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Fuck You and Your Dad Too

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Red. That was all that Percy could see as he slammed his apartment door behind him, blocking the scene of destruction that lay within. As if merely hiding it from view could erase the glass scattered on the floor, the holes in the wall, or the water pooling on the ground from burst pipes. The bang of the apartment door cracked the doorframe and dust rained down on Percy’s head. He took no notice of this, nor of the angry voice of his neighbor yelling at him from next door. Instead, the only thing Percy could focus on was the roar of his blood in his ears and desperately restraining the storm that thrashed at the thin chains of his willpower.

How could he do this to me? How dare he do this to me?

The worst part of this is, Percy mused, that he wasn’t surprised. He wasn’t surprised but still when he had finally confronted Apollo on the growing distance between them, that foresight hadn’t stopped the rage that flooded Percy when Apollo had confirmed that he had started seeing someone else. Some down-on-her-luck mortal singer that fawned over the god, unknowing of why she was so desperate for his favor.

It fit in a way. Gods wanted to be worshiped, to be needed. Apollo had assured Percy over and over that he was all that Apollo needed. That Percy was special to him, that he loved Percy unlike any he had loved before him. Despite himself, Percy had believed him.

Percy didn’t know how long he aimlessly wandered the streets of Manhattan but by the time he pulled himself out of his swirling thoughts, the sun had fully set and a thick blanket of angry clouds smothered the sky. Sighing, Percy ran a hand threw his hair, his anger barely abated but his even that little give made room for a throbbing emptiness.

He couldn’t force himself to go back to his apartment, not now. Percy could go to his mom’s place, but he feared seeing the knowing glint in his mom’s eyes when she found out. No, she wouldn’t be surprised any more than Percy was. Absently, Percy realized that he was close to a familiar bar and as soon as the thought crossed his mind, his feet started walking in that direction. Just a few more hours. Then he would go home and deal with the fallout.

The sound of classic rock thrummed through the air when Percy pushed his way through the entrance of the bar. He scanned the bar for a place to sit and his eyes froze at the sight of broad shoulders and messy, blond hair, gleaming with the reflection of the neon lights hanging on the wall. For a heart stopping moment, Percy thought it was Apollo taunting him but no, it was only Will.

Percy paused for another moment before deciding to slide into the open seat next to him.

“A double shot of whiskey please. Neat,” Percy said, gesturing to the bartender. He felt more that saw Will turn in surprise at Percy’s voice.

“Percy?” Will asked, “I didn’t think we were meeting up here today.”

Percy hummed as he raised his glass to his mouth and took a large gulp. The liquid burned like poison as it went down his throat.

“I was feeling spontaneous.” Finally, Percy turned to look at Will.

“I can see that,” Will said slowly, eyebrows raised at Percy’s choice of drink. Normally, whenever Percy chose to drink, he unashamedly ordered the most sugary, over-the-top drink that he could to drown out the taste of alcohol.

Percy didn’t respond yet, only took another sip, silently willing the alcohol to kick in sooner rather than later. Fuck, this was new low for him.

“What are you doing here?” Percy asked Will, making a bare minimum effort at normalcy.

“I just got done with my shift at the hospital,” Will responded, still eyeing Percy with concern. “I’m off for the next two days so I thought I’d stop here before going home.”

“Oh that’s great,” Percy stared into his glass and swirled the whiskey. “You work so hard you deserve the time off.”

“Percy.” A warm hand gripped his wrist, stopping Percy’s next attempt at drowning his sorrows.

“Will.” If Percy’s tone came out petulant, Will didn’t call him on it.

“What’s wrong?” The naked concern in Will’s voice broke Percy’s vestigial anger and his eyes welled with tears as the full impact of what happened hit him like brand new.

“I broke up with Apollo,” Percy choked out the words and hunched in on himself. Percy felt Will’s hand tighten over his and an almost imperceptible gasp escaped Will’s lips, only audible over the music in the bar due to how closely Will was leaning in.

“Gods,” Will whispered, “Gods, I’m so sorry Percy.”

Bitterness overflowed along with Percy’s tears. “Yeah, me too.”

It was such a generic phrase. I’m sorry. That kind of pity was what Percy loathed more than anything but coming from Will, it didn’t grate like Percy had thought it would.

Perhaps, it’s because he was in my place only a month ago , Percy thought looking up into Will’s blue eyes speckled with gold, so reminiscent to his father’s but filled with infinitely more care.

It had been a tradition for years now, ever since Percy had moved back to New York and Will had finished medical school, that Percy and Will would meet up here for a drink. Somehow over the years, their casual friendship of convenience had turned into mutual trust and understanding. So it hadn’t been a surprise to Percy that Will had thought to turn up at his apartment one night, crying his eyes out over his recent breakup with Nico. Percy still didn’t know what happened, only that it was messy, and drove Will to an unprecedented level of bitterness. Somehow, he didn’t think Nico and Will would become friends again anytime soon.

“What…what happened?” Will asked tentatively, “I knew that the both of you had been growing more distant for a while now but…”

“But maybe we could have fixed it?” Percy said sardonically. “There’s no chance of that since he cheated on me.”

“He did what?” Will sounded incredulous, like the thought was unimaginable to him.

A wry smile spread across Percy’s face and he was suddenly grateful that Will was who he ran across first. Only Will would have this reaction. Everyone else would have seen it coming, sympathetic but not surprised that gods would be gods. But Will had put as much hope in Apollo as he did.

“Yeah, he decided he could fuck some random mortal and keep me at the same time.”

When Percy had broken up with Apollo, the god had had the audacity to look angry. As if Apollo thought he had the right to keep Percy even when he no longer wanted him. Well, no god had as much audacity as Percy and he proved it by emptying the cabinets of his glassware, shattering it against Apollo’s skin, as stonelike as his face.

Will sneered, disgust curdling on his face. “As if some fling could ever measure up to you.”

The disdain on Will’s face only made him look even more like Apollo to Percy’s eyes, but a warm fondness spread in his chest at Will’s defense of him.

“It’s my fault. I should have known better,” Percy sighed, feeling as if he’s gone through the five stages of grief at least ten times in the past few hours.

“No!” Will hand shot out and gripped Percy’s shoulder tight enough to leave a bruise. “Don’t you dare say this is your fault, Percy!”

Taken aback, Percy gaped at Will’s sudden outburst.

“You opened your heart to him, like you’ve done for all of us. That he took advantage of it is his fault, never yours!” Will spat out and shook Percy slightly with the hand still holding him. “How anyone can spit your care back in your face is beyond me and only a fool would do that!”

Shock ran through Percy at Will’s words. He was being so reckless, calling Apollo a fool so blatantly.

“I--” Percy’s lip trembled, “I really believed him. Believed in him.”

“I know,” Will whispered.

The Apollo that had emerged after his trials was deceptively human. Every time Percy has seen Apollo visit his kids or have dinner with Percy’s parents or dote on Estelle, Percy had fallen a little bit more for him. Before he knew it, Percy had become completely enamored with the god. In spite of Annabeth’s disapproval and his mom’s caution. And, perhaps most damningly, in spite of the predatory look of anticipation on Aphrodite’s face at the first Winter Solstice meeting after they had gotten together.

The look on Apollo’s face when Percy had first said that he loved him was one that had never failed to bring a smile to his face. Apollo had been so very, very earnest. Even now in the wreckage of their relationship, Percy knew that Apollo had believed his own promises. But that was the problem with gods. Apollo had fallen hard and fast for Percy and fell out of love just as easily.

“I really loved him.” Percy sobbed, tears turning from a stream to a waterfall.

“I know.”

“I never thought we had forever.” Percy felt desperate to explain. “I just thought…I thought he respected me enough to break up with me not… not...”

“Not cheat on you,” Will finished for him.

It felt more real hearing someone else say it and Percy shuddered when Will pulled him into an embrace. He let his tears fall onto Will’s shoulder, soaking through his shirt, as Will rubbed a soothing hand up and down Percy’s back.

Percy didn’t know how long he sat there crying onto Will, but he came back to himself to the warmth of Will’s cheek on his head and gentle murmurs in his ears.

“You didn’t deserve this. You could never deserve this. It’s not your fault. You’re worth so much more than what he gave you.”

Percy sighed and leaned even more into Will.

“Only an idiot would let you go. If you were mine, I’d have never treated you like this.”

“If I was yours?” The question fell from Percy’s mouth without permission and he felt Will tense against him.

“I--” Will stuttered as if he didn’t mean for Percy to hear him say that.

“How would you treat me if I was yours?”  Eyes still wet from his previous tears, Percy looked up at Will from beneath his eyelashes.

Will gulped and stared wide-eyed down at Percy.

“How?” Percy withdrew a hand from around Will’s waist and dragged it up to rest on his chest. A giddy recklessness overwhelmed any other emotion and Percy absentmindedly licked at salt coating his lips.

Will’s gaze darkened and his arms tightened around Percy.

“I didn’t mean to say that.”

“That’s not what I asked.” Percy didn’t let his eyes leave Will’s.

“I don’t--” Will started, but stopped just as quickly, lips parted as he breathed. “I would have never left you. I could have never let you go.”

Seeming to come to some kind of resolution, Will slowly brought a hand up Percy’s back to rest against his neck, nails digging into the skin slightly.

“I would have looked at no one else. I couldn’t have.” Nails dragged across Percy's skin and long fingers tangled in Percy’s hair.

“I’d have taken care of you. You’d want for nothing.” Will leaned down and his warm breath caressed Percy’s ear.

“I’d share everything with you. Your doubts. Your fears. Your burdens.” Percy felt almost lightheaded at Will’s words, the impossible scenario sending a floaty relief through him.

“I’d have never let you go even one moment thinking I didn’t love you.”

“Will!” Percy’s fingers dug into Will’s shirt, desperation obvious in his tight grip and trembling lip. “Please.”

“Please what?” Will asked, holding himself so still it seemed as if one wrong breath would break something in him.

He shouldn’t be doing this right now. Percy knew he shouldn’t. But here in Will’s arms was the safest he had felt in months. The moment he stopped feeling safe in Apollo’s arms should have been the moment he let go. But he didn’t and now he was being held together by the sheer force of Will’s embrace.

“Please take care of me.” Percy breathed out, holding his breath at the shudder he felt go through Will’s body.

“You don’t mean that.” Will exhaled a shaky breath.

“But I do.” Maybe he would regret this later, but at this moment Percy couldn’t imagine anything else he wanted more.

“I can’t be just some rebound to you.” But even as he protested, Will’s hand that wasn’t in Percy’s hair slid down to rest on Percy’s waist underneath his shirt.

“You wouldn’t be. Never,” Percy protested, feeling like a hypocrite but spilling out an explanation anyways. “I just... I’m not ready for another relationship yet but…I trust you. I feel safe with you.”

It was Will’s turn to be hypnotized at Percy’s words.

“I should have broken up with Apollo months ago. When I first started anticipating meeting you here more than I did seeing him.”

Will stopped breathing for a long moment. Despite never looking away from him, when Will’s lips crashed into his it still felt like a surprise to Percy. An unwilling moan escaped Percy’s mouth at the force behind Will’s kiss. Will swallowed the noise in his own mouth and his movements somehow became even more heated.

Percy pressed as close as possible to Will, sliding his knee between strong thighs and nipping at Will’s lips, drawing low whimpers from the other’s throat. He pulled back just enough just enough to breathe, panting into Will’s mouth with eyes still closed. The warmth coming from Will’s body should have been a reminder of Apollo, but it was a gentler heat, warm enough to soothe but never enough to overwhelm him.

Percy tried to kiss Will again, but a pair of fingers stopped his attempt, pressing against his lips. Opening his eyes, Percy was confronted with hungry eyes boring into his own.

“Are you sure?” Will asked, breathing like he had just climbed the lava wall.

“Yes,” Percy replied, tongue grazing Will’s fingers.

“It’s a good way to get back at him,” Will said. The statement felt like a test.

Indignant words almost burst out before they caught in Percy’s throat. He wanted to say that wasn’t why he was doing this, but that would be a lie. At least partially.

“That’s not the only reason.”

Will pressed his fingers in harder, breaching Percy’s mouth. “I know. I know it’s not the only reason. But it is one.”

He couldn’t deny that.

“Yes,” Percy said and moved his head, taking Will’s fingers further into his mouth.

“We’d be stupidly reckless to do this.”

Percy hummed in agreement, swirling his tongue and sucking on Will’s fingers.

“Gods…” Will closed his eyes, exhaling shakily and tightening his grip in Percy’s hair. “Well, it would be a satisfying way to get back at Nico.”

Percy barked out a laugh despite himself at that, choking on the fingers still in his mouth, and withdrew enough to talk.

“I thought I wasn’t his type anymore.”

Will scoffed. “You’re everyone’s type Percy.”

“Including yours?” Percy asked teasingly. Will yanked Percy forward so that he could feel the hard length pressing against his thigh.

“Especially mine.”

“Take me home,” Percy begged. “Please take me home.”

“Shit,” Will cursed, gave him another searing kiss, then slammed some cash on the bar. “Gods yes. Let’s go.”

The walk back to Percy’s apartment took twice as long as it needed to, clinging to each other as they were and stopping every other block to press each other against an alley wall. Percy was nearly bursting at the seams with want by the time they got his door.

“Fuck,” Percy arched back into Will as he kissed along the back of his neck. “I can’t open the door like this.”

“Hmm, try.” Will began nipping at his skin instead.

Percy whimpered and withdrew his key from his pocket. The key scraped against the lock multiple times before he got it. They practically fell through the entrance and Percy turned, shoving Will back against the door.

“Tease,” Percy said, biting down at the junction of Will’s neck and shoulder.

“Hah,” Will panted, turning his head to the side to give Percy more access. “Like you’re one to talk.”

Percy laughed against his throat. “You’ve got me there.”

He almost couldn’t believe he was laughing in the same apartment that he had last left as a raging mess only a few hours later. In the back of his mind, he knew that his mood whiplashes couldn’t last, that the high felt in this moment would drop, but for now all he could think about was Will.

“Holy shit, Percy.” That wasn’t the sound of Will cursing in pleasure. Percy pulled back from the dark bruise he was creating on Will’s throat and looked up questioningly.

“You really gave him hell huh?”

Realizing what Will was talking about, Percy flushed. He couldn’t believe he forgot about the state of his apartment. He turned to look at the mess. There was more glass than he remembered.

“I got mad.”

“I can see that.”  Will snorted. He ran a soothing hand up and down Percy’s back. “We can go back to my place if you want?”

“No” Despite lingering embarrassment Percy felt at Will seeing the aftermath of his confrontation with Apollo, he didn’t think he could stand any more delay. “I didn’t trash my room. Don’t you want to fuck me there? Erase any presence of him from my bed, so that the only person I can think of laying there alone at night is you?”

Will groaned. “I shouldn’t find that as hot as I do.”

“But you do,” Percy said, leaning in to bite at Will’s jaw and snaking a hand down to grip Will’s cock through his pants.

“Fuck.” Will pulled Percy's head up and kissed him hard before lifting Percy off the ground. Definitely not squeaking in surprise, Percy wrapped his legs around Will’s hips. He was carried across the room as Will carefully stepped through the shards of broken glass on the floor.

Soon enough they burst through the door to Percy’s room, and true to his word, it was only a normal amount of mess in comparison to the hurricane that had torn through the rest of his apartment.

One moment later, Percy was thrown down onto the bed hard enough to bounce. Before he could regain his bearings, a heavy body pressed him into the mattress. The pressure against Percy’s cock was a sharp relief to the tension that had been building for the past hour.

“Will! Please, please,” Percy whined and scratched at Will’s back, pulling at his shirt.

“Please what?” Will repeated his question from earlier and ground down onto Percy’s cock.

“You said you would take care of me.” Percy arched up into the body on top of him and wrapped his legs around Will’s hips.

“Is that what I said?” Will pulled up and yanked at Percy’s shirt, prompting Percy to sit up so that he could pull it off and toss it across the room. “Then maybe I should leave you here to sleep. You’ve had an awfully long day.”

Despite his threat, Will pressed hot kisses down Percy’s chest.

Percy moaned at the sharp pleasure of Will’s teeth scraping across his nipple and tangled his hands in Will’s hair. “No, no, you know what I want. Fuck me. Please.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” Will murmured into Percy’s chest, before sitting up. Anticipation thick in the air, they both clawed at each other's clothes, scrambling to get them off.

Once the last of Percy’s clothes were gone, he was shoved back down onto the bed, Will’s hand pressing hard against his collarbone.

“Gods, you’re beautiful.” Despite the hungry look on Will’s face his words were reverent and filled with awe as he took in Percy lying beneath him. “Lube?”

“In the nightstand!” Percy’s mouth fell open and he wouldn’t have been surprised if he began drooling at the sight of Will’s toned, golden body outstretched to open the drawer of the nightstand. He reached out and scraped his nails down Will’s spine, relishing in the arch it drew from him.

Will returned having grabbed the lube, and this time pushed Percy’s legs open and kneeled between them. He pulled Percy’s legs over his shoulders and leaned down, his breath hot against Percy’s cock.

“Will?” Percy questioned, and received a warm smile in return.

“Let me take care of you.” Will placed a kiss on the tip of Percy’s cock and tongued at the slit. Percy’s thighs squeezed tighter against Will’s head and he frantically grabbed at the sheets beside him.

“Fuck, Will!”

A calloused hand circled the bottom of his cock and Will enveloped him with his mouth. Percy writhed as Will sucked on him and gaped breathlessly at seeing Will's hollowed cheeks and pink lips stretched around his cock.

Will moaned against his cock as he took him deeper, gagging when Percy’s cock hit the back of his throat.

“Fuck,” Percy trembled, barely restraining himself from jerking his hips and pushing his cock further down Will’s throat. So engrossed in wet heat around his cock, Percy almost didn’t notice when a slicked finger circled at his hole.

“Please!” Percy cried out, throwing his head to the side, eyes squeezed shut at the added sensation. Gods, they had hardly done anything but already Percy was so overwhelmed. He had forgotten what it felt like to be fucked without the weight of distance holding him back.

He mewled helplessly as Will’s finger pressed into his hole. In response to Percy’s eagerness, Will increased his pace sucking Percy’s cock and frantically stretched him out. By the time Will had three fingers inside him, Percy was biting at his hand, thighs trembling.

Will pulled off of him, a line of drool trailing from his mouth to Percy’s cock.

“Stop that,” Will said. “Take your hand out of your mouth. I want to hear you.”

Percy moaned, both at the command and at the hoarseness of Will’s voice.

“That’s it, baby. You’re so good to me.” Will curled his fingers with a particularly hard thrust and Percy cried out, seeing stars behind his eyelids. “You make the sweetest sounds.”

“Please! Let me cum!” Percy dug his nails into the pillow and pressed down against Will’s fingers.

“Whatever you want, Percy. I’ve got you.” Will pressed another kiss on the head of his cock before taking him in his mouth again. Between the hard thrusts of Will’s fingers and the renewed sucking, Percy didn’t take long before he was about to cum.

“Fuck, Will, I’m gonna cum!”

Rather than pulling off, Will took Percy as deep as he could and swallowed, the movement pushing Percy over the edge. He writhed against the bed and thrust into Will’s mouth, spilling deep in his throat.

Will sat up with Percy’s legs still on his shoulders and his fingers resting in Percy’s ass. Percy whimpered at the sight of Will licking a drop of cum from the corner of his mouth and his heart raced in his ear from his release.

Gods, Will looked at Percy like he wanted to devour him. Despite having just cum, Percy felt a renewed twinge of desire in stomach.

“Did I do good, daddy?” Percy asked, tilting his head coyly.

Will choked on his breath and gripped Percy’s thigh hard with the hand not currently in his ass. Percy squirmed at the thought of waking up tomorrow with a purple imprint of Will’s hand on his thigh.

Percy felt a dark sliver of amusement at how pissed off Apollo would be that he called his son “daddy” instead of him. But all thoughts of Apollo left his head when Will crooked his finger in his ass, the pleasure sharp with his oversensitivity.

“You did the best, baby,” Will praised, rubbing a gentle hand over his freshly bruised thigh. “You’ve been so good for me.”

Will pulled his fingers out of Percy and he whimpered at the gaping emptiness left behind.

“Please, Will! Please, please.” Percy cried out desperately.

“Please what?” Will asked him, eyes mischievous and already knowing the answer.

“Please give fuck me!”

Will hummed consideringly and kissed the inside of Percy’s thigh. “I don’t know, baby. I told you I would take care of you. Maybe you’re too tired for me to fuck you.”

“No, I’m not! I swear!” Percy pleaded. “Please, I want your cock.”

“Hmmm, if that’s what you want,” Will said as he caressed Percy’s thigh.

“It is!”

“Then I guess I have no choice.” Will leaned forward, pushing Percy’s legs until they were pressed against his chest and Percy was bent in half. Will gave him a surprisingly gentle kiss for how lewd of a position he had him in. “Anything you want, Percy.”

Percy twined his arms around Will’s neck as Will slowly pushed his dick into him. The drag of Will’s dick inside of him would have been sinful if they weren’t Greek and when he bottomed out, Percy held his breath at how full he felt.

“You’re so tight, Percy.” Will groaned into his neck. “You feel so, so perfect.”

“Please,” Percy dug his nails into Will’s back. “Please move!”

Will inhaled as he pulled almost all the way out, then snapped his hip back hard. Percy howled that first thrust and soon all thoughts left his head as Will started fucking into him in earnest.

It was pure bliss. The weight of Will on top of Percy restricting his breathing, Will’s unrelenting pace, sending sparks racing up his spine with each thrust. Percy could feel a string of drool escaping his mouth and he knew his face was slack with pleasure.

He had enough awareness to hear Will’s breathless mantra in his ear, repeating his name, Percy, Percy, Percy, desire dripping from his voice. Percy felt a renewed wave of tears at the sounds. Will…Will sounded like he needed Percy.

“Percy, are you ok?” Will asked, voice thick with concern at seeing his tears. Will slowed his pace and Percy frantically scratched at his back.

“Don’t stop!” Percy yelled. “Please don’t stop!”


“I’m fine,” Percy interrupted. “ I just feel so good. You make me feel so good.”

When Will just looked at him searchingly, Percy ran along Will’s scalp reassuringly.

“I promise,” Percy whispered, drowning in Will’s blue eyes. “You make me feel…safe.”

Will’s face flashed with desperate emotion at Percy’s confession.

“You deserve to feel safe.” Will’s face was so close to Percy’s he could feel Will’s breath with every word. “You deserve the world.”

“I just want you,” Percy said and pressed his lips against Will’s, crying out into his mouth when Will renewed his movement, pace not as fast but reaching so deep Percy felt he would never escape the feeling of Will inside him.

Lips pressed hard against Will, Percy moaned as Will’s thrust became erratic and the constant friction of Will’s hard stomach against Percy’s cock pushed him closer to his orgasm.

“Come inside me.” Percy’s plea triggered something in Will and he thrust hard into Percy’s ass, grinding into him as he came.

“Fuck, Percy!” Will cried out and bit down on Percy’s shoulder. The pain was all he needed and soon Percy clutched onto Will as he came, pulling himself as close to Will as possible.

Will pushed himself up, letting Percy’s legs fall onto the bed, and pulled out of Percy’s ass. Percy could feel Will’s cum drip out of him onto the bed and whined at the emptiness. His whine was cut off abruptly when Will collapsed back on top of him and cradled his head.

The only sound in the room was their labored breathing, until Will got up a few minutes later and walked to the bathroom. He quickly returned with a damp towel and wiped him down. Normally, Apollo would just snap his fingers and the mess would be gone, but there was something surprisingly comforting about Will taking the time to clean him personally.

When Will was done, he laid on his back next to Percy and pulled Percy into his arms so that he was resting his head on Will’s chest.

“Thank you,” Percy whispered into Will’s chest, so quiet he was afraid hadn’t heard him.

“Of course,” Will pressed a kiss to the top of Percy’s head and he tightened his grip on Will. “How do you feel?”

Now that his frantic want had been sated, the pain that Percy felt from Apollo’s actions returned, but the pain didn’t feel as empty or as sharp.

“I feel like I’ll be ok.” Percy said, the pressure in his chest a little less heavy for having said it out loud.

“I’m so glad.” Will breathed into his hair. “I know you will be.”

Percy turned his head so he could look up at Will’s face and he pressed a kiss along the line of his jaw. “You will be too.”

Will gave him a shaky smile, but nodded. “Yeah, I think so too.”

“So this is what you’ve chosen?”

Percy woke with a start, sitting up from where had been laying next to Will. Apollo was standing at the end of the bed, staring down at them with dark anger twisting his inhumanly beautiful features.

“This is what you’ve chosen.” Percy rebutted, words firm and refusing to back down from Apollo any less than he backed down from Ares.

“I didn’t tell you to fuck my son,” Apollo spat out.

“I didn’t tell you to fuck that mortal either.” Percy replied, the anger in his voice cold in contrast to Apollo’s burning wrath.

For the first time during their conversation, Apollo’s expression showed more than anger. “That was…a regretful choice.”

“Regretful,” Percy snorted.

Apollo grimaced. “Percy if you would just give me another chance. I would forgive this--”

“You forgive me?” The sheer arrogance of the gods never ceased to disappoint him. “You think I need to be forgiven? I didn’t do anything wrong. You cheated on me. We’re broken up and you don’t get to control who I sleep with.”

The room’s temperature was rapidly heating up, but Percy had no patience for Apollo’s dramatics.

“Leave. Leave me alone and don’t come back!” Percy yelled, glaring at Apollo with the same kind of rage that summoned storms.

“You think you can tell me what to do--”

“I thought you were better than this!” Percy interrupted. “I thought you loved me. I never thought I would have you forever, but I thought you loved me enough to give me a clean break. Not a betrayal!”

“It’s not a betrayal,” Apollo said, but his tone was no longer indignant and more like he was reassuring himself. “It’s not.”

“You know it is.” Percy’s eyes never left Apollo’s, a harsh gold that was in stark contrast to his son’s deep blue.

Apollo stood there, as frozen as a statue, for several moments before he spoke again.

“Give me another chance.”

“No,” Percy said with no hesitation. Maybe he would’ve, if Apollo had apologized or begged him to come back. But he didn’t, and the words “sorry” or “please” never left his lips.

“Leave,” Percy commanded again.

“This isn’t the end of this Perseus.” Apollo threatened.

“No, I never thought it was.” It was true. Percy didn’t have any illusions, not anymore, about the nature of the god in front of him.

Apollo disappeared in a shimmer of heat after one last stare, leaving Percy sweating and heaving in the hot air left behind. He looked down at Will who was still sleeping, and realized that Apollo must have been keeping Will asleep throughout their loud argument.

Even as he thought this, Will groaned softly and opened his eyes, squinting into the morning light.

“Morning,” Percy tried to keep his voice light in spite of the tension left over from Apollo’s visit. After all, it wasn’t Will’s fault his dad was a major asshole.

“Morning,” Will’s smile wavered and his brows furrowed with concern.

“Do you--” Percy started hesitantly. “Do you regret coming home with me last night?”

“No.” Will reached over and twined their hands together. “Never. I just had an… unsettling dream from my dad.”

Percy snorted. “That makes two of us. Well, I mean he was here not in my dreams but same thing.”

“He was here?” Will sat up, alarmed. “Are you ok?” His eyes scanned over Percy’s body trying to spot anything off.

“Yeah, he didn’t hurt me.” Percy reassured him, rubbing a thumb on Will’s hand. “Just this won’t be as clean a break up as I wanted.”

“Of course not,” Will muttered bitterly, before sighing. “Regardless, I’ll be here for you.”

Percy’s heart leaped up his throat. “Really?”

“Really,” Will said, smiling at him and pressing a short kiss on the corner of Percy’s mouth.