the luxury.

Lady Tomlinson see's them off at the door, as does Phillips who gives Harry strict instructions not to let the house down or embarrass the family in any way.

Harry waits for Louis to finish farewelling his wife and can't help but notice how frosty she is towards him.

Louis puts his hand out to gently hold her elbow while he kisses her on the cheek, but she pulls it away as soon as she feels his touch.

Louis hesitates for a moment but continues none the less and is just able to land a peck on her jaw as she turns from him.

It's a warmish day and she has a fan in her hand so she waves it, and Harry thinks she moves it closer to Louis to put him off.

It does, but he doesn't let it show "Goodbye dear. We'll be back on the 12th, but should there be any delay, I'll send word"

"No rush" she smiles harshly "you boys have fun doing boy things" she adds, trying to feign excitement for her husband.

Louis doesn't say another word but turns away from her and gets into the back seat of the car.

Harry closes the door, get's in the front and they're off.




Manchester is a big bustling city like London, Harry notes. Not quite as big or loud or busy, but it's not too far behind.

They arrived after 1pm where they were greeted by their driver, who Louis instructed to take them to a tea room.

Harry had ridden in the first class train carriage with Louis because Louis thought it was pointless him sitting there alone and Harry alone in second class.

It wasn't a big deal to Harry where he sat. A seat was a seat as far as he was concerned.

A lot of the other passengers held their noses in the air about him though. He was in uniform and obviously not of their wealth so they showed their snobbery openly.

Louis was quick to his defence though, saying hello and looking directly into the eyes of anyone who dared glare at Harry. They soon got the message and left him alone.

Pulling up outside the tea rooms, Harry thinks Louis is going in alone, so starts getting back in the car after he has let Louis out.

"Come on Styles. We're going for lunch"


"Yes, you! Aren't you hungry? I'm famished"

"Yes, but this is not exactly my place, is it?"

"It's as much your place as it is anyone else's"

Harry hesitates before getting out of the car and joining Louis for lunch.

Together they share two pots of English Breakfast tea and delicate sandwich's that have been cut into triangles.

Harry's large hands almost squash the dainty pieces of bread and he has to remind himself not to put the whole thing in his mouth at once.

The tea cups are much too small for Harry and he could easily have drunk the two pots of tea by himself!

Louis asks Harry about himself and his childhood and shares some information about himself too.

Before long, they're back in the car on the way to their accommodation.

They're staying in the swanky Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Harry can't help but gawp as they walk in.

He pushes their luggage on a trolley into the service entrance and a bell boy takes it from him.

Harry stands back as Louis checks them in, and then together, they take the elevator to the 5th floor.

Louis is staying in a grand suit and Harry has a room adjoining it.

After being shown to his room, Harry realises his bag has been taken in with Louis'.

He knocks on their adjoining door and calls out that he's just after his bag.

"I'll need you to put my things away Harry" Louis says after Harry enters.

"Sure, not a problem" he replies.

"Feel free to take off your jacket Harry" Louis says from his position on an armchair "it's a warm day and I don't want you fainting".

Harry is grateful for the suggestion. Truth is, he's not used to the uniform yet and the material is quite uncomfortable.

He tosses the jacket over a dining chair and immediately his shoulders relax.

He turns away from Louis and continues to unpack while Louis watches his every move.

"You're quite strong, aren't you?"

"Yes Si...sorry, Louis. The bakery was a lot of heavy lifting with the flours and everything so it kept me in shape. Would hate to see what I'd look like if it wasn't for working there" he replies, half turning to look at Louis and pat his stomach at the same time.

"Probably just as great as you look now" Louis flirts outrageously.

Harry blushes "Thank you. That's very kind of you to say" he says quickly and formally as he turns to continue his work.

After putting Louis' empty trunks away, Harry asks if there is anything else he needs.

"No, not right now" he answers, looking Harry up and down.

Harry is flattered. He's never had this kind of attention from a man before so it's confusing, but he likes it still.

He informs Louis that he's going to have a wash in the communal staff members bathroom, and then he'll relax in his room. Should Louis need anything before tea time, he can notify Harry when necessary.


Tea time in the hotel is 6pm.

Harry get's Louis dressed after they've both rested in their own room's.

"Can you put my cufflinks in please?" Louis asks.

"Sure" Harry replies, taking them from the bed side table.

Louis puts a wrist out for Harry to put the cufflinks in and their hands brush.

Harry briefly looks at Louis through his eyelashes but is quick to do his job.

Louis' fingers all of a sudden stretch out and brush the underneath of Harry's nimble hands as they work swiftly.

This time Harry looks directly at Louis. Louis doesn't move, so again, Harry goes back to his job.

Putting the second cuff link in, the same thing happens.

"Sir?" Harry asks, forgetting to use Louis' first name.

"Yes?" he pretends not to know what Harry means.

"Um...are you ok?" he asks tentatively.

"Yes, why?"

"You keep brushing me with your fingers".

"Sorry Styles. Your skin just looks so soft, I couldn't help myself" Louis replies truthfully.

Harry blushes but doesn't say anything further. He actually wonders of this is some kind of test. Is he meant to resist before being told he was being tested and will now keep his job?

"There you go Sir" Harry says as he finishes with the cuff links.

"Could you help me with my jacket? My shoulders are a bit stiff"

"Sure..." Harry replies cautiously as he takes the jacket from the hanger.

Louis turns from Harry and awaits putting his arms in.

Harry effortlessly puts the arm holes in the right places and lifts it into place.

Louis shrugs it on "Can you smooth it down on my shoulders?" he asks.

Harry creases his brow, a move Louis can't see, but obliges his boss anyway.

Harry quickly brushes the material either side of Louis' neck and out to the edges of his shoulders.

"Do you mind pressing a bit harder Harry? I think I might need a little massage"

Harry thinks Louis sounds a little eccentric, but again obliges by simply pressing his hands into Louis' shoulders.

Harry thinks he hears Louis breathe a sigh of relief as his shoulders relax under Harry's touch.

Louis' head lulls back and then snaps from side to side as he openly shows enjoying the massage.

Harry freezes; h'es not sure he should be doing this.


"Sorry, but I'm just not sure I should be doing this"

"Why not?"

"I'm not sure it's appropriate to touch your boss like that" Harry replies as he takes his hands off Louis.

Louis turns slowly to Harry and takes one of Harry's large rough hands in his own smaller, softer, un-worked hand.

Harry doesn't take his hand back.

Louis' hand is cool in his but not uncomfortable.

Louis brushes his thumb against Harry's fingers and takes a step closer to Harry.

Harry watches as Louis gazes at their hands and then raises his eye's to meet Harry's.

Harry is nervous but frozen to the spot.

He looks into Louis' large innocent blue eye's and hold's his gaze.

Louis' lashes are dark and fluffy and cast shadows all over his cheeks.

Harry takes a deep breath, sure that something monumental is about to happen between them.

Louis steps even closer, the gap between them now barely able to fit a sheet of paper through, and rolls up onto the balls of his feet.

Louis takes a deep breath and leans his his face towards Harry's.

Harry swallows deep in his throat, his heart beats a little faster in his chest.

Louis starts to pull Harry's hand around him to bring their bodies together when there's a loud knock at the door.

"Lord Tomlinson?" a loud voice calls out from the hall "Are you ready for tea? They're waiting for you".

"Shit" he whispers to Harry who has jumped away from him.

"Yes, just a moment!" Louis calls out to the guest at the door.

He turns back to Harry who is leaning against a wall in the shadows "I'm the guest speaker at a couple of events over the next fe days which is why I am here. I didn't realise what the time was. I'll come back for you later".

Harry doesn't say anything but watches Louis go out the door and turn his professional features back on.