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birthday boy

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“You really didn’t have to do this,” he said for the tenth time since the beginning of the excursion.

And for the tenth time as well, Kinn merely smiled at him and pecked him on the lips. “I know.”

And despite his protests, Porsche couldn’t help but take in the amazing views of the city he had been born in and had grown up in. He was so often used to seeing the darker side of Bangkok that he had almost forgotten what a beautiful place it could be if viewed from a different perspective.

The warm glow of the sunset warmed his face and he sighed contently as Kinn’s arms found their way around his waist. He leaned back into the solid embrace, tilting his head to rest against the other man’s shoulder as they watched the city below pass them by.

A few minutes passed, the sound of the helicopter lulling Porsche into a sense of calm as the helicopter made a few turns, when those lips suddenly started trailing from his ears and down his neck. His eyebrows shot up in surprise even as he felt a hot rush of arousal flair to life inside him.

“Kinn—here?” he asked, eyes flickering over to look at the helicopter pilot who was steadfastly ignoring them.

“Why not?” his lover asked—as cheeky as ever—and strong hands gripped his waist, turning him toward the other man and slotting their mouths together in a kiss that had Porsche panting heavily against his lover’s lips by the end of it.

Porsche felt Kinn shift and smiled into the kiss, eyes blinking open a tad and watching out of the corner of his eye as his boyfriend slipped the pilot a thick wad of baht. His boyfriend. Who he didn’t have to sneak around with anymore, who he could hold hands with in public and wake up next to in bed every morning. Who he could go on dates with and who could—if he chose—spoil Porsche like he was clearly doing right now with this ridiculously luxurious helicopter ride across Bangkok’s skies.

Well, no one could blame him if he wanted to return the favor. And since he didn’t have money…

He flattened his hand against Kinn’s chest, enjoying the feel of those thick muscles under his palm as he trailed further down. His lover’s abs rippled as his fingers traced the shape of them, leaving with just a few fleeting touches as he moved even lower, hand finding that thick erection, already hard and ready for him in Kinn’s pants.

He palmed that big cock, feeling anticipation ripple through him, his ass clenching at the memory of being filled up by it just this morning (part one of his birthday gift, Kinn had called it) and shuddered when Kinn groaned into his mouth.

“Porsche,” Kinn whispered, lips still moving against his own.

Porsche’s fingers found the button and zipper, making quick work of both and freeing Kinn’s cock. He wrapped his hand around it, fingers barely able to touch, and gave it a quick tug. Kinn was already leaking precum and his cock gave a jerk in response to the friction, his hips thrusting minutely into Porsche’s hand.

Kinn panted against his mouth and Porsche opened up, letting his lover’s tongue slide into his mouth as he jerked him off. The helicopter suddenly made a turn and his body was pushed up against the window, Kinn bracketing him on either side. The shift forced his arm into an odd angle but he kept his grip on Kinn’s cock, gathering the precum with his palm and using it to smooth the strokes.

When the helicopter righted itself, he pushed Kinn off of him, his own chest heaving and eyes hooded as he stared at his lover who sat back in his seat, neck flushed and hard, thick cock jutting out of his pants, straining.

Porsche’s mouth watered.

Kinn eyes twinkled back at him with a silent challenge.

Before he could think better of it, he was bent over in his own seat, head in the other man’s lap and taking the leaking head of Kinn’s cock into his waiting mouth.

Above him, the other man moaned long and loud and Porsche could feel the rush of embarrassment flood him from the tip of his ears to his toes, everything abruptly feeling hotter than just a second ago.

The pilot…’ he thought to himself despairingly as he felt the head of Kinn’s cock hit the back of his throat. He paused, breathing roughly through his nose and gently suckling on Kinn’s cock, tongue flicking along the underside. Kinn’s hand found his hair, fingers tangling in his locks but not pulling. Just holding him there.

Porsche felt saliva pool inside his mouth, some of it escaping and dribbling down the length of Kinn’s cock. He closed his eyes and swallowed around the head, focusing on keeping his breathing steady as he felt Kinn’s cock slowly slide down his throat.

Fuck…Porsche, fuck…” Kinn groaned, his hips twitching under Porsche’s hand. Porsche applied pressure, his fingers tapping steadily against his lover’s hip, and he mentally sighed in relief when his lover very noticeably forced himself to calm down, stilling beneath him. Porsche had just recently learned to deepthroat; he needed Kinn to be patient.

Porsche steadily took him down his throat, Kinn’s cock sliding deeper with each motion, and he didn’t stop until his lips reached the base and his nose was buried in that tuft of hair.

“You’re so good Porsche, so good for me baby,” Kinn murmured quietly, combing his fingers through Porsche’s hair gently.

And despite the embarrassment he felt at knowing the pilot could hear Kinn’s praises for him, he couldn’t suppress the glow of pride he felt in his chest.

He wanted to tell Kinn he loved him—he loved him he loved him he loved him, but considering how his mouth was otherwise preoccupied, he instead just found Kinn’s other hand with his own and tangled their fingers together, squeezing.

Kinn squeezed back and, seeming to understanding, said, “I love you, too.”

Smiling around the other’s cock, Porsche swallowed again and let the walls of his throat massage the hard, hot length, drawing groans from his lover above him. He slowly backed up, feeling that thickness all along his tongue, his throat, the roof of his mouth, and just as slowly dropped back down.

He set a rhythm until his throat had eased into it and he felt comfortable enough to hand over the reins. When he was, he tapped the back of Kinn’s hand that was still in his hair, silently granting permission.

“Are you sure?” Kinn asked, sounding breathy and slightly concerned.

Porsche merely swallowed around Kinn’s cock in response, moving to rest his hands on Kinn’s hips, neither pushing nor pulling. He relaxed his throat and closed his eyes.

After a moment, all hesitance seemed to disappear and Kinn began to fuck his throat gently. He kept his thrusts short—just a few inches in and out at a time—and his rhythm steady. All the while, he cupped the side of Porsche’s face, those calloused fingers tenderly tracing Porsche’s cheekbones and occasionally pushing into Porsche’s cheeks, feeling the shape of his own cock in Porsche’s mouth.

The noises filling the helicopter were obscene: wet, loud suctioning noises mixing with Kinn’s moans and pants and Porsche’s heavy inhales and exhales through his nose.

Porsche would be—should be—mortified, especially as there was someone else listening to all of this just a couple feet away, but instead he found himself sinking into the rhythm that Kinn had set. The certainty of it—of the next thrust, next pull, next moan and pant, and the feel of his lover’s gentle fingers on his skin—made his mind fuzzy around the edges even as hot arousal licked at him, his own cock throbbing in his pants. He tried to open his eyes, only managing to blearily blink them open to a hooded state, and felt his limbs grow heavy, his hands going slack on either side of Kinn.

‘I love him…’

‘I love him…

“Porsche, hey,” Kinn called, but his voice sounded a tad far away.

I love him…’


Suddenly the thrusts into his mouth had stopped, Kinn’s cock was slowly easing out, and Porsche whimpered around it, a distressed sound coming out of him as he tried to push his own head back down and take Kinn’s cock back in.

Kinn paused, his cock still halfway in Porsche’s mouth, and then that gentle hand found his jaw, tilting his head up to force him to look into his lover’s eyes.

“Oh, Porsche,” Kinn sighed softly, voice still breathy but eyes exuding an adoration that Porsche felt his own soul reach out and hold onto. “Okay, okay,” he said, “Go ahead.”

And with that bit of permission, Porsche eagerly sucked Kinn back down, no longer deepthroating but just as enthusiastic. His heart felt light, like he was blending in with the clouds that were just outside the window, and nothing could bring him down from this high he was on.

His tongue wrapped around the head of Kinn’s cock, dipping into the slit, tasting the precum there before sliding back down and up again just as quickly.

“Wish I could fuck you,” Kinn said, gasping immediately after as Porsche’s tongue licked him from root to tip, “Let everyone in those high-rises see you fall apart on my cock.”

Porsche made an indignant sound, refusing to acknowledge how his cock twitched in his pants at the imagery.

“Bet you would love all those executives in their corner offices watching you get the ride of your life—literally,” Kinn let out a breathy laugh, followed by a moan as Porsche groaned around his cock.

“Thought so.”

And because Porsche was still Porsche and he couldn’t let Kinn have the last word, he grabbed the base of Kinn’s cock with his hand and jerked, twisting his wrist as he sucked hard on the tip—just the way he knew Kinn loved.

Kinn gasped loudly above him, hips coming off the seat and hand finding the back of Porsche’s head. Porsche felt that thick cock twitch in his mouth, felt it pulse in his hand, and suddenly warm cum was filling his mouth. It landed on his tongue and spurted, hitting the back of his throat. He swallowed it all, his own cock aching, refusing to ease back until he had swallowed down every last drop.

When Kinn’s hips finally stopped twitching, Porsche gave his softening cock one final suckle before pulling back and sitting up. Before he could even say anything, his lover’s lips were on his, that slick tongue finding its way into his mouth as Kinn tasted himself on Porsche’s tongue.

Porsche groaned, pushing him back. “Unless you brought lube, you better stop,” he threatened, his voice coming out rougher than he expected. He cleared his throat and Kinn’s eyes flickered to the very obvious bulge in his pants.

Kinn barked out a laugh, moving to tuck himself back in as Porsche watched. Subconsciously, he brought his fingers up to touch his lips. They were so swollen. God…just the thought of Kinn’s hard cock had his ass clenching again.

Kinn suddenly leaned forward, pulling him into another kiss but this one much gentler than the last. “Thank you,” he said quietly, pressing a kiss to Porsche’s temple before pulling away.

Porsche huffed, grinning despite himself. “You can repay me later,” he said, motioning at his own cock.

Kinn just smirked. “Of course. Whatever the birthday boy wants, he gets.”

Porsche hit him lightly on the bicep, rolling his eyes.

“You bet he does.”