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Quarter Past Midnight

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It’s not like Dan makes a habit of going to parties, because he really doesn’t. He’s much more likely to be found at home drinking a bottle of Red on his own, but somehow, he’s found himself on the right side of wine buzzed in Woody’s flat.  He’s only slightly falling into people, asking them to be in his new band. He was met with a lot of confused laughter and “Naw, mate. Drink some water, you’re wankered.”


Sure that he was never going to start the bloody band after all, Dan was walking head down towards the kitchen when he collided with someone.


“Woah, woah-!” Came a rich, low cockney drawl and Dan woozily lifted his alcohol-filled head and gasped internally.


“Pretty.” He slurred and the stranger chuckled, getting a hand on his shoulder to steady him.


“No, m’name’s Kyle.”


Dan blushed all the way down to his feet, mumbling “Sorry.”


“What’s your name then, pisshead?” Kyle ribbed as he walked Dan further into the kitchen.


“Dan. I’m in a band.” He grinned and Kyle nodded slowly, fetching him some water.


“Here. Drink up, Dan. Don’t want that pretty little head pounding in the morning.”


“You’re awfully nice.” Dan says quietly as he drinks some of the water, blinking a few times in hopes it’ll clear his head a bit, miraculously, it does, at least a little, it does however, put Kyle into focus though, showing Dan how absolutely beautiful he is. High cheekbones, perfectly coiffed hair and a beard that makes Dan wonder how it’d feel rubbing between his thighs. He’s careful to stop that thought there though, drunk or now, he’s not sure he wants to be too hard to think in front of a beautiful stranger. 


Kyle shrugs, eyeing Dan with a soft smile.


“People pleaser, me. So tell me about this band of yours.” 


Dan takes another sip of water and leans his weight against the sink. “I- well. I mean I want to start a band but finding anyone to play keyboard is a nightmare.”


Kyle is suddenly chuckling and Dan is momentarily lost. 


“What are the odds.” Kyle all but purrs, suddenly very much in Dan's space. “I just so happen to know how to play the keyboard.”


Dan’s pulse was racing, Kyle smelled good this close up, it was a bit hard to scramble together a sentence.


“Oh, no way- did you maybe want to be in my band then?” Dan asks nervously, as Kyle rested his hip dangerously close to Dan's and smirks.


“Dunno. I might need some persuasion, Daniel.”


“What kind of persuasion would you like Mr—?” Dan says as flirty as he can, waiting for Kyle to give him his last name. 


“Simmons.” Kyle says with a wink. 


“Mr. Simmons, then, what kind of persuasion may we be talking about? I, for one happen to be very persuasive.” Dan says softly, getting as close to Kyle as he can. 


Kyle is watching Dan intently, the smug smirk sat on his undoubtedly soft lips was making Dan lose his mind. He wouldn’t be so confident had it not been for the alcohol rapidly leaving his system. Only his closest mates knew of his sexual preferences.


“I can think of one or two things that might help me come to a conscious decision.” Kyle teased, now getting confident, one hand reaching for the small of Dan's back and pulling him closer. Dan shuddered at the contact, noting the cool metal of Kyle’s rings against his hot skin. It was a pleasant burning.


“O-oh? And they are-?” Dan tried but he lost any more flirty words to the feeling of Kyle closing the space between them and kissing him softly, gently, like he was testing the waters.


“Something like that. Maybe more-” Kyle breathed against Dan's lips when they broke apart for air and Dan could’ve sworn he was dreaming. This stranger, this beautiful, flirty stranger was propositioning him in the middle of his mate’s kitchen. It had to be fake. 


“My flat is three floors up.” Dan says quietly, looking directly into Kyle’s eyes. 


“Is it just, Mr-?” Kyle laughs, playing the same card on Dan that he just had played on him. 


“Fuck, Smith. Surname is Smith.” Dan babbles, desperately trying to regain some of the bravado the alcohol had given him. 


“That’s a shame, I thought it was fuck.” Kyle laughs, getting in Dan's space yet again, brushing his lips just so against Dan’s neck. Dan’s eyes flicker closed at the feeling of Kyle's lips against him. 


“Why don’t you show me your flat, Mr. Smith?” Kyle laughs, pulling away from Dan and grasping his hand, leading him towards the front door of Woody’s flat. 


“I’d love to.” He breathes, following Kyle out of the flat and towards the lift. Fuck, he could hardly contain how much this situation was absolutely doing it for him. 


Kyle managed to behave himself in the lift to Dan's flat, but he couldn’t help but notice how shaky Dan had gotten. He frowned.


“All good?”


Dan laughed nervously, smiling at Kyle.“Yeah, I- it’s just been a while and you’re fucking gorgeous.” He admitted as he led Kyle out of the lift towards his flat.


Kyle colours, grabbing Dan’s hand and tugging him back so he could kiss him again.


“I’m assuming you have no mirrors in your flat then, Mister Smith. Because you’re also gorgeous.” He smiled and it was Dan's turn to blush now as he shakily stepped away to unlock his front door.


“Hardly.” Dan says quietly, causing Kyle to shake his head with a laugh as he pushed up against Dan from behind, his glaring obvious erection trapped in his jeans pressing snug up on Dan's arse. It made Dan choke on a breath mid doorknob-turn.


Kyle dipped his head so he was level with Dan's ear as he all but purred. “I don’t get this worked up over just anyone, Dan.”


“Oh fuck .” Dan breathes, instinctually pressing his arse up against Kyle's cock. “Fuck.” He breathes again as he finally gets the door open. 


“You’re impossibly sexy, Kyle.” He says quietly, turning the tables on him the second the door opens and pressing him against his front door as it closes.  And me either, for the record.” Dan growls, pressing his painfully hard cock against Kyles.


Kyle groans lowly, cupping Dan's face as he kisses him hotly, more urgently now.


“Fuck. Take me to bed, Smith.” He practically growls and Dan chuckles, leading Kyle to his bedroom before stopping and kissing him again, sliding his tongue into Kyle’s mouth with a groan.


“I don’t do this usually.” Dan admitted as Kyle started kissing at his neck again, his brain short circuiting.  Kyle chuckles against his skin, playfully biting down.


“Me either. But- this- this is one hell of a persuasion.”


“Fuck, yeah it is.”  Dan says quickly, kissing him hot and open-mouthed. “It’s been a while, so I apologize if I’m shit.” Dan says quietly, backing Kyle against his bed until he falls back onto it, laughing as Dan hovers over him.


 “Mind if I?” He asks, fingers slipping under Kyle's thin black Fugees t-shirt. He’d have to bring that up again later.


 “Please.”Kyle breathes. Dan makes quick work of pulling Kyle's shirt up and off as the other man moves to let him. He takes a second to admire how absolutely fucking gorgeous he is, his body hair and physique sending a chill through Dan.


Fuck .” Dan breathes, hands mapping Kyle’s chest almost in awe. Kyle chuckled at the almost shell shocked look on Dan’s face.


“See something you like, Smith?” He teased and Dan nodded, his hands suddenly on his belt. 


Kyle swallowed hard as Dan offered him a sly smirk as he got it unbuckled. “Absolutely, but there’s something else I’d really like to get a look at.” Dan purred and fuck Kyle’s cock was absolutely throbbing. He wasn’t sure where Dan’s cockiness had come from but fuck he was glad it had made an appearance.


“O-oh?” Kyle tries as Dan deftly unzips his jeans, urging his hips up to get them off.


“Uh huh.” Dan breathed, palming over Kyle’s horrible obvious erection through the tight fabric of his boxer briefs.


“Oh fuck -“ he breathed, head falling as he let out a soft moan.


“Yeah?” Dan says softly, kissing Kyle, and palming over him. 


“Fuck, yeah. Fuck baby, take it out.” Kyle all but moans, arching against Dan's touch. Dan takes a second to pull his own shirt off, leaving his jeans for now. 


“You want me to take it out?” Dan says teasingly, playing with the band of Kyle's boxers, watching the other man nod. “Fuck, me too.” He growls. 


Kyle groans when Dan drags his boxers down, his cock hitting the soft hair on his stomach with an obscene slap.


“Fuck-“ Dan growls, reaching out to just touch because fuck, Kyle’s so thick.


“Oh my god. ” Dan growls again and Kyle blushes, his cock pulsing as Dan strokes him experimentally.


“Yeah? Fuck. Do- do you like it Dan?”


“Fuck… I love it. You’re so fucking thick .” Dan growls, licking his palm and bringing it back down, jerking Kyle off slowly. “Fuck, you’re cut- I’m not. It’s so different.” He breathes. “Holy fucking shit .” 


Kyle moans again as he watches Dan work his cock, a concentrated yet hungry look on his face.


“I’ve gotta…” he mumbles before he gets the head of Kyle's cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it as he continues to pump him. Kyle lets out a loud groan, bucking just enough against Dan’s face.


“Fuck, Dan. Oh- oh my god .” He spluttered, his hand instinctively winding into Dan's unruly hair as he swallowed more of his cock down.


“Jesus Christ, baby. Fuck-“ he groaned deeply as Dan looked up into his eyes. Fuck they were so blue. 


“Feels so good baby, fucking Christ.” Kyle moans, letting his hips lift up a little, his cock hitting the back of Dan's throat. Dan looks up and winks at him, sucking him more intently.

“Oh fuck, Dan. Honey, fuck, you’ll make me cum.” He pants. 


Dan pulls off of Kyle’s cock with a wet pop, whining as he slows his strokes down.


“Yeah? Fuck. Yeah, okay.” He says as he makes quick work of getting his jeans and boxers off. Kyle swears he nearly faints when he sees Dan's cock for the first time. He was huge.


“Dan oh my god-“ he whined, grabbing at the smaller man to pull him on top of him into a searing kiss.


“Jesus, baby you’re huge.” He groans and Dan blushes, kissing him again.


“Yeah? You really think?”


Kyle chuckles. “Yeah, I have eyes, Smith.”


Dan smiles, rutting down against him. It makes them both moan wantonly, everything feels like it’s burning. 


“No one… no one has ever told me that before.” He confesses and Kyle can’t believe his ears.


“You’ve just been fucking the wrong people then, babe. It’s huge.”


“I mean… it’s not like I fuck a ton of people. But, I just thought it was average.” Dan says meekly, looking down at just the right time for Kyle to be grasping his cock.


 “Fucking hell.” He growls, watching the way Dan shudders into his touch.


 “How do you wanna do this?” He breathes, kissing Dan’s hip. Dan blushes, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth.


“Can… can you fuck me?” He asks quietly and Kyle smiles, kissing him deeply.


“Oh, baby. I’d love to. Fuck.”


Dan thrills when Kyle agrees and he rests back on the bed, looking so fucked out that Kyle couldn’t help the strong surge of lust that wracked through him.


“Lubes in the bottom drawer.” Dan states and Kyle quickly fishes it out, smirking at Dan as he snicks the cap open.


“Fucking hell, babe. You’re beautiful like this.” He purrs as he slicks two fingers liberally, setting the lube aside.


“Oh hush.” Dan blushes.


“Never.” Kyle smirks, nudging Dan’s legs apart to catch a glimpse of his hole, and fuck. It was perfect. Soft and pink, clenching around nothing. Kyle reaches out and runs a slicked finger around his rim, groaning when Dan lets out the softest moan as he helps him relax before he pushes a slicked finger inside Dan, earning a deep moan from the older man. 


“Fuck, Kyle- your fucking fingers. ” Dan sighs as Kyle starts to pump it in and out, and Kyle smirks, obsessing over how tightly Dan was squeezing his finger.


“Yeah? Fuck, baby you’re so tight for me.” Kyle purrs as he gently nudged a second finger inside of Dan, which made him yelp, fingers digging into the sheets.


 Kyle paused, alarmed. “Alright? Is this okay? We can stop if-“ 


“If you stop I will never forgive you.” Dan moans brokenly and Kyle chuckles as he starts to curl his fingers inside of Dan, thrilling when he strokes against his prostate dead on.


“Kyle, oh fuck -!” Dan wails, his stomach muscles clenching as Kyle pressed up against his sweet spot again.


“Fuck, feels good, doesn’t it, babe?” Kyle smirks.


“Yeah, fuck. Holy fuck.” Dan babbles, whining as Kyle keeps stroking his prostate.


 “Fucking Christ, you’re so receptive.” Kyle groans, leaning down to kiss Dan’s hip again.


 “Fuck me Kyle, please, I’m ready. Please fuck me.” Dan whines, running his hands down his body, completely desperately. 


“I need you inside me, fuck.” Dan keeps babbling, like he needs Kyle's cock to live. It was overwhelming. Kyle kisses him deeply, wrapping Dan's legs around his waist with a deep groan.


“Ready?” He asks Dan, who nods violently.


“Fuck me, fuck me, please?” He asks, wide eyed. Kyle is suddenly struck with the realisation that it’s almost impossible for him to ever tell Dan ‘no’.


He pushes into Dan's tight heat with a deep growl.


“Fucking hell, Dan. Baby, you’re so tight.” He grits out, stilling to let dan get adjusted to the stretch. 


“Oh, FUCK .” Dan moans, the feeling of Kyle inside him was almost too much for him. “Jesus you’re fucking big.” Dan whines, moving to adjust himself so Kyle's cock impales him further, causing him to let out the dirtiest moan Kyle thinks he’s ever heard. 


“Jesus Christ.” Kyle growls as he starts fucking Dan in earnest, his hips smacking into Dan’s harshly.


“Ky-le oh fuck harder, fuck, harder .” Dan pants, digging his nails into Kyle’s shoulders. 


“Fuck, whatever you want baby.” Kyle pants, fucking into Dan as deeply as he can, before pulling almost completely out and then punching back in as hard as he can.


 “You take it like you were made to be fucked.” Kyle pants as he leans down and nips at Dan’s neck, making him moan yet again. 


“God. Kyle- you’re the biggest I’ve ever had.” Dan confesses, whining when Kyle pushes directly up on his sweet spot. Kyle winks at the admission, groaning as Dan clenches around him. 


“Oh FUCK Kyle, fuck- there. Fuck just like that.” Dan babbles, his cock leaking all over his stomach. 


“Jesus Christ that’s hot.” Kyle groans, his head reeling from Dan’s comment. Dan blushes more, clenching hard around Kyle.


 “Oh fuck, Kyle. God you’re hitting my spot.” Dan cries out, his orgasm flicking to life in the base of his spine. “I’m close. Fuck, I’m gonna cum like this.” He whines. 

Kyle can’t believe what he’s hearing, he’s never made someone cum just from fucking them before.


“Fuck, baby- y-yeah? Fuck, I wanna see you.” He growls and it makes Dan whimper. 


“Fuck, Ky- fuck, I’m gonna-“

Dan loses his sentence to a loud moan as one more thrust from Kyle makes his stomach drop and his cock kicks against his stomach as he cums brutally between their bodies.


“Oh, Dan- fuck baby that’s so fucking sexy, fuck-“ Kyle stutters, watching Dan like it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. 


“Fucking shit.” Dan breathes, overwhelmed at the amount of cum Kyle’s fucked out of him. “Don’t stop Kyle. Fuck me til you cum.” Dan babbles, clenching violently around Kyle’s  pulsing cock. 


“Fuck, Dan. You’re so tight I’m gonna fucking lose it.” He grits out, his thrusts getting sloppy as Dan clenches around him again.


“Fuck baby I’m cumming-!” Kyle groaned, slumping forward as he came thickly and so hotly deep inside Dan's trembling hole.


“Kyle—oh my fucking god.” Dan groaned weakly as Kyle let his legs down and kissed him deeply through their respective aftershocks.


Kyle rolled off of Dan with a satisfied sigh and Dan smiled widely, kissing his shoulder.


“So. Are you persuaded enough to join my band, Mr. Simmons?” Dan asks brightly, albeit a bit out of breath. 


Kyle dropped a kiss to the top of his head. “I think I may be, Mr. Smith.”


“I’ve never fucked a stranger quite like that before.” Dan says dreamily.


 “I have a feeling we’ll be doing that a lot more.” Kyle growls, kissing Dan once more.