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Bare your beauty

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It is warm.

Malleus' tongue brush over his, fangs lightly graze his lips and Cater lets out a whimper. The fae has him pinned on the bed, the covers suddenly feeling very thick on his back. Malleus has one hand on Cater's shoulder, the other tilting his head so he could kiss better.

Okay scratch that, it is hot.

They have long discarded their jackets and Malleus' vest, and their neckties followed suit very soon after. Cater is used to coming over to the Diasomnia dorm to hang out (read: make out) with his boyfriend, but today their activity got more heated than usual.

With anyone else, Cater might worry about the speed that they're going but Cater doesn't mind moving fast with Malleus.

In fact, he hopes they get somewhere a bit further today.

Dizzy with the frenzied way their tongues are moving around each other, Cater moves his hands from gripping the front of Malleus' shirt and wraps his arms around the taller's torso. His left hand grasps the broad shoulder, and the other moves over Malleus back.

While doing that, Cater feels his hand brush over some bumps. He thinks it is odd for a second, but gets distracted by fangs nicking his lips.

Malleus draws back, and his hand pulls Cater's arm from around him.

"Diamond, wait."

At the odd tone of his voice, Cater confusedly sits up and looks up at him. His eyes are downcast, and there's a slight pink tint on his cheeks. Why was he getting embarrassed now, when they were making out so unabashedly just a few seconds prior?

"Sorry, did I do something wrong?" Cater asks, thinking he made Malleus uncomfortable.

"No," Malleus quickly refutes the statement. "It's just..." 

The fae trails off, staring down at the bed. Cater takes his hands, in an offer of support. He's not sure what Malleus is worried about, so he can only wait until Malleus is ready to say it.

"I... you are aware that I'm part dragon, yes?" he squeezes Cater's hands.

"Yes?" Cater doesn't know where Malleus is going with this.

"In this form, overall I appear human-like, aside from the obvious difference," he glances upwards, implying his horns. "But there are also some... not-so apparent differences of this form."

Cater recalls the peculiar feeling he felt on Malleus' back.

"There's something on your back?" Cater asks.

It makes total sense that no one would know what his body looks like underneath all the clothing.

The dragon fae nods. "Yes. I have scales running down my whole spine."

Well, that definitely explains the thing Cater felt. He couldn't imagine what it looks like, but it sounds sexy. But since Malleus looks so anxious, Cater reserves the comment.

"It's okay if you're uncomfortable about me seeing it. You don't have to force yourself," Cater smiles. It's actually cute that Malleus was shy about his body, Cater would've never expected it.

Malleus returns the smile, a hand coming up and tenderly cupping Cater's face.

"You misunderstand. I want to show you. I'm just... a little nervous."

The Heartslabyul third year thought it was impossible to be more enamored by his boyfriend but he is proven wrong. One of the strongest magicians in Twisted Wonderland, and he is nervous about being topless in front of his human companion. Cater couldn't help but let out a small laugh.

"You don't have to be. You'll always be stunning in my eyes."

And once again, Malleus is amazed at the extent of Cater's acceptance of him. There were many moments where Malleus thought Cater would find him too different, too incompatible and would give up on the relationship. But it never happened. Every time the differences between them would make itself apparent, Cater would accept all of it in stride. 

It was the reason Malleus fell for him, and it will continue to be the reason Malleus keeps falling for him.

He leans down, giving a soft, chaste kiss, different from the ones before. This one is a thank-you, an I-love-you-more-than-words-can-say type of kiss. And Cater accepts it completely.

Now more confident, Malleus unbuttons his shirt. Expanse of pale skin slowly reveals itself, and Cater has to remind himself to breathe. Malleus is as hot as Cater imagined he would be. The fae grins at Cater's possibly starstruck expression, but Cater could see the slight hesitation in his eyes.

Wordlessly, Malleus turns his body around. With a shrug of his shoulders, his shirt slides off.

The full expanse of his back is exposed, dark scales cascading in the middle, along his spine. The ridges are similar to the crest on his forehead, larger appendages around the middle, getting smaller as it travels up, disappearing under Malleus' dark hair.

"Woah," Cater breathes out. It's something he's never seen before.

Slightly tense shoulders are not missed by Cater's observant eyes. He gingerly brushes Malleus' hair to the side, over his shoulder, revealing the rest of the scales going all the way up behind his neck, small sparkles reflecting the light from the room.

"Can I touch them?" he whispers, feeling like he'll break the intimate atmosphere if he speaks any louder.

The fae turns his head to the side, gives a small smile at Cater and silently nods. Cater feels overwhelmed with how vulnerable Malleus looks at the moment, his back exposed and his eyes full of trust.

Gently, Cater reaches out and touches the scales. They appear to be black at a glance, but on closer inspection they're a deep dark purple. Cater runs his fingers over the smooth but hard surface, touching the parts where the scales meet the skin.

He puts his hand on the back of Malleus' neck, feeling the small ridges there and brushes his hand all the way down the fae's spine where he can reach.

Malleus can count on one hand the number of people who have seen his bare back. Among those, only a select few were given the permission to touch him. Feeling Cater's hand stroking his back is odd but soothing.

It feels very intimate. His back, particularly the scales along his back, have rarely been touched, so the area is more sensitive than he thought. He involuntarily shudders and lets out a small gasp.

The ginger could feel Malleus shaking and also notices the scales prickling after he runs his hand over them. He feels honoured and proud that the fae is letting him see this side of him, that he allows Cater to make him react this way.

He wraps his arms around Malleus' waist and pulls him closer, leaning his head over the other's shoulder.

"Thank you for showing me. You're so beautiful."

He gives a peck on Malleus' shoulder, before the fae turns around properly kisses him. It isn't long before Malleus pushes him down on the bed again. Cater drapes his arms across the taller's shoulder.

And this time, when Cater moves his hand over Malleus' back, Malleus kisses him harder.