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Mickey scowled as he surveyed the seedy nightclub. There were too many submissive-looking Betas in here. He was out because he could feel his rut coming on, could feel it in how he had less patience for everyone around him and every muscle in his body seemed wound tight and ready to snap at any moment. 


Unlike Omegas, Alphas like himself often found their ruts less to do with sexual appetites and more to do with aggression than lust. Right now, Mickey wanted a fuck or a fight. Either would do.


He had never liked Omegas in the way that he should, had always found their sweet scents sickly and cloying, had always preferred the musk of other Alphas. It was his dirty secret. His father had made it clear that to be anything other than a normal Alpha with a normal Omega mate was an abomination that was never to be tolerated. So sure, he fucked Omegas occasionally and it did help him through his ruts, but it had never been what he wanted. Then again, Mickey had never gotten what he wanted in this life.


Betas were slightly better. But if a Beta was fucking with an Alpha then they most probably wanted to be dominated, and with the rare Beta that would try to step up and take on that role it always felt fundamentally wrong. Mickey had never even attempted to try and find an Alpha, because truly, what Alpha would want another Alpha? It was fucked up. Disgusting. Mickey had only seen it mentioned with the most disgusted tones imaginable. Sometimes it felt like he was the only person in the world with that sort of attraction. 


Terry hadn’t been happy exactly when Mickey had presented as an Alpha. It was simply that the alternative had been unthinkable. Him being an Alpha was ‘good enough’ and ‘to be expected’. It was then that the pressure to fuck around began to grow. So Mickey was a good son and did exactly what his father had wanted and now he was dead, well…he supposed that he didn’t have to anymore. That hadn’t even begun to sink in yet. Not yet.


The funeral had been that very afternoon. Mickey certainly wasn’t going to waste time in sorting out his rut just because his father had finally gotten the express train to hell. In fact, what better reason to celebrate was there? His whole body was thrumming with energy. It wasn’t a positive sort of energy, though. Mickey recognised it. Knew where it all too often took him. A jail cell, the bed of someone completely unsuitable, a crack den or whorehouse - any and all of those were a possibility when he was in rut like he was now. He had been pushing it down using suppressants for weeks, his father’s illness meaning that he didn’t have time to go out and get laid or anything else for that matter.


So Mickey scanned the club again, downing his drink quickly. There had to be a Beta that he could stomach fucking somewhere in this place. Finding an Alpha was…well, to find one Mickey would have to go on some seedy forum and try and track someone down and he wasn’t going to do that. It would be too much of an admission of how much he wanted that, how fucked up he was for wanting it. 


Instead of a Beta, Mickey’s gaze was caught by an Alpha at the other end of the bar. He had just shown up, but he set Mickey’s hair on end. Mickey found himself staring unabashedly, drinking in the other Alpha greedily. 


He was tall, just shy of six feet by Mickey’s reckoning as he stood at the bar. A redhead. Mickey wondered what colour his eyes were, but couldn’t see because of the low lighting and how far away he was - he wished he could see, though. God, this Alpha was fucking beautiful. He could almost be confused for a Beta with how delicate his nose and cheekbones were. Well, if it wasn’t for the sheer size of him. Tall, broad in the shoulders and the chest - all of that just screamed Alpha. Mickey couldn’t look away. He was Mickey’s type in a way that he hadn’t even realised was his type.


It didn’t take him long to get served despite how busy the bar was, no doubt because of the dominating presence he exuded. It should put Mickey on edge, should make him want to assert his own dominance but it didn’t. It made him want to submit


For so long Mickey had been afraid to even look at an Alpha he found attractive for too long in case it got back to his father. It was hardly an idle fear, either. Terry had almost killed some Alphas in their neighbourhood because he got wind that they were together - they’d had to leave the Southside. The fact that he was his son would have made absolutely no difference to him, would have made it worse, in fact.


But no, Mickey thought resolutely, his father wasn’t here and while there was no chance of this Alpha wanting him, he could look. It was a free country, dammit! So Mickey looked at the redhead unashamedly, wishing that he could catch some of his scent, wondering what it was like. 


What he hadn’t counted on was the other Alpha noticing that he was looking. The redhead’s eyes met his and the two of them were locked in an intense staring match. Mickey felt himself tense, knowing what was likely to come next. But then, he had wanted either a fight or a fuck, so he wouldn’t leave dissapointed. 


Mickey stood up, eyes not leaving the other Alpha’s for a moment as he walked past him. As he passed, he reached out and took the other Alpha’s drink and downed it in one, setting the glass down on the end of the bar without looking. He caught the redhead’s scent then and he was glad his back was turned because he smelled so good it was criminal - it made Mickey’s mouth water and his jaw twitch with the urge to bite and to claim. 


The night air was cool on his overheated skin. Mickey’s rut was beginning to descend on him in full force now. God, he hoped the other Alpha had followed him. 


“What the fuck is your problem?” The Alpha cried out from behind him, grabbing Mickey by the back of his jacket and yanking him back forcefully. Even his voice exuded dominance - Mickey really was fucked. 


Mickey ripped himself out of his grasp and whipped around. He could see the moment that the redhead smelled that Mickey was in rut. The slightest snarl at the corner of the redhead’s plump mouth, a darkening of his eyes. God, Mickey wished he was in rut too. It would have made it better. Alphas always fought far more brutally when they were in rut. 


“There are plenty of Omegas in there and yet you chose to fuck with me,” he snarled. “You picked wrong, asshole.” 


Mickey smiled, all sharp teeth as he stepped right into the redhead’s space. “I don’t think I did because I know what’s going to happen. I am going to kick your fucking teeth in and then I’m going to find a nice Omega to fuck. Best of both worlds.”


It was a lie, of course. He couldn’t bring himself to fuck an Omega, at least not tonight. Not when he felt free at long last. 


The Alpha narrowed his eyes, nostrils flaring as he took in Mickey’s scent again. Mickey was able to dodge the first punch the redhead aimed at him, but not the second. He got his own back, though. Catching him in the jaw and sending him stumbling back. There were no bouncers out here, no one out here at all. Mickey smiled, he could have fun with that. It would be no fun at all if the police were called before he could have his fight. 


Their fighting soon devolved into wrestling on the floor, their clothes both ruined by dirt and how much they’d ripped them. The redhead kicked Mickey in the stomach hard, winding him and sending him rolling along the ground. Before he could get up or catch his breath, however, he was on top of Mickey and pinning him to the ground with his legs on Mickey’s arms which left him almost entirely unable to move. It also left the redhead straddling his chest. 


Mickey was hard, but he wasn’t worried about that. Fighting got Alphas hard sometimes, that was a well-known fact. The other Alpha was hard as well, Mickey could fucking see it right up in his face. He was big, too. Alpha through and through. He shuddered.


He was prepared for a punch, braced for it. What he wasn’t prepared for was the other Alpha to grip him tightly by the jaw, holding his head in place as he glared down at him. The redhead didn’t say anything and neither did Mickey. They stared at each other for a long time and Mickey vaguely thought about how pretty his eyes were, how green. His gaze was intense, though, and Mickey found himself unable to maintain it.


For the first time in his adult life, he looked away from another Alpha. Breaking eye contact and looking at the floor instead. The redhead’s grip tightened until it hurt, and a low rumble of satisfaction emanated from his chest. It sent twin feelings of arousal and anger coursing through Mickey’s blood. 


“Get the fuck off of me!” Mickey snarled, trying to push the redhead off of him.


It took a few tries for him to even manage to jostle him, but once he did the reaction was immediate. The Alpha grip quickly moved from his jaw to his neck and he slammed Mickey’s head back against the dirt hard enough to make him see stars for a moment.


“Why did you fuck with me?” He asked through clenched teeth. 


“Cause I wanted to,” Mickey replied, and it wasn’t a lie though it wasn’t the truth either.


The redhead didn’t seem to like his answer, though, as he tightened his grip ever so slightly. 


“Don’t fucking lie to me. I have you right where I want you,” he snarled. 


Mickey gasped, partially because he was being choked out and partially because of the redhead’s words. Arousal was shooting through his system like the best drug and he had never known that it could feel like this, that he could ever be this turned on this quickly. 


He just had time to realise that the Alpha was going to smell his arousal, take it for what it was and probably kill him for it when the redhead’s nostril flared. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment as he took the scent in, his lungs filling visibly as he inhaled deeply. Mickey watched on, hardly knowing what to think. When the Alpha met his eye again, his pupils were blown wide. 


“Oh,” he said, voice rough, “I get it now.”


Mickey began to panic. “You don’t get shit! Get the fuck off of me!”


It seemed for a moment that the redhead was miraculously going as he said as he began to move down Mickey’s chest, though that only meant that their cocks were pressed together then. His hand was still on Mickey’s throat, though. Keeping him pinned in place. 


He was just about to use his newly freed arms to pull the Alpha to the ground when he did something completely unexpected. He leaned down and kissed Mickey. Though to call it a kiss might be a misnomer as it was more of a headbutt, more of a punch really. Their teeth clashed, but Mickey didn’t care. His hands were in the redhead’s hair, tugging hard enough to make the other Alpha growl in warning but Mickey didn’t loosen his grip.


Mickey’s heart was beating out of his chest as the two of them kissed. The other Alpha pushed his tongue into Mickey’s mouth and he bit down hard, a reminder that he wasn’t some Omega who would take whatever was handed to him. He relished the taste of blood. He also relished that his bite hadn’t put the Alpha off, quite the opposite - it made him groan in pleasure. Mickey couldn’t stop there, he was soon biting at the other Alpha’s lips like he was trying to fucking devour him. Maybe he was.


The redhead’s hands were all over him, pawing at his clothes and grabbing at his hips as they ground together ruthlessly. Mickey’s blood was singing, his entire body keyed up in the best way. This was what he had wanted for so long, had hardly dared to imagine. This Alpha was able to dominate him properly in the way a Beta simply never could. He was tired of pretending not be to able to break free of their holds, pretending that it was rough enough when they fucked him. Tired of it. 


“You got a place?” Mickey asked breathlessly, panting up at the night’s sky. 


“And do what?” The redhead asked coyly, a smirk in his tone and Mickey didn’t even need to see his face.


Hot shame burned through him, then. This guy was fucking with him clearly. What was he doing? About to let some random Alpha fuck him because he was that sick in the head, that fucked up that he wanted it. 


“You know what? Fuck it. Forget I said anything,” Mickey growled, pushing the other Alpha off of him. “There’s got to be a Beta in here that’ll fuck me,” he muttered to himself. 


He got up quickly, ignoring how his body ached from their fight. He had just begun to stalk back to the club, had hardly taken two steps, when a hand gripped his shoulder tightly. Mickey froze, but didn’t turn just yet. He took a moment to revel in the twin sensations in his body: the desire to turn and kiss the Alpha and the equal desire to punch him for daring to touch him. It was a heady mix that set his body burning.


“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” The Alpha growled from behind him. 


Mickey turned, meeting his eye steadily. “Like I said,” he said, voice more confident than he felt, “there’s got to be a Beta that’ll give me what I want.”


The redhead laughed, eyes hard. “You can’t seriously believe that shit. I don’t know your name but I know what you want, and you don’t want a fucking Beta.”


“Maybe, maybe not. But I’m not gonna be treated like a bitch by you,” he replied curtly. 


“You’re not going in there,” the Alpha said, everything about his demeanour screaming dominance. 


Mickey looked to the ground for a moment before snapping his eyes up again, meeting his eye defiantly. How was this Alpha able to make him submit so easily?


“Are you going to make me?” Mickey asked, feeling a fresh wave of that heady anger-arousal mix rush through him again. 


The redhead smirked. “No, you’re going to follow me to my car then we’re going back to my place so I can fuck you like you so obviously need.”


With that, he turned and began to walk away. Mickey glared at his retreating form, but knew that he was right. He took off after him quickly, cursing under his breath as he did so. His father would be rolling in his grave if he hadn’t been cremated and Mickey fucking loved it. For so long he had tried to be the perfect Alpha like his father had wanted. So to allow another Alpha to dominate him, to fuck him, was exactly what he needed. He could forget about being an Alpha for a moment. Going against his instincts to fight being dominated sent shudders of arousal through him. 


Mickey caught up with the redhead when he stopped to unlock his car. 


“Mickey,” he said. 


The Alpha looked up in confusion. “What?”


“My name,” Mickey clarified. 


“Oh, I’m Ian,” he said. 


Mickey had managed to put Ian on the back foot with his relatively normal conversation, and he grinned to himself. That small sliver of control felt so much better because he knew exactly what sort of person he was getting it from. It meant more than from an Omega so far into their heat they didn’t care who it was dominating them or a Beta looking to try the experience without getting too into it.


Letting his own Alpha tendencies come to the fore for a moment, he pushed Ian back against his car hard enough for a loud thud to resound throughout the parking lot. Their kiss was heated, Mickey sucked at Ian’s lip, making him whine where he was irritated because Mickey had previously broken the skin. 


Ian gripped him by the back of the neck, forcing him back. They looked at each other in silence for a long moment, both panting heavily. 


“Get in the fucking car,” Ian growled.


The drive to Ian’s apartment was nothing short of excruciating. He watched as the other Alpha drove well above the speed limit, yet expertly enough that the car never jolted. His hands were clenched tightly to the steering wheel and Mickey couldn’t help but wonder what they would look like holding something else instead.


“Fuck,” Mickey groaned, wondering if everything this Alpha did was going to be a turn on for him. “Do you drive a getaway car for work or what?”


“Kinda,” Ian chuckled. “I’m an EMT, I drive the ambulance.”


“An Alpha as an EMT, huh?” He replied consideringly. It was usually Omegas or Betas who did things like that. Alphas weren’t known for their bedside manner as a whole. 


“I think we’ve established that I’m hardly a run of the mill Alpha,” Ian replied, a hand settling possessively on Mickey’s thigh.


He let out a breathy sigh, the heat of Ian’s hand only making the burning of the rut worse. “Yeah, I had a feeling.”


The redhead’s hand tightened. “Neither are you.”


It was Mickey’s turn to laugh, then. “Got to agree there,” he hesitated for a moment before continuing. It was time to be honest with himself. “Not many Alphas would let you fuck them.”


Because that was what was going to happen. For all of their fighting and struggling for dominance, that was what was going to happen. They both knew it. Mickey fucking loved it, the way his body rankled against the idea while wanting it at the same time. He wanted to pin Ian down only to have the other Alpha prove just how much stronger he was, prove why it should be him fucking Mickey and not the other way around. 


“We’re here,” Ian said by way of reply. He sounded half-wrecked with lust, which only set Mickey off even more. 


Ian’s apartment was on the first floor so thankfully there wasn’t any delay in getting them both in. Ian had hardly locked the door behind them when Mickey was on him, ripping at his already damaged shirt and destroying the thing completely. It landed on the floor in tatters.


Their lips met and it seemed like every time they did, it sparked more arousal in him, more of the urge to fight. Mickey wasn’t about to give himself over to some piece of shit Alpha. No, Ian had to prove himself. As if sensing this, he grabbed Mickey and lifted him up easily, never breaking their kiss. The show of strength stoked the fire in his belly yet higher. 


Before he was aware of where Ian had been taking them, Mickey was thrown back onto Ian’s bed. The scent of the other Alpha in the bed sheets filled his nose and he let out a low growl. He was in another Alpha’s territory and everything inside him was telling him to fight or to run. Ian was looking down at him from the foot of the bed, observing his internal struggle with lust-filled eyes. 


“The fuck are you looking at?” Mickey snarled. 


“You,” he replied easily. “You’re beautiful.”


“I’m not fucking beautiful,” he scoffed, moving to grab Ian and pull him onto the bed with him. 


He allowed it, following Mickey back onto the bed. Ian also allowed Mickey to roll them over until he was the one being pinned for once. Mickey frowned to himself - this was no fun. He had expected that he would like it if Ian gave in to him, but he didn’t. He felt petulant, wanting things to go back to how they had been in the parking lot outside of that shitty club. 


“Have you lost your fight now?” Mickey snarled. “Is that it?”


Ian laughed. Actually laughed. “You’re so fucking desperate, aren’t you? Practically begging me to hold you down and fuck you.”


“Why the fuck are you talking right now?” He retorted, making to move from on top of the other Alpha. 


Ian’s hands were on his hips, holding him down as he ground up against his ass. 


“You’re not going anywhere, Alpha,” Ian said, and somehow the word ‘Alpha’ coming from him seemed like anything but.


Mickey was used to being called Alpha. By the people he fucked, by people in the street trying to catch his attention, by anyone and everyone. It had always come with the weight of expectation, though. Myriad things that Mickey simply could not live up to. When Ian said it, it sounded like a declaration of intent, of dominance. 


“Make me, Alpha ,” Mickey replied, the word feeling like a challenge. 


Ian smirked, pulling Mickey’s hips back onto his hard cock in a slow grind. “Gladly.” 


Although Mickey was on top, he had never felt more submissive in his life. He tore off his shirt and Ian’s hands were on his chest, then, running over his sides and pinching his nipples hard, and Mickey couldn’t bite back his whimper. 


“Enough fucking teasing,” Mickey growled, reaching to tug at Ian’s jeans. 


Ian lifted his hips and allowed Mickey to pull them down along with his boxers and oh!


“Fuck…” Mickey gasped, staring at the Alpha’s cock. 


“Enough to satisfy you?” He asked, smirking knowingly. 


“Only if you know how to use it,” he replied bitingly, but really he couldn’t deny it, he had struck gold tonight. 


“Oh, I do,” Ian said confidently. “I’m going to make you choke on my cock one day. When you’re not in rut. I’m going to make you take it until every cell in your body knows who you belong to.”


Mickey let out a whine at the idea of that. He had let a few Betas fuck his face before and he had enjoyed it, so he could only imagine what it would be like with Ian. But that wasn’t likely to happen tonight. They both knew with Mickey’s rut in full force, there was no way for that to be safe. 


Instead, Ian rolled them over and Mickey only growled, but didn’t fight back. The redhead grabbed a bottle of lube from his nightstand as Mickey wriggled to get his pants off. He was fucking tired of clothes, they itched against his overheated skin.


Ian held his hips down his forearm as he set to work opening Mickey up with his fingers. Mickey had been fucked before, he knew to relax, but Ian’s scent around him kept him too keyed up to do that.


“Lie back, Alpha,” Ian murmured, pressing a kiss to Mickey’s thigh - the first gentle touch Ian had ever given him. 


“You try having someone finger you and see how you feel,” he grumbled. 


“If you can ever pin me down long enough to try, you’re more than welcome to try,” Ian replied, grinning up at him as he inserted a third finger. 


Mickey moaned, unable to stop himself. Ian’s scent was all around him and it seemed that his body had reached some sort of point where he didn’t find it irritating to be surrounded by the foreign scent. It was as if his body had finally gotten with the programme that Mickey wanted to be fucked, or that it had accepted Ian as the more dominant of the two of them. 


Before long, Ian’s fingers were fucking him at a fast pace. He really did have no choice but to lie back and take it, though his jaw ached with the need to bite. 


“Are you going to get on me, or what?” Mickey growled before adding a thoroughly sarcastic, “ Alpha .”


“You little shit,” he replied, voice tight even as he moved up between Mickey’s spread thighs.


“Not my fault that I want to be fucked by a real Alpha and not-” Mickey had been taunting him, but the words had been cut off when Ian actually began to push inside of him. “Oh, fuck!”


Ian chuckled, reaching up to pet Mickey’s sides. “Get ready, alright? I’m not going easy on you.”


Mickey bared his teeth. “Don’t want fucking easy.”


“Good,” was Ian’s reply before he reached and pulled one of Mickey’s legs over his shoulder and grabbed Mickey’s shoulder with the other hand. 


The leverage was such that when he began to jackhammer into him, Mickey felt every inch. The pain was deeply satisfying, quelling a deep desire in him that no Beta had ever been able to touch. Mickey cried out, staring up at Ian in wonder as the other Alpha fucked him ruthlessly. His chest was flushed right the way up to his neck. Mickey had the urge to lick the reddened skin, to taste the blood under the surface.


Ian leaned down to kiss him and Mickey met him halfway, his hands scrabbling for purchase on Ian’s shoulders, his fingers digging in harshly. Their lips met sloppily, more of an exchange of air than a kiss. After a while of this, Ian let out a growl and his lips moved from Mickey’s down to his throat. 


“Mine,” the redhead growled, and Mickey thrashed under him - everything in his instincts telling him to fight even as his cock twitched. 


He bit down hard on Mickey’s neck right where he would have put a mating mark had Mickey been an Omega. It was a good thing Mickey didn’t have to worry about being claimed. Still, the bite did something to him as Mickey let out a breathy cry and his struggles ceased immediately as he whined and urged Ian on with the leg wrapped around the redhead’s hip. 


“Yours, yours,” Mickey bit out, the words crawling out of his unwilling throat in a rough drag of syllables. “God, I’ve never-”


Ian chuckled against Mickey’s neck where he was worrying a series of bruises into the skin there. “Never been fucked properly?”


“So fucking good,” he replied, not a direct answer to Ian’s question but enough for the redhead to growl in contentment. 


Even with the bite still throbbing on his neck and Ian pounding into him so roughly that it robbed him of his ability to think, Mickey found himself growing restless. Every thrust made the urge to turn the tables grow stronger and stronger. He had to try and dominate Ian, he had to. Had to see what this Alpha was really made of. 


So he grabbed the arm that was holding Ian up and yanked it away so the redhead tipped over with a growl. Ian’s dick wasn’t in him anymore, and Mickey found that without it, he wasn’t feeling nearly as submissive as he had been previously. His rut was still raging through his body, after all. 


Ian struggled against him, but Mickey had the advantage of surprise and he was used to fighting. He also knew Ian’s techniques from their scrap in the parking lot. In a mirror of what had happened last time, he got Ian’s arms pinned under his legs as he sat on his chest. His hard cock was on Ian’s chest, if he shuffled up enough he could put it in that lovely mouth of his. 


“Mine,” Mickey growled, staring down at Ian closely, waiting for a struggle. 


Yet again, Ian surprised him. Instead of fighting back, he lay there and stared up at Mickey with those wide green eyes of his. He then threw Mickey for a loop by tilting his neck and offering it to Mickey submissively. 


The sudden change in dynamic hit Mickey like a sledgehammer to the chest and he let out a gasp like he really had been hit with one. The power was heady and everything in him wanted to be happy with this, wanted to want to pin Ian down and fuck him but that just wasn’t what he really wanted. Sure, it would be the ‘least worst’ thing to do, something that he could have played off to his dad as being such an Alpha that he could dominate another Alpha. But no, it wasn’t what he wanted.


Ian still hadn’t spoken, was still lying there like the quintessential submissive Omega waiting to be bitten and Mickey couldn’t resist it. Not when his neck was stretched taut like that, he skin flawless. 


“Mine,” Mickey said again, leaning down to nose at Ian’s neck. 


The redhead shuddered under him and Mickey could feel him twitching slightly and he knew why. The urge to move, to push Mickey back, must have been so strong. Especially since Ian had just been fucking him, had just bitten him. What sort of Alpha was he if he could suppress those instincts? A stronger one than Mickey, that was for sure. One that he couldn’t help but respect. 


Mickey hummed in pleasure when Ian grabbed his hips and moved them so his cock was rubbing against him. It wasn’t nearly enough. He bit down on Ian’s neck hard and with no warning. The Alpha cried out and bucked his hips up against Mickey and he reached back to guide Ian’s cock back into him. He was tired of playing around. 


As he sank back onto Ian’s cock he let out a sigh of satisfaction even as his teeth were still latched onto Ian’s neck. He began to ride Ian, then. It was odd to have such control over the pace, over everything, and yet still feel so powerless and submissive. His head was swimming. 


“Mine,” he said again, the word tasting good on his lips as Ian’s blood did on his teeth.


“Only if you’re mine,” Ian replied, sounding fucked out. 


Mickey chuckled. “Think you got my neck pretty good there, Alpha. So yeah, I’m yours.”


He nodded, eyeing Mickey’s neck possessively. “Then I’m yours.”


“Mmmmm,” Mickey sighed, pressing his lips to where his bite mark was. 


He wasn’t sure if the mark would heal up without a trace or if it would leave a scar, but Mickey wished it would stay. The marks on both of their necks. Mickey knew that wasn’t a good sign. This was meant to be a one night thing, he shouldn’t be mourning the fact that he couldn’t actually claim this redhead or be claimed by him. 


To forget that, Mickey picked up the pace until his thighs were burning with the strain. After a while, Ian grabbed Mickey’s hips and held him in place while he fucked up into him and it was all Mickey could do to hold onto the headboard as he just fucking took it . His dad would have killed him for this. Mickey smiled and leaned down to kiss the other Alpha. 


At some point, Ian rolled them over and pounded into him relentlessly, his teeth sank into Mickey’s shoulder. He gripped Ian’s hair tightly, keeping the Alpha’s mouth right where it was. No one had ever bitten him during sex before. Omegas simply didn’t do that sort of thing, and Mickey would have decked any Beta that tried it, but like so much, it was different with Ian. 


“Fuck, Mick,” Ian panted as his orgasm drew closer. “Gonna come inside you. You’re gonna smell mine. Fuckin’ claiming you.”


Mickey shuddered, and how he wished that it could truly happen. “Do it.”


As if Mickey’s words had set him off, Ian’s thrusts grew uncoordinated as he careened towards the edge. The feeling of being fucked so roughly combined with watching the redhead fall apart all because of him - the bite Mickey had given him looking so fucking beautiful, was enough to push him over the edge. No one had even touched his cock and he was coming harder than he ever had in his entire life. Thrashing and crying out like an Omega in one of those bad porns he had been forced to pretend to enjoy with his brothers. 


Ian followed not long after, coming inside of him with a filthy groan, his fingers digging into Mickey’s hips and he pulled him back onto his cock roughly. 


The two Alphas lay there for a long moment as they tried to get their breaths back. Mickey looked over to Ian and saw him staring up at the ceiling with the most open and happy expression Mickey had ever seen. 


“You look chipper,” he said, feeling oddly exposed even though Ian wasn’t looking at him. 


Ian did turn to him then, his expression soft. “Well, I did just have some amazing sex. That’ll do that.”


“What? I’m better than the other Alphas you’ve fucked, then?” He asked, hating the edge to his voice. 


“I actually haven’t fucked an Alpha before,” he said, not taking Mickey’s obvious bait.


“Oh?” Then why were you so good at it? He doesn’t say. 


“Yeah,” Ian sighed. “I’ve looked at Alphas before, I think I can safely admit that much to you. But I haven’t ever done anything, you know? I was fine just fucking Betas. Omegas are just too meek for me to even get it up if I’m honest. A really feisty Beta can almost do it but yeah…not been with an Alpha before and fuck have I been missing out,” he said, that blissed out look returning to his face. “And you?”


“And me what?” Mickey asked, narrowing his eyes.


“Am I the best Alpha you’ve been with?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows a little.


Mickey knew what Ian was trying to figure out, it was the same thing that Mickey had been not long before. 


“Nah, no other Alphas. The occasional Omega if my ruts were bad and Betas any other time,” he didn’t like to talk usually, but he was feeling so satisfied as the ebbs of his hormones from his rut faded away. “I would try and get Betas to fuck me and well,” he eyed Ian who was looking at him intently. Mickey shrugged, “It was good enough, I guess.”


Ian smirked, leaning forward to pull him into a kiss. “You won’t have to settle for good enough again.”


Mickey’s eyes flicked down to Ian’s softening but still impressive cock. “No, I certainly won’t.”


“Seriously, though,” Ian said conversationally as he flopped back onto the mattress. “How the hell did you know I’d be into it?”


“I didn’t,” he said simply. 


Ian laughed. “So you really did want to fight, huh? I really thought you were some sort of idiot for drinking my fucking drink and then leaving like that. It was so fucking hot, though.”


Mickey eyed him sceptically. “Hot?”


“Yeah,” he said gingerly. “No one has ever treated me like that, like they weren’t worried about what I could do. I just wanted to prove that you did have reason to be worried. Guess I wanted to impress you. I mean, you were staring me down like you wanted to rip my clothes off right there and then, and then you did that. I was pretty fucking confused.”


“You talk a lot, you know that?” Mickey teased, secretly enjoying the sound of the Alpha’s (his Alpha’s) voice. 


He laughed, immune to Mickey’s teasing. “Oh yeah many times. So, your turn to talk then. What were you thinking back in the club?”


Memories of the rut and his father’s funeral and everything in his mind then came to the fore, but he kept his answer fairly brief. 


“Well, I thought you were hot as fuck but I don’t try shit with Alphas for obvious reasons. I didn’t want to fuck an Omega and the Betas weren’t looking good, so I thought ‘well, if I can’t fuck him I can fight him’. In my mind it was almost the same thing,” he replied. 


“When we fight I think it is,” Ian said, sitting up. “Come on, let’s go shower.”


“Together?” Mickey asked nervously. 


The redhead looked at him, nonplussed. “My dick has literally been inside you and this is where you draw the line?”


He considered this for a moment. “Ok, fair. Just keep your hands to yourself, Alpha.”


Ian smirked. “No promises, Alpha.”