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Quarter Past Midnight

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It’s not like Dan makes a habit of going to parties, because he really doesn’t. He’s much more likely to be found at home drinking a bottle of Red on his own, but somehow, he’s found himself on the right side of wine buzzed in Woody’s flat.  He’s only slightly falling into people, asking them to be in his new band. He was met with a lot of confused laughter and “Naw, mate. Drink some water, you’re wankered.”


Sure that he was never going to start the bloody band after all, Dan was walking head down towards the kitchen when he collided with someone.


“Woah, woah-!” Came a rich, low cockney drawl and Dan woozily lifted his alcohol-filled head and gasped internally.


“Pretty.” He slurred and the stranger chuckled, getting a hand on his shoulder to steady him.


“No, m’name’s Kyle.”


Dan blushed all the way down to his feet, mumbling “Sorry.”


“What’s your name then, pisshead?” Kyle ribbed as he walked Dan further into the kitchen.


“Dan. I’m in a band.” He grinned and Kyle nodded slowly, fetching him some water.


“Here. Drink up, Dan. Don’t want that pretty little head pounding in the morning.”


“You’re awfully nice.” Dan says quietly as he drinks some of the water, blinking a few times in hopes it’ll clear his head a bit, miraculously, it does, at least a little, it does however, put Kyle into focus though, showing Dan how absolutely beautiful he is. High cheekbones, perfectly coiffed hair and a beard that makes Dan wonder how it’d feel rubbing between his thighs. He’s careful to stop that thought there though, drunk or now, he’s not sure he wants to be too hard to think in front of a beautiful stranger. 


Kyle shrugs, eyeing Dan with a soft smile.


“People pleaser, me. So tell me about this band of yours.” 


Dan takes another sip of water and leans his weight against the sink. “I- well. I mean I want to start a band but finding anyone to play keyboard is a nightmare.”


Kyle is suddenly chuckling and Dan is momentarily lost. 


“What are the odds.” Kyle all but purrs, suddenly very much in Dan's space. “I just so happen to know how to play the keyboard.”


Dan’s pulse was racing, Kyle smelled good this close up, it was a bit hard to scramble together a sentence.


“Oh, no way- did you maybe want to be in my band then?” Dan asks nervously, as Kyle rested his hip dangerously close to Dan's and smirks.


“Dunno. I might need some persuasion, Daniel.”


“What kind of persuasion would you like Mr—?” Dan says as flirty as he can, waiting for Kyle to give him his last name. 


“Simmons.” Kyle says with a wink. 


“Mr. Simmons, then, what kind of persuasion may we be talking about? I, for one happen to be very persuasive.” Dan says softly, getting as close to Kyle as he can. 


Kyle is watching Dan intently, the smug smirk sat on his undoubtedly soft lips was making Dan lose his mind. He wouldn’t be so confident had it not been for the alcohol rapidly leaving his system. Only his closest mates knew of his sexual preferences.


“I can think of one or two things that might help me come to a conscious decision.” Kyle teased, now getting confident, one hand reaching for the small of Dan's back and pulling him closer. Dan shuddered at the contact, noting the cool metal of Kyle’s rings against his hot skin. It was a pleasant burning.


“O-oh? And they are-?” Dan tried but he lost any more flirty words to the feeling of Kyle closing the space between them and kissing him softly, gently, like he was testing the waters.


“Something like that. Maybe more-” Kyle breathed against Dan's lips when they broke apart for air and Dan could’ve sworn he was dreaming. This stranger, this beautiful, flirty stranger was propositioning him in the middle of his mate’s kitchen. It had to be fake. 


“My flat is three floors up.” Dan says quietly, looking directly into Kyle’s eyes. 


“Is it just, Mr-?” Kyle laughs, playing the same card on Dan that he just had played on him. 


“Fuck, Smith. Surname is Smith.” Dan babbles, desperately trying to regain some of the bravado the alcohol had given him. 


“That’s a shame, I thought it was fuck.” Kyle laughs, getting in Dan's space yet again, brushing his lips just so against Dan’s neck. Dan’s eyes flicker closed at the feeling of Kyle's lips against him. 


“Why don’t you show me your flat, Mr. Smith?” Kyle laughs, pulling away from Dan and grasping his hand, leading him towards the front door of Woody’s flat. 


“I’d love to.” He breathes, following Kyle out of the flat and towards the lift. Fuck, he could hardly contain how much this situation was absolutely doing it for him. 


Kyle managed to behave himself in the lift to Dan's flat, but he couldn’t help but notice how shaky Dan had gotten. He frowned.


“All good?”


Dan laughed nervously, smiling at Kyle.“Yeah, I- it’s just been a while and you’re fucking gorgeous.” He admitted as he led Kyle out of the lift towards his flat.


Kyle colours, grabbing Dan’s hand and tugging him back so he could kiss him again.


“I’m assuming you have no mirrors in your flat then, Mister Smith. Because you’re also gorgeous.” He smiled and it was Dan's turn to blush now as he shakily stepped away to unlock his front door.


“Hardly.” Dan says quietly, causing Kyle to shake his head with a laugh as he pushed up against Dan from behind, his glaring obvious erection trapped in his jeans pressing snug up on Dan's arse. It made Dan choke on a breath mid doorknob-turn.


Kyle dipped his head so he was level with Dan's ear as he all but purred. “I don’t get this worked up over just anyone, Dan.”


“Oh fuck .” Dan breathes, instinctually pressing his arse up against Kyle's cock. “Fuck.” He breathes again as he finally gets the door open. 


“You’re impossibly sexy, Kyle.” He says quietly, turning the tables on him the second the door opens and pressing him against his front door as it closes.  And me either, for the record.” Dan growls, pressing his painfully hard cock against Kyles.


Kyle groans lowly, cupping Dan's face as he kisses him hotly, more urgently now.


“Fuck. Take me to bed, Smith.” He practically growls and Dan chuckles, leading Kyle to his bedroom before stopping and kissing him again, sliding his tongue into Kyle’s mouth with a groan.


“I don’t do this usually.” Dan admitted as Kyle started kissing at his neck again, his brain short circuiting.  Kyle chuckles against his skin, playfully biting down.


“Me either. But- this- this is one hell of a persuasion.”


“Fuck, yeah it is.”  Dan says quickly, kissing him hot and open-mouthed. “It’s been a while, so I apologize if I’m shit.” Dan says quietly, backing Kyle against his bed until he falls back onto it, laughing as Dan hovers over him.


 “Mind if I?” He asks, fingers slipping under Kyle's thin black Fugees t-shirt. He’d have to bring that up again later.


 “Please.”Kyle breathes. Dan makes quick work of pulling Kyle's shirt up and off as the other man moves to let him. He takes a second to admire how absolutely fucking gorgeous he is, his body hair and physique sending a chill through Dan.


Fuck .” Dan breathes, hands mapping Kyle’s chest almost in awe. Kyle chuckled at the almost shell shocked look on Dan’s face.


“See something you like, Smith?” He teased and Dan nodded, his hands suddenly on his belt. 


Kyle swallowed hard as Dan offered him a sly smirk as he got it unbuckled. “Absolutely, but there’s something else I’d really like to get a look at.” Dan purred and fuck Kyle’s cock was absolutely throbbing. He wasn’t sure where Dan’s cockiness had come from but fuck he was glad it had made an appearance.


“O-oh?” Kyle tries as Dan deftly unzips his jeans, urging his hips up to get them off.


“Uh huh.” Dan breathed, palming over Kyle’s horrible obvious erection through the tight fabric of his boxer briefs.


“Oh fuck -“ he breathed, head falling as he let out a soft moan.


“Yeah?” Dan says softly, kissing Kyle, and palming over him. 


“Fuck, yeah. Fuck baby, take it out.” Kyle all but moans, arching against Dan's touch. Dan takes a second to pull his own shirt off, leaving his jeans for now. 


“You want me to take it out?” Dan says teasingly, playing with the band of Kyle's boxers, watching the other man nod. “Fuck, me too.” He growls. 


Kyle groans when Dan drags his boxers down, his cock hitting the soft hair on his stomach with an obscene slap.


“Fuck-“ Dan growls, reaching out to just touch because fuck, Kyle’s so thick.


“Oh my god. ” Dan growls again and Kyle blushes, his cock pulsing as Dan strokes him experimentally.


“Yeah? Fuck. Do- do you like it Dan?”


“Fuck… I love it. You’re so fucking thick .” Dan growls, licking his palm and bringing it back down, jerking Kyle off slowly. “Fuck, you’re cut- I’m not. It’s so different.” He breathes. “Holy fucking shit .” 


Kyle moans again as he watches Dan work his cock, a concentrated yet hungry look on his face.


“I’ve gotta…” he mumbles before he gets the head of Kyle's cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it as he continues to pump him. Kyle lets out a loud groan, bucking just enough against Dan’s face.


“Fuck, Dan. Oh- oh my god .” He spluttered, his hand instinctively winding into Dan's unruly hair as he swallowed more of his cock down.


“Jesus Christ, baby. Fuck-“ he groaned deeply as Dan looked up into his eyes. Fuck they were so blue. 


“Feels so good baby, fucking Christ.” Kyle moans, letting his hips lift up a little, his cock hitting the back of Dan's throat. Dan looks up and winks at him, sucking him more intently.

“Oh fuck, Dan. Honey, fuck, you’ll make me cum.” He pants. 


Dan pulls off of Kyle’s cock with a wet pop, whining as he slows his strokes down.


“Yeah? Fuck. Yeah, okay.” He says as he makes quick work of getting his jeans and boxers off. Kyle swears he nearly faints when he sees Dan's cock for the first time. He was huge.


“Dan oh my god-“ he whined, grabbing at the smaller man to pull him on top of him into a searing kiss.


“Jesus, baby you’re huge.” He groans and Dan blushes, kissing him again.


“Yeah? You really think?”


Kyle chuckles. “Yeah, I have eyes, Smith.”


Dan smiles, rutting down against him. It makes them both moan wantonly, everything feels like it’s burning. 


“No one… no one has ever told me that before.” He confesses and Kyle can’t believe his ears.


“You’ve just been fucking the wrong people then, babe. It’s huge.”


“I mean… it’s not like I fuck a ton of people. But, I just thought it was average.” Dan says meekly, looking down at just the right time for Kyle to be grasping his cock.


 “Fucking hell.” He growls, watching the way Dan shudders into his touch.


 “How do you wanna do this?” He breathes, kissing Dan’s hip. Dan blushes, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth.


“Can… can you fuck me?” He asks quietly and Kyle smiles, kissing him deeply.


“Oh, baby. I’d love to. Fuck.”


Dan thrills when Kyle agrees and he rests back on the bed, looking so fucked out that Kyle couldn’t help the strong surge of lust that wracked through him.


“Lubes in the bottom drawer.” Dan states and Kyle quickly fishes it out, smirking at Dan as he snicks the cap open.


“Fucking hell, babe. You’re beautiful like this.” He purrs as he slicks two fingers liberally, setting the lube aside.


“Oh hush.” Dan blushes.


“Never.” Kyle smirks, nudging Dan’s legs apart to catch a glimpse of his hole, and fuck. It was perfect. Soft and pink, clenching around nothing. Kyle reaches out and runs a slicked finger around his rim, groaning when Dan lets out the softest moan as he helps him relax before he pushes a slicked finger inside Dan, earning a deep moan from the older man. 


“Fuck, Kyle- your fucking fingers. ” Dan sighs as Kyle starts to pump it in and out, and Kyle smirks, obsessing over how tightly Dan was squeezing his finger.


“Yeah? Fuck, baby you’re so tight for me.” Kyle purrs as he gently nudged a second finger inside of Dan, which made him yelp, fingers digging into the sheets.


 Kyle paused, alarmed. “Alright? Is this okay? We can stop if-“ 


“If you stop I will never forgive you.” Dan moans brokenly and Kyle chuckles as he starts to curl his fingers inside of Dan, thrilling when he strokes against his prostate dead on.


“Kyle, oh fuck -!” Dan wails, his stomach muscles clenching as Kyle pressed up against his sweet spot again.


“Fuck, feels good, doesn’t it, babe?” Kyle smirks.


“Yeah, fuck. Holy fuck.” Dan babbles, whining as Kyle keeps stroking his prostate.


 “Fucking Christ, you’re so receptive.” Kyle groans, leaning down to kiss Dan’s hip again.


 “Fuck me Kyle, please, I’m ready. Please fuck me.” Dan whines, running his hands down his body, completely desperately. 


“I need you inside me, fuck.” Dan keeps babbling, like he needs Kyle's cock to live. It was overwhelming. Kyle kisses him deeply, wrapping Dan's legs around his waist with a deep groan.


“Ready?” He asks Dan, who nods violently.


“Fuck me, fuck me, please?” He asks, wide eyed. Kyle is suddenly struck with the realisation that it’s almost impossible for him to ever tell Dan ‘no’.


He pushes into Dan's tight heat with a deep growl.


“Fucking hell, Dan. Baby, you’re so tight.” He grits out, stilling to let dan get adjusted to the stretch. 


“Oh, FUCK .” Dan moans, the feeling of Kyle inside him was almost too much for him. “Jesus you’re fucking big.” Dan whines, moving to adjust himself so Kyle's cock impales him further, causing him to let out the dirtiest moan Kyle thinks he’s ever heard. 


“Jesus Christ.” Kyle growls as he starts fucking Dan in earnest, his hips smacking into Dan’s harshly.


“Ky-le oh fuck harder, fuck, harder .” Dan pants, digging his nails into Kyle’s shoulders. 


“Fuck, whatever you want baby.” Kyle pants, fucking into Dan as deeply as he can, before pulling almost completely out and then punching back in as hard as he can.


 “You take it like you were made to be fucked.” Kyle pants as he leans down and nips at Dan’s neck, making him moan yet again. 


“God. Kyle- you’re the biggest I’ve ever had.” Dan confesses, whining when Kyle pushes directly up on his sweet spot. Kyle winks at the admission, groaning as Dan clenches around him. 


“Oh FUCK Kyle, fuck- there. Fuck just like that.” Dan babbles, his cock leaking all over his stomach. 


“Jesus Christ that’s hot.” Kyle groans, his head reeling from Dan’s comment. Dan blushes more, clenching hard around Kyle.


 “Oh fuck, Kyle. God you’re hitting my spot.” Dan cries out, his orgasm flicking to life in the base of his spine. “I’m close. Fuck, I’m gonna cum like this.” He whines. 

Kyle can’t believe what he’s hearing, he’s never made someone cum just from fucking them before.


“Fuck, baby- y-yeah? Fuck, I wanna see you.” He growls and it makes Dan whimper. 


“Fuck, Ky- fuck, I’m gonna-“

Dan loses his sentence to a loud moan as one more thrust from Kyle makes his stomach drop and his cock kicks against his stomach as he cums brutally between their bodies.


“Oh, Dan- fuck baby that’s so fucking sexy, fuck-“ Kyle stutters, watching Dan like it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. 


“Fucking shit.” Dan breathes, overwhelmed at the amount of cum Kyle’s fucked out of him. “Don’t stop Kyle. Fuck me til you cum.” Dan babbles, clenching violently around Kyle’s  pulsing cock. 


“Fuck, Dan. You’re so tight I’m gonna fucking lose it.” He grits out, his thrusts getting sloppy as Dan clenches around him again.


“Fuck baby I’m cumming-!” Kyle groaned, slumping forward as he came thickly and so hotly deep inside Dan's trembling hole.


“Kyle—oh my fucking god.” Dan groaned weakly as Kyle let his legs down and kissed him deeply through their respective aftershocks.


Kyle rolled off of Dan with a satisfied sigh and Dan smiled widely, kissing his shoulder.


“So. Are you persuaded enough to join my band, Mr. Simmons?” Dan asks brightly, albeit a bit out of breath. 


Kyle dropped a kiss to the top of his head. “I think I may be, Mr. Smith.”


“I’ve never fucked a stranger quite like that before.” Dan says dreamily.


 “I have a feeling we’ll be doing that a lot more.” Kyle growls, kissing Dan once more. 

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Things fall into a pattern after the party. Dan and Kyle get close, but they’ve not hooked up again, much to each of their dismay. The time just hasn’t seemed… right, they’ve both agreed. Kyle joins the band, obviously, and meets both of Dan’s other mates, Will and Chris (who they all affectionately call Woody, something that still makes Kyle chuckle). They’d talked about hooking up again in the few weeks they’d known each other, but Kyle says something about making sure he’s a good fit for the band, and wanting to get a better grasp on what he was doing. It makes Dan swell with pride, that he found someone who takes this as seriously as he does, and he almost forgets it’s been more than a couple weeks since he’s had Kyle in his bed. 


So when Kyle whispers in Dan’s ear that it’s his turn after practice, Dan can hardly hide his reaction, very promptly kicking his keyboard over and coughing, earning a raised eyebrow from Will. 


“Steady. You all good there, Dan?” He teases as Dan crouches to fold it up and zip the damn thing into its case.


“Fine.” He says curtly as Kyle bites his lip to suppress the fucking giggle he wants to let out. Flustered, borderline scandalised Dan was his favourite side of Dan, and he’s gotten to see it more than a few times since they started spending more time together. The soft kiss he’s given Dan when he leaves the studio each night has proved that, the look on Dan’s face always proving to Kyle that he desperately wants more. 


“Well, try not to break anything or yourself, I’m headed home.” Woody laughs, smirking as Dan continues to fight with his keyboard case. 


“Kyle, keep an eye on him.” Will says with a chuckle, zipping up his bass and slinging the case on his back.


“I’ll try my best, but he may be beyond help.” Kyle laughs, crouching down to his knees to help Dan out. 


Dan rolls his eyes at both of them, praying he can keep it together long enough to get Kyle back to his flat. 


“Here, let me.” Kyle said softly, making light work of the zipper. 


“I thought you wanted me to play keyboard, anyway. Why do you have to bring this thing to every practice?” He laughs, standing up to grab his own keyboard case, all zipped up and ready to go. 


“I mean— yes, but you do all the other stuff too. The programm-y stuff, and hit the buttons I can’t fucking figure out. I just need the keys to make it make sense.” Dan huffs, blushing when he stands up. 


“I get it, I’ll trust the creative process.” Kyle laughs, pulling Dan closer, so he’s standing right in front of him. 


“Thank you, Kyle.” He said almost shyly and Kyle pressed a quick kiss to his lips. 


“Of course.” Kyle says quietly, giving Dan another kiss, groaning when they both pull away. 


Dan blushes, worrying his lip between his teeth as he slung the keyboard case over his shoulder.


“So what’s the plan then?” Dan asks as casually as he can muster as Kyle starts gathering the rest of his things, smirking at him.


“Dunno, Smith. You tell me.” He smirks at Dan as widely as he can. 


“You’re gonna whisper in my ear that it’s your turn to get fucked but you’re not going to tell me anything else? Bold move, Kyle.” Dan laughs, raising his eyebrow. “We haven’t had time for more than a kiss after sleeping together on the first night we met, and that’s all you can give me?” 


“We wanted to make sure I was a good fit! We agreed!” Kyle laments, though he's grinning at Dan. “And hey, I put it out there. You just have to make it happen.” He laughs, crossing over to Dan to kiss him yet again, it’s like he can’t stop. “I wouldn’t be opposed to going to your place again though. That king bed is too good.” Kyle grins, kissing Dan’s cheek. 

“Just using me for my bed? I’m wounded, Kyle.” Dan chuckles, opening the door to the studio and walking out. 


“You know it’s deeper than that, Daniel. Don’t be a dick.” Kyle laughs, albeit a bit nervous that he let that slip out so early. 

Dan can’t help but blush, it was early in whatever this was, but Kyle made him feel so at ease. He shook that part from his mind. 


“Cmon then, Simmons. I’ve got a bed with your name all over it.” Dan grins, not missing the way Kyle is smirking knowingly. Hot bastard.


Quite thankful your place is so close.” Kyle says with a laugh as they walk towards Dan's car. 


 “Yeah, I bet you are.” Dan laughs, unlocking the trunk so they could throw their gearin it. Kyle gives him a look and bites his lip, and Dan feels like he could fall over. Something about Kyle was so fucking attractive, the way he carried himself doing the smallest tasks, made Dan absolutely crazy. 


Kyle pulls Dan into a brief kiss, smiling into it when Dan whimpers in the back of his throat. Kyle takes it as a chance to deepen the kiss, and after a while,  Dan pulls back first, blushing furiously as he makes his way to the driver's side.


“You keep melting my brain! If we’d’ve kept going I would’ve undressed you right in the bloody garage.” He gushed and Kyle felt so fucking fond he thought he would die.


“Would’ve let you.” He says with a shrug as they get in the car. “-but I do really fancy your bed. It’s wicked.” He states with a smirk in Dan's direction. Dan is very focused on the road, intent on getting Kyle back to his flat as soon as humanly possible. 


“Christ, You’re fucking killing me.” Dan says with a grumble, exasperated as the light turns red. 


Yeah ?” Kyle smirks, putting a hand on Dan’s thigh. “It’s mutual. ” Kyle says softly, running his hand up Dan’s thigh. It makes Dan’s face color beautifully and that’s all Kyle needed. He leans over the center console and presses a kiss to Dan’s neck, nipping his neck ever so slightly. 

“Fucking Christ if I don’t get us home in the next five seconds I might just die. We might just die.” Dan mutters under his breath. 


Kyle can’t help but laugh at that as Dan tears away from the lights once they’ve turned green.


“At least your flat complex is right in our sights.” Kyle purrs as Dan all but slams on the brakes at the curb out front.


He’s on Kyle in an instant, the second he puts the car in park, kissing him messily while fisting his shirt tightly. Kyle melts happily into the kiss, his tongue fighting for dominance over Dan’s. He succeeds and groans headily before he’s pulling back, breath laboured.


“Inside. I need you.” Kyle says quickly. 


“Fuck, yeah. Alright.” Dan growls as they get out of the car, leaving all of their stuff in the trunk. 


“Fuck, you’re sexy when you’re horny .” Kyle laughs, following Dan to the door of his complex. 


“Oh fuck off .” Dan laughs, getting them inside the building and all but pulling Kyle to the lift. The doors open quickly and Dan herds Kyle inside, backing him up against the wall.


 “You’re just fucking—.” Dan breathes against Kyle's neck, backing him against the wall even more, running his hand over Kyle’s incredibly obvious erection. 


“Fucking what.” Kyle prods, and Dan can’t even dignify him with a response, just surging forward again to kiss him deeply. 


“Jesus, Dan. Fuck -“ Kyle groans, chasing his mouth desperately as Dan continues to palm him over his jeans. There’s a very real chance anyone could get into the lift but mercifully, no one does. They get to Dan’s floor and he’s tugging Kyle with purpose towards his flat, keys already in hand to usher them both inside. There’s a bit of a disagreement with the lock on the front door, but after a couple of swear words and some determination, they’re now facing each other in the living room. Everything seems to have slowed down as they gaze at each other intently. Kyle runs the back of his hand down dan’s face.“You’re fucking beautiful .” Kyle says softly. 


Dan blushes, averting his gaze as he smiles softly. “I’m not, I-“ He tries. 


 Kyle immediately shuts him up with a kiss. “Yes you are. Don’t argue with me.”


Dan admits defeat, kissing Kyle urgently and trying to blindly walk them to the bedroom without toppling them over. 


“Want you so fucking bad.” Dan pants as he works on getting Kyle’s belt open, all the while leading them to his bed, backing Kyle up against it. He finally gets it unbuckled, and flicks the button on Kyle’s jeans as Kyle pulls his shirt over his head. He’s left in just his boxers in seconds, leaning down to kiss Dan deeply, a chill running through him.


“Before we start this again, I just want to put your mind at ease.” Kyle pants. This grabs Dan’s attention even more, causing him to look at Kyle intently in the eyes. “I’ve not fucked anyone else in some time, and I’m not planning on it. And I’m clean… I know we’ve already slept together, but I just… wanted to tell you.” He says softly. 


Dan nods, kissing him deeply before moving to take his own shirt off. 


“Me either, I kinda didn’t expect anyone to want to be with me for a while, and I wasn’t looking. But then I literally ran into you, and-“ he cuts his own train of thought off by kissing Kyle deeply. He feels butterflies taking off in his chest and knew that what he and Kyle had was special, something sacred, already. He moves them so that Kyle is laying back, and Dan is hovering over him , thrilling when the younger man moans as he starts grinding down on him.


“Fuck. God Dan you’re going to kill me.” Kyle groaned desperately, pawing at Dan's low slung jeans. Dan chuckles, getting them off and settling on top of Kyle once more. 


“That’s the idea.” Dan says with a laugh, desperately trying to show Kyle some of the confidence he’d had the first time they did this.


“What a hell of a way to go.” He smiles, feeling how hard Dan's cock is against his own. “Why the fuck are our boxers still on?” Kyle whines, hooking his finger in the waistband of Dan’s. 


Dan giggles as he helps Kyle get his own boxers off before working Kyle’s down his slim hips. Once they were both naked,  Dan took pause to drink Kyle in, his tanned skin looking almost golden in the dim light of the room, his body hair, defined hips, and his beautiful, cut cock resting heavily against his stomach. He was perfect. Dan is brought out of his reverie by Kyle saying “I charge by the minute, pervert.”


Dan chuckles, getting on top of Kyle and kissing him breathless, rutting down against him to get him to moan.


“I was just marvelling at your beauty, you arse.” He smiles against Kyle’s lips and Kyle breathes a laugh, kissing him again as he rolls his hips up into Dan’s. 


“You’re so sappy.” Kyle loses a laugh to a moan as the friction of their cocks gets wetter the more they move.


“Maybe I’m just completely blown away by you. You’re beautiful and it’s ridiculous. I’ve also never been with someone like you before.” Dan breathes a laugh, reaching between them and grasping Kyle's cock and slowly starting to stroke him. “You’re just too much.” He breathes against Kyle's neck, nipping softly. 


Kyle groans, bucking up into Dan's hand. He’s so hard it’s starting to hurt, but the feeling of Dan touching him, kissing his neck is sending him into overdrive as he gets a handful of Dan’s hair to hold him in place against his neck while his hands he works his cock.


“Fuck, babe. You feel so fucking good.” He sighs, his cock pulsing on every delicious stroke Dan gave him. 


“Do— you like when someone uses their mouth on you?” Dan breathes against Kyle’s neck before he loses his nerve. Before Kyle can even respond, Dan keeps talking, brazen if only for this moment.  “Because I want to eat you out before I fuck you.” He says with another pointed nip to Kyle's neck, sucking the same spot to soothe it. 


Kyle groans loudly, moving to capture Dan’s lips, kissing him desperately.


“I’ve not… no one’s ever..” He blushes and Dan smirks, twisting his fist around the head of Kyle's cock.


“Can’t have that now, can we?” He teases as he slowly licks and kisses down Kyle's body, paying close attention to the soft skin of his inner thighs.


“Oh, fuck, Dan- baby -“ he whines as Dan gently parts his legs, groaning when he eyes Kyle’s arse. 


“Jesus, Kyle .” Dan breathes before he’s licking teasingly around the pink pucker. 


“Oh, fuck . That feels amazing.” Kyle breathes, arching into Dan’s touches. Dan smirks from his place between Kyle's thighs, licking with a little bit more intent now. He starts softly prodding Kyle's hole with his tongue, earning the nastiest moan he’s ever heard. He may have just found out something neither of them knew about Kyle.


He pulls away quickly, just long enough to say “Talk to me baby, tell me how it feels.” Before he’s leaning back in again, licking around Kyle's hole.


“Fuck, you…. You’re so good baby, eating me out like this.” Kyle practically growls as he tugs on Dan's hair, the second he pushes his tongue further inside his quivering hole. The moan that Dan lets out into him is more than enough encouragement for Kyle to keep babbling as Dan licks him out. 


Kyle realises quickly that Dan obviously likes  having his hair tugged and  Kyle was very interested in that. Giving it another tug, and earning another deep moan from Dan. 


“Fuck you look so fucking good, Dan. Can’t wait to have you inside me.” Kyle keeps talking, tugging on Dan’s hair especially hard when he grasps Kyle’s arse to spread him wider. 


Dan purrs happily as he continues opening Kyle up. His eyes boring up into Kyles. Kyle swears he’s never been so turned on in his life.


Dan can’t help but smile at Kyle as he pulls away, “Just gotta finish opening you up, baby.” Dan says with a smirk, leaning forward to grab the lube off his bedside table. Kyle can’t help but smirk as Dan settles back between his legs, slicking one of his fingers as he gives Kyle another look. He pushes his finger in slowly, letting kyle adjust around it. 


“Fuck, oh fuck Dan, that’s it.” Kyle says softly, pushing back against Dan’s finger.


“Fuck oh-“ Kyle moans, hips bucking down against Dan’s finger, his moan getting louder when Dan takes the opportunity to slide another finger inside him, kissing his thigh as he does so. 


“Jesus, baby, yeah- “ Kyle whines as Dan works him almost completely open with a deep moan. 


Dan gives him a twist of his fingers, pulling away and kissing Kyle’s inner thigh. “You’re fucking sinful, Kyle, Jesus.” Dan says with a smirk. “


Kyle blushes because, yeah, he knows he can get a bit loud in bed. He kisses Dan hotly, legs falling open on instinct as he groans “Dan. Fuck me. Please, I want it. Fuck me.” He sounds desperate even to his own ears, but he can’t find it in himself to be embarrassed, he wanted this from Dan so fucking badly his body was thrumming in anticipation.


“You sure?” Dan says softly. 


“Positive. Want you inside me.” He whispers, kissing Dan again. 


“How do you want me, Kyle?” Dan asks, looking at Kyle intently.


Kyle blushes, rubbing his hands up Dan’s chest. 


“Just like this. I wanna see you.” He admits and Dan leans down to kiss him hotly.


“Fuck.” He says, reaching for the lube, then between their bodies and lining his throbbing cock up with Kyle’s hole. 


“Deep breaths for me.”  Dan says as he breaches Kyle’s trembling hole. 


“Fucking Christ .” Kyle says quietly as Dan keeps pushing in. Dan is biting his lip in concentration because fuck, Kyle feels unreal. 


“Yeah, fuck baby. You’re so tight.”  Dan growls, like he’s left his body, the feeling of being inside Kyle is that unreal. 


“Yeah?” Kyle says dreamily. 


Dan nods, momentarily concerned. “Fuck baby, am I hurting you?” Dan pants. 


Kyle shakes his head, looping his arms around Dan's shoulders and pulling him into a searing kiss.


“N-no, the stretch is so fucking good , Dan. Fuck. You can move, baby, I can take it.” He groans and Dan's eyes flash dark as he starts to move a bit deeper inside of Kyle.


“Fuck, yeah, that’s it.” Kyle moans as Dan completely bottoms out inside him. 


“Oh fuck.” Dan breathes as he starts rocking inside him. Kyle groans, tugging at dan’s bottom lip with his teeth. 


“God you’re big. Fuck-it’s so good. I can feel you in my fucking S-stomach , Dan. Fuck.” He babbles, his cock leaking all over his stomach. 


“Oh yeah?” Dan growls, a moment of bravado sneaking in, because fuck, Kyle is making him feel invincible. 


Kyle all but cries out at a deep thrust, his hole clenching wildly again, “Can feel you pulsing in me.” He whines. 


Dan is losing his mind, he’s never had sex like this, desperate and intense. It’s never felt like this before. 


“Feels so fucking good, Dan. Don’t stop.” Kyle pants and Dan could almost laugh, he wouldn’t stop if his life depended on it. 


“Wouldn’t dream of it, love.” He laughs. Kyle looks up at him in what Dan can only describe as adoration, and it absolutely fucking does it for him. He’s overwhelmed by the urge to kiss Kyle, so he does just that, kissing him deeply as he continues to fuck into him. He can feel his orgasm kicking to life in stomach. 


“C’mon, baby. I want us to cum together, you think you can do that for me?” He pants and Kyle nods, moaning deeply, his hips rocking up into Dan’s touch. 


“Y-yeah, fuck baby, yeah.” Kyle pants as a reassurance.


Dan reaches down and grasps Kyle’s cock, stroking him in time with his thrusts. 


“Baby, I’m getting close-“ Kyle sighs and Dan doubles his efforts, fucking him harder, hitting his prostate dead on with every deep, harsh thrust and really working his cock now, he wants Kyle to let go. 


“Fuck, ky- me, me too, fuck you’re squeezing me so fucking tight.” Dan whines, his thrusts sloppy. 


“I can’t fucking help it, fuck, I’m gonna cum—oh my god .” Kyle whines, his cock blurting pre cum all over Dan's hand. 


“Yeah? Cum for me.” He growls. 


Kyle moans loudly, hips lifting off the bed as he cums all over dan’s fist, his own stomach. The visual sets Dan off immediately, and he manages a strangled “ Fuck -“ right as he cums deep inside of Kyle. 


“Oh fuck, Dan- fuck-“ Kyle groans from under him. 


“Yeah, fuck. Holy fuck .” Dan groans, his cock still kicking inside Kyle. 


Kyle slots their lips together with a contented hum, kissing Dan languidly as their breathing regulated.


Fuck .” He sighs dreamily as Kyle winces, pulling out of him and collapsing on the bed next to him. Kyle turns on his side and gives Dan a brilliant smile, kissing his nose.


“That was perfect .” He states and Dan blushes, kissing him soundly.


“I’m kind of speechless.” Dan says softly. “Fuck. Kyle. You’re perfect.” 


It was Kyle’s turn to blush as he pushes some of Dan's unruly hair out of his face.


“Pretty glad I joined your little band after all.” Kyle laughs. Dan chuckles, kissing him again.


“You and me both.” Dan grins. 

Chapter Text

The band sounds good with Kyle’s addition and none of them can deny that, though Dan can’t watch him playing too intently for fear of popping a raging hard on in the midst of it all. He knows Dan is watching him, can feel his eyes burning into him as he nonchalantly taps out a nice little melodic run on his keyboard. 


He gives Dan a dark look when he catches his eyes, and he knows exactly what it does to him. He smirks down at his keyboard when he hears Dan's voice crack where it isn’t supposed to. 


They finish “Of The Night” and Dan bends at the waist to grab his water bottle- necking it all in one go.


“Thirsty, thirsty.” Woody jabs and Dan flips him off. 


He suddenly moves behind Kyle’s keyboard next to him, so close they were touching as he says, “Right. Flaws, then.” Before leaning close to Kyle and murmuring in his ear, “Just follow my lead, gorgeous.”


Kyle colors at the comment. There’s no way the other two don’t have an inkling at what’s going on between the two of them, because it’s absolutely palpable. Dan smirks when Kyle completely muffs the first part of the song, not letting it affect how he’s absolutely belting the lyrics. By the time they hit the second chorus, Dan and Kyle are playing in complete symbiosis, the harmonies echoing out of the shitty 20 pound speaker that Dan bought off of Ralph.


As the song draws to a close, Woody does a brief drumroll. “Fuckin hell that was a doozy, lads. Well done.”


Kyle and Dan share a small smile, their hands practically on top of each other. 


“We done then?” Will asks impishly, implying that he would very much like to be done. He’s recently started dating a woman studying to be a doctor, and wants to make sure everyone knows that that comes first. Not that Dan or Kyle really mind that muxh. 


“I’d say so, yeah. Go. Be with your missus.” Dan teases and Will immediately blushes, getting his bass into the hard case.


“She’s got legs for days.” Woody adds and Will pulls a disgusted face at him.


“You’re MARRIED , Wood. Keep off my missus.” Will says gruffly. 


Dan and Kyle watch them bickering like an old married couple and laugh fondly. They gaze at each other and the world goes quiet around them.


“Wanna get out of here?” Kyle asks lowly and Dan simply nods, fighting the urge to just kiss him right then and there.


“You have no fucking idea.” Dan breathes. They have plans to actually go to Kyle’s today, and Dan’s beyond excited for the change of scenery- and to introduce himself to Kyle's bed.


Woody and Will are still bickering as they take their leave, an almost comical “bye” coming from the two men in between shouts and curses. Feeling bold, Kyle links his fingers through Dans as they make the short trek to Dan's car.


“I know it’s lame that I don’t drive. Sorry about that.” He blushes and Dan breathes a laugh, leaning across to kiss him deeply.


“Don’t be daft, Kyle. That would be a weird thing to be vexed about. Now- your address?” Kyle pops it into Dan’s GPS with a smile and looks over at Dan just because he can.


 “If we’re going to be making fucking after practice a normal thing, I just want you to know I’m fine with that.” Kyle laughs as Dan focuses on pulling out of the carpark. Dan gives him a look as he blushes. “I mean…” he laughs.


Kyle smiles widely when he clocks how red Dan’s gone.


“Consider it settled then. Practice followed by mind blowing sex.” Dan laughs as he rounds the corner near Kyle’s flat complex.


“What happens if one time it isn’t mind blowing?” Dan asks, and Kyle can’t help but reach out to rest his hand on Dan's upper thigh, thrilling when he feels the muscles tense under his hand.


“I literally don’t think we’re capable of having mediocre sex, Dan.” Kyle says with a smirk. 


“Fuck, you think so?” Dan says, blushing profusely. “I mean, I always think it’s mindblowing. But… you really think so?” He says softly, his dick starting to harden. 


“Baby, I know so.” Kyle laughs as he points at a spot for Dan to park in. 


Once he parks, he reaches for Kyle, kissing him hotly, passionately. His cock is fully hard in the confines of his jeans when they break apart for air.


“You kiss me like I’m leaving.” Kyle says softly, scratching at the back of Dan's skull. Dan blushes, knowing there’s a semblance of truth to Kyle’s statement.


“Please don’t. Don’t leave me.” Dan says meekly, kissing Kyle again, trying to convey how much he means to him with the kiss. Kyle responds by cupping Dan's jaw and drawing him closer, kissing back with as much fire and pure, unchecked want as Dan was giving him. Dan could’ve sworn his heart was beating out of his chest.


“Don’t plan on it, Smith.” Kyle says softly, kissing Dan’s lips softly as they pull away. “Let’s get inside. I want to introduce you to my bed. Also my cat, but mostly my bed.” Kyle laughs, pulling away to get out of the car. 


Dan follows his lead towards the building, trying to keep his heart from beating out of his chest. He’s so completely enamored by Kyle wanting to introduce him to his cat that he can’t take it paired with how badly he just wants Kyle. 


It was all feeling terribly domestic to Dan, like he was actually Kyle’s. He tried to ignore how badly he wished that were true as Kyle opened his front door, peering around. 


“Beeeeeeeans? Beanie baby! C’mere. There’s someone special I want you to meet!”


Dan's heart was thumping in his chest: Someone special?


Surely that had to mean something as Kyle located his calico cat, scooping it up into his arms and kissing it’s little head.


“Beans, this is Dan. Dan, Beans. Or Beanie baby.”

Dan scratches her little head, softly saying “‘ello mate.”


Kyle breathed a laugh as he let beans down, noting that she was now doing figure eights between Dan's ankles and purring loudly.


“She likes you.” He chuckles and Dan reaches for Kyle, kissing him sweetly.


“I like her too, but I’m definitely more keen on her dad.” He smirks. 


“Her dad is beyond keen on you too.” Kyle says softly, crossing into Dan’s space and pressing a hand to Dan’s face and pulling him in for a kiss. They pull away after a few moments, catching each other’s gaze.


 “God you’re beautiful.” Dan breathes quietly, letting Kyle touch him wherever he wants. 


Kyle kisses both of Dan's cheeks then his lips sweetly, “Almost as beautiful as you, eh?”


Dan rolls his eyes. “Don’t start that ag-“ he loses his protest to a face full of Kyle, who is now looping his arms around his waist as he kisses him, making pleased little sounds in the back of his throat.


“Fuck. Take me to bed.” Dan pants when they break apart and Kyle smirks, rubbing their noses together.


“Anything for you, Daniel. Absolutely anything.”


Dan truly feels like he’s going to explode. They’ve been fucking for hardly a month, it’s all together too soon, but it feels so fucking perfect. Dan pushes the thought out of his brain, and follows Kyle towards his bedroom. He just wants everything Kyle does. Every second they spent together was explosive, and Dan’s never felt anything like it. 


Kyle's bedroom is almost as cute as Kyle. Minimalist Posters of childhood cartoon characters are framed over the walls, mixed with the occasional band or musician poster. Music gear is haphazardly strewn about. Dan loves it. He takes special note that his bed is a size smaller than Dan's own, but for some reason, he loves that. 


“My humble abode.” Kyle says as he gestures at everything with a proud smile. Dan can’t help but kiss him.


“I love it. I-“ Dan almost fucks it and tells Kyle he bloody well loves him. Time and place, Smith.


He attempts to swallow those 3 words as  he kisses Kyle desperately again, urging him back onto the bed with a groan.


“Fuck, baby. Bit keen?” Kyle says playfully as he grabs Dan's arse to grind up against him. 


“Yes, fuck, so keen. Fuck, I want you so bad.” Dan says softly, kissing Kyle as deeply as he can. “Undress me, Simmons.” Dan demands, smirking when he sees how dark Kyle's eyes get. 


“You can do whatever you want to me. Whatever you want to try. However you want to fuck me. I want it.” Dan says softly, noticing the effect it has on Kyle. 


Fuck .” Kyle breathes as he urges Dan's shirt off, kissing his collarbones as he unzips his jeans.


“God you’re fucking beautiful .” Kyle sighs as he makes quick work of Dan's boxers, thrilling when he sees how hard Dan was.


“Fuck, baby. I want you in my fucking throat.” He growls, quickly trying to shimmy out of his own clothes 


Kyle was yet to get his mouth on Dan and fuck, did Dan want.


 “Y-You wanna suck me off?” Dan breathes. 


“You have no fucking idea. I want you to make it hard to talk, stretch my fucking throat.” Kyle growls. 


Dan groans at Kyle’s words as he settles on his stomach between his thighs, eyeing his cock almost hungrily. He smirks up at Dan before gently enveloping the head of his cock with his warm, wet mouth. 


“Jesus, baby-“ Dan whines, feeling lightheaded as Kyle guided more of his cock into his throat. 


Kyle looks up at Dan just as his cock hits the back of his throat, keeping eye contact with him as he continues to suck him deeper. Dan is trying not to blow his load like he’s 15 again, because fuck, no one has ever taken his cock this deep before. 


“Fuck, Ky- how are you fitting it-? Oh-!” He groans as Kyle brings a hand up to gently roll his balls in his palm. Dan was certain he was dying in the most beautiful way.


“Yeah- fuck -“ he breathes, hips thrusting up as Kyle starts bobbing his head, his eyes never leaving Dan’s. 


“Fuck, baby - you’re so good.” Dan whines, feeling Kyle smirk around him when his nose comes in contact with the neatly trimmed pubic hair at the base of his shaft. 


“Holy fuck baby, why were you hiding this from me?” Dan whines as Kyle rolls his balls again. 


Kyle pulls off with a wet pop, giving him a wink. “Just wanted to surprise you is all.” Kyle says, and fuck, his voice already sounds fucked. 


“You can fuck my throat, I like it.” Kyle says with a smirk, before he’s sinking down on Dan yet again. 

Dan's brain is full of static. No partner had ever let him do THAT before. He whines as he starts to thrust up into the wet heat of Kyle's mouth, thrilling when he lets out a beautiful muted moan around him. He was still rolling his balls gently in his palm and fuck, Dan was getting dangerously close from all of the sensations Kyle was giving him.


“Ky- baby I’m so close .” Dan whimpers, getting his fingers in Kyle’s hair to tug as he all but uses his throat. The obscene squelch every time he drives into the back of Kyle's throat sends a zip of heat straight up his spine.


Dan swears that Kyle is consistently moaning around his cock and he’s impossibly close. Kyle takes his balls in his hand again, rolling them again, just right. It’s enough that it sets Dan off, fucking into the back of Kyle’s throat one last time before he’s spilling white hot down the back of Kyle’s throat. 


“Fuck, Kyle- oh my god .” Dan whines as Kyle swallows hungrily, getting his mouth off of him with a loud, wet pop.


“Fuck you taste good.” Kyle sighs as he presses a kiss to Dan's inner thigh.


Dan blushes as Kyle kisses his soft skin before moving up his body and kissing him desperately. Dan can faintly register the taste of his own release on Kyle’s tongue, and it makes him groan. 


“Fuck, you’re incredible.” Dan breathes and Kyle chuckles, kissing him again.


“My head game is immaculate, I know.” Kyle says with a laugh. 


“I’ve never had it like that baby, fuck. You’re insane.” Dan breathes, leaning in to kiss him yet again. “You really like the way I taste?” Dan asks nervously, looking down at Kyle. 


Kyle grins and nods, kissing him again.


Dan blushes, unable to meet Kyle's eyes. “You are truly trying to kill me, Simmons.”


Kyle chuckles, suddenly winding Dan's legs around his waist. Dan eyes his violently hard cock with a moan as Kyle smirks down at him


“Not intentionally trying to kill you, but if you’re ready, I do want to fuck you.” He says biting his lip. 


Fuck , please? Can I ride you?” Dan asks quietly. Kyle's eyes open wider as he fumbles to get his lube from the top of his bedside table drawer. 


Kyle settles back on the bed and hands the lube to Dan, who surprises the everloving fuck out of him when he starts to slick two of his fingers.


Fuck , Dan. You’re gonna open yourself up for me?” He pants and Dan nods, catching his lip between his teeth.


“I want you to watch me.” He breathes 


And oh, Kyle is very interested in all of this. Dan bends himself in half, spreading his legs so Kyle can watch him breach his hole. He slowly runs one lubed finger around the pucker, gasping when he pushes just the tip finger inside. He groans as he works it inside, making a show of it for Kyle, grasping his other arse cheek so Kyle can see exactly what’s happening behind him. 


“Fuck, baby .” Kyle groans, he’s almost in agony watching Dan like this. It’s debauched.


“Add another for me, gorgeous I know you want to.” He purrs and Dan whimpers as he gently urges a second finger inside of his pucker with a loud groan.


“Fuck, baby- how’s it feel?” Kyle says lowly, squeezing his cock to alleviate some of the pressure. 


“Not as good as your cock.” Dan grunts out as he pulls his fingers almost completely out then plunges them back in, brushing his prostate just enough to make him moan. 


“Biggest cock I’ve ever had inside me.” Dan says breathily, twisting his fingers enough to pull another moan out of his lips. 


Kyle is going insane, he groans as he watches Dan's fingers pushing in and out of his hole. He wants him, so badly.


“Fuck, baby. You’re getting so ready for me. ” He growls and Dan scissors his fingers, now fully prepped before he gets them out and moves to straddling Kyle’s hips


“You want me to ride it?” Dan teases, rubbing his hole just on Kyle's cock, but not sitting down on it. “How bad ?” Dan asks coyly. Kyle didn’t know what got into Dan, but he was very interested in this side of him. 


“So fucking bad, baby. Please, please-?” Dan bent at the waist to give Kyle a searing, sensual kiss.


“You have lovely manners, Kyle. I always like to reward good manners.” Dan purred as he reached behind him to line Kyle's desperately hard cock up with his wet, stretched hole.


Dan has a grin on his lips and Kyle is truly blindsided by this side of Dan. They both moan as Dan gets fully seated, whimpering when he feels Kyle pulsing inside of him.


Ohhhh , fuck. God you’re so tight-“ Kyle groans, his hands instinctively going to Dan’s waist as he starts to move. 


“I can feel you pulse inside of me.” Dan breathes, clenching tightly around Kyle’s cock. “I love it.” He pants, starting to move his hips in a dirty grind. 


“You like that—- oh.” Kyle loses his sentence to a moan, the way Dan’s moving his hips is enough to drive him crazy, it’s so fucking slow and filthy, he thinks he might just explode.


 “Fuck you’re fucking thick -“ Dan whines, draping his arms over Kyles shoulders and kissing him.


The slow grind Dan is giving Kyle is rendering him absolutely braindead. He could feel everything. He was drunk on it. 


“Yeah? You really love my cock, huh?” Kyle breathes, watching as Dan's face contorts in pleasure when his cock finally hits Dan’s prostate. 


Dan smirks down at him, still riding him slow and filthy. “ Yeah .” Dan says breathily, running his hands down his chest before he’s bracing them on Kyle's pectorals. 


Kyle moans as Dan continues to squeeze his cock perfectly, he could spend the rest of his life buried deep in his tight heat.


“God you’re made to be on top.” Kyle all but whines, not missing the way Dan smirks. The confidence Dan has when he’s on top, is one of the sexist things Kyle has ever seen the other man do. 


In the back of his mind, Kyle had a sneaking suspicion this awkward, anxious man had a nasty streak. He’s absolutely delighted to discover he was correct.


“You’re hitting my spot perfectly like this.” Dan moans, digging his nails into Kyles chest as he fucks against his prostate dead on. He was hard as glass again, leaking profusely as he started bouncing harder on Kyle's cock.


“That’s it, baby. Fuck-“ Kyle moans, getting his hands under dan’s arse to aid his bouncing. The sound of their skin slapping together echoed around the room and Kyle wasn’t sure he’d ever get over it. 


“Oh fuck, yeah .” Dan pants wildly, clenching around Kyle's cock so tight it makes his eyes cross. 


“Fuck me, fuck, fuck! I’m so close.” Dan babbles, desperate. 


“God baby, you’re nasty- so close just from riding my cock.” Kyle growls, his orgasm sparking in the  pit of his stomach.


“You’re squeezing me so tight, you’re gonna make me fucking cum.” Kyle moans reverently, his hips lifting off the bed every time he fucked up against Dan’s movements.


“God, Ky- I want your cum inside me, please .” Dan whines. 


“Oh baby, I’ll make sure you get it right where you want it.” Kyle growls, and it makes Dan moan. 


“Fuck Kyle, fuck .” Dan whines, thrusting sloppily as he starts to cum all over Kyle, some even hitting his chin. 


“That’s it. Get it all out for me, fuck you’re so fucking sexy-“ Kyle babbles, groaning loudly when Dan leans forward to lick his release from Kyle’s chin with a hot groan.


The action alone has Kyle practically shouting as he stills, cumming deep inside Dan for what feels like a solid minute. Dan whimpers, resting his head on Kyle's shoulder as he wraps his arms tight around him, breathing heavily as they come down.


“Fucking hell, Dan.” Kyle sighs, urging him away from his neck to kiss him deeply.


“That was incredible.” He breathes and Dan nods, kissing him deeply again.


“Absolutely perfect.” He grins.


They both jump when Beans is suddenly nudging the door open with her little head and jumping on the foot of the bed.


Kyle scrambles to get dan off of his lap and under the covers.


“Beans, no!!!! Daddy’s naked!!!” Kyle shrieks and Dan giggles, curling up against him and scratching Beans behind the ears.


“Yeah, beans. Daddy and I are hardly decent.”


Kyle quips an eyebrow at Dan using the same word he did, shooting him a sly smile. He opens his mouth to say something when Dan hushes him.


“Not a word.” Dan says, blushing. 


Kyle laughs and kisses him sweetly.


“Yeah, yeah. But don’t think you’re off the hook, Daniel. That is definitely something we’re talking about later.” Kyle smirks.


Dan rolls his eyes, but fondly. “Whatever you say, Simmons.”

Chapter Text

Kyle would be lying if he said he hasn’t been thinking of the word ‘daddy’ slipping past Dan’s lips every waking second for the last week. It’s driving him absolutely mad. So it’s really no surprise that he can’t help himself the next time Dan comes over after practice. 

He meets his eyes the second they’re in the entryway of his flat, and Kyle can’t keep it to himself anymore. Dan can already tell Kyle’s got something he needs to say, they’ve been doing this frequently enough at this point. 


“What’s on your—?” Dan starts, and Kyle can’t even wait for him to finish the thought before he’s walking all over the question with his own. 

“So— what’s with…’Daddy and I’, after you met Beans last week?” Kyle asks quickly, like this will all blow up in his face if he doesn’t. 


The blush that creeps up Dan’s face tells Kyle everything he needs to know, but Dan won’t let him have it that easy. “I mean, you said it first, I was just repeating it.” Dan says with a laugh. 


“I don’t believe that for a second, Smith.” Kyle says, grinning. 


“Okay— fine... it’s just— just a thing I’ve thought about before.” he confesses and Kyle is suddenly feeling hot all over. 


“Oh is it just?” Kyle says, trying desperately not to show how absolutely into this he is. It’s always been a kink he’s had, but no one had ever been interested. 


“Yeah…” Dan breathes, suddenly no longer interested in keeping coy, but not yet daring to meet Kyle’s eyes again.


“I have a praise kink- and you know, they kind of go hand in hand. At least with me.” Dan says quietly, the blush on his face creeping down his neck. 


Kyle can’t take it anymore, he’s desperate now. “Fuck. I can definitely help you with that baby.” He growls. “If we’re sharing, I’d love to find out how you sound when you’re panting ‘daddy’.” He says quietly, clenching his jaw as he looks at Dan.


 Dan's whole expression changes, as he looks at Kyle. 

“Do— you really have a daddy kink, you’re not just doing it for me?” He asks quietly, barely above a whisper. Dan colors, his entire body reacting. 


“I…. I definitely have a daddy kink.” He breathes.


Fuck. Dan’s little secret has never felt more validated. 


“Oh baby, yes. Fuck.” Kyle growls, motioning for Dan to follow him to the couch, sitting down and waiting expectantly for him while patting his lap. Dan follows immediately, eyes blown wide. 


“Fuck,“ Dan breathes when he’s settled. He’s never been with someone who is willing to humor his kink, it’s almost too much as Kyle kisses him searingly,  he can feel the smirk on his face.


“Are you gonna be good for daddy?” He jests, cock pulsing in his jeans. 


“The best.” Dan says with a gulp and starts to barely grind against Kyle’s cock. Dan could feel him pulsing through his jeans, and fuck, it was all together too much. Sex between them has always been good. But this, this is torrid and they aren’t even naked yet. 


“Fuck, baby-“ Kyle practically growls as he captures Dan’s lips in a heated kiss, rolling his hips up to let Dan feel just how fucking pent up he was. Kyle was endlessly grateful that Dan had opened up to him like this, he was fucking obsessed. 


“Fuck Kyle, I’m reeling if I’m honest.” Dan breathes, continuing to grind slowly on Kyle. “I know you called yourself that as a joke last week but fuck it’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about for a week. I can’t believe you’re into it.” Dan feels like an idiot for babbling all this at Kyle, but fuck he’s just so overwhelmed. 


Kyle hums, kissing his pulse point. “Oh? You’ve been that caught up on this, baby? Me too.” He purrs, tightening his arms around dan’s waist when his movements get more desperate, deliberate 

Dan moans softly at Kyle's words.


 “We’ve not been doing this very long, sure we’ve been doing it a lot but I just didn’t want to freak you out and I’m just so into you.” Dan says quietly, letting Kyle kiss at his neck. 


Kyle just hums again in response, lifting Dan up effortlessly and wrapping his legs around his middle. “You’ll never freak me out. Let daddy take care of you.” He says quietly, walking them both to the bedroom. 


Dan’s brain is going a million miles an hour as Kyle softly deposits him on the bed, bending to kiss him hotly, open mouthed. His hands move to the waistband of Dan’s joggers and he smirks, slowly tugging the fabric down. 


“Just gotta get you naked, baby.” He grins and oh fuck , Dan is certain he’s going to lose it 


“Please.” He breathes, lifting his hips up to let Kyle pull them off. He’s so completely engrossed in what Kyle is doing that he completely forgets he skipped boxers today, just as a fun surprise for Kyle.


 “OH, fuck. Okay, baby…hello.” Kyle says with a smirk.

Dan blushes, nodding and biting his lip as Kyle lovingly caresses his thighs.


“Fucking hell, baby. That’s so naughty.” Kyle purrs, letting his fingers graze the pulsing skin of Dan's shaft teasingly.


“Daddy, please.” Dan whines and Kyle smirks, tenderly wrapping a fist around Dan’s desperate cock. 


“What is it, baby?” He says coyly. 


“Fuck I just want you so bad..” Dan says quietly, compliantly moving when Kyle motions for him to lean up so he can get his shirt off. He keeps a hand on Dan’s cock while he does so, making him whine. 


“You’re so hard for me.” Kyle breathes as he momentarily breaks their contact to tug his shirt off.


“Good boy.” He praises as he starts to pump Dan's cock slowly. 


“Daddy, fuck-!” Dan babbles, bucking up into Kyle’s fist. 


“Oh baby, I know how much you like my hands. It’s the rings, isn’t it?” Kyle teases, meeting Dans eyes. 


Dan is blushing severely as he nods, his cock pulsing in Kyle’s palm. “Y-yeah, it’s- it’s cold but burns me at the same time? Fuck, daddy it feels so good.” He moans brokenly, his cock leaking as Kyle pumped him faster, so desperate to make Dan fall apart. 


“I do really love how they look gripping your massive cock.” Kyle says softly with a laugh, jerking Dan a bit more. “You’re so naughty baby, I love it.” Kyle breathes. 


“Tease.” Dan whines, his cock leaking all over Kyle’s fist. Kyle smirks, halting his strokes which pulls an almost sob from Dan. He kisses him deeply, thumbing at the sharp jut of his jaw.


“Tell daddy what you need, baby.” He breathes against Dan’s lips. 


“I need you to fuck me. Please? Fuck I’ll do whatever you want. Finger me open and fuck me however you want.” Dan babbles , arching up into Kyle's fist, desperately. 


Kyle can’t get over this version of Dan; so desperate, so slutty, so totally HIS . He shakes that last point from his mind as he kisses Dan deeply, messily, using his free hand to part his trembling thighs.


“Daddy-“ Dan whines when Kyle momentarily breaks their contact to fish the lube out of the bedside.


“I’ve gotta get you nice and wet, baby.” He smirks. 


“Fuck, yeah.” Dan whines as Kyle opens the bottle, drizzling some on his fingers. He grabs one of Dan’s legs and bends it, giving him a better view of his hole. 


They’d fucked pretty hard two days before, and Kyle had to shake the thought from his mind as to whether or not Dan wanted to call him daddy then, but now, Dan was looking pretty swollen. Kyle was absolutely obsessed. “Fuck baby, your little hole is so tender, huh?” 


“Y-yeah, daddy. Fuck your cock is so thick.” Dan whines and Kyle smirks as he starts to rub a finger teasingly around Dan's rim before pushing it in and letting Dan get used to it. 


“Nah, someone just loves to bottom.” He laughs.  


Dan blushes as Kyle tenderly adds a second finger, scissoring them slightly before curling them inside of him for want of locating his prostate. 


“I- I love getting fucked, daddy. Can’t help it, you fuck me so well. ” Dan whines, hips jerking when Kyle presses snugly on his prostate. 


“Yeah, baby, I love fucking you. But I think I may need to have this massive cock inside me later this evening, what do you think? You wanna fuck daddy?” Kyle purrs, pulsing his fingers against Dan's prostate.


Dan moans, rolling his hips down against the intrusion from Kyles skilled fingers. 


“Fuck- yes, daddy. Fuck I want to make you feel good.” He sighs and Kyle smiles, kissing Dan's hip before his eyes are traveling up Dan’s body and taking him in again.


“Mmm. Good boy, but I’ve got to have you first.” Kyle teases. 


“Yeah, fuck me, daddy, please.” Dan whines desperately. Kyle smirks at Dan, pulling his fingers out and looking for the lube again. 


“Look at you, baby, fuck you’re doing amazing for me.” Kyle says as he slicks his cock. “This little fucking hole.” He growls. 


Dan whines again when Kyle presses the blunt head of his cock to his swollen entrance, eyes glossy as he moans. 


“Please, please daddy.” And Kyle could never deny Dan anything as he pushes in gently so as not to hurt him. But fuck- it’s so good.


“Jesus, baby. You’re still virgin tight.” Kyle moans, finally bottoming out with a loud, low moan. The comment makes Dan whine yet again, and Kyle just can’t get enough. 


This is unlike any time that they’ve fucked before now. It’s so intense and overwhelming, it’s driving them both crazy. 


“Jesus, baby-“ Kyle groans as he starts to fuck into Dan’s willing body. Dan lets out the most beautiful whine and Kyle immediately feels himself getting harder as he snaps his hips into Dan’s, groaning as he fucks into Dan harder. 


“Fuck daddy, I can feel you pulsing inside me.” He whines desperately, grinding back against Kyle's cock. 


“Baby… fuck, you feel so fucking good.” Kyle whines. 

Dan whines again, leaning up to kiss Kyle hot and open mouthed.


“Fuck, s-so do you, daddy. Fuck you’re so deep.” He whines, legs trembling when Kyle thrusts directly up on his prostate. 


“Fuck, daddy-! Fuck! There!” Dan cries out, his blush covering his whole body. 


“Is that it baby? Is that your fucking spot?” Kyle growls, fucking into Dan harder, growling when he feels Dan clench tightly around him. 


“Fuck daddy, yeah, that’s my fucking spot.” Dan babbles, wrapping his legs tighter around Kyle's middle. 


Kyle is almost certainly bruising Dan’s hips with his own with how hard he was fucking him now, moaning constantly, as every thrust had Dan still clenching deliciously around him.


“F-fuck, baby-“ Kyle groans, Thumbing at Dan’s hips. 


“Fucking hell daddy, I’m so close.” He whines desperately. “Make me cum?” He asks, giving Kyle the most innocent look he can manage, which in turn pulls a filthy moan out of Kyle. 


Kyle is driving into Dan beautifully hard with every stroke, “God you’re fucking perfect, baby” he growls, kissing Dan deeply as his hole trembles around his cock. “Cmon, baby, be a good boy for daddy. Cum. Cum for me.” 


The low toe Kyle’s taken cuts through Dan and he’s practically screaming “oh, FUCK!” right as his orgasm takes him over, and he’s shaking with the force of it. 


“Fucking Christ baby… that’s it. Have you ever cum that hard before?” Kyle growls, his thrusts getting sloppy. 


Dan looks at him wide eyed, shaking his head. “Fuck baby, that’s sexy. I’m so close.” He pants. 

Dan whimpers, getting his hands on Kyles waist to feel every part of him as he fucked into his body.


“Daddy, fuck, daddy cum in me. Fucking fill me up.” Dan whines and Kyle feels his stomach drop as he stills, releasing deep inside of Dan. 


“Oh, baby. Fuck.” He pants. 


“Fuck.” Dan whines at the feeling of Kyles cum deep in his tight heat. 


Kyle lets out a loud exhale as he carefully pulls out of Dan's clenching hole.


“Fucking hell, baby.” He sighs as he rests back on the sheets, eyes closed as his breathing attempts to return to normal. He feels Dan leaning over and snuggling against him and cracks an eye open to smirk at him.


Kyle can’t help but chuckle as he grabs for Dan, pulling him up into a searing kiss that the smaller man happily returns.


”I think you fucked me stupid.” Dan grins when they break apart and Kyle chuckles again.


“I’m not sorry.”