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The soft whimper of Ty's name, a choked, muffled sob, footsteps nearing but muted the socks.

" Kit? " A mop of blonde hair shaking, trembling feverishly. Long, pale, slender fingers tugging and yanked at short, soft strands. Wide, glazed over blue eyes, dimmed and full of panic, filled with tears and looking up into bright, depthless, Luminescent grey ones. 

Two taps on the wooden floors, followed by a shaky tracing of an 'X'. 

Two taps followed by a circle. 

" Ty...? "

" It's me, Kit. Tell me. " 

Tell me what you need, love. 

" I- I don't...know " 

Hold me, ground me, keep me close and don't let go. I don't care what, just stay close to me.

Warm, strong arms encasing the trembling, fear-filled figure, 

The steady rhythm of heartbeat beating softly, grounding and calm. Trembling beginning to cease, relaxing into the strong arms, leaning against a worn out grey hoodie.

" Tighter, please. " 

Ty's black hair flowing over his eyes, the ends trickling onto a tear-stained cheek, distorted laughter escaping the smaller male.

Worried glances being shot at each other, Emma reaching out to Kit, stopping when warm, dark hands held her back.

The whimpers from Kit, begging his father to stop, promising he would be better, not to leave him in the basement and stop being his father.

Emma's worried frown accompanied by Cristina mirroring the same look but still holding the blonde back.

" Kit, it's not your father, it's me. "

" Ty, he- he's everywhere and he won't go away. I- " He stopped, his eyes clearing up a fraction as Ty pressed their lips together, silently telling him he was there, that his father wasn't, to calm down and relax his body.

He did just that. Relaxing into his hold and breathing out softly, shakily wrapping weak arms around the other, tucking his head into the groove of the others neck, inhaling the soft scent of ocean water, pine needles and books, smiling as he felt hands threading through his hair, soothing him and tending to the locks that hand been mercilessly pulled at.

" Ty I- I'm sorry, I'm sorry for bothering you and for being a burden and wasting your time, and- "

Another kiss. This time telling him to quit thinking about himself like that, to smile and enjoy life, forget about the past even if ut might be hard and to never think of being a burden to anyone.

~ ♡ ~

L bozo, this sucks and it really confusing but I'm going to post it because I have nothing better to do. Also, please recommend good anime on Netflix or good bl Manga from Amazon.