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There were always two inevitabilities to waking up in Surkukteni’s apartment: the first was that there would always be an empty space, its usual inhabitant nowhere to be seen; the second was waking to a heavy weight on her back, making it impossible to leave herself.  Cracking open green and gold eyes, this much was true yet again.  Estinien had slipped from her grasp unnoticed, the early riser of the three.  She wouldn’t deny she much preferred it when he slept in — an excuse to keep him close and to be selfish with his time — but she knew that couldn’t be every day.  

Instead, Surkukteni would savor what she did have, her rough hands falling to rest on the considerably smoother ones wrapped around her torso.  Those pale arms that almost looked frostbitten, holding onto her so tight that she had no chance of escape.  She could feel Ysayle’s face buried into the crook of her neck, their legs an entangled mess as her soft breathing against Surkukteni’s horn let her know that — once again — the icy mage would be the last to wake.

Not that anyone would catch Surkukteni complaining.  She shifted slightly to better lean back into her lover, wrapping her long tail around one of Ysayle’s legs and allowing herself just a few more minutes of being a layabout.  She wasn’t needed yet, so what did it matter if she stayed there a moment longer?  The muffled sound of the orchestrion below her — a muted string piece that reminded her of Ysayle — only added to the peaceful atmosphere, little else disturbing them and their rest.  It was enough to tempt Surkukteni back to sleep, her own breathing falling into a slow rhythm.  Her eyes fell shut, hands resting on Ysayle's.  All factors considered, she probably would have fallen asleep and joined her lover in that peaceful slumber, had a cold hand not slipped underneath her nightshirt.

Well, someone wasn’t as asleep as she had initially assumed.

Surkukteni didn’t bother opening her eyes, a hand seizing the wandering wrist that traveled up her toned stomach.  “Morning to you, too,” was her low mumble, trying to keep an even tone despite the laugh that threatened to break it.

Ysayle chuckled at that, her voice low against the crook of Surkukteni’s horn, her icy hand — enchanted as it was — tracing circles along her abs.  “What?  ‘Tis not often I catch you lagging in bed,” she sighed, pressing her nose into the fluffy purple mess that was Surkukteni’s hair.  “Allow me this, won’t you?”

A low chuckle escaped Surkukteni, releasing her wrist and letting her own hands fall idle.  “You act as if I’m on Estinien’s sleep schedule.”

“You might as well be.”  Ysayle huffed, her hand trailing up and down Surkukteni’s front, each pass like levin against her skin.  “I cannot begin to understand how you manage to burn the candle at both ends like you both do — it's pure madness, if you ask me.”

Well, Surkukteni had no trouble understanding it.  Insomnia and pressing duties, but she wouldn’t elaborate for the sake of the mood.  A smile tugged at her lips, curling her legs a bit tighter around Ysayle’s with all intent of keeping her equally trapped.  “That still doesn’t particularly explain the mood you seem to be in, though.”

That earned her Ysayle’s wonderful, melodic laugh right against her horn, her fingers catching on the hem of Surkukteni’s boxers.  “Leave me be — is it now a crime to want to spend time with you?  To be close to you?”  The damn tease pulled her hand away, wandering back up Surkukteni's torso.  Over her toned stomach, past that ugly scar on her side that still marred her dark skin, and painfully close to her breasts only to trail back down again.  “Surely, you want the same,” was that delicious, low tone Ysayle reserved for her lovers.

Surkukteni didn’t respond immediately, more focused on the movement of Ysayle’s hand.  She intentionally waited to see what would happen; to see if the wandering would pick up or stall, if Ysayle would get impatient.  A light hum was the only thing she’d give as an initial response, the chilly hand growing more bold.  It traced along the underside of one breast, a tease if there ever was one.  But impatience would win over as Ysayle cupped it — weighty as it was — to better trace her thumb around Surkukteni’s areola, earning a sharp inhale from the Warrior of Light.

“Really?” Surkukteni drawled, though she struggled to keep her voice from cracking; she thanked whatever deities were out there that — at the very least — Ysayle  couldn’t see the smile that had found its way onto her face.  “This early in the morning?”

“Why not?”  Ysayle’s laugh was so damn contagious it almost broke Surkukteni’s composure right then and there.  She gave the trapped breast a firm squeeze as she wormed her other hand around to mirror the action, and Surkukteni could practically feel the grin pressed into the nape of her neck.  “You really do have a lovely chest, you know,” were words that made Surkukteni feel as if she were about to combust instantaneously.  “Quite easy to forget how large it really is, under all that armor you wear.  And so sensitive, too.  One really can get the loveliest of reactions out of you, if they were to just—”

On that note, Ysayle’s fingers wandered up to Surkukteni’s nipples, trapping both in her icy grip.  A low groan escaped the Warrior at the chilly touch, ironically only serving to stoke the heat that pooled in her gut and causing her face to burn .  Her composure was wearing away fast, threatening to crumble just from a few precise actions — and Ysayle knew exactly how to wear it down faster.

But two could play at that game.  Amidst attempts to swallow down embarrassing noises she was prone to loose, Surkukteni unwound her tail from their entangled legs.  Ysayle seemed entirely too focused on playing with her breasts to notice, no doubt because every squeeze and icy roll of her nipples sought to destroy what little was left of Surkukteni’s commitment to her it’s too early stance.  A shame, Ysayle could have used that as a warning.  Instead, she was caught completely unaware as Surkukteni pressed a particularly thick and firm part of her tail into Ysayle’s mound, slowly dragging the raised ridges of her scales across her.

The gasp that escaped Ysayle was delightful.   Her hands stalled, body stiffening as the gasp turned into a loud and needy moan the more Surkukteni worked her tail into Ysayle’s sex — paying close attention to how the bumpy crest of her tail pressed into her clit.  She did feel a bit guilty that this was a distraction — as she rolled away from Ysayle to sit up on her haunches — but much to her elated surprise, she instead found Ysayle staring up at her, flustered and flushed despite the barest of touches.

“What?” Surkukteni said through a laugh, her tail cutting through the air behind her almost menacingly.  “Was that all it took?”

It seemed to be the case.  A loud whine escaped Ysayle as she covered her face with her hands, an awkward laugh bubbling up out of her.  “Gods, don’t do this to me.”

“Do what?”  Surkukteni crawled across the bed, caging Ysayle in with her arms.  She leaned in close to her, ilms above her lover as a wicked grin spread across her face.  “Point out that you seemed really turned on by that?” were words uttered in a low, low timbre.  Ysayle’s face turned an ever delightful shade of deep red that extended to her ears, causing a low laugh to slip from Surkukteni that only worsened the flush.  “Now, what could’ve caused that?”

Her tail lashed through the air behind her, very likely the culprit.  Ysayle’s eyes minutely followed it, dark with want as her face burned a much deeper scarlet.  Such a hypocrite, one that could dish it out yet not be able to take it…

A low, reptilian rumble escaped Surkukteni as she leaned forward, grazing her lips across Ysayle’s throat.  A gasp escaped her icy lover as her hands sought purchase on Surkukteni’s back, digging into the deep blue fabric of her shirt.  What Surkukteni should have done was continue to give Ysayle what she wanted, but alas: the firm press of her lips to the column of her lover’s throat was yet another distraction, and a gods awful one at that.  

Surkukteni pressed more firmly into Ysayle’s clit with the blunt of her tail, knowingly weaponizing it against her with more fervor and intent this time.  A low, throaty moan slipped from Ysayle, tinged with another whine at the end as her nails dug into Surkukteni’s back.  The sensation of it against her sensitive spine threatened to draw a similarly embarrassing noise out of Surkukteni, instead pressing her mouth to the column of Ysayle’s throat and humming into her.  She could feel Ysayle stiffen and chuckled low into that hum, getting another moan from her lover as she pulled back to look down at her — all with that wide, toothy grin Ysayle always loved.

“It’s still too damn early in the morning,” Surkukteni mumbled in that low timbre of hers, pulling her tail back from Ysayle to get another loud whine.  “But...I think I could make an exception.  ‘Tis not as if I have anything to do today — ‘sides you, of course.”

That bell of a laugh — a laugh as captivating as a siren’s song — slipped from Ysayle, dragging her hands around to Surkukteni’s front and slipping into her shirt through the loose lacing.  Those frigid hands of hers were quick to scoop Surkukteni’s breasts into her grasp again, massaging her fingers into them while playing with their hefty weight.  “Then why, pray tell,” she started with smirk painted across her lips that could even be heard, “are you not doing that already?”

Ysayle pulled her hands free from Surkukteni’s shirt but didn’t release her hold until she was clear of the lacing, letting her chest drop and hang free of its confines — something Surkukteni could only roll her eyes at to distract Ysayle from the flush that darkened her own face.  “Really?” was all she managed, unable to stifle the hitch of her breath as Ysayle trailed her icy tongue around her areola.

“I told you, they’re really very nice,” was said in a tone too casual for what she was doing, planting chilly kisses across the expanse of Surkukteni’s breasts.  “Large, supple...know you how fun it is for me that you’re so sensitive there?”  As if to emphasize her point, the breath she exhaled brought with it a frigid cold like the northern winds, the effect made worse by the trails her tongue had left behind — earning her a shuddering gasp from Surkukteni.  “I’m just going to keep going if you don’t do something, you know.”

Consider the threat received.  Surkukteni pressed her tail back into Ysayle’s mound with all intent to get her to falter, her plan working as she stalled in her teasing.  One would think Ysayle would catch on to her game, as this third distraction allowed Surkukteni to lean back and away from her lover’s icy hands and mouth to better assess what she was working with.  Her own idle hands tucked her breasts back into her shirt as she plotted, pulling the laces tight as she didn’t particularly feel like grabbing a breast band to bind them back — all while she worked her tail into Ysayle, earning the loveliest of noises from her.  To think she could’ve been driving her lover mad had she just thought to use her tail sooner.

“So,” Surkukteni drawled, sitting down on the bed beside Ysayle in an all too casual gesture, taking her revenge on her lover as she slipped her hand under her pale nightshirt.  “You like the idea of me using my tail?”  Ysayle whined at that, but nodded regardless, trying to slip her smalls off to no avail.  “What, just like this?”  The coy tone nigh dripped from Surkukteni’s words as she dragged the bumpy crest of her tail along Ysayle’s clit, getting a loud cry from her as a reward. “Is that all it takes?”

Her response came in the form of a loud gasp and Ysayle’s hips stuttering upward, seeking more friction against her scales.

A laugh bubbled up out of Surkukteni as she caught Ysayle’s struggling hand and instead guided her to help take her nightshirt off, exposing the pale swath of her torso.  A callused hand slid along her side, ghosting over the faint scars that littered her form and falling to rest on one of her breasts.  Such a stark difference between them, what with Ysayle’s comparatively much smaller chest that was easily enveloped.  A rough thumb brushed over her nipple, catching it and rolling it around to draw gasp after groan from her.  It was an idle motion, kneading her fingers into the soft flesh of Ysayle’s breast, but it did give her enough time to formulate a plan.

For the third time, her tail retracted.  For the third time, Ysayle whined loudly in protest — much louder than previously.  “Gods, would you just fuck me already?!” she begged, all needy and breathy.

Surkukteni leaned down and dragged her tongue along the column of Ysayle’s neck, pressing her teeth lightly into the flesh — half a threat, half a tease.  “Be patient,” she ordered in a low tone, feeling a moan vibrate through her lover’s neck.  “That was the plan.”

She didn’t want to pull away from Ysayle — it was far too much fun to rile her up and both hear and feel how it affected her — but ‘twas unfortunately necessary.  A lazy hand dragged back down her torso, following the lines of her body and lingering at her hips.  When Surkukteni’s hand slipped over Ysayle’s mound — cupping it and digging her fingers into her — she found her smalls thoroughly soaked from the earlier attention, which only proved to rile herself up as she massaged a few fingers in.  Mercifully, she only did this for a little while — she’d not torture her lover so.  Surkukteni slipped Ysayle’s smallclothes from her soft, curvy hips and down her thick thighs — remnants of months of bed rest and recovery, but with hints of underlying muscle from recent adventuring.  She let Ysayle kick them off the rest of the way as she reached for the side table, fishing out the scented oil she kept for moments like this.  Uncorking it allowed the heavy smell of a deep fir forest to waft out, the smell only growing stronger as it pooled into her palm.

The loud keen from Ysayle as Surkukteni eased two of her fingers into her almost broke Surkukteni’s patience.  Reason told her to take it easy — she’d not want to hurt her with how thick her tail was, after all — but gods that noise shot levin through the Warrior’s core and made her want to be reckless.  The slow draw and slide of her war-torn and scarred hand — feeling the tight clench of her lover’s walls around her — was almost enough to drive Surkukteni mad herself, but she had to be patient.  Exhaling through her nose was an attempt on her part to regain focus, but that failed as Ysayle bucked into her hand, the bed creaking loudly underneath them. 

“Need I restrain you?” Surkukteni drawled, locking her eyes on Ysayle.  Her free hand came to rest on Ysayle’s pelvis, leaning into it as she stared her down.

A sly smile drew across Ysayle's flushed features, a laugh slipping from her.  “You could; you very well could.”  But that smile and laugh slipped away into a needy cry thanks to Surkukteni sliding a third finger in time with a firm press against Ysayle’s clit.

Matters were made much worse for Ysayle as Surkukteni picked up her pace.  She knew how much Ysayle loved the feeling of her rough fingers in her, making a clear point to stretch her fingers out as best she could — curl them in her, do everything she could to make Ysayle sing her name.  ‘Twas only when she could comfortably fit a fourth in did she withdraw, almost changing her mind when Ysayle clenched around her like she was trying to keep her there.

But Surkukteni had other plans.

A generous amount of oil was applied to the end of her tail, Ysayle watching intently as Surkukteni worked.  Her eyes were dark with need and Surkukteni swore that the expression alone would send her over the edge with how heat coiled and twisted in her gut — there was no doubt in her mind that her boxers were already thoroughly soaked.  She covered as much as she guessed could fit and then some to be safe, the dark scales glistening in the light like rich obsidian in the faint morning light.  Surkukteni wasn’t entirely sure how well this would go over, but she was down to try it regardless.

And thank the gods she did.

A steady hand guided her tail to Ysayle’s entrance, briefly teasing the edges with the scaly tip.  That alone drew a sharp gasp from Ysayle, jerking at the touch and clenching her thighs around Surkukteni’s arm — which that alone almost caused Surkukteni to fall apart, face burning as she tried to regain focus.  A gentle nudge of Ysayle’s thigh was all she needed to gain better access before carefully sinking her tail in.

Surkukteni was not expecting to feel anything, her scales being too thick having led to that logical assumption.  But the moment a substantial amount of her tail was in Ysayle, she found herself winded and wrong.   Upon feeling the drag of scales along her walls, Ysayle had clenched down hard around Surkukteni’s tail — hard enough for her to feel it.  It wasn’t nearly as intense a sensation if she’d just used her hand or cock, but the fact she felt it was enough to draw out a loud gasp.  Ysayle was going to be the death of her.

Composure somewhat regathered (though shaky at best), Surkukteni slid her tail out.  She loathed doing so — given the loud whine that escaped Ysayle — but it was well worth it when she pressed her tail back in further than before.  The cry from Ysayle only served to rile Surkukteni up, a lusty noise that only got lustier as the process was repeated — again, and again, and again.  Each time, Surkukteni drove her tail in deeper, and yet deeper — delighting in how readily Ysayle took the increasing thickness of it — to louder and yet louder cries of pleasure, nails digging into the mattress as her chest heaved.  Once she figured out just how far she could go — getting a delightful gasp as the tip of her tail brushed against Ysayle’s cervix — she maintained a steady pace, sliding up the bed to smother Ysayle’s cries with her mouth.

But just as she went to kiss her dear lover was when the orchestrion downstairs became noticeably louder.

Surkukteni paused, immediately feeling guilty for shushing Ysayle so she could better listen.  There was a very familiar gait below, crossing the living room and heading towards the kitchen — a gait so recognizable that it normally made Surkukteni’s heart jump in excitement, but only served to frustrate her in that moment.  There was little room for doubt in her mind: Estinien was being an ass, as usual.

She hummed low in thought, the sound tinged reptilian as her eyes narrowed at the floorboards.  “You heard that, right?” she muttered into Ysayle’s ear, the rumble tinging her words.

A low groan carried on a deep sigh escaped Ysayle, her eyes nearly rolling back into her head.  “Can’t we just ignore him?”

“I’m telling him you said that.”  That earned her a smack on the arm, an undignified snort escaping Surkukteni.  She was like to agree with Ysayle, contrary to what she said, but…

What Estinien did read as a challenge to Surkukteni.  And she was never one to pass up good competition.

Surkukteni shifted, rolling her hips in time with a thrust of her tail to make the bed creak loudly, earning another lovely moan from Ysayle.  “I’ve an idea.”  Her voice maintained that low timbre, hovering over Ysayle’s ear as she dragged her teeth along the edge.  “How do you feel about getting back at him?”

Ysayle gasped as Surkukteni’s tongue traced along the ridges and divots of her ear, a deep flush turning them a wonderful pinkish color instead of their usual pale coloring.  “Why would I say no to that?” she said, words carried on a breathy laugh.

A toothy grin spread across Surkukteni’s face, pressing her lips against Ysayle’s jaw — gods, did she love this woman.  “Then be sure to sing extra loud for me, love.”

Surkukteni resumed with increased fervor, slamming her tail into Ysayle and being met with a wonderful chorus of loud cries and needy moans.  Well gone was the idea of smothering Ysayle in a deep kiss, instead grazing sharp fangs along the line of her jaw.  That low, reptilian rumble slipped from her as she followed the long column of Ysayle’s throat, down to her clavicle and along her shoulder.  Shuddering gasps broke her cries, eyes glued to where Surkukteni hovered — eyes blown wide, rich in anticipation.  Ysayle knew what was to come, and who was Surkukteni to deny her?

With the utmost caution, Surkukteni sank her teeth into Ysayle’s shoulder — getting the loudest, most passionate cry from her yet — walls clenching around Surkukteni’s tail as she came and came hard.  The overwhelming metallic taste of her blood flooded Surkukteni’s mouth even with how little was drawn, dragging her tongue over the wound as she locked her gaze with Ysayle’s.  Her hand didn’t stop its pace as she repeated the process — fangs sinking into unmarred flesh — again, and again, and again, knowing damn well she was fucking her through her orgasm and past it; she’d stop when Ysayle asked her to.

The second climax was louder than the last, as this was aided by hand and tail both; the third was when she lost steam, cries petering out into whines.  ‘Twas then that Ysayle bade they stop on a ragged breath, her features flushed a deep scarlet.

Surkukteni drew herself back up Ysayle’s body, meeting her in a sweet kiss that tasted distinctly of iron.  Such an immediate tonal shift, but not one she really minded.  She could feel Ysayle groan under her as her tail was extracted, followed by a low hiss that had Surkukteni immediately asking if she were alright — concern blooming in her chest that she’d taken things too far.

“I’m fine,” Ysayle thankfully responded on that bell of a laugh of hers, leaning up to kiss the bridge of Surkukteni’s scaly nose.  “Sensitive, is all; sensitive and sore.”

Surkukteni couldn’t hide the sigh of relief she loosed at that.  She met her lover in another kiss before trailing her cleaner hand over the shoulder wounds, a question in her eyes: Do you want me to deal with that?

But Ysayle shook her head.  “Later, I don’t mind it.”

“Because you’re not the one cleaning the blood out of the sheets,” Surkukteni huffed, a laugh softening her words.

“Neither are you,” came a familiar, tired drawl.

Surkukteni nigh jumped out of her skin, tail arching in surprise as she turned to face the sound — still hovering over Ysayle part way, who she — herself — only had a frustrated sigh to offer up.  Leaning against the wall near the top of the stairs was none other than Estinien, dressed down with his hair half up in a messy ponytail.

“When did you—?!” Surkukteni started in an attempt to speak, interrupting herself as her mouth clamped tightly shut.

“Mere moments ago, I barely saw anything.”  But his eyes narrowed at that as he crossed the loft, leaning down to rest his hands on the bed and meet her at eye level.  “But I heard damn well everything.”

Surkukteni’s lips folded into a thin line, staring him down as she leaned to sit back on her haunches.  “Hey, you started it with the orchestrion.”

“That wasn’t to provoke you, it was to keep the neighbors from eavesdropping as they’re wont to do.”  Estinien shifted, like he was going to lean into her space but didn’t move an ilm further.  “Though I’m certain the entire building heard you both.”

Oops ,” was a wholly unapologetic drawl from Surkukteni as she moved in to shut Estinien up.  But as it’d happen, he’d not allow it: avoiding her and instead kissing Ysayle deeply, earning himself an audible startle.  Rude.

“Good morning to you, too,” Ysayle said on half a laugh when they finally parted, batting him on the shoulder so she could sit up proper.

Estinien only spoke again after he decided to stop being an ass, catching Surkukteni in a kiss that she could tell was — in reality — layers upon layers of self restraint, refusing to buy into her teasing from earlier.  Interestingly, she also could distinctly taste the remnants of coffee, something she chased with her tongue as she drew it across the roof of his mouth.  “It’s damn near noon, you know,” he said as he finally parted, giving them both incredulous looks.  “There’s breakfast downstairs for whenever you decide to stop being layabouts, but I suspect it'll be cold by the time you decide to clothe yourselves.”

"Oh, leave me be," Surkukteni grumbled, her tail thumping loudly on the bed.  "It's not as if I'm needed anywhere for once."

"My point still stands: layabouts, the both of you."

A few more quips and jabs were traded before Estinien declared himself busy, only resulting in more teasing at his expense.  But loathe as Surkukteni was to admit it, he did have a point about needing to get up.  Her shoulders slouched as she watched him leave, almost wishing she could coerce him back but knowing she could just harass him later that night.  She supposed she just had to resolve herself to being responsible.

But that icy hand was back to its owner's mischief, sliding up Surkukteni's thigh and up under her shirt.

"You cannot be serious."

Ysayle simply laughed at her, voice melodic as she sat up to properly look Surkukteni in the eye.  "But what if I am?"  She leaned in close, her chilly breath ghosting over one of Surkukteni's horns as that frosty hand played at her hip.

"How does round two sound?"