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I'll Bite

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Calliope is bored. Bored to tears.

She’s a smart girl, and her assignment has her working with the local moms, yuppies and well-to-dos as a personal trainer in the hot, Georgia weather. She has yet to see more than a handful of weak, shambling monsters tucked away deep into the rural countryside.

Calliope watches the older woman in front of her do a series of deadlifts and thinks for an infinitesimal moment about what it might feel like if she slid her head underneath, and asked her client to drop it on her head. 

“Core tight, use your glutes to lift you back up.” She says with a mirthless smile as she circles the woman habitually, using long fingers to flick an invisible line above the woman’s quivering back muscles. “We don’t want you to hurt your back.”

She huffs imperceptibly. My back is hurting from carrying this mission.

Her eyes glaze over the mirrored walls and utilitarian decoration in the studio. She takes a moment to check herself, hair still in a high pony, two piece athleisure snug around densely muscled limbs.

 Really living the fucking dream out here. She thought, swooping down a cowlick. Her brother, Apollo, was supposed to have been training these people, but instead got to help her dad with some top secret sting. Worst coin toss outcome since Richie Valens. She should have known better than to bet on her luck. Now she was pretending to be Billie Blanks when the closest thing she got to Tae Bo was Taijutsu. 

“Time for abs, I’ll grab a mat for you.” She waltzes over to the rolled up bundles of microplastic and chances a glance at the clock. “We’re more than halfway there.” She chirps, Fwapping the mat flat onto the ground. She grimaces and claps her hands together. “We..uhh.. You got this, girl!”

Her eyes could not roll further back into her head.



Cal sips from her water bottle and pinches the bridge of her nose. 

After a hunt, she had all the stamina in the world. But this shit? She swished the water in her mouth before gulping it down. It was difficult to even get up to go home. Her last client had canceled and she was honestly still awash with the relief. No one was at the Burns residence that night anyway and aside from this crap job, she actually had the day off. She’d worked out while she was there, and she was looking forward to a nice long rest before another early day. Like why the fuck was she always having to work two jobs?? Being a hunter was fun, but the covers kind of blow….

She was jolted out of her feelings of woe like lightning as she turned her head towards the sound of footsteps. 

“Caliii!” Dustin’s voice carried down the hallway. She cast a forlorn look back at the kettle bell and wished it would gain the sentience necessary to fly through the air at the speed of sound and kill either her or him.

“Dusty.” She said flatly. 

“Aww, don’t be like that.” He rounded the corner and stood above her, clearly flexing his arms.

She smiled unhappily for the 10,000th time that day. “I thought we were both just making up nicknames for each other.”

The hulking blonde was followed close behind by a giggling client who’s ass he smacked as she passed him, putting a hand to her face, blushing.

“See you next week, coach.” She flirted, twinkling her hand in goodbye.

The man winked, pointing finger guns before returning his attention to Cal who’s lip was upturned slightly in disgust.

“Let’s grab a smoothie, before they close, huh?”

Calliope started collecting her things. “Sure. I’ll grab one to go. Gotta get home soon, dinner’s waiting for me.” 

Unfortunately, it was not, but lying came easy when it came to juiced up jocks who were desperately trying to fill each hour of the day with pussy. And while Calliope could respect that goal, she could not be more gay if she tried. And boy did he make her want to try. Besides, maybe, just maybe…there was a chance she might come in tonight…

She breezed past him and he followed. 

They made it in plenty of time to place a couple of quick orders, and the harried student who was on solo shift at that point disappeared into the back.

Dustin sidled up beside Cal who immediately crossed her arms and took a very obvious step in the opposite direction.

“So… what are you doing after this?”

The door chimed before Cal could answer. She looked behind her. A tall black boy sauntered in, talking excitedly about Taylor Swift to his friend who was beaming at him. That goddamned smile. It felt like time slowed to a crawl, the way Calliope’s heart started to race whenever she laid eyes on the girl. A very, very cute girl who came in every so often around this hour to pick up drinks with her…buddy?

Calliope drank her in, under long dark lashes, sizing her up again in an instant. Short. Brunette. Cute shape. Pretty eyes. This overwhelmingly saccharine energy, like she might be capable of being in love with anyone she met. And that they might love her too.

The blue-green eyes were now looking back. The short girl’s mouth opened a little, and after a moment she offered a bashful grin and averted her gaze, asking her little friend to repeat himself. 

That was very cute.

The brunette dressed like she did steeplechase as a hobby, which was not usually Cal’s type. But there was just something about her. Something that made her feel very warm and welcome every time they locked eyes. Each glance like a bouquet of roses. How many had they now exchanged? It was hard to tell. 

Calliope knew she was supposed to be keeping a low-profile and she had less than no time for a relationship, but it was getting increasingly hard not to approach her.

“Ahem. Do you, like know them or something?” Dustin sounded a little annoyed.

“Oh, ah, I thought I might but, no. No, I don’t.” Calliope reluctantly took the opportunity he gave her to turn her attention back towards the bright colors of the smoothie menu. 

“Huh.” He said glancing back. “You like skinny guys or something?”

Cal sighed. “No, I like girls actually.”

“No way,” he chuckled. ”A girl as hot as you is a lesbian? I didn’t know they came like this.” He said gesturing at her as he leered up and down her body.

Cal smiled. “I mean, I always got the impression that you don’t know how girls cum at all.”

“Funny.” Dustin did not laugh. Calliope swore though, that she heard a little stifled giggle behind her.

Now Calliope was having some fun. “Yeah, I thought so.” She gave him a playful push. “Since when did you become the joke police?”

Dustin’s smirk was dry and he walked over to the counter where the orders would come out.

Calliope chuckled a little and took out her phone. Time to make sure she hadn’t missed any messages… Never want to keep a Guild member waiting.

“Order for Ben!”

The pretty brunette breezed past Cal toward the counter to pick up some premade drink her friend must have called in before they got there. The girl smelled absolutely divine. Almost suspiciously so. Like a pink ocean breeze on the best day of your life. Calliope felt her eyes fluttering closed and held herself tightly.

Don’t. Don’t do it, bitch.

And then, as the shorter girl went to grab the drink, the worker awkwardly passed it off causing the girl to grip it harder than she intended and explode it all over herself. 

Nooooo!” Shouted Ben, running up to the counter, nearly knocking Cal over. “My creamsicle deluxe…” He planted his hands on his head, looking like he’d witnessed a murder.

The brunette scoffed at him. 

He shrugged and rolled his eyes. “And uh, sorry about your sweater too, Juliette.”

Juliette, is it? Cal thought to herself curiously taking a few steps back from the commotion. Come to think of it, the girl never ordered anything with her friend. Not once. She’d have remembered her name.

Juliette looked mortified. Calliope felt her heart dropping. It was going to be a huge turn off once her trust fund baby verbally abused the poor kid working behind the counter, and Calliope had to read her for it.

“I’m so sorry!!” The brown boy said, looking to be on the verge of tears in his green apron as he put his hands up.

“Oh my God!-”

Here we go. Calliope tensed.

“I am just so glad I didn’t get any on you! And that there isn’t much on the floor or the counter. I can’t believe this is literally the last thing to happen before you close. Ugh…” The brunette pulled off her Emory sweater to reveal a t-shirt with a picture of a frog that read: MILF - Man I Love Frogs

She pulled out a bunch of napkins and dropped to her knees to address the mess spreading out on the floor.

The cashier smiled, clearly stressed. “You’re so nice, no, I’m going to have to mop anyway, please don’t worry about it.”

Juliette deadpanned, “Oh no, I’m going to worry about this for the rest of my life.”

Calliope wanted to laugh but she felt like she would burst with affection for this veritable stranger. She snatched a few napkins of her own and bent down to help.


“You’re mad cute for this.” Calliope said cutting off whatever Juliette was about to say as she scrubbed, smiling wide, but unable to look at the girl directly. 

Juliette’s eyes widened and if possible, she hunched even closer to the floor. “If… Uh.. If you look like that and tell me I’m cute at this distance while I’m covered in smoothie guts… that I spilt on myself… you’ll see how cute I am when…. I bury myself in the ground. It looks like I’m cleaning up but I am actually…digging a hole.” The girl scrubbed even more fervently and Cal couldn’t help but laugh heartily.

Calliope chanced a look to see the girl blush. It had spread up to her ears, and the antagonist in Cal made her want to see how far it could go. And then Cal felt those telltale pinpricks raise the hairs on the back of her neck. She tilted her head and looked back down at the floor.

 The weird feeling that was mingling with her burgeoning crush started to detangle. She looked at Juliette dead on for a few solid seconds before finishing up and throwing away her napkins.

Juliette finished soon after and tucked her hair behind her ear, eyes trailing over incredibly toned, tattooed arms the color of coffee beans.

“Thank you...for yelp, um, thank you for your help.” Her first unabashed smile of their interaction. Light eyes locked onto dark. Calliope felt her resolve wavering, as she looked on those soft cheeks, unable to stop herself from nodding and smirking back. But she had to know. Her hunter senses were flaring wildly now. 

Ben sighed and put his hand up and spoke to the cashier, “Don’t worry about it man. I’m sure he’s ready to get his drink and go home too.” He looked at Dustin who was frowning and tapping his foot and swallowed the urge to say something flirtatious and rude about his impatience. With a groan, he walked towards the door.

“Come on, drink killer! Let’s ride to see if I can at least get a McFlurry out of this.”

Juliette nodded towards Ben but clasped her hands together and turned back to Cal. 

“Guess that’s my cue. I’m Juliette Drink Killer Fairmont. I’ve seen you here before…a bunch of times actually. You’re hard to miss. I mean, because you’re so pretty. And have really amazing arms. And legs. Not to be weird or anything I mean, people who work out all the time tend to have great bodies. Um. Anyway, it was nice to finally meet you…?”

Ben made a complete 180 as he waited by the door, silently shocked at his friend's boldness, even as she held her sticky sweater in her hands. He put his hands to his mouth and leaned against the wall.

“Calliope. But you can call me Cal. Thanks for taking it easy on the juiceman, I love that kid.” The taller girl and the hapless cashier exchanged a quick thumbs up before Calliope began ruffling around in her bag. 

“I’m a personal trainer here, actually.” She took one of Juliette’s sticky hands into one of her own and used the other to press a card into it. “You got a home gym?”

Juliette sputtered. “I love that name… Calliope. It’s strange. Erm. Like unique! Really…lovely. I like it much better than Cal.  

The taller girl blinked.

“I mean it sounds so classical!” Juliette cast a worried look toward Ben who made a shooing motion. 

“Oh! Sorry, yes I have enough room in my apartment to work out if I wanted to.” 

Calliope leaned down a bit to get a little too close to the brunette’s face and searched her eyes for an answer to an unspoken question. 

“Do you want to?” She breathed.

It was all Juliette could do to nod nervously. No one should smell that sweet after working out all day. The sound of the woman’s blood running through her veins and the warmth her body emanated was sending her full tilt into a frenzy. Up close, hooded eyes, brown skin, full lips and high cheekbones were enough to make her bite her lip reflexively as she felt her own blood pulsing in her veins. Lilith, help me… “Yeah! Yes. I would love to.”

The ravenette grinned slowly and stood up straight again, flicking back her ponytail. “Well great. The first one’s free. Text me.”

Juliette’s eyes were trained on her lips when she said, “I will.” They flitted over to the woman’s neck briefly before she was snapped out of her reverie by Benjamin yanking her away. 

“It’s a school night, and you owe me a bev! Goodnight everybody.”

Juliette nearly lost her footing trailing behind him, waving at Cal. Once they were outside, Ben whispered harshly, “You looked like you were about to start humping her leg! And here I was thinking I was the problem gay in this relationship.”

The short girl hardly heard him, head still turned toward the smoothie shop that Cal was just walking out of herself. 

“Calliope….” She finally faced her friend. “Do you think it would be weird if I texted her-”

“Tomorrow? Yes.”

Juliette frowned. “I was going to ask if I should text her tonight…”

Ben stopped walking and looked at her wide eyed before playfully karate chopping her on the head. “It’s already 9pm. Absolutely not. Get in the car, you criminal.”


That night Juliette stared up at her ceiling clasping that card to her chest, eyes dashing over to her phone. She picked it up, groaned, and put it back down. For 36 straight hours, she thought of doing nothing else but texting the tall, dark and gorgeous woman who seemed just a little dangerous. It was impossible to stop herself from imagining their next meeting; vaguely remembering a pop quiz that she daydreamed through and had to rush at the end. This had been her real test. 

And so, at a safe 12 in the afternoon, two days later, the girl wrote out the message she had been workshopping ever since her hands had been in Cal’s. But suddenly, she couldn’t remember what to say. With heat rising in her cheeks, she began typing anyway.

(Hi, this is Juliette. You know, the sticky girl you helped at Smoothie Sailing? I was hoping you might have some availability this week. Or next. I’m totally flexible. Well with my schedule, not my body. Maybe we should work on that some too? Aside from, you know, general exercise.)

She sent it without overthinking it even more, running a hand through her hair and sighing in relief as she sat in the student union, tacking on a (Let me know what you think!). 

When the phone buzzed 5 minutes later, she nearly dropped it, fumbling her fingers across the screen to unlock the darn thing.

(I had smth open up tomorrow night bout 7, will that work?)

Juliette's fingers were moving faster than the human eye could perceive.

(Yes!! I will see you then! I’m 3832 at the Weeping Grove Apartments on Main St. Any instructions so I can be ready for you??)

Aliens could have landed and captured the entire student body and the poor girl wouldn’t have noticed until they knocked her phone out of her hands, when finally:





Juliette cannot stop pacing back and forth. She makes another lap around the living room of her apartment in record time, pushing and kicking the couch, coffee table, bookshelf and anything that isn’t bolted to the floor against the wall. Prior to now, she had been a bit sheepish about the square footage of her apartment. It was enough to be going to the most expensive private university in the area for grad school without also having this monstrous apartment. Now though, it felt incredibly small. 

She’d thought to try to set up her office as a work out space, but it had felt suffocating as she anxiously laid on the floor, stretching her arms to ensure that whatever Calliope had planned for them would work seamlessly. In her rational mind she knows that there is nothing to be worried about - there was more than enough room - but the thought of Calliope having to reschedule and leave moments after she’d arrived was giving her something akin to angina. 

After taking several breaths she sighed, trying to ground herself. Someone was at the door. 

She basically teleported over to it, wringing it open to find a mildly scared delivery man standing there holding a Whole Foods bag. She smiled, tipped him more than the delivery had been worth in cash, bowed for some reason, and then slammed and locked the door in his face to set the bag on the kitchen island. Reverently, she removed bananas, kiwi’s, a couple of Powerades, water, some birthday cake flavored protein bars, some granola bars, and a couple of vanilla protein shakes. The beverages went into the fridge right away, and she carefully arranged the rest in a basket. 

As a vampire she wasn’t exactly sure what people ate before or after workouts off the top of her head, but she was more than happy to look it up. Her mother had always impressed on her the importance of being a good host, and she was going to succeed if it killed her.

She opened a small slot in the floor of the kitchen near the trash compactor, to expose a tiny refrigerator where she kept the fresh blood her brother Oliver shipped to her. She did not know where it came from, and hoped to never find out. 

As it stood, Julliette had only managed to kill 2 people. The first was an accident, and she had not spoken to her older sister, Elinor, since.

The second had been a recent LA alumni that had started hanging around Lancaster Academy while she was a junior. The boy had gained a heinous reputation for assaulting or harassing more than 10 different girls at different student’s parties. One such girl was her classmate who’d come in the next day seeming totally lifeless. It didn’t hurt that she’d had just a teeny tiny crush on the poor girl too. 

When it happened, It had been a case of wrong place, wrong time for both of them. His hands coming toward her in the dark behind a friend’s house, no witnesses, and a hell of a migraine that Juliette just couldn’t shake. She had not felt bad about removing the life from his body.

The brunette gulped down a full handle of a drunk person’s O negative blood to calm herself down. Allegedly, it was only .03 BAC, so just enough to chill her out. 

Speaking of crushes though….

Juliette walked back into her bathroom and scrutinized herself in the mirror. Ponytail high and tight, a big athletic t-shirt tucked into a pair of spandex compression shorts were the best she could do in the time she’d had. Of course she and Ben had run around the local shopping mall looking for the perfect workout fit, but she was ultimately unable to commit to one of the two piece numbers because they weren't really her style.

As she preened herself, plucking her eyebrows, brushing her teeth again, and glossing her lips, she allowed herself a moment to imagine what Calliope might wear. Lilith knows she’s basically a mental archive of the woman’s outfits. Of course, as it so often did, her vampiric labido got the best of her and she ended up splashing her face with water to suppress the visions she kept having of them together, tangled up, her hands sliding under taut polyester towards the taller woman’s-


The brunette ran back into the living room, towards the sound of her phone going off. It occurred to her then, that she had actually lost track of time. Was it already 7:00? She would have heard a knock at the door from the bathroom right? Right. 

It went off again, allowing her to find it easily through what could best be described as echolocation. 

“Right…” She palmed the device and saw that it was 6:58.  The first notification had been from her bestie, sending her a gif of two women kissing, with the message (enjoy your “workout”) underneath. This was immediately swiped into oblivion as Juliette massaged her temple.

The next was from…. her father, checking in, asking if she was eating well enough. She loved that guy. But his name was not the one she wanted to see. She wanted to see Calliope, and the very choice emojis she had put next to her name, telling her that she had arrived so that she could… so that she….

All at once as she stood there, it occurred to her just how complicated it was to get into her apartment. 

She needed to provide a visitor’s pass for parking, know where the visitor parking even was, leave a message with the front desk, and beep Cal in on the elevator. 

The only people that Juliette ever had up to her room were Ben and the delivery folks who were already pre-approved…She had plenty of other classmates she spoke to and acquaintances, but none she felt comfortable bringing up into her room. What if they saw something they shouldn’t because she was too relaxed?? It was different with Calliope. There was no way she’d ever relax around her. She’d already checked and double checked the whole place 7 times. 

Sweating, Juliette began typing feverishly. How could she have forgotten this till now? 

*Knock, Knock*

She froze. Who could that be?

Gingerly, she walked over to the door. She had never been tall enough to peek through the hole so she slowly opened it up and was graced by a vision of Calliope, as beautiful as ever, tilting her head to look back at her.

“Hi.” She said, adjusting the duffle bag on her shoulder.

Juliette almost broke the door chain trying to swing it open before scrambling to close it enough to disengage it, and opening it again.

“Hi! Hey.” She stood sideways, and gestured towards the living room. “Come in! Uh, I was just about to text you. How- how did you get up here?”

Cal turned slowly from her cursory inspection of the room and smiled. “Oh. I just followed someone in and told them what floor I needed.. Is that cool?”

Juliette closed the door behind them. “Uh, yeah. Yeah of course it is.”

Cal resumed her spin around the room. “This is… a fancy ass apartment. Very nice...”

The brunette followed the woman, in awe of the fact that she was really there, inside her place. Calliope had opted for a muscle tank top, that was more missing material than not, and had she not been wearing a sports bra, everything would have been visible from the side. She was also wearing a pair of…kind of tiny…running shorts, black spandex just barely concealing the curve of her butt.  

Juliette cleared her throat and refocused. “Thank you...My parents insisted. This is the first time I’ve been anything but embarrassed about it.”

Calliope nodded at her with that same captivating smirk, and then placed her duffel bag on the floor between the couch and the wall furthest from Juliette. The sound it made hitting the ground betrayed how monstrously heavy the thing must have been.

The shorter girl hummed. “Wow, you’re strong. What do you have in there, a Stairmaster? Elliptical?”

Cal chuckled and bent down next to it, sitting a number of different weights and resistance bands on the floor next to her client’s mat in the middle of the room. 

“Nah. Well not today, unfortunately.” She paused to wink at Juliette. “We’re just gonna be….testing the waters.”

Juliette came closer to her, wringing her hands. “Well that’s good. I haven’t done any real exercise since high school.”

“Oh, word?” Cal squinted at the other woman quizzically for a moment before going back to what she was doing. “You just naturally got legs like that?” She zipped her bag back up.

Jules blushed and looked down at them. “Oh…whattt? These old things?”

Cal tilted her head back gesturing upwards with her chin. “Flex your arms.”


“Yeah. I just want to see something.” 

Reluctantly, and feeling like she might burst into flames, Juliette flexed her biceps while burrowing a hole into the floor with her eyes.

Calliope quickly closed the distance between them, hands extended, now hovering over her skin. “May I?” After a beat, she began to drop them at her sides. “No pressure, I just don’t have my calipers.”

Juliette took a deep breath. “I’m just a little embarrassed. Uh.. sure, of course.” 

Cal nodded and took hold of her biceps, silently tapping them to get the girl to flex again. Juliette acquiesced as the taller woman gently squeezed her arms, then her waist only to crouch in front of her and grasp her calves.

Jules had never been more happy to be a little tipsy and was beginning to wonder if this was a bad idea, what with the way her body was responding to what she assumed was the other woman’s way of assessing her fat/muscle ratio. Juliette felt silly watching the gorgeous woman who was looking completely nonchalant, while she was freaking out. The fiendish little voice in her head was begging her to grab a handful of Calliope’s hair while she was down there and kiss her lips till they were sore.

Wishing to fill the silence, the brunette laughed out, “Do I get to feel you up too, coach?”

Calliope stood up then and took a step back from her. “Sure. Go ahead.”

“Ah…I was mostly kidding.” Juliette’s giggle broke off unsteadily, hands already on the other woman’s arms. “But I have been wanting to do this for a while.” 

Cal didn’t say anything as her client ran warm, soft hands over the curves of her arms. She also didn’t intend to flex her muscles, but found herself doing so anyway. 

“Wow. They’re so firm... Like steel cables…” Jules breathed, now running both hands down brown arms. The two were close, close enough to feel breath on skin. Calliope raised an eyebrow, watching the small woman. A pregnant moment passed as their eyes caught, pale hands loosely wrapped around Cal’s wrists. Every time the dark-skinned woman tilted her head like that, brow furrowed, a jolt of lightning ran straight through Juliette. If looks could kill…

“Thanks.” The ravenette said, abruptly turning away to sit on the arm of the couch. “You know…” She began, wagging a finger. “You have incredible muscle concentration for someone who hasn’t worked out since highschool.”

Juliette snapped back to reality, but not soon enough to respond.

“Did you stretch? I want to see what we’re working with, so I can come up with our first lil’ regiment.” Calliope leaned sideways to rest her body weight on the top of the couch and the shirt she was wearing was now revealing even more of the fine muscle of her torso, leaving her client’s mouth just a little dryer than before.

“Yeah. Not like, right before you got here, but like an hour ago.”

“Hm.” Calliope mused, hand to her chin. “Then let’s see about your cardio. Is that going to be an issue for your downstairs neighbor?”

Juliette waved her hand. “Nah, there’s no room underneath this one and the walls are pretty thick. We should be fine.”

Calliope smiled. “Great.”


Juliette slapped her hands against her sides as she completed the final set of jumping jacks in the cardio circuit Calliope had put her through. Just like in her younger years she mimicked the heavy breathing and exhaustion that her human classmates exhibited during the more strenuous gym periods, only now under Cal’s watchful eye. The dark haired woman circled her, clapping her hands in encouragement before stopping to stand beside her with her hands on her hips.

“23….24….25. All done. Wow, that was really hard.” Juliette sputtered as she ran her arm across her head and fanned herself with her shirt.

Calliope walked over to her bag. “Good job, Juliette. Take a seat. Catch your breath.”

Juliette savored the crumb of praise as she sat on her couch, and threw her head back, letting her eyes cross, panting hard. 

Long fingers pressed underneath her jaw. She glanced down to see that Calliope was staring at her intently, and then back down at her watch. A few seconds passed and the woman’s brown eyes narrowed. 

“Not much of a sweater, huh?” She murmured. 

Julliette balked, trying to remember an old lie. “Yeah. I just get uh, really overheated. It’s genetic...You know, kind of like dogs? So I don’t work out very much.” 



An awkward silence passed through the air as Calliope kept her fingers pressed at the woman’s pulse point. 

Finally, she pulled back. “I think that’s enough for today.” 

Juliette’s eyes widened and she scanned the room for her phone to check the time but didn’t see it where she remembered leaving it. Had an hour passed that quickly?

“Hop on the mat for me.” Calliope patted the girl's yoga mat as she sat down next to it.

Yes ma’am. The brunette did as she asked, relieved that she had made it to the end without making too big a fool of herself.

“Child’s pose?” Calliope queried, returning the weights to the duffle bag she had brought with her.

Contrary to popular belief, yoga still had a meditative effect for vampires so Juliette was able to relax into the position without having to ask what it was. 

“Take deep…..relaxing …..breaths.”

Juliette closed her eyes and imagined what their next meeting might be like as she leaned into the pose, bringing her knees underneath her stomach and stretching her arms out as far as she could on the mat.

“Now, corpse.”

Juliette hitched herself up and then laid down on the mat, arms still out in front, face down.

“So what do you think?” Juliette asked shyly, muffled by the mat. “Will you be able to wrassle me into sha-”

The girl squawked as Calliope suddenly moved from beside her onto her back bearing down on her with all of her weight, swooping her hands up and into thick silver cuffs which she clacked shut quickly as Juliette hissed in pain, twisting and thrashing underneath her. The hunter growled in effort as she maneuvered an additional set of cuffs onto her ankles. 


Finally, a slat of regular old duck tape was snatched off and pressed onto Juliette’s mouth as Cal rolled off of her, dusting her hands.

The small woman squirmed beneath her, groaning.

“You must have it too easy killing people in this soundproof room if you let your guard down this much.” The woman said, tossing her hair over her shoulder. 

Juliette’s eyes were wide, panicked as she peered at the woman who was now holding a wooden stake in her hand.

“MMMPHH…MmmhmmPhh.” She pleaded with her eyes as she writhed in pain rolling onto her back and then returning to her stomach.

“You know, my mother always told me that monsters like you were the most dangerous…” She twirled the stake in her hands and crouched down next to the girl.

“Beautiful. Kind… a smile that makes you want to…” Her voice trailed off as she watched Juliette begin to cry blood from the burning pain searing into her joints.

“When were you planning to drain me, huh? Suck me dry?” She dragged the stake across the smooth skin of the girl's face, wiping a blood tear away. “Were you going to wait until you had me hooked on whatever weird hold you have over me?”

Juliette closed her eyes, and the tears fell freely. This was insane! She’d just wanted to…If only she could explain….

“Well. I guess it doesn’t matter.” Calliope grabbed one of her fingers to unlock the girl’s phone and typed a short message to both Ben and her father.

“I scoped out the place before I came. Dodged the cameras and scaled the wall. No one knows that I’m here.” She tossed Jules’ phone on the floor, just out of her reach. “And now your friend thinks I never showed up.”

The girl walked over Juliette and put her knee on her back to hold her still. “Goodbye, bloodsucker.”

And then, after hesitating once, she staked her.

Juliette let out one last muffled scream before her body went totally slack.

Calliope’s heart sank and she sat back on the floor, breathing deeply from the exertion, her anxiety peaking. 

After regaining her nerve enough to make another movement, she removed the cuffs and the tape gingerly, tossing them over her shoulder, and averted her gaze from Juliette’s lifeless eyes.

It should not have felt so bad to kill a monster, but she couldn’t help but feel heavy as the cute girl from the smoothie shop turned quickly to ash.

Except she didn’t.

Cal stared at the stake protruding from her back. 

She rolled the girl onto her side.

It was perfectly positioned through her heart. 

Confused, she leaned against the couch and waited. And waited.

And at some point, from the compiled exhaustion of her crazy schedule, her two jobs, the legacy blood she’d gotten on her hands, and the labor she’d put in to pull this off… Calliope fell asleep. 


In a cold sweat, Calliope Burns awoke. 

Time seemed to crawl as she came to her senses. The woman worriedly assessed her surroundings, noting that she was in a strange bed, in a strange room. 


Her hopes of a quick escape die quickly as both hands catch, tied to the vampire’s bedpost. Rope. The rope she had brought with her, just in case. 

Blinking to wake up a little faster, she began to search the room for something to free herself with. It was then that she noticed the Goosebumps blanket she was tucked under, and to her right, a small handmade doll. 

“What the hell…” She muttered, struggling against her bindings.

Wet footsteps smack down the hallway toward her and her line of sight zips to the doorway, just in time to see a freshly showered Julliette, wrapped in a towel, freeze at the sight of her. 

The air thickens as the two gather their bearings.

Calliope speaks first.

“Let me go.”

Juliette shakes her head. 

Cal glowers at her. “The fuck you mean, ‘no?’”

Juliette grasps the towel around her chest, adjusting it slightly. “I mean, are you going to try to kill me again? Or worse, bring someone to help you try to kill me?”

The bound hunter falters.

Juliette snatches something off her dresser and waves it around. “I was able to snoop through your phone too. You’re a hunter. Your whole family is.”

Cal frowns. “I’m gonna do my job, with help, or without it.”

Juliette throws her hands up in exasperation. “Why the heck would I let you go then?” She wrings her hands. “Do you really still want to kill me that badly?” Her eyes begin to water. “You could at least lie.”

Calliope’s mouth falls open as she feels herself losing steam. She shakes her head. “Don’t give me that sad crap. I know what you are, Julliette. Monsters like you don’t feel anything.”

“Ughh!” The damp woman puts her hands on her hips. “Clearly, you don’t have the slightest clue what I feel. Especially not what I feel for you.”

Cal scoffs. “I think I can guess how you feel about the person who just tried to kill you-”

“I really, really like you, you know!” The girl paces in front of the bed. “I can see that you think I brought you here to drink all your blood or whatever but I actually just wanted a reason to hang out with you! You’re really….hot and….intimidating and I couldn’t get up the nerve to ask you out so…when you offered to train me I thought…” She trails off as she buries her head in her hands.

Calliope is silent, thinking, desperately trying to hold onto her righteous anger. “Why should I believe someone who lies so easily about the most mundane things? Look at you now! Fresh out of the shower, even though we both know that nothing I had you do could make you break a sweat!”

Julliette rolls her eyes and comes a little closer, pointing to her heart and searching the other woman’s eyes. “I can’t really apologize for showering when I was covered in my own blood. If I'd left it, I’m sure you’d have thought it was someone else’s.”

The raven haired woman leans her head back on the pillow she’d been sleeping against. 

“I won’t apologize for saving people’s lives from a killer. Well,” she gestures with her head, “at least trying to.”

“I’m not…” Jules marches over to her, phone in hand. “I can’t believe I’m really going to show you this.” Calliope balks as the shorter woman carefully sits down next to her on the bed, unlocking her phone. She opens the text message thread between herself and Ben. “I’m assuming that you didn’t pay much attention to the conversation we were having before you texted him that I was going to do some homework because you didn’t end up coming.”

Calliope reads, dumbfounded, message after message of Juliette talking about how beautiful she is, how excited she was to see her, and what appears to be a weeks-long crush, in excruciating detail.

(There’s no way she’d be interested in me)

(Did you see what she was wearing today…GOD)

(I’ll try to actually talk to her, next time for sure)

(Okay, I wussed out. Maybe next time?  >,<)

(She’s like straight out of a magazine, Ben! What do you want from me?)

Benny Boy <3: (You want to fuck her so bad it makes you look stupid!)


And so on.

Calliope’s eyes dart around the room, feelings of defeat clamoring in her chest. And guilt. And excitement?

Juliette pulls the phone away, blushing. Her fingers pick at loose threads in the blanket she’d spread over Cal as she continues sheepishly.

“I’ve been having these insane dreams about you. Almost every night. I can’t get you out of my head.” She leans close to the hunter then, trying to catch her gaze.

“I… You…” The black woman flounders. To say the scent emanating from the warm, damp vampire was disarming would be an insult of an understatement. 

Juliette bites her lip. “I’m not very good at flirting, I know, and I don’t know maybe it’s vamp brain. Maybe I’m genuinely just that crazy about you, but I could have sworn when you talked to me that night in the smoothie shop… that even just a little…” she whispered, drawing just slightly nearer… “That you…. liked me too.” Juliette feels extremely silly to be saying this to a person who had attempted to murder her a couple of hours ago, but she gets the sense that nothing could make her like the woman even a little less.

Calliope was moving her lips but no words were coming out. There was naught but a hairsbreadth between them, and there she was, confronted with a dripping, toweled Juliette. Her mind was swimming now. With the last of her resistance she manages, hoarsely. “I don’t.”

The vampire is quiet for a moment before slowly, a broad, incredulous grin spreads across her pretty face, her eyes flashing with mischief.

“Then why is your heart beating so fast?”

Calliope tilts her head and licks her lips, throat feeling thick, pointing with a bound hand. “Your towel…”

Juliette’s hands come up to feel skin where cotton should be, stuttering as her skin turns bright red.

Calliope is unfazed, angling her head towards the half-naked woman. “You know…” Her voice is like silk now, her lips parted. “I can't lie…” She leans as far forward as she can, the rope pulled tight, her eyes glazed over. “I’ve always wanted to…see how far down…that blush spreads.”

Juliette’s hand creeps up and over Calliope’s thigh like molasses as she carefully closes the distance between them, landing a whisper of a kiss onto plump lips.

The towel settles around her waist loosely as she fully rests her weight on her hands, gripping Cal’s strong thighs. They brush their lips together softly, Calliope straining her neck to capture Juliette’s lips fully. The pale woman can’t help but moan, gingerly pulling herself onto her knees, so that she can take the hunter’s face in her hand. She locks eyes with her shyly, biting her lip, before kissing her again tentatively…once, twice, three times. And then she feels Calliope’s tongue slide languidly over her mouth..

Sirens sound in Juliette’s head immediately as her body begins to ache in earnest. Cal’s racing pulse is like a metronome ticking the small woman over the edge. Her fangs extend in response, prompting her to cover her mouth and pull back, gathering the towel around herself. 

Cal watches, in a fog, as the girl’s fangs appear, and a strange darkness blankets Juliette’s usually cherubic visage. It thrills her substantially more than it should. 

Juliette’s hands fly up to her temples. “Shit.” She drank before she got in the shower to avoid this, but with Calliope her body seems to just do whatever it wants.

Cal doesn’t say anything, just continues observing the girl who begins hurriedly untying her wrists. When she leans across Calliope to untie her other hand, the ravenette briefly considers catching the towel in her teeth. Before she can decide on that course of action, Juliette is back standing off to the side of the bed.

“You can leave.” The anxious vampire exhales, with a voice like gravel. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Calliope’s face is tinged in disappointment that she cannot understand as the shorter girl slowly backs away.

“My key fob is by the door, so please take the elevator so that you don’t hurt yourself.” She says, walking towards the kitchen. “I’m very, very thirsty.”

Juliette shuffles away then, leaving Cal confused, nearly catatonic, and strangest of all, throbbing like an open wound.

The short woman hardly turns the corner to access her secret refrigerator before Calliope is tossing off her tank top and pressing her against her regular refrigerator, pupils totally blown out, panting like she ran.

(A/N: Proceed to the next in-text author’s note if smut isn’t your thing. You have been warned!)

Juliette, now a mite calmer, is bewildered. “Cal? You-” 

“Shut the fuck up.”

The taller girl grasps her neck, on the edge of choking the girl, before crushing her lips onto Juliette’s.

The vampire is lost in the softness of Calliope’s lips immediately, legs weakening as she throws her arms over the girl’s shoulders. Cal presses fully against her body, leaving nary a space between them. 

Her mouth is hot, open, and searching as she grasps the woman’s waist with her free hand grinding against her. Juliette responds with the same fervor, her tongue sliding against Cal’s, one hand finally tangling in her thick hair, keeping her close, the other sliding down Calliope’s chest. Flushed red hands then come together to caress the soft skin and hard muscle of Cal’s stomach, outlining the faint divisions of her defined abdomen.

Cal’s grip on Juliette softens as she holds her face, breathing heavily, pressing the other girl’s head back against the appliance. “You are making me feel fuckin’ crazy.” 

Juliette gasps, eyelids fluttering closed, tugging a little on Cal’s hair. “You make me so fucking wet.”

The streak of molten desire that shoots through Calliope borders on painful as she lifts Juliette up, who loses her poor towel in the process.

Calliope had kissed girls before. She had had sex before. But this was like an itch she could not scratch. Her body was crying out for Juliette and she could not fight it, not this close, in the sanctity of the girl’s home, where only God could judge. She had tried and tried. Not anymore.

Juliette instinctively wraps her legs around Cal’s waist, too drunk with lust to feel embarrassed about the viscous wet streak she is spreading across the girl's tum. She holds her tight around the neck and shoulders, as the magnets she’d fixed to her refrigerator are knocked onto the ground. 

Calliope kissed her hard, biting her bottom lip, before sliding her tongue against Juliette’s. The shorter girl moaned as long, lithe fingers gripped her ass and Cal’s warm body held her steady against the fridge. The hunter angles her head down to roughly kiss and suck Juliette’s neck, prompting her to moan loudly, holding onto her for dear life.


As if following a command, the black haired girl switches her grip, hoisting Juliette higher to fully support her with her arms, pressing soft kisses onto her collarbones as she walks her to the living room. 

Jules lets out a breathy laugh. “God, you’re so hot.” And it’s making Juliette deliriously horny. Is she dreaming again? Did she actually die earlier? 

Calliope stops sprinkling her with kisses to give her a look that makes Jules gulp before laying the girl down onto the yoga mat, which was still lying there, now spotless again. 

She pinned the brunette’s hands over her head with one hand, devouring all of the girl’s naked form with her gaze. 

“It spreads all the way down to your toes, I see…”  Brown fingers make a trail from pursed lips, to the flushed valley of her breasts, down a soft stomach to make lazy circles at the base of the vampire’s pelvis. Calliope has never seen anything more compelling. It is taking all of her restraint to move at this pace. She wants to see the woman come completely undone. It’s only fair. But it’s worth the time to burn the image of the mewling, pliant vampire into her mind.  She can’t really predict what either of them might do next. 

Juliette is squirming again underneath her, this time crossing and uncrossing her legs, trying to generate some kind of friction at her swollen apex. “Please…. I can’t…” 

Calliope's smile is wide and wicked. “You keep trying to convince me that you’re so sweet, so innocent.” She continues her lazy circles, creeping lower toward Juliette’s most sensitive bits. “But you’re leaking onto this mat and I haven’t even put my mouth on you yet.” 

Juliette’s mouth drops open, ears the color of strawberries. “Have you…Have you seen yourself? Have you felt your own hands? Kissed yourself before?” The woman rolls her eyes. “I don’t want to hear it!” Cal’s words, while inciting her to protest, only turned the poor girl on even more. But it really wasn’t her fault. Calliope was built like an olympic track star, with a look on her face that could melt iron.

Calliope grins and dips her finger within Juliette’s folds. “Just down that bad, huh?” She grazes her finger over the peaked bundle of nerves, and delights in the way Jules’ back arches immediately, her own eyebrows raising with glee. This was kinda like torturing her, right?

The brunette is desperately biting her lip. “Horrendously.” She gasps. “Astronomically.”

The burst of affection from the smoothie shop returns full force. Calliope knows that if Juliette really wanted to get free of her, she absolutely could. Instead, she’s just suffering, waiting, saying whatever embarrassing thing Cal provokes her to say. 

Yeah. She likes her. 

Calliope releases Juliette who then immediately props herself up on her elbows to try and kiss her. The hunter deftly avoids her attempt, sitting back on her knees and sliding her hands underneath warm thighs, lifting the girl's legs over her shoulders. 

Cal likes Juliette a lot. And she’s tired of pretending that she doesn’t.

Fangs are out again as Calliope gently drags her tongue over Juliette’s clit, then down to her opening to gather a significant taste of her, and back up. Hot air grazes pink silk, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were about to cum already.”

The brunette covers her mouth with her hands, both to hide her teeth and to suppress an embarrassingly loud moan. Overstimulation is the word for the vampire’s experience as she watches Calliope’s head bob like she’s fishing for apples, working her over with the precision of a surgeon. Juliette squeezes her eyes closed, hands still over her mouth. The only thing she has left to hide is the fact that she is, in fact, cumming right now. Way too early.

Calliope stops momentarily at the feeling of the girl’s legs quivering, thighs threatening to end her life. If she hadn’t figured out Juliette was a nightcrawler before she’d found herself in this position, the taste of her would have confirmed it. No one tasted like this. Calliope peeked at the girl’s strained expression and continued drinking her in ravenously, wondering if that was what being a vampire felt like. “Fuck…you’re like…delicious.”

Calliope was feeling very bold. Killing monsters was one thing. Being in complete control of one, who also happened to be an incredibly gorgeous, gorgeous girl was another. Of course, if she was honest with herself, she didn’t really think of Juliette as sharing energy with the likes of ghouls and shamblers. Not even close. But that didn’t stop her from being irreconcilably turned on by this. 

With the brunette’s legs still over her shoulders, she rises up to be directly above her, pressing the girl’s knees almost against her chest. She chuckles.

“And you lied about being flexible too. Tsk, tsk.” Juliette is breathing erratically under Calliope’s penetrating gaze, still trying to come down, unable to defend herself. “Let’s see what else you’re keeping from me.” Her fingers tenderly massage Jules’ slit and the exposed woman’s breath hitches. It only takes a couple of seconds for two of Calliope’s fingers to become sufficiently slick, and only a couple more for them to be 3 knuckles deep. 

Juliette’s eyes roll back into her head and she groans as Calliope tucks her head between her neck and shoulder, viciously kissing her neck, biting, and leaving dark hickeys in her wake, while steadily stroking her insides. She angles up to Juliette’s crimson ear, whispering wantonly. 

“I want people to know I was here. I want your daddy to see what I did. Who bit who.” Juliette is already starting to contract around her, moaning helplessly, her hands back in Calliope’s hair.

“For a good girl, you sure like it when I say wild shit to you…” Calliope licks her ear. “I think….you like it.” 

“Please, please.” Cal’s prey whimpers as she suppresses the urge to bite her, which was just one feeling in a cacophony of sensations that were threatening to drive her insane, coil twisting within her loins as the girl was nearing the brink.

The two lock eyes as Calliope repositions, moving Juliette’s legs around her waist before gently entering her anew.

“Baby girl,” She intones, licking her lips. “I’m bout to fuck you like I can feel it.” 

Calliope’s pelvis presses down onto her hand, body rolling into Juliette’s in sync with her thrusts, adding additional weight to her strokes, her fingers a substitute for the one thing she didn’t bring in her bag.

And Juliette is cumming again, crying out as Calliope fucks her relentlessly, and wave after wave of orgasm wracks through her frame. She finds herself pulling black hair demanding “More, more,” until her voice is hoarse and even her nigh immortal body cannot handle another wave of pleasure rippling through it. Finally, all is still as Calliope rests her head on the woman’s chest, not the least bit tired, but finally able to see through the haze of her inordinate lust. 

They just lie like that for a moment. Juliette’s heart truly racing as Calliope breathes deeply, allowing herself a moment to enjoy the soft hands stroking her face and hair. 

“Still trying to end me, I guess…” Juliette sighs, able to speak coherently again. Calliope huffs, nodding into her chest.

Juliette has learned that there is something else in the world that feels almost as satisfying as drinking enough blood to kill a man.


Calliope’s balls are as blue as the sky in July, but she moves to get up, surprising a suddenly cold Juliette as she paces round the room. Despite the lack of post nut clarity, her dark skin flashes mahogany as her mind replays what just transpired.

She looks at a fully naked Juliette who’s earlier sheepishness seems to have temporarily dissipated in favor of a strange mix of bliss and confusion. 

“You look like you’re about to run off.” Jules says softly, concern evident on her face.

Calliope’s hands are on her hips, then folded across her chest as she continues walking back and forth. Embarrassed, and still throbbing, she sits down on the couch and puts her head in her hands. 

“Well I sure feel like I want to,” she groans, leaning back and putting her arm over her eye. Never in her life; not with Tess, or Diamond, or Britney, or Maria…none of her past flames have made her lose herself like that before. It’s kind of freaking her out. “This is nuts.”

Juliette laughed. “You’re telling me. I’m just now getting the feeling back in my feet.” She curled and uncurled her toes, kicking them up at the stressed woman.

“Ah…Yeah.” Calliope can’t meet her eyes. “I may have gotten a little carried away.”

Juliette touches her own neck, which is still somewhat tender. “I can’t believe you tried to give me a bunch of giant hickeys… I don’t remember wishing I didn’t heal so fast before today. Not to mention-”

“Yeah….” Calliope rubbed her face. “That line about your dad….. Outta pocket. I know. I don’t have an explanation for that.” The girl grabbed the decorative throw from off of the couch and tossed it toward Juliette who caught it and draped it over herself, clearly giddy, just pleased Cal was still there.

“You said a lot of things actually.”

Cal groaned.

“I’ve never been called delicious before.”


“I have had girlfriends who couldn’t make me feel like this. Much less figure out how to put me out of my mind like that. I guess that’s why your middle name is Antigone.”

The hunter was silent, massaging her temples.

“Speaking of…for a moment there.. it kinda sounded like you wanted to stake…a little claim on me.” Juliette waggled her brows. “Get it? Stake a claim?” 

Cal stared at her, through her fingers for a moment. “I think I’m going to go now.”


“I can’t do this.”

Of course, Juliette also couldn’t let her leave. Not yet. Not after the most earth shattering orgasm of her life. 

She was in her lap in a blink,  blanket draped over her shoulders, so that she was bare to Calliope. As mortifying as it was for her to be so brave, being naked had worked before so she had hope that it would work again.

“Don’t leave. Please.” She took the other woman’s wrists and rubbed her palms with her thumbs. The two peered into each other’s eyes, seeking understanding, reciprocation. “I didn’t take you for the type to boot and scoot.. You didn’t even leave right after you tried to kill me.”

Calliope gasped in spite of herself. “Juliette.”

“What?” She waved both their hands around as she spoke. “If you leave now, that’s what you’ll be doing. I don’t make the rules. Besides, if anyone should be feeling weird about all this, it is me, and I don’t appreciate you stealing my moment.”

The ravenette can’t help but chortle, raising her eyebrows. “Ha! …Fair enough.”

Juliette is beaming again, now running her thumb over Calliope’s lips.

Calliope, totally enamored with that smile, captures her hand to kiss the mostly healed silver scars on her wrist. 

Juliette hates that no matter how sweet Calliope’s actions may be, if they include touching her, they start her engine. It’s stupid that the butterfly kisses to her sore wrists are making her so warm.

“Why does it feel like everything you do is sexy…” 

Cal giggles. “This?” She kisses her wrist again. “You are so easy to please. Even easier to tease.”

Juliette shakes her head. “For you? I’m just easy in general.”

The dark eyes glint with mischief, “Uh huh.” It was just so damn fun to play with the little vampire. She was usually so measured, thinking things through. But when it came to Juliette, she was finding that she couldn’t pass up any opportunity to fluster her. It was just too hot to watch her fold so quickly. 

She peppered the girl's wrist with more kisses, then moved up to her palm, kissing it gently at first. She watched Jules’ carefully with a heavy gaze as she swapped her lips for her tongue, licking up one of her fingers before taking two into her mouth.

Juliette is stupefied, and of course, immediately back in the hopeless state she’d been in when Cal had kissed her in the kitchen. Her breathing hitched as she looked at Cal who was wickedly servicing her fingers now, sliding her tongue in between them, sucking them off with a punctuating pop - all the while maintaining eye contact. 

Blue eyes darkened as legacy blood now pooled in Juliette’s core, shockwaves flitting throughout her each time Cal’s tongue made contact with the soft skin of her fingers. She felt the air around her shift while her lips formed into a pout. “...Well now you’re just being mean.”

Calliope was all teeth, totally pleased with herself. “And am. What are you going to do about it?” She winked, totally self-assured. But perhaps, she should not have been. 

There were two sides to Juliette.

The angel that she so adored who was awkward, shy, cute and kind of dorky.

But there was a devil too.

Juliette’s fangs were already out, so Calliope was a little slow to detect the change. And so, the hunter was taken completely off guard when the short woman lifted her into her arms, bridal style, as easily as a bag of potatoes. 

She walked them back to her bedroom and placed Calliope on the bed, face down to straddle her back. The brown eyed girl turned slightly with suspicion as Juliette pushed her hair back behind her ears, a slightly off-putting lust painting her face as she gently helped pull the woman’s sports bra off of her head.

“Uh...Are you okay?”

Juliette smirked. “Never better. Now…” The brunette continued looking at Cal as she slid the athletic shorts and spandex just far enough down perfect brown thighs to be able to pull her underwear to the side. Without fanfare, she dipped her head down and raggedly licked the woman’s slit.

“Oh..shit…” Cal moaned, grabbing hold of the sheets at her sides, looking back at her impromptu lover’s blue doe eyes. “Jules…fuck.”

“I love the way you say my name even more while I’m eating you out.” Juliette sighed as she continued, placing both hands on the woman’s legs, pushing them until Calliope understood and shifted onto her knees. “Everything you do is so freaking sexy to me, you know.”

Calliope could only pant and keen as dainty hands grasped the curve of her ass, pulling her back into the vampire’s mouth.

The short woman rocked her back onto her tongue again and again, as Calliope began to unravel, pressing into the bed to meet Juliette’s face halfway.

“Not so fast, meanie..” Juliette licked her lips, biting them as she snaked a hand up well defined back muscles to thread her fingers into black hair and pull the woman toward her till her back was arched. 

“Ohhh, fuckkkkk.” Calliope gasped as Juliette penetrated her from behind, sidling up against her, curling her fingers to stroke inside her longingly, planting feverish kisses against smooth shoulder blades.

As Calliope’s excitement rose, so did Juliette’s as she listened to her heartbeat continuously accelerate. 

“Can you believe you were about to leave me before I could return the favor?” She asked tongue trailing  her spine.

“Juli…ette…” Was all Calliope could manage as she fucked the fingers back, using her own to press at her own clit, lost in the sensation.

“Vampires are great hosts, you know. I even bought you some snacks. I can be super generous..” The girl murmured, pouting as she added another finger carefully and redoubled her efforts. “And I think I’d do anything for you.”

“Please,” Cal begged, teetering on the edge. “Do it.”

Juliette blinked, startled out of the red haze by genuine confusion. “Do…what?”

“Do it.” Calliope growled, still facing away from her. “I want you to do it while you’re inside. Please don’t make me ask again. Don’t make me say it.” 


Juliette’s eyes nearly crossed as she leaned forward, tossing Cal’s hair over to one side, craning her neck into range, and bit her. 

Calliope nearly screamed at the feeling. It was much, much different than she’d imagined. She blinked back tears at the euphoria of being fucked and drained at once. Juliette’s eyes lolled with complete satiation.

If Calliope’s dew had tasted like heaven, her blood brought her to hell. Together they came one last time as the taller woman breathily rattled out Juliette’s name, clawing at the headboard.



(A/N: Stop here. Time for fluff <3)

Juliette, having more stamina, was the first to get up from where they had collapsed onto the bed to properly tuck the girl under the covers with her. Slowly, Cal turned over and raised her arm for the woman to lay her head on her chest.

Fighting what was likely to be some of the best sleep of her life, Calliope caressed Juliette’s hair, mumbling.

 “I can’t believe I let the world’s nicest, tiniest vampire get the best of me. All those years of hunter training, all of my careful planning…and for what?” She said it seriously, but the contentment on her face gave her away.

“Well..” The vampire in question made small circles on her chest. “I got what I wanted today.”

Cal raised a skeptical eyebrow.

“Hanging out with you, I mean! Not the sex part. I mean, this was obviously the best day of my life so far, but I wasn’t, like, planning to do that-”.

“Whatever you say, Jules.” Calliope’s eyes fluttered closed, but her face was still smug. “All of my plans were derailed. I literally tried to kill you today and ended up letting you drink my blood. If I’d known it would have ended up this way, I would have just asked you out to dinner.” The ravenette tilted her head, truly exasperated. “Hell, I don’t even know your favorite color.”

Juliette grinned up at her earnestly and hummed. “If you don’t try to kill me in the morning, I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Calliope nodded, gathering the girl into her, eyes shut for the night.





When Juliette woke up the next day Calliope was gone like she’d never been there at all.

Immediately aware of her nakedness, Juliette got up and threw on a t-shirt and some sweatpants before anxiously booking it to the front door. 

She was pleasantly surprised to find that her key fob was missing.



J: (Hey :p Thank you for not scaling the walls this time)

C: (Well…somebody almost sucked n fucked my soul outta my body. If I’d tried to climb down that wall I’d have ended up on the 7 o’clock news. woman found dead after attempting to break into apartment building…more at 9)

J: (LOL! XD) 

J: (You’re so funny. ;) Are you feeling better now?)

C: (No)

C: (I feel like I got hit by a bus tbh)

J:  (  :( did you at least grab something from the kitchen?)

C: (No amount of Nature’s Valley could save me, trust)

J: (Cal!!)

C: (lmao. I’m just playing with you. I ate two whole protein bars and drank an entire bottle of water, with a powerade to go. It was sweet of you to have that handy for little ol’ human me)

J: (My pleasure! <3)

J: (Is it… too soon to ask when I’ll see you again??  ^_^’)

C: (Don’t you have school lil lady…I know for sure you ain’t do nam hw last night)

J: (I’m doing it now! Leave me aloneee)

J: (Besides, I’d drop out if it meant I could see you more)

C: (Girl what)

C: (Ikyfl)*

C: (Say psych rn)

J: (I’m kidding!! Ofc I’m kidding.)

C: (I was about to say… I always thought you seemed like the studious type)

J: ( Are you going to answer my question >_< )

C: (Idk, what’s the magic word)

J: (Please! Pretty please with a cherry on top?)

C: (Nope that’s not it)

J: (Um…Please oh mighty hunter, gorgeous hero of the night?)

C: (Cute. Wrong.)

J: (It’s something dirty isn’t it >_>)

C: (Not today. Damn I was really hoping to see u tn. That’s too bad)

J: (Calliopeeeee)

J: (...magic word…)

J: (Aha!!)

J: (Blue! :D! My favorite color is blue!)