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Wanna Hold Your Hand

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His hand grasping hers is tight, sweaty - though that might just be her own, wet hands - and oddly comforting, but an alarm going off brings even closer to mind the current circumstances.

“You do realize you’re going to have to let go of my hand if someone starts shooting at us, right?” Skye murmurs, leaning into him as they round the corner, and the look he gives her kind of makes it seem like he hadn’t considered it.

“Excuse you,” he replies, a bit more teasingly than she’d expected. “I am totally capable of shooting singlehandedly.”

She tries to chuckle, but it doesn’t really work out.

Her wet dress slaps against her as he jerks them both to a stop, turning around to face her again. He does let go of her hand, but only to reach out and put both of his, uncharacteristically gently, on her cheeks.

“Hey. I told you I’m gonna get us out of here, right?”

She nods, grimacing when her wet hair rubs slick against her skin.

“Now come on. I’m gonna get you away from here and dry and safe, okay?”

She nods again, and he lets go of her and continues heading in the same direction they had been. She slips into her power walk - the only way she can keep up with him - and as soon as she’s reached his side again, even though she hears him pulling out one of his guns, she feels his hand reach for hers again, this time clearly out of wanting to hold it rather than just wanting her to keep up.

And she takes it.