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His partner

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Ash and Fez were having their usual movie nights — no distractions, no talking, just silently popping a movie into the disc drive and for what feels like the millionth time; seeing innocent people get butchered by criminals.


They always enjoyed the little moments, laying on each other, enjoying their company. But suddenly, Fez felt a little… hot . He could feel his dick rising in his pants, and quickly looked over at Ash who surprisingly enough wasn’t paying attention to what was going on. Fez had to figure out how to deal with this problem.


Naturally, he began to rub Ashtray’s leg as a sign that he needed to get up from the movie. Ash took notice and while he was angry, he understood. Fezco got up from the couch and walked to the bathroom—sighing in relief that his partner didn’t notice anything.


Half an hour passes, and Ashtray was fed up from his partner being in the bathroom for so long. His impatience and anger paused the movie, and got up to walk down to the bathroom. As he walked towards it, he could hear someone moaning in the bathroom. When he got closer, he notice that it was Fezco moaning - and it was really turning him on. Ashtray didn’t know if he needs to knock, walk in, or just go back to the couch. The boner in his pants made him realize he needed to act quickly. But he didn’t do anything, and just simply went back to the movie.


When Fez came back, they didn’t say a word to each other. Ashtray resumed the movie and no conversation was made. But while it was completely silent between them, in his mind, Ash remembered the moans he heard in that bathroom. He started to day dream until he felt the hard-on in his shorts. He took notice and put a pillow over his crotch. Ashtray had to think of something fast. He slowly began to rub Fez’s leg, but it was much higher this time; closer to his crotch. Fez thought it was just love and didn’t think of it too much. But as he felt Ash’s hand getting closer, he spoke up:

“Ash, what the hell are you doing?”


These words jolted Ashtray out of his trance. He quickly removed his hand and focused back on the movie, cursing at himself, asking why he ever thought that was okay.

When the movie ended, he wasted no time getting up and walking down to his room. Fez noticed he was getting there faster than usual and said: “Wait.”


Ashtray stopped right then and there, slowly turning to face him. He could see Fez staring him down, looking at him. “Why were you feeling up on my leg?” Fezco asks the question.


“I don’t know.”


“That’s not an answer.”


Ashtray begins to shudder, sweat dripping from his forehead. He knew he was caught in the act and there was nothing he could do. He didn’t know if he wanted to go to his room or respond. “Come here,” Fezco orders. He watches as Ashtray comes towards him, stopping to stand right in front of him. From there, Fez’s eyes turn into lust — and he pulls Ash in for a kiss.


They both knew that this shouldn’t be happening. They both knew that they shouldn’t be doing this - that it was illegal and could give them both jail time. But did they care? No. Ashtray deepens the kiss, straddling himself on Fez’s lap, moaning as he could feel his tongue explore his mouth. Ash begins to grind himself on his partners hardening cock, hearing groans from him as they both feel the friction they’re creating. Suddenly, Fez pushes Ashtray off of his lap and frees his dick from his underwear. He watched as his partner got to work — stroking the dick slowly, licking the tip, kissing it a little, before finally inserting it into his mouth.


The feeling was unbelievable. Fezco moaned loudly as he felt his dick coming in and out of Ash’s mouth. He watched as Ashtray slowly began to deep throat it, hearing the suction and the slurping sounds coming from his mouth. He never felt so hot, and he began to breathe quicker as he neared release.

Ash enjoyed the taste of Fez’s cock - it was salty, yet very sweet. He loved it when it got so far down his throat he was almost choking, and loved the smell of musk radiating from the dick. He never paid attention to the fact that his partner was ever getting close until he heard:


“I’m cumming!”


Suddenly, he felt hot liquid exploding into his mouth and down his throat. Ash swallowed every drop, enjoying the taste and savoring every bit. “You’re such a whore,” Fez said. But as Fezco’s dick began to soften, Ashtray’s dick began to harden. They were both taking notice and had to figure out what they were going to do.


Ashtray suddenly motioned Fez to flip over on his stomach. He watched as his partners ass was perched up to the sky, enjoying the smoothness and how round it was. He told Fez to take his pants off to see it nude, and was taken away by how pretty it was. Ash began to take his pants off allowing his dick to be free, and grabbed Fez’s ass, pulling it closer to his dick. Slowly, he began to slide it in.


“Holy shit.”


Ash could feel like cumming right then and there. The tightness around his dick and the pleasure felt like it was too much for him to handle. But he kept his composure. He slowly began to fuck Fez, moaning as he enjoyed seeing his dick slide in and out of that wet hole.

Fez never felt like this before, and didn’t know if he wanted Ash to stop. He started to clench his ass as a way to force him out but to Ash it felt like he was welcoming him in.


Ash began to pull out of Fez’s ass before flipping him over to see his face. He leaned in for a kiss - rough and sensual, as they both knew they had no time. Ashtray slid right back in and began fucking Fez all over again, watching as he became a moaning mess. He heard the loudest and most pleasurable moan, and that’s when Ash knew that he found his partners G-spot. He slowly began to fuck hard right there, bruising the area, and getting more turned on as he heard Fez moan loudly. They were both getting close. Ashtray began to jerk Fezco’s cock as he got closer to release.


They both rolled their eyes back. Fez came everywhere, on both of their stomachs and even on his own face. Ash followed soon after, releasing his spunk into Fez’s asshole, shuddering as he came into him.

They didn’t bother cleaning up the mess. Ashtray pulled out and watched as his cum leaked from his partners asshole. He leaned in for one more kiss before laying down on Fez, ending the night.