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Quarter Past Midnight

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The band sounds good with Kyle’s addition and none of them can deny that, though Dan can’t watch him playing too intently for fear of popping a raging hard on in the midst of it all. He knows Dan is watching him, can feel his eyes burning into him as he nonchalantly taps out a nice little melodic run on his keyboard. 


He gives Dan a dark look when he catches his eyes, and he knows exactly what it does to him. He smirks down at his keyboard when he hears Dan's voice crack where it isn’t supposed to. 


They finish “Of The Night” and Dan bends at the waist to grab his water bottle- necking it all in one go.


“Thirsty, thirsty.” Woody jabs and Dan flips him off. 


He suddenly moves behind Kyle’s keyboard next to him, so close they were touching as he says, “Right. Flaws, then.” Before leaning close to Kyle and murmuring in his ear, “Just follow my lead, gorgeous.”


Kyle colors at the comment. There’s no way the other two don’t have an inkling at what’s going on between the two of them, because it’s absolutely palpable. Dan smirks when Kyle completely muffs the first part of the song, not letting it affect how he’s absolutely belting the lyrics. By the time they hit the second chorus, Dan and Kyle are playing in complete symbiosis, the harmonies echoing out of the shitty 20 pound speaker that Dan bought off of Ralph.


As the song draws to a close, Woody does a brief drumroll. “Fuckin hell that was a doozy, lads. Well done.”


Kyle and Dan share a small smile, their hands practically on top of each other. 


“We done then?” Will asks impishly, implying that he would very much like to be done. He’s recently started dating a woman studying to be a doctor, and wants to make sure everyone knows that that comes first. Not that Dan or Kyle really mind that muxh. 


“I’d say so, yeah. Go. Be with your missus.” Dan teases and Will immediately blushes, getting his bass into the hard case.


“She’s got legs for days.” Woody adds and Will pulls a disgusted face at him.


“You’re MARRIED , Wood. Keep off my missus.” Will says gruffly. 


Dan and Kyle watch them bickering like an old married couple and laugh fondly. They gaze at each other and the world goes quiet around them.


“Wanna get out of here?” Kyle asks lowly and Dan simply nods, fighting the urge to just kiss him right then and there.


“You have no fucking idea.” Dan breathes. They have plans to actually go to Kyle’s today, and Dan’s beyond excited for the change of scenery- and to introduce himself to Kyle's bed.


Woody and Will are still bickering as they take their leave, an almost comical “bye” coming from the two men in between shouts and curses. Feeling bold, Kyle links his fingers through Dans as they make the short trek to Dan's car.


“I know it’s lame that I don’t drive. Sorry about that.” He blushes and Dan breathes a laugh, leaning across to kiss him deeply.


“Don’t be daft, Kyle. That would be a weird thing to be vexed about. Now- your address?” Kyle pops it into Dan’s GPS with a smile and looks over at Dan just because he can.


 “If we’re going to be making fucking after practice a normal thing, I just want you to know I’m fine with that.” Kyle laughs as Dan focuses on pulling out of the carpark. Dan gives him a look as he blushes. “I mean…” he laughs.


Kyle smiles widely when he clocks how red Dan’s gone.


“Consider it settled then. Practice followed by mind blowing sex.” Dan laughs as he rounds the corner near Kyle’s flat complex.


“What happens if one time it isn’t mind blowing?” Dan asks, and Kyle can’t help but reach out to rest his hand on Dan's upper thigh, thrilling when he feels the muscles tense under his hand.


“I literally don’t think we’re capable of having mediocre sex, Dan.” Kyle says with a smirk. 


“Fuck, you think so?” Dan says, blushing profusely. “I mean, I always think it’s mindblowing. But… you really think so?” He says softly, his dick starting to harden. 


“Baby, I know so.” Kyle laughs as he points at a spot for Dan to park in. 


Once he parks, he reaches for Kyle, kissing him hotly, passionately. His cock is fully hard in the confines of his jeans when they break apart for air.


“You kiss me like I’m leaving.” Kyle says softly, scratching at the back of Dan's skull. Dan blushes, knowing there’s a semblance of truth to Kyle’s statement.


“Please don’t. Don’t leave me.” Dan says meekly, kissing Kyle again, trying to convey how much he means to him with the kiss. Kyle responds by cupping Dan's jaw and drawing him closer, kissing back with as much fire and pure, unchecked want as Dan was giving him. Dan could’ve sworn his heart was beating out of his chest.


“Don’t plan on it, Smith.” Kyle says softly, kissing Dan’s lips softly as they pull away. “Let’s get inside. I want to introduce you to my bed. Also my cat, but mostly my bed.” Kyle laughs, pulling away to get out of the car. 


Dan follows his lead towards the building, trying to keep his heart from beating out of his chest. He’s so completely enamored by Kyle wanting to introduce him to his cat that he can’t take it paired with how badly he just wants Kyle. 


It was all feeling terribly domestic to Dan, like he was actually Kyle’s. He tried to ignore how badly he wished that were true as Kyle opened his front door, peering around. 


“Beeeeeeeans? Beanie baby! C’mere. There’s someone special I want you to meet!”


Dan's heart was thumping in his chest: Someone special?


Surely that had to mean something as Kyle located his calico cat, scooping it up into his arms and kissing it’s little head.


“Beans, this is Dan. Dan, Beans. Or Beanie baby.”

Dan scratches her little head, softly saying “‘ello mate.”


Kyle breathed a laugh as he let beans down, noting that she was now doing figure eights between Dan's ankles and purring loudly.


“She likes you.” He chuckles and Dan reaches for Kyle, kissing him sweetly.


“I like her too, but I’m definitely more keen on her dad.” He smirks. 


“Her dad is beyond keen on you too.” Kyle says softly, crossing into Dan’s space and pressing a hand to Dan’s face and pulling him in for a kiss. They pull away after a few moments, catching each other’s gaze.


 “God you’re beautiful.” Dan breathes quietly, letting Kyle touch him wherever he wants. 


Kyle kisses both of Dan's cheeks then his lips sweetly, “Almost as beautiful as you, eh?”


Dan rolls his eyes. “Don’t start that ag-“ he loses his protest to a face full of Kyle, who is now looping his arms around his waist as he kisses him, making pleased little sounds in the back of his throat.


“Fuck. Take me to bed.” Dan pants when they break apart and Kyle smirks, rubbing their noses together.


“Anything for you, Daniel. Absolutely anything.”


Dan truly feels like he’s going to explode. They’ve been fucking for hardly a month, it’s all together too soon, but it feels so fucking perfect. Dan pushes the thought out of his brain, and follows Kyle towards his bedroom. He just wants everything Kyle does. Every second they spent together was explosive, and Dan’s never felt anything like it. 


Kyle's bedroom is almost as cute as Kyle. Minimalist Posters of childhood cartoon characters are framed over the walls, mixed with the occasional band or musician poster. Music gear is haphazardly strewn about. Dan loves it. He takes special note that his bed is a size smaller than Dan's own, but for some reason, he loves that. 


“My humble abode.” Kyle says as he gestures at everything with a proud smile. Dan can’t help but kiss him.


“I love it. I-“ Dan almost fucks it and tells Kyle he bloody well loves him. Time and place, Smith.


He attempts to swallow those 3 words as  he kisses Kyle desperately again, urging him back onto the bed with a groan.


“Fuck, baby. Bit keen?” Kyle says playfully as he grabs Dan's arse to grind up against him. 


“Yes, fuck, so keen. Fuck, I want you so bad.” Dan says softly, kissing Kyle as deeply as he can. “Undress me, Simmons.” Dan demands, smirking when he sees how dark Kyle's eyes get. 


“You can do whatever you want to me. Whatever you want to try. However you want to fuck me. I want it.” Dan says softly, noticing the effect it has on Kyle. 


Fuck .” Kyle breathes as he urges Dan's shirt off, kissing his collarbones as he unzips his jeans.


“God you’re fucking beautiful .” Kyle sighs as he makes quick work of Dan's boxers, thrilling when he sees how hard Dan was.


“Fuck, baby. I want you in my fucking throat.” He growls, quickly trying to shimmy out of his own clothes 


Kyle was yet to get his mouth on Dan and fuck, did Dan want.


 “Y-You wanna suck me off?” Dan breathes. 


“You have no fucking idea. I want you to make it hard to talk, stretch my fucking throat.” Kyle growls. 


Dan groans at Kyle’s words as he settles on his stomach between his thighs, eyeing his cock almost hungrily. He smirks up at Dan before gently enveloping the head of his cock with his warm, wet mouth. 


“Jesus, baby-“ Dan whines, feeling lightheaded as Kyle guided more of his cock into his throat. 


Kyle looks up at Dan just as his cock hits the back of his throat, keeping eye contact with him as he continues to suck him deeper. Dan is trying not to blow his load like he’s 15 again, because fuck, no one has ever taken his cock this deep before. 


“Fuck, Ky- how are you fitting it-? Oh-!” He groans as Kyle brings a hand up to gently roll his balls in his palm. Dan was certain he was dying in the most beautiful way.


“Yeah- fuck -“ he breathes, hips thrusting up as Kyle starts bobbing his head, his eyes never leaving Dan’s. 


“Fuck, baby - you’re so good.” Dan whines, feeling Kyle smirk around him when his nose comes in contact with the neatly trimmed pubic hair at the base of his shaft. 


“Holy fuck baby, why were you hiding this from me?” Dan whines as Kyle rolls his balls again. 


Kyle pulls off with a wet pop, giving him a wink. “Just wanted to surprise you is all.” Kyle says, and fuck, his voice already sounds fucked. 


“You can fuck my throat, I like it.” Kyle says with a smirk, before he’s sinking down on Dan yet again. 

Dan's brain is full of static. No partner had ever let him do THAT before. He whines as he starts to thrust up into the wet heat of Kyle's mouth, thrilling when he lets out a beautiful muted moan around him. He was still rolling his balls gently in his palm and fuck, Dan was getting dangerously close from all of the sensations Kyle was giving him.


“Ky- baby I’m so close .” Dan whimpers, getting his fingers in Kyle’s hair to tug as he all but uses his throat. The obscene squelch every time he drives into the back of Kyle's throat sends a zip of heat straight up his spine.


Dan swears that Kyle is consistently moaning around his cock and he’s impossibly close. Kyle takes his balls in his hand again, rolling them again, just right. It’s enough that it sets Dan off, fucking into the back of Kyle’s throat one last time before he’s spilling white hot down the back of Kyle’s throat. 


“Fuck, Kyle- oh my god .” Dan whines as Kyle swallows hungrily, getting his mouth off of him with a loud, wet pop.


“Fuck you taste good.” Kyle sighs as he presses a kiss to Dan's inner thigh.


Dan blushes as Kyle kisses his soft skin before moving up his body and kissing him desperately. Dan can faintly register the taste of his own release on Kyle’s tongue, and it makes him groan. 


“Fuck, you’re incredible.” Dan breathes and Kyle chuckles, kissing him again.


“My head game is immaculate, I know.” Kyle says with a laugh. 


“I’ve never had it like that baby, fuck. You’re insane.” Dan breathes, leaning in to kiss him yet again. “You really like the way I taste?” Dan asks nervously, looking down at Kyle. 


Kyle grins and nods, kissing him again.


Dan blushes, unable to meet Kyle's eyes. “You are truly trying to kill me, Simmons.”


Kyle chuckles, suddenly winding Dan's legs around his waist. Dan eyes his violently hard cock with a moan as Kyle smirks down at him


“Not intentionally trying to kill you, but if you’re ready, I do want to fuck you.” He says biting his lip. 


Fuck , please? Can I ride you?” Dan asks quietly. Kyle's eyes open wider as he fumbles to get his lube from the top of his bedside table drawer. 


Kyle settles back on the bed and hands the lube to Dan, who surprises the everloving fuck out of him when he starts to slick two of his fingers.


Fuck , Dan. You’re gonna open yourself up for me?” He pants and Dan nods, catching his lip between his teeth.


“I want you to watch me.” He breathes 


And oh, Kyle is very interested in all of this. Dan bends himself in half, spreading his legs so Kyle can watch him breach his hole. He slowly runs one lubed finger around the pucker, gasping when he pushes just the tip finger inside. He groans as he works it inside, making a show of it for Kyle, grasping his other arse cheek so Kyle can see exactly what’s happening behind him. 


“Fuck, baby .” Kyle groans, he’s almost in agony watching Dan like this. It’s debauched.


“Add another for me, gorgeous I know you want to.” He purrs and Dan whimpers as he gently urges a second finger inside of his pucker with a loud groan.


“Fuck, baby- how’s it feel?” Kyle says lowly, squeezing his cock to alleviate some of the pressure. 


“Not as good as your cock.” Dan grunts out as he pulls his fingers almost completely out then plunges them back in, brushing his prostate just enough to make him moan. 


“Biggest cock I’ve ever had inside me.” Dan says breathily, twisting his fingers enough to pull another moan out of his lips. 


Kyle is going insane, he groans as he watches Dan's fingers pushing in and out of his hole. He wants him, so badly.


“Fuck, baby. You’re getting so ready for me. ” He growls and Dan scissors his fingers, now fully prepped before he gets them out and moves to straddling Kyle’s hips


“You want me to ride it?” Dan teases, rubbing his hole just on Kyle's cock, but not sitting down on it. “How bad ?” Dan asks coyly. Kyle didn’t know what got into Dan, but he was very interested in this side of him. 


“So fucking bad, baby. Please, please-?” Dan bent at the waist to give Kyle a searing, sensual kiss.


“You have lovely manners, Kyle. I always like to reward good manners.” Dan purred as he reached behind him to line Kyle's desperately hard cock up with his wet, stretched hole.


Dan has a grin on his lips and Kyle is truly blindsided by this side of Dan. They both moan as Dan gets fully seated, whimpering when he feels Kyle pulsing inside of him.


Ohhhh , fuck. God you’re so tight-“ Kyle groans, his hands instinctively going to Dan’s waist as he starts to move. 


“I can feel you pulse inside of me.” Dan breathes, clenching tightly around Kyle’s cock. “I love it.” He pants, starting to move his hips in a dirty grind. 


“You like that—- oh.” Kyle loses his sentence to a moan, the way Dan’s moving his hips is enough to drive him crazy, it’s so fucking slow and filthy, he thinks he might just explode.


 “Fuck you’re fucking thick -“ Dan whines, draping his arms over Kyles shoulders and kissing him.


The slow grind Dan is giving Kyle is rendering him absolutely braindead. He could feel everything. He was drunk on it. 


“Yeah? You really love my cock, huh?” Kyle breathes, watching as Dan's face contorts in pleasure when his cock finally hits Dan’s prostate. 


Dan smirks down at him, still riding him slow and filthy. “ Yeah .” Dan says breathily, running his hands down his chest before he’s bracing them on Kyle's pectorals. 


Kyle moans as Dan continues to squeeze his cock perfectly, he could spend the rest of his life buried deep in his tight heat.


“God you’re made to be on top.” Kyle all but whines, not missing the way Dan smirks. The confidence Dan has when he’s on top, is one of the sexist things Kyle has ever seen the other man do. 


In the back of his mind, Kyle had a sneaking suspicion this awkward, anxious man had a nasty streak. He’s absolutely delighted to discover he was correct.


“You’re hitting my spot perfectly like this.” Dan moans, digging his nails into Kyles chest as he fucks against his prostate dead on. He was hard as glass again, leaking profusely as he started bouncing harder on Kyle's cock.


“That’s it, baby. Fuck-“ Kyle moans, getting his hands under dan’s arse to aid his bouncing. The sound of their skin slapping together echoed around the room and Kyle wasn’t sure he’d ever get over it. 


“Oh fuck, yeah .” Dan pants wildly, clenching around Kyle's cock so tight it makes his eyes cross. 


“Fuck me, fuck, fuck! I’m so close.” Dan babbles, desperate. 


“God baby, you’re nasty- so close just from riding my cock.” Kyle growls, his orgasm sparking in the  pit of his stomach.


“You’re squeezing me so tight, you’re gonna make me fucking cum.” Kyle moans reverently, his hips lifting off the bed every time he fucked up against Dan’s movements.


“God, Ky- I want your cum inside me, please .” Dan whines. 


“Oh baby, I’ll make sure you get it right where you want it.” Kyle growls, and it makes Dan moan. 


“Fuck Kyle, fuck .” Dan whines, thrusting sloppily as he starts to cum all over Kyle, some even hitting his chin. 


“That’s it. Get it all out for me, fuck you’re so fucking sexy-“ Kyle babbles, groaning loudly when Dan leans forward to lick his release from Kyle’s chin with a hot groan.


The action alone has Kyle practically shouting as he stills, cumming deep inside Dan for what feels like a solid minute. Dan whimpers, resting his head on Kyle's shoulder as he wraps his arms tight around him, breathing heavily as they come down.


“Fucking hell, Dan.” Kyle sighs, urging him away from his neck to kiss him deeply.


“That was incredible.” He breathes and Dan nods, kissing him deeply again.


“Absolutely perfect.” He grins.


They both jump when Beans is suddenly nudging the door open with her little head and jumping on the foot of the bed.


Kyle scrambles to get dan off of his lap and under the covers.


“Beans, no!!!! Daddy’s naked!!!” Kyle shrieks and Dan giggles, curling up against him and scratching Beans behind the ears.


“Yeah, beans. Daddy and I are hardly decent.”


Kyle quips an eyebrow at Dan using the same word he did, shooting him a sly smile. He opens his mouth to say something when Dan hushes him.


“Not a word.” Dan says, blushing. 


Kyle laughs and kisses him sweetly.


“Yeah, yeah. But don’t think you’re off the hook, Daniel. That is definitely something we’re talking about later.” Kyle smirks.


Dan rolls his eyes, but fondly. “Whatever you say, Simmons.”