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Forget Me Not

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“In this heart, forget me not,” Sunoo sang as Jaeyun rests on his lap, both watching the stars twinkle as they feel the cool breeze that night, reminiscing their times together.



“I made you another song!” said by the running Sunoo as he sang a verse to the young Jaeyun, who was filled with annoyance. Jaeyun could not understand how, despite living in the hospital for almost the entirety of their lives, Sunoo managed to smile brightly, whiskers showing below his twinkling eyes.

Irked by the younger’s loud chuckles and angelic voice, Jaeyun told him to stop singing. Sunoo’s eyes became gloomy but instead of bawling his eyes out, he approached Jaeyun with a smile so bright on his face. “It’s alright! I’ll sing it some other time when you feel better!” Sunoo says, not giving up on making Jaeyun sing with him.

“I’ll scream “move forward”
My impossible dreams go on “Forget Me Not”...

As the years passed by, old scripts still link them together. Both staying at their hospital rooms, Sunoo composes a song meant to be sung only for Jaeyun. Every day, Sunoo attempts to go to Jaeyun’s room and makes him listen to his song. The encounter always ends up with Jaeyun pushing him away. There’s always a deafening silence between the two of them after that, but Sunoo always breaks it with his eye smiles and bear hugs that Jaeyun never reciprocated.


Jaeyun was lying in his hospital bed one day, silently waiting for Sunoo to come and ask him to sing together with him. But, no Sunoo came that day.

Painful it was for Jaeyun not to hear of love songs from Sunoo as they wait for the sun to set. Painful it was for Jaeyun not to see how the darkness is illuminated by Sunoo’s bright smiles, but most painful to him was the reflection of Sunoo slowly fading in his sight.

He waited until he dozed off, later waking up in lying in Sunoo’s lap.



It was 6:24 in the morning when the sun rose.

Looking at the sun, Sunoo waits for another day for the moon to shine back its light.

Today was the day of his surgery.

As Sunoo followed the blissful breeze underneath the sky that dazzled him, he hummed a song that no one else heard.

No one was there, only the sun that blinds him.

He was wrong. The moon was there, waiting to be seen as it reflects the sun’s light.

His mere existence transcends ideals of love


this pain had its genesis in his mere existence.

Jaeyun became his refuge in this flawed world

But, in his hazel eyes, miseries were hurled



And that’s how their love will be remembered by many — a love like the morning star that only lingers between days, only dazzling but never twinkling. A love that comes and goes.

But not by them…

Because while the moon shone, the sun never disappeared — the moon reflects the sun’s love, illuminating the darkness that envelops their hearts. A love that never disappears, a love that stays even when they are lost in a storm, helping them find places to grow hope in each other’s hearts.

Jaeyun’s mere existence transcends ideals of love


this pain is the kind of pain that Sunoo will gladly choose to experience in the next lifetimes…

because Jaeyun’s mere presence seems to dull the pain.

because Jaeyun loved him back… in silence. Jaeyun was just a distinct humming sound waiting to be heard.



Looking at the moon, Sunoo will never forget.

“In this heart, forget me not,” he sang as Jaeyun sleeps on his lap, watching the stars disappear as the rain pours.

Looking at the moon’s light slowly fading, Sunoo waits for another eclipse, patiently waiting for the moon to reflect back its light again…

because after that night, he never saw Jaeyun again.



It was 06/24, Sunoo woke up alone. It was his birthday.

“The patient’s awake,” a nurse said as doctors rushed towards Sunoo’s room.

He was in a coma for 2 years after his failed surgery.

“In this heart, forget me not,” he heard someone singing in the next room.

Today, Jaeyun was finally able to sing the song Sunoo sings every time he comes in his room, but not together with his Sunoo.

For Jaeyun, Sunoo was the conclusion to each day, and so it ended.

Sunoo’s heart skipped a beat as the song was familiar — melodies that make his heart happy… and hurt.

Sunoo took a deep breath as he walks through the door, but before he could even walk further, he heard the doctor say,


“Sim Jaeyun, time of death 6:24 am.”



Sunoo closed his diary with a heavy heart… or maybe not.

Because for a long time, there was Sunoo and Jaeyun. For a long time, they were together. For a long time, their love still lies around longer than the rest, refusing to fade with time.

For Sunoo, Jaeyun was brighter than a thousand sunlights and moonlights.

For Sunoo, Jaeyun was the thought that starts each morning.

In his heart, Sunoo will never forget because Jaeyun’s love still lives in him.

Sunoo’s thoughts were interrupted when someone bumped into him.

He picked up the name tag.







Jake Sim?