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Quarter Past Midnight

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Kyle would be lying if he said he hasn’t been thinking of the word ‘daddy’ slipping past Dan’s lips every waking second for the last week. It’s driving him absolutely mad. So it’s really no surprise that he can’t help himself the next time Dan comes over after practice. 

He meets his eyes the second they’re in the entryway of his flat, and Kyle can’t keep it to himself anymore. Dan can already tell Kyle’s got something he needs to say, they’ve been doing this frequently enough at this point. 


“What’s on your—?” Dan starts, and Kyle can’t even wait for him to finish the thought before he’s walking all over the question with his own. 

“So— what’s with…’Daddy and I’, after you met Beans last week?” Kyle asks quickly, like this will all blow up in his face if he doesn’t. 


The blush that creeps up Dan’s face tells Kyle everything he needs to know, but Dan won’t let him have it that easy. “I mean, you said it first, I was just repeating it.” Dan says with a laugh. 


“I don’t believe that for a second, Smith.” Kyle says, grinning. 


“Okay— fine... it’s just— just a thing I’ve thought about before.” he confesses and Kyle is suddenly feeling hot all over. 


“Oh is it just?” Kyle says, trying desperately not to show how absolutely into this he is. It’s always been a kink he’s had, but no one had ever been interested. 


“Yeah…” Dan breathes, suddenly no longer interested in keeping coy, but not yet daring to meet Kyle’s eyes again.


“I have a praise kink- and you know, they kind of go hand in hand. At least with me.” Dan says quietly, the blush on his face creeping down his neck. 


Kyle can’t take it anymore, he’s desperate now. “Fuck. I can definitely help you with that baby.” He growls. “If we’re sharing, I’d love to find out how you sound when you’re panting ‘daddy’.” He says quietly, clenching his jaw as he looks at Dan.


 Dan's whole expression changes, as he looks at Kyle. 

“Do— you really have a daddy kink, you’re not just doing it for me?” He asks quietly, barely above a whisper. Dan colors, his entire body reacting. 


“I…. I definitely have a daddy kink.” He breathes.


Fuck. Dan’s little secret has never felt more validated. 


“Oh baby, yes. Fuck.” Kyle growls, motioning for Dan to follow him to the couch, sitting down and waiting expectantly for him while patting his lap. Dan follows immediately, eyes blown wide. 


“Fuck,“ Dan breathes when he’s settled. He’s never been with someone who is willing to humor his kink, it’s almost too much as Kyle kisses him searingly,  he can feel the smirk on his face.


“Are you gonna be good for daddy?” He jests, cock pulsing in his jeans. 


“The best.” Dan says with a gulp and starts to barely grind against Kyle’s cock. Dan could feel him pulsing through his jeans, and fuck, it was all together too much. Sex between them has always been good. But this, this is torrid and they aren’t even naked yet. 


“Fuck, baby-“ Kyle practically growls as he captures Dan’s lips in a heated kiss, rolling his hips up to let Dan feel just how fucking pent up he was. Kyle was endlessly grateful that Dan had opened up to him like this, he was fucking obsessed. 


“Fuck Kyle, I’m reeling if I’m honest.” Dan breathes, continuing to grind slowly on Kyle. “I know you called yourself that as a joke last week but fuck it’s the only thing I’ve been thinking about for a week. I can’t believe you’re into it.” Dan feels like an idiot for babbling all this at Kyle, but fuck he’s just so overwhelmed. 


Kyle hums, kissing his pulse point. “Oh? You’ve been that caught up on this, baby? Me too.” He purrs, tightening his arms around dan’s waist when his movements get more desperate, deliberate 

Dan moans softly at Kyle's words.


 “We’ve not been doing this very long, sure we’ve been doing it a lot but I just didn’t want to freak you out and I’m just so into you.” Dan says quietly, letting Kyle kiss at his neck. 


Kyle just hums again in response, lifting Dan up effortlessly and wrapping his legs around his middle. “You’ll never freak me out. Let daddy take care of you.” He says quietly, walking them both to the bedroom. 


Dan’s brain is going a million miles an hour as Kyle softly deposits him on the bed, bending to kiss him hotly, open mouthed. His hands move to the waistband of Dan’s joggers and he smirks, slowly tugging the fabric down. 


“Just gotta get you naked, baby.” He grins and oh fuck , Dan is certain he’s going to lose it 


“Please.” He breathes, lifting his hips up to let Kyle pull them off. He’s so completely engrossed in what Kyle is doing that he completely forgets he skipped boxers today, just as a fun surprise for Kyle.


 “OH, fuck. Okay, baby…hello.” Kyle says with a smirk.

Dan blushes, nodding and biting his lip as Kyle lovingly caresses his thighs.


“Fucking hell, baby. That’s so naughty.” Kyle purrs, letting his fingers graze the pulsing skin of Dan's shaft teasingly.


“Daddy, please.” Dan whines and Kyle smirks, tenderly wrapping a fist around Dan’s desperate cock. 


“What is it, baby?” He says coyly. 


“Fuck I just want you so bad..” Dan says quietly, compliantly moving when Kyle motions for him to lean up so he can get his shirt off. He keeps a hand on Dan’s cock while he does so, making him whine. 


“You’re so hard for me.” Kyle breathes as he momentarily breaks their contact to tug his shirt off.


“Good boy.” He praises as he starts to pump Dan's cock slowly. 


“Daddy, fuck-!” Dan babbles, bucking up into Kyle’s fist. 


“Oh baby, I know how much you like my hands. It’s the rings, isn’t it?” Kyle teases, meeting Dans eyes. 


Dan is blushing severely as he nods, his cock pulsing in Kyle’s palm. “Y-yeah, it’s- it’s cold but burns me at the same time? Fuck, daddy it feels so good.” He moans brokenly, his cock leaking as Kyle pumped him faster, so desperate to make Dan fall apart. 


“I do really love how they look gripping your massive cock.” Kyle says softly with a laugh, jerking Dan a bit more. “You’re so naughty baby, I love it.” Kyle breathes. 


“Tease.” Dan whines, his cock leaking all over Kyle’s fist. Kyle smirks, halting his strokes which pulls an almost sob from Dan. He kisses him deeply, thumbing at the sharp jut of his jaw.


“Tell daddy what you need, baby.” He breathes against Dan’s lips. 


“I need you to fuck me. Please? Fuck I’ll do whatever you want. Finger me open and fuck me however you want.” Dan babbles , arching up into Kyle's fist, desperately. 


Kyle can’t get over this version of Dan; so desperate, so slutty, so totally HIS . He shakes that last point from his mind as he kisses Dan deeply, messily, using his free hand to part his trembling thighs.


“Daddy-“ Dan whines when Kyle momentarily breaks their contact to fish the lube out of the bedside.


“I’ve gotta get you nice and wet, baby.” He smirks. 


“Fuck, yeah.” Dan whines as Kyle opens the bottle, drizzling some on his fingers. He grabs one of Dan’s legs and bends it, giving him a better view of his hole. 


They’d fucked pretty hard two days before, and Kyle had to shake the thought from his mind as to whether or not Dan wanted to call him daddy then, but now, Dan was looking pretty swollen. Kyle was absolutely obsessed. “Fuck baby, your little hole is so tender, huh?” 


“Y-yeah, daddy. Fuck your cock is so thick.” Dan whines and Kyle smirks as he starts to rub a finger teasingly around Dan's rim before pushing it in and letting Dan get used to it. 


“Nah, someone just loves to bottom.” He laughs.  


Dan blushes as Kyle tenderly adds a second finger, scissoring them slightly before curling them inside of him for want of locating his prostate. 


“I- I love getting fucked, daddy. Can’t help it, you fuck me so well. ” Dan whines, hips jerking when Kyle presses snugly on his prostate. 


“Yeah, baby, I love fucking you. But I think I may need to have this massive cock inside me later this evening, what do you think? You wanna fuck daddy?” Kyle purrs, pulsing his fingers against Dan's prostate.


Dan moans, rolling his hips down against the intrusion from Kyles skilled fingers. 


“Fuck- yes, daddy. Fuck I want to make you feel good.” He sighs and Kyle smiles, kissing Dan's hip before his eyes are traveling up Dan’s body and taking him in again.


“Mmm. Good boy, but I’ve got to have you first.” Kyle teases. 


“Yeah, fuck me, daddy, please.” Dan whines desperately. Kyle smirks at Dan, pulling his fingers out and looking for the lube again. 


“Look at you, baby, fuck you’re doing amazing for me.” Kyle says as he slicks his cock. “This little fucking hole.” He growls. 


Dan whines again when Kyle presses the blunt head of his cock to his swollen entrance, eyes glossy as he moans. 


“Please, please daddy.” And Kyle could never deny Dan anything as he pushes in gently so as not to hurt him. But fuck- it’s so good.


“Jesus, baby. You’re still virgin tight.” Kyle moans, finally bottoming out with a loud, low moan. The comment makes Dan whine yet again, and Kyle just can’t get enough. 


This is unlike any time that they’ve fucked before now. It’s so intense and overwhelming, it’s driving them both crazy. 


“Jesus, baby-“ Kyle groans as he starts to fuck into Dan’s willing body. Dan lets out the most beautiful whine and Kyle immediately feels himself getting harder as he snaps his hips into Dan’s, groaning as he fucks into Dan harder. 


“Fuck daddy, I can feel you pulsing inside me.” He whines desperately, grinding back against Kyle's cock. 


“Baby… fuck, you feel so fucking good.” Kyle whines. 

Dan whines again, leaning up to kiss Kyle hot and open mouthed.


“Fuck, s-so do you, daddy. Fuck you’re so deep.” He whines, legs trembling when Kyle thrusts directly up on his prostate. 


“Fuck, daddy-! Fuck! There!” Dan cries out, his blush covering his whole body. 


“Is that it baby? Is that your fucking spot?” Kyle growls, fucking into Dan harder, growling when he feels Dan clench tightly around him. 


“Fuck daddy, yeah, that’s my fucking spot.” Dan babbles, wrapping his legs tighter around Kyle's middle. 


Kyle is almost certainly bruising Dan’s hips with his own with how hard he was fucking him now, moaning constantly, as every thrust had Dan still clenching deliciously around him.


“F-fuck, baby-“ Kyle groans, Thumbing at Dan’s hips. 


“Fucking hell daddy, I’m so close.” He whines desperately. “Make me cum?” He asks, giving Kyle the most innocent look he can manage, which in turn pulls a filthy moan out of Kyle. 


Kyle is driving into Dan beautifully hard with every stroke, “God you’re fucking perfect, baby” he growls, kissing Dan deeply as his hole trembles around his cock. “Cmon, baby, be a good boy for daddy. Cum. Cum for me.” 


The low toe Kyle’s taken cuts through Dan and he’s practically screaming “oh, FUCK!” right as his orgasm takes him over, and he’s shaking with the force of it. 


“Fucking Christ baby… that’s it. Have you ever cum that hard before?” Kyle growls, his thrusts getting sloppy. 


Dan looks at him wide eyed, shaking his head. “Fuck baby, that’s sexy. I’m so close.” He pants. 

Dan whimpers, getting his hands on Kyles waist to feel every part of him as he fucked into his body.


“Daddy, fuck, daddy cum in me. Fucking fill me up.” Dan whines and Kyle feels his stomach drop as he stills, releasing deep inside of Dan. 


“Oh, baby. Fuck.” He pants. 


“Fuck.” Dan whines at the feeling of Kyles cum deep in his tight heat. 


Kyle lets out a loud exhale as he carefully pulls out of Dan's clenching hole.


“Fucking hell, baby.” He sighs as he rests back on the sheets, eyes closed as his breathing attempts to return to normal. He feels Dan leaning over and snuggling against him and cracks an eye open to smirk at him.


Kyle can’t help but chuckle as he grabs for Dan, pulling him up into a searing kiss that the smaller man happily returns.


”I think you fucked me stupid.” Dan grins when they break apart and Kyle chuckles again.


“I’m not sorry.”