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Just a dream

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Nate laid softly on the bed, him wearing a pink skirt with his ass fully on display. He heard the footsteps coming towards him, and felt a head come closer to his neck. Cal gave him nice, sweet pecs, before returning to his sons tight ass. He had been waiting for this moment.

Nate could feel the dick enter his hole, but there was nothing he could do. He felt strong hands wrap around his neck as he felt Cal come in and out of him. He moaned, feeling the pain turn into pleasure through his body. He rolled his eyes back and looked in the mirror, seeing his father fuck into him.

Cal moaned as he enjoyed the tightness wrapped around his dick. He did long, slow strokes, embracing the sweet ass his son gave to him. He looked up in the mirror and locked eyes with his beautiful son, going in to kiss his hair before going back to the fucking.

Nate slowly lays his head back into the pillow. He’s enjoying it, but he wants it to stop. A tear comes down his face. He could feel the strokes getting faster and faster. His dad is about to cum. And suddenly, his father moans, and —

He wakes up, breathing heavily with sweat dripping down his body and onto the bed. Cassie gets up to console him, kissing him to remind him that everything’s okay.
It was just a dream.