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Blame It On The Alcohol

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The next morning (ok, at 12 pm, she deserved sleep), Calliope showed up at Juliette’s door, two Starbucks cups in hand. She knocked, and then when she didn’t get an answer, knocked again, harder.

The door finally swung open, revealing a yawning Juliette, still dressed in pyjamas with her hair piled on top of her head in a messy bun.

As soon as she saw Calliope, she straightened up, crossing her arms over her chest. “Calliope,” she said. “What—what are you doing here?”

“Checking in on you after last night.” Calliope held up the coffee cups. “I come bearing gifts.”

“Right.” She stepped aside. “Come on in, I guess.”

Calliope handed over one of the coffees and walked into Juliette’s dorm room.

“Sorry it’s really messy right now, I had to pull out half my closet for Elinor to review while we were picking an outfit for the party, and I haven’t gotten around to putting any of it away yet.”

“You’re all good. Elinor’s your sister, right?”

Juliette looked surprised. “You remembered.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“No reason, I just… didn’t expect you to. I also didn’t expect you to show up at my door with delicious coffee, which, thank you so much for.” She took a long sip and groaned. “I never knew caffeine could taste so good.”

Calliope chuckled. “I thought you might appreciate it. Have you had breakfast yet?”


“Are you even trying to lie?”


“Give me your coffee and get dressed, you need to eat.”

Juliette pouted.

“That won’t work on me.” It was actually somehow more adorable than Calliope remembered, and she could already feel her resolve starting to crumble. “Don’t make me take it from you.”

Julietted smirked. “I’d like to see you try.”



Calliope rushed at her. She had the advantage of being taller, not hungover, and Juliette’s room was so tiny that there were very few places to run. Nonetheless, Juliette shrieked and tried to escape with her coffee cup in hand. She didn’t get very far. Calliope easily cornered her, and despite Juliette leaning back as far as she could, Calliope simply reached over and grabbed the cup out of her grasp.

It was only then that she realized that her entire body was pressed up against Juliette’s, who was trapped against her own bed. “Hi,” she breathed.

Juliette’s eyes flickered down to Calliope’s lips for the barest second, before immediately snapping back up to her eyes. “Hi,” she responded.

Calliope felt herself start to lean in.

As if on cue, Juliette’s stomach growled.

Calliope jumped back. She awkwardly held out the coffee cup. “Um, here.”

Juliette took it. “Thanks.”

Silence stretched between them.

“So do—”

“Anyway I—”

“You first,” Calliope said.

“I um, I’m still recovering from last night, and I obviously have to deal with all this,” Juliette motioned around her room. “Thank you so much again for the coffee, but you don’t have to stay here and take care of me, I’m fine, you can go do… whatever.” She turned away, as if expecting Calliope to simply see herself.

Calliope could only stand there in stunned silence. Then she got mad.

“What is up with you?” she demanded.

Juliette turned around. “I don’t know—”

“Yes you do. You keep going hot and cold on me.”


“Last night, at the party. You spent three quarters of it hitting on me.”

Juliette cringed. “Yeah, drunk me really does not have a filter.”

“And then you froze me out. And now you’re doing it again. Were you just flirting with me for the fun of it? To pass the time?”

“Excuse me?” Juliette gaped at her. “Calliope, you’re gorgeous and smart, of course I wasn’t flirting with you just for the sake of flirting. I’ve wanted to talk to you since you walked into my English class, I just couldn’t figure out how to until I spilled my drink on you. I’m sorry I keep being weird, but I’m trying to avoid crossing boundaries since you’re with Tess and obviously I don’t want to mess that up.”

It was Calliope’s turn to stare at Juliette. “You think I’m with Tess?”

“Aren’t you?”

“No. Well, we were a thing, but it’s over now. She was asking if I was okay walking back to campus alone so she could spend time with another girl.”


“Yeah.” Calliope paused. “So I’m gorgeous, huh?”

Juliette groaned. “Don’t act like I didn’t tell you that like a hundred times while drunk.”

“Oh you did, and it was adorable, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again.”


“Extremely adorable. You are a very cute drunk. It was very hard not to try and kiss you.”

Juliette took a step forward. “Why didn’t you?”

“Because you were drunk. I couldn’t take advantage of you like that.”

Another step. “What about now?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not drunk now. Would you still feel like you were taking advantage of me?”


“Good.” Juliette took one more step and kissed her.

Calliope’s hands dropped to Juliette’s waist as she kissed her back, walking forward until Juliette’s back hit the wall.

Juliette broke the kiss, gasping. “Hi,” she said, staring up at Calliope.

“Hi,” said Calliope. She pressed another kiss to Juliette’s lips. “So, can I take you out on a date?”

Juliette laughed. “I would love nothing more."